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Best Bathroom Night Lights – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Are you looking for the best bathroom night lights that prevent you from tripping in the dark and adds magic and radiance to your rest room?

Well, if that the case, consider using the energy-efficient, money-saving, and durable bathroom night light. The night features a decorative and functional design for your nursery, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Each of the below bathroom night light comes with exclusive features such as an automatic on/off operation, a light and motion sensor, built-in smart illumination, and light sensitivity for high performance and maximum functionality.

You may find it challenging to select the most ideal, but here is a review to help you make an informed choice.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Bathroom Night Light?

best bathroom night lights reviews

#1. Minimal Sleep Disruption

A bathroom night light is a small fixture that uses LED or incandescent light sources to offer convenience while walking in the dark.

The night light comes with various benefits such as minimal sleep disruption as most of them use a low light LED bulb with soothing visual stimuli.

In turn, that helps children and parents get back to sleep quickly after visiting their nature call at night. Likewise, as some children may experience stress and anxiety relief when parents are not around, they are dark.

#2. Cost-Effective

Additionally, the night light is cost-effective, consumes minimal power, and gives your evening a charming and bright atmosphere. The night light is long-lasting and thus requires no replacement, thus saving on the cost of repeatedly replacing the bulbs.

Moreover, they are versatile and have better visibility.

#3. Acts as a Piece of Decoration

Some of the bathroom night lights also have a decorative function with its modern, simple, vintage, unique design and beautiful finish that perfectly complements your home décor and style. Likewise, the night light uses lead-free soldiers hence protecting the environment against damage.


Review of the 8 Best the Best Bathroom Night Lights

1: Best Overall – Vont Minimalist Plug in Bathroom Night Lamp with 3 Brightness Options

hot sale led compact plug in night light with 3 brightness options


  • Easily fits small spaces
  • Built-in smart illumination
  • Automatic on/off operation
  • Modern and gorgeous minimalist design


  • Only has light sensor

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Avoid tripping in darkness with Vont energy efficient and super bright LED night light. The night light features the ideal brightness; it is not too bright or too dim. Likewise, it features a built-in smart illumination that turns on when ambient light turns on.

Additionally, the LED night light is energy-efficient and money-saving as it costs approximately 30 cents per year. Moreover, all outlets stay accessible for use with other items such as laptops, woofers, and iron.

The bathroom nightlight comes packaged eco-friendly and eliminates the hassle of changing bulbs every time. Similarly, it features a modern and gorgeous minimalist design and easily fits small spaces.

It is durable and uses fire-resistant ABS plastic material. It has a sensor with an automatic on/off operation.

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2: Best Sale – Ailun Small Toilet Bowl Nightlight with 8 Color Options

bathroom night light for toilet bowl


  • Flexible and soft PVC neck
  • High-quality motion and light sensor
  • Creative lighting design with 8 different colors
  • Easy to change and get AAA batteries of 1.5 voltage


  • You can’t replace its bulb

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Ailun also introduces an energy-conscious nightlight for the bathroom that features a motion-activated LED sensor with high-quality motion and light sensor and lights up and shuts down after 2 minutes of movement to protect you and your children from falling in the dark.

Likewise, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and features a creative lighting design with eight different colors to choose from, thus making your bathroom easy to use and beautiful in the dark.

Likewise, it uses the easy to change and get AAA batteries of 1.5 voltage and is easy and straightforward to install for high performance. Additionally, it features a perfect decoration with a water faucet light to compliment any décor.

What’s more, it has a flexible and soft PVC neck to fit any bathroom type and shape perfectly. Similarly, it features a simple design that allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

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3: Best Flexible – Mr. Beams Stick on Battery Powered Motion Sensing LED Night Light for Bathroom

battery powered night light for bathroom


  • Weatherproof design
  • Motion-activated sensor
  • Comes with double-sided tape
  • Save on energy and battery life


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Are you looking for a safe, reliable, and trustworthy bathroom night light? It is high time you consider using Mr. Beam’s battery-powered LED night light. It is exceptionally bright and energy-saving and uses AAA batteries for operation.

Likewise, it features a motion-activated sensor that detects any movements and lights up and then switches off after 2 minutes of the last motion. Additionally, it only activates in darkness to save on energy and battery life.

Moreover, the bathroom night light features a weatherproof design, thus ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It also has a UV-resistant plastic that helps protect it against yellowing.

Furthermore, it comes with double-sided tape, thus easily sticks on staircases, walls, and bathrooms. The bathroom night light is perfect as a path light, stair light, and step light.

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4: Best for Decor – GE Vintage Plug in Dusk-to-Dawn Bathroom Nightlight with Warm Light

GE vintage led bathroom night light


  • Charming and bright
  • Decorative hood with cage
  • Built-in light-sensing technology
  • The warm white light of up to 2200k


  • Some customers may like a bare shade bathroom nightlight

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Bring that nostalgic glow at night with GE Vintage bathroom night light that gives your evening a charming and bright atmosphere. The night light features a decorative hood with a cage to compliment your home décor and style.

Similarly, it is energy-conscious, durable, and cool to touch and requires no bulbs’ replacements. Additionally, it is incredibly bright and offers a warm white light of up to 2200k.

Moreover, it features a simple and unique design that can cover an entire outlet of free some of it for other purposes. It is UL and safety certified for use and, thus, ideal lighting in the bedroom, bathrooms, hallways, and staircases.

Furthermore, it has a built-in light-sensing technology that turns it on during darkness and off in light and saves energy. The night light gives your home a radiance touch and decorative look.

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5: Best for Tabletop – ZEEFO Portable Wireless Night Lamp with 3 Modes

ZEEFO bathroom light with warm night light


  • Features three modes
  • Automatic on/Off operation
  • Detection angle of 120 degrees
  • The warm white light of up to 3000k


  • The package not include the required batteries

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Quickly and safely walk through the darkness with Zeefo battery operated bathroom night light. It has three modes: permanent light, motion sensor activated, and motion sensor for high performance and energy efficiency.

Likewise, it senses motion 6 feet apart and light us and switches off 15 to 20 seconds after the last movement. It is battery-operated as it uses three x1.5v AAA batteries.

Similarly, the night light features a portable and lightweight design and thus perfect for home use. Additionally, it features a motion sensor to allow automatic on/Off operation.

Furthermore, it has an energy-efficient LED light to provide super bright lighting. It produces a warm white light of color temperatures up to 3000k. The night light is ideal for use at leisure entertainment, hotel lobby, corridor, and household.

The night light has an approximate detection angle of 120 degrees and a maximum luminous flux of 20LM.

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6: Best Artistic – J Devlin Glass Art Store Nature Themed Accent Night Light for Modern Bathroom

plug in bathroom night light with nature theme


  • Stainless steel glass nite lite
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Uses a 7-watt bulb and an exclusive design
  • Waxed and features a vintage charcoal patina


  • Some customers may not like the plug in design

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J Devlin glass art store features a natural themed night light and decorative night light that gives you a charming atmosphere and light during darkness. The night light features a lead-free solder to protect the environment against danger.

It gives your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom a little more outdoor look during the dark. The night light uses a 7-watt bulb and an exclusive design that conceals the entire outlet.

Moreover, it features an attractive tiffany style construction and a stainless steel glass nite lite. Additionally, it is waxed and features a vintage charcoal patina to ensure the finish remains durable and beautiful.

Similarly, it is portable and lightweight for easy carry and uses everywhere in your house: it and features shades of purple, green, and blue to keep it beautiful always.

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7: Best Luxury – J Devlin Clear Fused Glass Decorative Incandescent Bathroom Night Light

bathroom nightlights with clear glass construction


  • Stained clear glass
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Tiffany style construction
  • Displayed socket configuration


  • Need to plug it into outlets

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J Devlin also introduces a charming, decorative, and functional night light for your corridor, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The night light features a simple yet sophisticated design that complements any style and décor.

Likewise, it uses a 7-watt bulb with a complete base and has an exclusive design that conceals outlets. Furthermore, the night light features a clear stained glass that s fired in kin to soften the glass edges and thus a reliable and lifelong bond between layers.

Additionally, the night light uses a displayed socket configuration. Moreover, the night light features a convenient on/off switch below the glass to quickly locate it when needed during the night.

Similarly, it uses a lead-free solder, eco-friendly, and features a tiffany style construction with a beautiful finish.

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8: Best with Multi Colors – RainBowl Bathroom Motion Activated LED Night Light with Memory Function

motion sensor bathroom night light


  • Light sensitive
  • Sturdy and adjustable arm
  • Internal memory to store settings
  • 16 changing colors and dimmer function
  • Infrared motion sensors and flawless light


  • May only work on lighting toilet bowl

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Do you find your bathroom so boring, unsafe, and user-unfriendly? Well, if that is the case, consider using Rianbowl activated LED night light that lights up at midnight when you need to use the toilet. It features an infrared motion sensor and flawless light to allow your children to answer their nature call mess-free.

Additionally, it has 16 changing colors that are empowering and fun for kids who fear the darkness. Similarly, it has a dimmer function that avails your brightness preferences at all times.

Additionally, the bathroom LED night light features a sturdy and adjustable arm to allow a fast and straightforward installation. It has an overall dimension of 3.5 x 2.375 x 75 inches and features an extendable arm of up to 4 inches for versatility.

Its minimalist design complements any bathroom décor. It is light-sensitive, hence lights up only during darkness to increase battery lifespan.

Also, it has an internal memory to store settings. Furthermore, it is energy-saving, stress-saving, money-saving, and an ideal gift for men and women on various occasions.

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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Nightlights?

The best bathroom nightlight market is quite diverse. That is why it gets difficult to find the right model unless you have a list of considerations. Here are the things you need to consider next time you go hunting for the best bathroom nightlights.

1. Sensor

Most bathroom night light has a sensor. The sensor could either be a light sensor or a motion sensor.

  • A light sensor automatically detects light and switches off and automatically detects darkness and switches on.
  • Additionally, the motion sensor features automatically detects motion and lights you to prevent you from tripping when getting a snack in the kitchen or when nature calls at night.

After that, the motion sensor switches off the light after 15 to 20 seconds of the last heard motion. Both sensors do not have a reliable manual switch, so if you are looking for one that you can control manually, you should consider one with a switch.

2. Power Source

Different bathroom nightlight uses various power sources. Some use corded electric and other batteries for operations.

Battery-powered night light uses batteries and a motion sensor that activates during the night to ensure enhanced battery life. Likewise, the night lights that use corded electricity have minimal power consumption and saves on your energy costs annually.

Moreover, the night light uses either a LED lamp or an incandescent light source for high performance.

Additionally, other bathroom night lights use 7Watt or 4 Watt bulbs to operate. Always consider an energy-efficient and money-saving night light power source.

Best Battery Operated – Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Stick Night Light

battery powered night light for bathroom

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3. Tabletop vs. plug-in

Additionally, various night lights have different lamp types; some feature a plug-in lamp type and other feature a tabletop lamp type.

  • The tabletop lamp type features a thick base with elegant design giving your room a bright and charming atmosphere.
  • Likewise, the plug-in lamp type doesn’t have a timer and is not portable. When choosing a night light, consider one that features a timer and is mobile for much convenience.

Similarly, depending on the night light, choose one that features a modern, classic, vintage, or contemporary design to easily complement any décor or style.

Best for Desktop – ZEEFO Portable Wireless Bathroom Night Light

ZEEFO bathroom light with warm night light

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4. Small and Portable Size

Bathroom night lights also feature a compact design to fit in wall outlets and prevent blocking other outlets correctly.

Likewise, some night lights are portable and lightweight to easily carry and use anywhere in your house while others are large and only used in one area of your entire home; this includes the tabletop night light.

When choosing a nigh light, always consider the outlets’ size in your room and its outlet for much convenience. In case you have enough outlets, one can choose an ideal night light of any size and portability.

5. Decorative

When choosing a bathroom night light, choose decorative yet functional lamps. Likewise, consider one that features a sophisticated yet straightforward fused glass to suit any décor and style.

Some night light also features an accent light and produces a beautiful yet charming white light ideal for sleeping and to protect you from falling in darkness.

Moreover, look for a night light that features a vintage patina to give it a beautiful finish, thus giving your home an attractive look.

Best for Contemporary Bathroom – J Delvin Glass Art Plug in Tree Light

plug in bathroom night light with nature theme

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6. LED

Similarly, using LED night light is cool to touch, durable, and energy-efficient thus minimizes the need to purchase new bulbs every time. Likewise, the LED night light provides extreme brightness with minimal energy consumption and saves on your electricity and money annually.

Additionally, the LED light is weather resistant and UV resistant and ideal lighting for outdoor and indoor purposes. It is incredibly versatile as one can use for path light, staircase, and step light.

When choosing a bathroom light source for your night light, choose the energy conscious, money-saving, safe, and reliable LED night light.

7. Add-ons

Brightness adjustability function is also a factor you should consider when looking for a bathroom night light as different people prefer different light sensitivity. Depending on your soothing preference, one can easily adjust to whatever brightness level they want to make falling asleep easier.

Also, the night light color matters as some colors may affect your sleeping quality, such as blue and orange, while others will improve your sleeping quality, such as warm white light.



Eliminate all your “can’t see in the dark” fear with reliable, trustworthy, energy-efficient, and safe bathroom night light. The night light features a modern, vintage, and simple design that complements your décor and style.

The review above avails the best bathroom night lights and the considerations you need to put in place before purchasing. Here is the list again.