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Best Buffet Lamps – Top 5 Soft Lights for Buffet Tables in 2022

Buffet lamps can be used on a buffet, bedroom dresser, sofa tables or on hall console tables and other dwelling areas. The best buffet lamps are made with light materials and are tall since they stand between 28 inches to 36 inches high, a measurement taken from the bottom to the top of the shade.

Buffet lamps shades mostly have base dimensions of not more than 12 inches and use a 75-watt or a lesser one depending on the width of the shade in which they are put. Decorative buffet lamps are ideal for brightening your living and dining rooms with their unique illuminating style. Their elegant stems and stylish lamp shapes make your home have a fashionable display.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Best Selling, With Golden Construction and Black Fabric – Juliette Buffet Table Lamps

French Candlestick Style – Universal Lighting and Decor Tall Buffet Lamps

With Luxurious Hanging Crystals on Shade – Barnes and Ivy Antique Lamps


What Is a Buffet Lamp?

This is a lamp that is high in size with the shape of a normal lamp. It is mostly placed on dining buffets or comfort tables and it basically brightens a room and makes dining tables more beautiful and noticeable.


Types of Buffet Lamps You Can Get

Duval Cottage Buffet Table Lamp

There is a variety of buffet lamp designs that one can choose to match the design of your home.

  • Cordless Lamp

Cordless buffet lamps are simple, stylish and innovative since there is no worry of placing your table near an outlet.

Cordless table lamps are also unique since you don’t worry about hiding the wire or cable connections.

  • Glass Lamp

There are also glass lamps that easily glow your house and brighten your home decor. This kind of buffet lamp is purchased with cylindrical glass bases making them very stylish on any backdrop.

Being made with glass makes them versatile and can match with any room they are placed.

  • Crystal Lamp

Another kind of buffet lamp is the crystal lamps which are very efficient in providing the best amount of elegance and fashion to your home as a decoration. These lamps have uniquely handcrafted shapes that create a stylish brightening experience for your table room.

What Are Buffet Lamps Used for?

Buffet lamps are at most times used at parties or other gatherings to light the dining tables. These products are identified by their long and narrow stems and small shades that have been designed to focus the light on a particular spot.

They are designed to occupy a limited space on the table leaving enough space for the guests or family members to serve themselves.

Buffet lamps can also be used to provide mood lighting. This is a case in restaurants and pubs where the overhead lighting system is kept dim to add an element of romance to the relaxed atmosphere.

Colored light bulbs go hand on hand with these buffet lamps hence making parties and gatherings more colorful.

Buffet lamps are also used to provide low-level lighting. They are placed on small tables such as coffee tables and end tables.

The low-level light provided is suitable to illuminate small rooms such as the secretary desk, a china cabinet or areas of a room that require a bit more light such as reading corners.


Reviews of the 5 Best Buffet Lamps

Best Selling – Juliette Gold Buffet Table Lamps for Dining Room

Juliette Traditional Buffet Table Lamp
Luxurious Buffet Lamps

The product comes as a set of two gold intricate table lamps. Each lamp has a height of 36.5 inches while the shades have a width of 7 inches and a height of 10.5 inches. Juliette traditional buffet lamp uses a single medium standard bulb with a maximum of 60 watts and has an on and off socket switch.

The lamp is a brand of Regency Hill hence the user is guaranteed an elegant and fashionable design. The material making the product has a bright gold polish and a metallic construction with a complex make hence it is durable. Lighting the room with this two-piece set guarantees enough brightness regardless of the room size.

The bell shades made of black fabric materials are fitted with gold ball ornaments hence making it beautiful. From another view, the lamp set makes a room perfect for a french traditional style setting.

Juliette traditional buffet lamp has a package dimension of 22.5 inches by 15.2 inches by 13.8 inches and weighs 13.2 pounds and is sold at a price of around 90 U.S. Dollars.

  • Affordable
  • Both stand 36.5 inches tall
  • Elegant and fashionable design
  • Juliette Traditional Buffet Table Lamp
  • It is sold as a 2-piece set hence provide enough lightning
  • The set can’t be sold separately

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Best Rating – Universal Lighting and Decor French Candlestick Buffet Lamps

French Style Buffet Table Lamp
Buffet Lamp for Dining Room Decoration

It has an overall height of 34 inches and has a shade that has a width of 9.5 inches and a height of 10 inches. The product uses one standard medium bulb with a maximum of 100 watts and has a switch on and off the socket.

The lamp is constructed with smooth cast resin and has decorations that are hand-carved in a spiral pattern as well as a candle framed shade that contribute to its stylish design. French buffet table lamp is beige in color with a traditional design. It is made with a metallic material hence durable.

It has package dimensions of 16 inches by 13.5 inches by 11.5 inches and the item weighs 7.86 pounds. The product is sold at a price of around 100 U.S. Dollars.

  • Durable
  • 34 inches tall
  • It is elegant and stylish
  • The lamp can provide enough light even for large rooms
  • Not found yet

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For Dining Table – Regency Hill Bertie Set of 2 Tall Buffet Lamps

Bertie Traditional Buffet Table Lamps
Vintage Lamp Set for Buffet Table

Bertie buffet lamp comes as a set of two and is 28 inches high from the base to the top of the shade. The product has a round base that is 5.25 inches wide and the shades have a width of 6 inches and 10 inches high. The 2 lamps use single base bulbs that use a maximum of 60 watts and are switched on or off by a pull chain.

These tall and slender buffet lamps give a fashionable addition to a formal dining area. It has a traditional style and is brown in color with tall fabric shapes. The wood base has been polished to a fine resin and has a hand-carved design. The shades are made with fabric drum and have great decorations together with finish cords and plugs.

  • 28 inches tall
  • It comes as a set of two hence economical
  • It is portable since it is made from light wood
  • Portable because of the weight of 7.48 pounds
  • Only the pull chain control

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With Rustic Style – Ashley Small Contemporary Buffet Lamps

Signature Design Decorative Buffet Table Lamp
Decorative Buffet Lamps

The signature design table lamp comes as a set of 2 lamps that lights up your house brightly since it has outdoor lighting elements. This product has a unique style with a rock imitation and the stem has an antlers resemblance made from pine tree giving the product a rural cabin design.

It displays a silhouette shade that gives a unique glow with the shut on and off pull chain. The given soft lighting makes it versatile and can be used in bedrooms, office desks, or any living spaces. It also has a gunmetal finish and the shade has a width of 5.25 inches and a height of 10.5 inches

By the way, Signature design table lamp is a brand of Ashley Furniture that does extra work of packing, protecting and delivering your product within the agreed time. It is a great lamp for your money back!

  • Use 3-way switch
  • Has an artificial rock base thus giving a solid design
  • It is versatile and can be used to light offices, bedrooms among others
  • 24.25″ height is shorter than the other 5

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#5. Barnes and Ivy Antique Crystal Glass Buffet Lamps

Duval Cottage Buffet Table Lamp
Antique Buffet Lamps with Crystals

This lamp stands 34 inches tall and has a square base that has a width of 7.25 inches. It also has a slant shade with a width of 9 inches across the top and 14 inches across the bottom while the slant has a length of 10.75 inches.

The lamp uses a single standard bulb of 100 watts that has a switch on and off the socket. A lampshade that is bell beige in color is constructed with polyresin material.

Duval cottage buffet lamp is made with a unique design that involves a lampshade with 16 droplets. 8 droplets have a length of 5.5 inches and the other 8 have a length of 4.5 inches. The stem of the lamp is slim with a candlestick design that has a high-quality white art finish.

  • Weighs 11.44 pounds
  • A 96 inches brown cord
  • The shade is made from crystal material while the stem is made from wood
  • The product is versatile and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms among other rooms
  • The shades are made with an elegant design hence the product can be used in formal rooms
  • It requires an outlet since it uses wire connections.

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How Tall Should Buffet Lamps Be?

Since buffet lamps are made in different sizes it might be challenging to choose the right size but the ultimate goal is to get a buffet lamp that will give the best use of its light and match with your furnish perfectly.

When considering table lamps for your living room, they should have a height of between 26-34 inches and it should be set in a way that when the user is sitting, the bottom of the shade is at the same level with the eyes. Proper placement of a buffet lamp also plays a part in illuminating the area you sit best as well as giving ambient light to the rest of the room.

When choosing a table lamp for your bedroom, one should have a glance on the nightstands. Tall nightstands have a height of between 24-30 inches hence should have nightstand lamps that are between 27-32 inches tall.

Shorter nightstands with a height of between 18-20 inches from the floor should have taller lamps so as to have the right visual proportion of your headboard thus the buffet lamp will be placed higher than 36 inches above the nightstand top.

Juliette Traditional Buffet Table Lamp

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Do You Need Two Lamps on a Buffet?

There are no rules on choosing the number of lamps to stand on a buffet hence one can have one or two lamps on a buffet and it will be outstanding. It all depends on what creates the best look into your eyes.


How Do You Decorate a Buffet Table?

1. Table Linens

One should use a backdrop on the whole buffet table by using beautiful table linens which can be tablecloths and napkins. One can also add a theme such as a football game adding to its beauty.

The user can also consider using a blank canvas and can then add a variety of textiles from the craft store, colorful sheets to create a multilayered effect.

2. Food Name Cards

One can add handwritten food name cards for a buffet table which makes it beautiful. It can be so confusing for guests when they serve meals without an idea of its constituents. One can use different colors to write food name cards.

3. Buffet Lighting

One can add soft lighting on the buffet table by using candles that are battery operated. These candles come in different colors, styles, and heights hence one can select those that blend with the theme of the occasion.

4. Centerpiece Accents

A great buffet table needs a center point to bring the whole design together. one can use a flower that is placed vertically at the center of the table and it should match with the table linens.



This article summarizes that the best buffet lamps are those designed with perfect elegance and fashion and should be versatile to match with different rooms. The buffet comes with different heights and shapes hence one should first consider the layout of the rooms that they are being put.