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Best Book Light for Night Reading To Enjoy Bedtime

Imagine how strenuous it will be to read under poor light conditions. Whether it is during the day or at night, there will always be a need to be in a properly lit environment.

It is for this reason that you will find it vital to get yourself the right light for night reading. While finding the best book light for night reading could be a daunting process for most people, the following insights will come in handy.

Reviews of the 7 best book lights for reading at night

Here are the best options you have at hand.

#1. Best rated – Vekkia turquoise rechargeable book light for reading in bed

Vekkia adjustable book reading night light


  • 3 light modes with 3 levels of light intensity
  • Easy to operate and adjust the brightness
  • The battery is rechargeable and lasts for a relatively long time


  • Bulb can’t be replaced

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You can hardly ignore how highly-rated this light has become in the recent past. Thanks to its impressive technology and features, you will effortlessly fall in love with this remarkable lamp.

This product comes with up to 7 LED lights, which assure you of three color temperatures.

Usually, while the three LED lights give you up to 6500K of white light, you will enjoy up to 3000K only from the four warm LED lights. Also, you could consider the 4200K of mixed light.

You will also be confident of getting three distinct brightness levels, including warm night light, mixed reading light, and white working light. Adjusting the brightness levels has never been this easy.

This light comes with built-in rechargeable batteries, which ensure that you do not worry about constant replacements. It is a 1000mAh battery that will last for a relatively long time.

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#2. Best neck light – Vekkia night reading light with 2 silicone arms for bookworms

Vekkia neck light for reading books at night


  • Comes with an anti-slip design
  • Unmatched light intensity and battery life
  • It assures you of a handsfree light experience
  • You will be free to adjust the brightness accordingly


  • May not work well on the tables

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Are you looking for a light with the best neck? If you are, this is your ultimate choice. This light is ideal for those who read or even work at night.

This light boasts of up to 4 different LEDs and three brightness settings, which allow you to get the desired lighting condition.

The color temperatures will often range between 3000K and 6500K, depending on the mode of light you choose in the long run. The modes to choose from will include floodlight, bright light, and spotlight.

You will also be sure of two infinitely flexible necks. This flexibility allows you to focus the light wherever you want. This way, you will end up with unparalleled comfort at the end of the day.

Did you know that this Vekkia product boasts of a 700mAh lithium battery? The lifespan of this battery is approximately 1000 cycles, which is almost a lifetime.

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#3. Best cheap – Energizer portable clip on light for reading books at night

Energizer cheap clip on reading night light for books


  • Flexible arms
  • Friendly to the eyes
  • Works well on books and kindles


  • Support 0.5 inch thickness

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Nothing will beat this affordable option at your disposal. From its incredible design to how friendly it will be on your eyes, this is the ultimate choice for you.

The design of this night reading light is imposing, if not dramatic. Usually, you will be free to clip it on your clipboard or visors, allowing you to enjoy its multiple uses.

Further, its flexible neck will keep moving with you. Thanks to this feature, it will be much easier for you to direct light at any angle. As if that is not enough, it is both compact and portable.

That this product assures you of personalized light is worth celebrating. Usually, its warm, bright light will ensure that you get the right light for your reading, and without disturbing anyone around.

The flexible neck on this light will effortlessly get you smitten. With such flexibility, you are confident of getting the right travel companion. It will also be much easier for you to direct your light accordingly.

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#4. Best with amber light – Hooga clip on reading light with adjustable gooseneck

Hooga clip on book light with warm light for reading at night


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has up to three distinct brightness levels
  • Relatively easy to customize your light experience


  • Only warm glow

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This product has emerged as one of the best options for those who need amber light. You can hardly ignore its impressive aesthetics and reliability too.

Did you know that the amber hue light produced by this lamp is 99.9% free of blue spectrum light? With this, you will be sure of the enhanced production of melatonin. You will also be assured of less strain on your eyes too.

It is almost impossible to overlook how lightweight and portable this product is. Ideally, it weighs no more than 2.5 ounces. Its sturdy grip will further endear you to it.

Also, it comes with a 7-inch gooseneck, which ensures that you get a personalized light experience in the long run.

As if that is not enough, you will no longer need to worry about replacing batteries. That is because this product boasts of a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery. This battery is not only rechargeable but also long-lasting.

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#5. Best portable – Dewenwils tiny USB rechargeable led night reading book light

book light and bookmark for night reading


  • Affordable
  • You can recharge with a USB
  • Assures you of enhanced versatility


  • Could be a little smaller for some people

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This product has proven to be one of the best for the people on a budget. It will suffice to mention that it will cost you about $10, which is relatively affordable.

This product comes with up to two brightness levels and settings, allowing you to choose whichever is friendlier to your needs.

Its multi-angle adjustment tends to make things even better, as this ensures you adjust the arms whenever necessary.

Usually, you will enjoy a color temperature of up to 3000K and 20 lumens. This light is not only friendly to your eyes but also less disturbing to those around you.

You cannot overlook how light and portable this device tends to be. Since it measures around 1.3 ounces, you will find it quite convenient to carry it with you. While at it, you could also use it as a bookmark, thanks to its slim nature.

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#6. Best for e-readers – Ozeri led kindle reading light with flexible neck

Ozeri led kindle light for night e-readers


  • Enhanced flexibility at all times
  • It comes with a protective pouch
  • It boasts of a customizable design


  • Not pocket-friendly and cost you about $20

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Every e-reader will often want something that assures them of enhanced convenience and comfort. From its impressive design to how robust its construction is, you will hardly resist falling in love with this light.

This light allows users to enjoy better and extra positioning, depending on your preferences. It boasts of a fully flexible neck, which you will comfortably customize in a way that suits your comfort.

Nothing could assure you of lesser eye strain than this, as this will be a sure way of getting an eye-friendly light.

Did you know that it features three mounted lifetime LEDs? With this aspect, there will be no need to worry about the non-optimized distribution of light. Neither will you experience glare or even eyestrain.

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#7. Best with 2 lamp heads – Vekkia clip-on night reading light for 2 full pages

Vekkia rechargeable led book light with 2 lamp heads for night reading


  • Relatively energy-efficient
  • Robust construction for improved longevity
  • It exposes you to neither glare nor flickers, which is friendly to the eyes


  • Some people might not like the painted finish

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The technology used in this product is one of the most intriguing. Thanks to the two headlamps featured, you will find this option to be relatively convenient for you.

This lamp comes with the advanced SMD LED technology, which is more than friendly to the eyes. This technology is capable of lighting up bigger rooms than what standard LEDs can do.

What is more, you will neither worry about flickers nor glares. The 12 LEDs present will extend as much light to you as possible.

Nothing matches the durability that this product assures you of, as it will effortlessly span up to 100000 hours.

The level of brightness offered this period will often remain steadfast. As if that is not enough, you will be sure of it comes with rechargeable batteries. The 1000mAh lithium-ion battery featured is relatively durable too.

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What is the best book reading lamp at night?

One of the biggest concerns whenever you are reading at night would be whether the light is friendly enough for you. But do you know which light will suit your reading needs?

Unless you take the time to understand which light works well for you, comfort will remain a mirage to you.

best book light for night reading reviews

#1. Type of light

Most often, experts suggest that you should focus on LED, halogen, and fluorescent lights, thanks to how friendly they will be to your eyes.

It will suffice to mention that these lights will illuminate your reading materials in a way that exposes you to no flicker or glare.

#2. Brightness

Such will also be the right time for you to pay attention to the number of lumens produced by the light. It will suffice to mention that an increase in the number of lumens will always be vital for anyone looking forward to comfort.

Most often, 1500 to 4000 lumens seem to be suitable to light up an entire bedroom for different readers. For personalized reading light, 10 lumens to 40 lumens are the best.

#3. How flexible is it?

Did you know that the design of a lamp could affect the ultimate comfort a reader will have?

As such, you should focus on a device that comes with flexible arms. This way, it will be much easier for you to customize the light in a way that suits your preferences.

#4. Nature of the light produced

  • What is the nature of this light?
  • Does it flicker?
  • Are there any glares?

These are some of the concerns you should have handled before settling on any reading lamp. As long as you have these variables addressed, there will be no reason for you to worry.

Best rated – Vekkia portable reading light with flexible gooseneck

Vekkia adjustable book reading night light

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What to look for when selecting book light for nighttime reading?

Various things will often go into the selection of the right book light for night reading. Observing these variables will be essential in making sure that you make logical decisions in the long run.

But do you know what should top your priorities? Here are the variables you should always consider.

#1. Is the light friendly to your eyes?

There is no denying that your eyes will always be the most critical parts whenever you are reading. Unless your eyes are comfortable, your reading experience will rank among the worst.

It is in this light that you will need to ensure you get lights that neither flicker nor expose you to glare. This way, there will hardly be any eyestrain for you to worry about in the long run.

Best flicker-free – Vekkia eye care reading lamp with 2 lampheads

Vekkia rechargeable led book light with 2 lamp heads for night reading

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#2. Check the design of your chosen light

Most often, the design will directly affect the convenience you get while reading. It will be best for you to choose a design that is not only compact but also lightweight.

Most book lights for night reading will come with less than 5 ounces in weight. Anything above this could end up being too bulky for your liking.

While at it, check how flexible the arms are. Flexible arms tend to provide more convenience in the long run.

#3. Consider the brightness

How bright should your light be? How about the color temperature? In most cases, you will find enhanced comfort in lights that produce between 3000K and 6500K color temperatures.

Further, the lumens produced need to be between 10 and 100, depending on your preferences.

Further, ensure that there is enough room for brightness adjustment. Multiple brightness levels will always be preferable.

Best with adjustable brightness – Hooga warm clip on reading lamp with dimmable light

Hooga clip on book light with warm light for reading at night

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#4. Whether it is easy to operate

Take the time to understand how to operate this light, with ease being a top priority.

Usually, devices that tend to be much easier to operate will give you an easier time in the long run.

For instance, touch control will ensure that you adjust brightness, turn the device on and off, and even change the color temperature effortlessly.

#5. Does it have memory functions?

You will also need to pay attention to the memory that the device has.

For instance, does it remember the last brightness levels you had set before switching it off? If it does, this will be your ideal choice.

You might want to consider the timer feature too, which allows you to customize the on and off times for your device.

Best with memory function – TBTeek clip on lamp with 30 light options

#6. Is it energy efficient?

It will suffice to mention that energy efficiency has become a significant consideration for many people in the recent past. Thanks to this focus, various brands are now considering rechargeable lights for night reading.

You can never go wrong by opting for a rechargeable option, as it assures you of unparalleled convenience.

If you were to choose a reliable battery, ensure that it is at least 700mAh. The recharging time should be around 1.5 hours, while the light should last at least 8 hours.



the best book light fir night reading

#1. How many lumens do you need to read at night?

The number of lumens you need to read will often vary from one person to another. However, the average number of lumens to consider will always be between 10 and 40 lumens.

Feel free to lean towards a number that provides you with the ultimate experience.

#2. How can I read in bed without disturbing my partner?

While there is no one-dimensional answer to this, you will find a few tips helpful. Here are the things you will need to take into account.

  • Make use of sleep curtains

This move will ensure that light remains within your reading area only.

  • Use clip-on light

Did you know that clipping lights on your book will limit the spread of light across the room? Clipping ensures that the light remains within a relatively small area in the long run.

  • Wear sleep masks

Is your partner ready to put on a sleeping mask? As long as they are comfortable in it. It will be easier for you to avoid disturbing them.



In conclusion, you can hardly overlook how vital night reading book lights are. Take the time to choose the right one, and make sure you understand how to use them.

The insights provided above will often ensure that you make logical conclusions. Thanks to this, your reading experience will never be the same again.