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Best Bedside Table Lamps for Your Bedrooms in 2022

Table lamps for bedside tables are a great way to provide you with extra light for reading, ambiance, and mood lighting. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, designs, and prices that allow you to find one that will fit in with your needs.

In the following article, we will be going over the top 9 best bedside table lamps, as well as offer a comprehensive buying guide.

These will help you to make an informed buying decision regarding your next table lamp. All of the products listed below are made from high-quality materials and make great purchases.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Sport Style Base for Boys’ Bedroom – Signature Design Soft Table Lamp

Minimalist Lamp with Ceramic Base for Modern Bedroom – Stone & Beam LED Lamp

Metal and Fabric Lighting for Long-Term Use – Rivet Tripod Lamp


Factors to consider when buying a bedside table light

There are some additional aspects and factors that you will want to keep in consideration when you are looking to purchase a bedside table lamp.

In the following section, we will be going over all of these to help you make the best buying decision possible.

how to choose the best bedside table lamps

#1. Height

The perfect height of the lamp that you purchase will be determined by

  • How high you want it to come above the stand?
  • If there is anything on the wall?
  • You will also want to be able to turn it off and on easily, and not have the light too much lower than the height of your bed.

A good idea would be to measure the height differences between the top of your mattress and the top of the bedside table.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to measure the space between the top of the bedside table and the ceiling. This will allow you to get a decent idea of how high you will want the table lamp for your bedside to be.

#2. Lamp shade

Another important factor to consider is the lampshade that comes with the lamp you are considering purchasing. For instance, you may want to try and match the aesthetics of the lampshade to the design scheme that you are going for in your bedroom.

Most are used with flame-retardant fabric, while others will be made of metal or glass.

#3. Size

Coinciding with the desired height for the table lamp that you will be using on your bedside table, you will also want to make sure that the base and the lampshade are the right sizes for space. One of the great things about bedside lamps is the fact that they come in a wide range of sizes to pick the perfect one.

A good rule of thumb is that you won’t want the lamp to be larger than 1/3 the size of the table overall. This will allow you to have other items on the table that you may need. For instance, decorations, glasses, a book, or an alarm clock.

#4. Switch type

There are a few different types of switches that are available as relates to lamps. The main ones being: a turn switch, a push switch, a touch-sensitive base, and a switch on the cord itself.

Depending on your situation and the height of your bed, where the cord is, and how far the lamp is from the bed, you may need the function of a particular type of switch.

Most switches will be located directly under the lightbulb, however, in touch-sensitive lights, you will just need to tap on the base to turn it off and on.

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#5. Base

The base of the lamp that you are considering purchasing is also important. The main reason for this is the weight, as you won’t want to find a lamp that is easy to tip or knock over. This is especially true for a lamp that goes on a bedside table, as sleepiness tends to lead to a lack of coordination when turning it off and on.

Additionally, the size of the base is important as it has to be able to fit on the bedside table with all of your other items, such as glasses, water, and books.

#6. Material

The material that the lamp is constructed will determine how well it holds up over time, as well as its durability rating. You will want to find a lamp that has a strong base, as well as being sturdy leading up to the lampshade.

You will also want to notice what type of material the lampshade is made out of, as some will hold up better than others and be easier to clean.

#7. How large is your room?

Although bedside table lamps will not take up a lot of space, it is still important to purchase one that will be the right fit for your room. You don’t want to have a lamp that is too big, as this will draw too much attention to something that is meant to be an accent piece.

Alternatively, you will also want to avoid purchasing one that is too small as depending on the size of your room, it can appear to be miniature in design.

When looking to purchase a lamp, it would be a good idea to check the dimensions of the base, the widest part of the lamp itself, and the lampshade. This way you will know if it is the appropriate size for your bedroom.

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#8. How much light do you need?

Depending on the amount of overhead and natural light in your room, you will want to decide how much light (or lumens) you will need from a bedside table lamp.

Additionally, if you are going to be using them for reading, you will want to have a higher amount of lumens as well.

Another thing to consider is if you are going to be using 1 or 2 lamps, as if you are using one on each side of the bed then you can decrease the overall lumens for each.

#9. What kind of mood do you prefer?

Bedside table lamps are great for providing mood and ambient lighting. Before purchasing, it would be a good idea to decide which type of mood you prefer in lighting and go with a lamp that accentuates this.

Many lamps will offer multiple lighting levels, and this will allow you to choose the perfect mood light for any situation.

Different light bulbs will also alter the mood lighting. For instance, some LED bulbs can offer either full-spectrum or warm light. Full-spectrum is better for natural lighting, while warm light is great for relaxing and creating a nice ambiance.


Reviews of the 9 best bedside table lights

#1. Best overall – Haitral 2 pair modern bedside table lamps

bedside table reading lamps


  • Compatible with a wide array of light bulbs
  • A budget-friendly option that comes in a 2-pack
  • Is suitable for bedside tasks as reading and writing


  • Some customers don’t like pull chain switch

For a well-rounded product that comes in at a budget-friendly price, these lamps from Haitral are great options. The modern design of these lamps is a perfect size for a bedside lamp. They come in white and feature a streamlined design that is perfect for any type of decor scheme. They are easy to operate With the convenient pull chain switch, operating it is easy and it is easily reachable from the bed.

They are safety tested to ensure that there will be no issues when using them. They offer a decent amount of lumens, being compatible with 60-watt lightbulbs (including LED).

The white fabric lampshade that is included gives a clean and modern look while being easy to clean. There is a weighted metal base for these lights that add to the overall durability and functionality aspect.

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#2. Top rated – Rivet bedside table lamp with 2 light bulbs and pull chains

black pull chain bedside table lamp


  • Offers bright light
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Available in 3 colors as black, pink and blue
  • Can operate both LED lights separate or together


  • Only for indoor use

A great product that has been well-received by consumers, this lamp from Rivet comes in 3 colors (black, blue, tan/pink). It features an elegant and classic design that has a metal dome lampshade and two pull string switches.

Two bulb sockets allow you to operate both independently of each other, and the standard 60-watt LED light bulbs are included in the purchase. You won’t need to reach over too far to operate this light, and the option to only have one bulb turned on is great for reading in bed. Turning both light bulbs on if you need to illuminate a large bedroom.

This is easy to operate and assemble, only taking a few minutes out of the box to begin operation. The price for this lamp is also fairly reasonable, considering the high-quality level of product that you receive.

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#3. Appealing – Demmex mosaic glass lamp for bedside tables

large bedside table lamps with mosiac outlook


  • Antique brass base adds a traditional touch
  • The design shines through to the wall behind the lamp
  • Weighted base prevents the lamp from tipping over or falling


  • Not the best suited for task lighting such as reading

If you are looking for a beautiful lamp at a great price, this handmade Moroccan lamp is a great option. It is available in a wide range of colors, all as unique as the last. This is handmade from Turkey, and the superior craftsmanship shines through on the lamp that is made from the highest quality materials.

The body of this lamp in antique brass and features a weighted base that won’t tip over or fall easily. The overall durability of this lamp is fairly high, and the glass itself isn’t too heavy. Candleabra bulbs are recommended for this type of lamp to fit inside the globe, but can easily be changed as needed.

The beautiful design of each lamp shines through onto the wall behind; making a calming and serene atmosphere.

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#4. Perfect for boys’ bedroom – Ashley sports style table lamp for bedroom bedside

sporting bedside table light for males and boys


  • A great size for any kid’s bedroom
  • Comes in at a decent price for what you receive
  • Looks good in a boy’s room and any sporting rooms


  • Uses CFL bulb which is not included

A perfect choice for a boy’s bedroom, these lamps from Ashley is available in either a space or sport-themed option. It is a great budget-friendly option that kids will love in their reading nook or as a bedside table lamp. The square lamp shade makes it easy for this lamp to fit into corners and in tight spaces.

Made from polyresin, this is a highly durable lamp that would be a great fit for any kids’ bedroom. This features a good amount of lumens for boys to read their books, do some writings and even create an ambiance since the CFL bulbs tend to generate warm and no-glare light.

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#5. Tiffany-style – Chloe double lit bedside table lamp

Tiffany desktop light for bedside tables


  • Uses for both decoration and illumination
  • A beautifully crafted Tiffany-style lamp that is always in style
  • Comes with 2 high wattage lights and one lower wattage in the base


  • The price can run a little high, especially considering it is only one lamp

If you are looking for a tiffany style lamp, this option from Chole is beautifully crafted. It features 2 pull-chain switches and comes with two lightbulb sockets that offer a lot of lumens when turned on. The copper-foiled glass and resin base are both durable and lightweight, and the base allows for a lower 15-wattage bulb which means you got 3 light luminaires in this bedside lighting fixture.

While this may be a little higher on the pricing spectrum, the light itself is beautiful and will fit perfectly on any bedside table or desk. This is easy to assemble and will only take a few minutes of your time before you can operate it. The pull-string light switches are easy to operate and can be reached when in bed.

Because of the 3-lightbulb design, this is a great option for reading at night, and the two higher wattage bulbs can operate independently of each other.


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#6. With ceramic base – Stone & Beam geometric led desk lamp for bedside

cream bedside table lamps with ceramic base


  • Round base saves nightstand space
  • Sturdy design won’t wobble or fall over easily
  • Has a great design that would look great by the bed


  • Only white colors

For a lamp with a sturdy, ceramic base you can’t go wrong with this product from Stone & Beam. It is available in either 18-inch or 25-in height and features a modern yet contemporary design. The cylindrical base is great for fitting in tighter areas and has an aesthetically pleasing design of lines and circles.

The socket switch makes this lamp easy to operate and can be reached fairly easily from bed. This is a streamlined design that can fit into any type of interior design scheme and offers a lot of lumens for reading or relaxing in bed.

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#7. For kids – Fantasy animals bedside table lamp with canvas shade and wooden structure

kids bedroom bedside table lamps


  • Comes in at a budget-friendly price
  • Available in 3 different styles to go with the room’s decor


  • The design makes it unsuitable for adults’ room

A great option for any child’s bedroom, this lamp from Fantasy Fields is available in 3 different styles (outer space, sunny safari, and transportation). Each of design is made with a sturdy wood base and decorated with paint that is free of lead, making it perfectly safe for your children’s bedroom. Each lamp is unique in the sense that it is handcrafted by a skilled artisan.

The decorated canvas lamp shade that sits on top is made from durable materials that are both heat resistant and easy to clean. The size of this lamp makes it compact enough to sit on smaller bedside tables as well. The switch on the top near the light bulb is easy to operate.

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#8. With 3-way light – Catalina mercury glass table lamp with gourd shape

elegant gourd-shaped bedside tablel lamp with glass base


  • Smart home compatible
  • Comes with a long power cord
  • Incandescent light bulbs are gentle on eyes
  • Dimmable 3-way lamp perfect for tasks and mood lighting


  • The flared design of the base is not well suited for some tighter areas

This 3-way bedside table lamp comes in 4 different colors (silver, gold, classic silver, and classic gold); and is perfect for creating mood lighting. It is elegant in design, and can easily fit into any type of design aesthetics that you are going for in the bedroom.

It comes with a linen lampshade that adds to the overall charm and is easy to clean. The lamp itself does not take much time or effort to assemble and has a 4-way rotary switch for multiple lighting options available.

Perfect for mood lighting or for reading in bed, without waking up your partner. It is also compatible with a wide range of smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Home. In this way, you can control the lamp by command and phone.

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#9. Tripod base – Rivet small desk lamp for bedside tables

tripod bedside table lamps


  • Elegant modern design is perfect for most decor schemes
  • 4 brushed nickel base legs stand well ontop of the bedside table


  • Small size

For a sturdy tripod base that is modern and elegant in design, this lamp is a great product that comes in either silver, black, or gold. It features a satin finish and oversized linen lampshade that adds to the overall aesthetically pleasing aspect of this lamp.

This is ideal for anywhere in your room, but especially by the bed due to its compact design for the base. Because of the design, it is hard to tip or knock over and offers a lot of illumination.

This is a highly sturdy lamp that is crafted beautifully and ideal for any room in your home that needs additional lighting with a great syle. Providing a lot of lighting is also a shining point for people who prefer doing tasks in the bedroom.

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Why buy a bedside table lamp?

Bedside table lamps make great products that can add additional light to your bedroom, and are easily accessible when you are in bed. They are great for reading and working in bed, or just for relaxing and providing some light without being too bright.

You can easily move them from room to room as the need arises, and provides a great way to freshen up your bedroom.

best bedside table lamp reviews

Some other reasons why it would be a good idea to purchase a bedside table lamp include:

#1. Add to the overall design

They are great at adding to the overall design scheme in your bedroom and can be considered to be functional accent pieces. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles and offer a lot of choices as relates to what design you are going for.

They can easily fit onto your existing bedside table, and come in varying sizes depending on the items that you already have by your bed. Additionally, the lampshades for these lights are easy to replace to update the color scheme of your bedroom.

#2. Provide additional light

Bedside table lamps provide additional light at night for reading, relaxing, or just enjoying the ambient light that they produce. They are generally capable of utilizing as much wattage as an overhead light in a more concentrated area, making them great choices for reading.

Additionally, they can add to the mood in the room and can be used at lower light settings if you are worried about waking up your partner at night.

#3. Affordable lighting options

While they do come in a wide range of prices, bedside lamps provide additional light and are much cheaper options that adding a light fixture to the bedroom. They are easy to move around as needed, and when you don’t want to have them on they are easy to switch off.



#1. What is the right size desk lamp for a bedside table?

When you are looking to purchase a bedside table lamp, you will want to take into consideration what all will be going on the table. For instance, if you have a smaller table but need to have a book, glasses, and water in addition to the lamp you may want to choose a smaller lamp.

A good rule of thumb in choosing the right size is the lampshade can easily fit onto the table. While you won’t be placing the shade directly onto the table, this will give you the right idea as to how big the widest part of the lamp will be.

#2. Can a bedside desk lamp use for reading?

Bedside desk lamps can be used for reading, and they are great for this purpose. They provide a good amount of ambient light that can add to the relaxing mood in the bedroom.

They also offer just enough light that you can read without disturbing your partner or spouse in the bed. Many bedside desk lamps will also come with a dimmable option, to allow you to choose the appropriate amount of light for reading.

When choosing a bedside lamp for reading, you may want to find one that does have more lumens to reduce the amount of eye strain. Additionally, some lamps offer more of a task lighting which will help when using them to read as well.



We hope that this article was helpful for you in making an informed decision regarding your next bedside table lamp.

All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials that are made to last and will be great options for you. While some are priced higher than others, they are all great products that are worth the price and will add some modern decor into your bedroom, while being fully functional.