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Best Christmas Lights for Houses, Fences, Gardens and Backyards

Christmas is around the corner. You do not want to be left behind insofar as the preparations for the auspicious occasion is concerned. One sure way of preparing for the same is to pick and make use of the best Christmas lights. These are special decorative lights that are designed to spruce up your ambiance for the occasion.

We have prepped this review-cum-buying guide to help you out in making a suitable purchase. In the discussions that ensure, we shall examine every detail that revolves around this subject matter. Also, we shall review a couple of the leading lights that are sure to help you out greatly.

Reviews of the 9 Best Christmas Lights

Let us start it out with a review of the best Christmas lights on the market:

#1: Best Rated – JEDAWN Santa and Lighted Snow Globe Lantern with Music

This is much more than just a set of lights. It goes beyond that to even fill your spaces with music thanks to the existing USB port. Its Santa Claus shape also goes ahead to make the areas appear more beautiful.

high quality led christmas lights


  • Made of the super-strong ABS plastic that lasts long
  • Gives off some warmth as well over and above the light output
  • Truly brilliant and eye-catching outward appearance
  • 2 in 1 mounted


  • Batteries are not included

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  • Floating Beautiful Snowflakes

A series of floating beautiful snowflakes that are white in color dominate the makeup of these lights. They create some whirlpools that sparkle and give off some impressive appearances when beheld with the eyes.

  • Exquisite Design

All throughout, the design of the lights is exquisite and great at first sight. By this design, the apparatus works hard to make your Christmas festivity to be really full of joy.

  • 2 Power Supply Modes

By its make and overall purpose, this gadget is able to draw its power from two main modes. These are the three AAA batteries and the dc adapter that are bought separately.

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#2: Best for Gardens – Ollivage Solar Powered Torch Flame Outdoor Stake Lights for Pathways

Could it be that where you are is likely to experience heavy precipitation such as rainfall or snow? If you delivered a ‘yes’ answer to this question, you need a waterproof gadget of this kind.

coolest outdoor christmas lights


  • Simpler to install for eventual use
  • Bears the possible water damages thanks to the IP65 rating
  • Draws its power from both solar and batteries


  • Not for indoors

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  • Amazing Flickering Flames

When turned on, the system generates some amazingly flickering flames that are great to behold with the natural eyes. These flames are what illuminates your ambiances to keep the same properly tuned.

  • Built-in 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery

At the core of the apparatus is a set of built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery that delivers a long working hour of about 12 hours. On the same note, it takes a paltry 6-8 hours to fully charge.

  • Solar-powered Flames

Other than the batteries, the gadget also draws its power from the solar panels that negate the need to rely too much on the mains electricity. That way, you get to ensure smooth operations all the while of use.

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#3: Best Waterproof – Brightech Solar Operated Outdoor Christmas String Lights for Backyard and Fences

Could it be that the place you intend to deploy the gadget for use is prone to damages and other adverse weather conditions? Your answer lies in this shatterproof gadget that resists all forms of damages well.

best cheap christmas lights


  • Comes about in a commercial-grade design and shape
  • Resists shatters and other possible forms of premature damages
  • Creates a nice ambience to your patios, decks and outdoor areas


  • Not ideal for lighting windows

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  • Shatterproof S14 Bulbs

A set of the shatterproof bulbs dominate the makeup of the gadget. They are strong enough to resist all forms of possible damages that may arise in the course of transportation and adverse weather conditions as well.

  • Silicon Wrapping

Embedding each bulb is a Silicon wrapping that serves to offer added protection to the delicate interior elements. The wrappings also go a long way in minimizing the infiltration of the ambient water to the bulbs.

  • Exceptional Color Temperature

The color temperatures of the lights come to about 3,000 Kelvin. On the strength of this, the bulbs shine brightly but are still gentle enough to your eyes in such a way as not to harm them with continued exposure.

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#4: Best with Color Changing – Joomer LED Christmas Fairy String Lights with 8 Modes and Sensor

Mainly seeking a set of lights for the outdoor areas? You have your answer in this wonderful piece of waterproof lighting apparatus. It works wonders in the balconies, fences, patios, and the gardens.

best christmas village decorations


  • Exudes light in multiple colors
  • Long enough (72 feet) and is hence convenient to operationalize
  • Finds wider applicability in the outdoor locations


  • 8 hours working time after fully charged

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  • Solar-powered and Auto On/Off

It derives its power from the solar energy and also turns and off automatically. Thanks to this mix of traits, the gadget does not require too much attention and expertise from you while engaging it.

  • 2 Switches and 8 Different Modes

Some two switches and a whopping eight different modes exist to help with the operations of the item altogether. They work interdependently to make your use and overall experience of the item wholesome.

  • Waterproof and Memory Function

On the whole, the gadget is waterproof and at the same time equipped with a memory function. These twin traits enable the gadget to operate smoothly in the outdoor locales well and also negate the need to feed the prompts each time.

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#5: Best with Warm Light – WinterGreen Lighting C9 LED Lights for Christmas Trees

If your entire life revolves around the matters of lights, you may want one that may be used smoothly both indoors and outdoors. Look up to none other than this one as it is really versatile.

brightest led c9 christmas lights


  • Produces some warmth as well
  • Attaches to many other likeminded bulbs
  • Useful for anyone on a tight budget
  • 3-year warranty


  • None

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  • Durable Acrylic Bulbs

Each bulb features the double acrylic makeup. Expect the bulbs hence to last longer and take you further than you would ordinarily go with other cheaper alternatives.

  • Patented One-piece Non-removable Bulbs

The bulbs further come about in a patented one-piece non-removable stature. This stature seals out all the moisture and also suppresses the likely emergence of the corrosion and other associated forms of damages.

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#6: Best for Roof – KNONEW LED Icicle Lights for Outside of the House

For your maximum returns on investments, you want a lighting gadget that may serve you at other times beside the Christmas festivities alone. We ask you to attempt your fate on this as it handles the Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving too!

best led icicle christmas lights


  • Has a memory function to save and recall the prompts
  • Its timer functionality allows for automated operations
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor settings


  • Need time for installation

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  • 8 Modes Icicle Lights

This lighting gadget produces 8 patterns of light output for you. It goes beyond that to even combine the light outputs to come up with numerous unique output combinations for you.

  • Highly-connectable

Overall, the lighting gadget is highly-connectible in the sense of allowing three strings to interconnect in order to illuminate a wider range of space. A string that measures 32.8 feet exists to make this connection possible.

  • IP44 Waterproof

In its entirety, this gadget is also wholly waterproof in the sense of bearing the legendary IP44 waterproof rating. This rating makes it even capable of withstanding the snow, heavy rain and other forms of damages.

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#7: Best with Mini Bulb – Vont USB Powered Christmas Twinkle Lights with Bendable Copper for Bush

Do you have a really large area in mind? If you do, no other set of string lights may come to your rescue better than this one! It measures a whopping 66 feet and is also capable of attaching to 200 LED bulbs at a time!

best fairy lights for christmas tree


  • Embodies both versatility and exceptional style
  • Backed by a generous lifetime warranty
  • Imbues some décor to your areas as well


  • Manual switch

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  • On/off Button

An on/off button stands out as the most notable trait of this lighting gadget. The button serves to activate and deactivate the gadget independently of your own input and direct engagements.

  • Shapeable, Wrappable and Durable

On the whole the gadget may be shaped, wrapped and also lasts fairly longer than the many alternatives we have around. All these combine to make your life better and the convenience of use also elevated.

  • Bright and Enchanting Light Output

On the whole, the kinds of light that the apparatus generates is bright and enchanting indeed. Because of this, you will find this item suited for the outdoor activities that are elegant like the parties, weddings, and the Christmas.

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#8: Best for Windows – Govee 3.3 ft Long LED Fairy String Lights for Eyes

Planning to retreat afar off? You need to tap into this battery-operated set of string lights. It draws its power from the portable batteries and is thus convenient to use in really detached locations.

starry light microlight for christmas tree


  • Comes about as a complete and wholesome package
  • Truly flexible and allows for seamless handling
  • Creates an array of amazing night scenes


  • Battery powered

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  • DIY Lighting Decoration

For a large part, this is a do-it-yourself lighting decoration apparatus in that it is simple and convenient enough to operationalize. You do not need to expend too much of your expertise to have your way in it.

  • Safe and Save Energy

Overall, the gadget is safer and also saves a great deal of the utility energy. As a matter of fact, it is capable of generating a whopping 72 hours of continuous working times without any unnecessary breaks.

  • IP67 Waterproof

It also bears the legendary IP67 waterproof rating that serves to keep the apparatus safer from any risks of damages that may be occasioned by the direct exposure to the water and other exterior moisture elements.

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#9: Best Price – MILEXING Good-Looking Snowflake String Lights for Christmas Decor

Wanting to add some décor to your rooms and places over and above merely lighting them up? You have this wonderful, stylish and elegant piece of lighting apparatus to set your eyes on!

romantic christmas lights


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Bears a waterproof coating for maximum insulation against possible water damages
  • Generates romantic scenes and lighting atmospheres


  • IP44

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  • Flexible Design

Throughout its stature, the lighting apparatus is flexible indeed. The copper wires that have been used to make it up are bendable and flexible to allow for seamless handling and direct engagements.

  • Innovative Design

Complementing the above is the innovative design that sees the gadget emit varying degrees of lighting outputs like the flash, twinkle, snowflakes and the white colors, to name but a few!

  • Maximum Safety

Even though the apparatus is elegant, it is also safer for your use. It is cool-to-the-touch and does not also predispose you to the risks of electrocution and shocks that epitomize other gadgets of these kinds.

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How to Choose the Best Christmas Lights?

best commercial christmas lights

To choose the best Christmas lights, you need to take care of the following issues:

– Power Source

The source of the power for the bulb should rank tops among the many concerns you may have to care for. A great lighting apparatus has to derive its power from a source that is convenient for you. Batteries do well in remote areas where the mains electricity supply is unavailable.

– Length of Light String

Next, you should consider the length of the string that may be used to roll out and distribute the bulbs. A good light has to be as long as you may want to use it from the source of power as nearly possible.
Below is a rough guide of the lengths of the strings and the lighting apparatus it may handle:

  • 2 foot – 20 lights
  • 3 foot – 50 lights
  • 4 foot – 80 lights
  • 5 foot – 150 lights
  • 6 foot – 250 lights
  • 7 foot – 350 lights

– Number of Lights

Closely related to the above is the number of light bulbs you may have make use of at any given time. The best lighting gadget in this sense has to be able to accommodate the right number of bulbs that may suit your unique occasions as much as is practically possible.

– Desired Place of Installation

  • Where exactly are you planning to set the lighting apparatus up?
  • Is it on a tree, in the ceilings, on the wall or atop a balcony?

The item you pick and settle for has to fit that place as close as can be. You must first and foremost ascertain this before deciding to make the necessary pick for the job.

– Color of the Light Output

Lights come in diverse colors, shades and hues. You have to see to it that the bulb you settle for has to produce that very color for you. The right color in turn is largely determined by the unique occasion and the event that it is intended to facilitate or make possible to happen.

– Safety Features

Needless to say, you must also be mindful of your own safety. The gadget you pick for the job has to be packed with loads of safety features that are intended to safeguard your own interests and overall wellbeing.

These include the cool-to-touch, insulation and safety fuse, to name but a few!

– Cable Length

If you want a string light for your outdoor environment, you must also check up the length of the cables that supply the power to the apparatus.

A great item has to be packed with a longer cable that connects the two ends smoothly with minimal chances of inconveniences arising.

– Preferred Bulb Spacing

How much space do you want to have in between any two consecutive lighting apparatus?

The amount of space is largely determined by the scope or the extent of the coverage that the gadget is supposed to impact. You have to make your dimensions carefully to arrive the most suitable gap.

– Number of Functions

It is important that the lighting apparatus you set your eyes on be as suited for the unique purposes you have or desire as much as possible.

Thus, in your search for the right appliance, you have to see to it that the one you eventually pick is as multipurpose and versatile as can be.

– Bulb Type

Bulbs come in diverse shades and forms. You have to choose that which mirrors the technology and the unique circumstances you may have to contend with.

The LEDs are by far the most recommended for the job as the brightest, safest and more enduring of all that be at the moment.


What Are the Types of Best Christmas Lights?

As of now, these are the types of the best Christmas lights:

1. Pre-lit Christmas Tree

As the name implies, this one is lit well in advance. Because of this, it does not require that you do so on your end.

Thus, it saves greatly on time, money and effort. This is one that you want to get hold of if you are short on time or tend to operate a timeline that is somewhat squeezed.

For a large part, this comes in the form of the artificial fir tree that in turn comprises a host of artificial branches. The bulbs that make it up are all of the LED variants. Thus, expect the item to be brighter, clearer and more enduring than the many alternatives that be.

Its energy consumption, when compared to the many alternatives that be, is a bit too high. You have to prepare yourself hence to dig deeper in your pocket to operationalize it fully. One sure way of accomplishing this end is to moderate the use thereof and even place caveats.

Best Value – Shareconn 6.5 ft Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Trees

2. Christmas Light Projector

If you have a larger indoor space to illuminate and impact, we have the Christmas light projector for your recommendation and subsequent usage. The projector scatters the light output over a wider area per unit time. In that way, it impacts the spaces with minimal input from you.

Apart from merely illuminating your indoor spaces, this one goes beyond that to even enhance the same with some décor and appropriate decorations.

Also, it goes beyond that to imbue some patterns and symbols as well. You may use it alongside your musical performances too!

These projectors vary in size and degree of impacts. You have to see to it that you match this metric alongside the extent or the size of the room that you are intent on targeting and impacting.

That is to prevent any discrepancies from arising and the likely dissatisfaction that that brings along.

Best for Ambiance – Chinly Outdoor Sound Activated Christmas Laser Projector

3. Solar Christmas Lights

Live far away from the national electricity grid? You want to tap into the solar Christmas lights for your upcoming festivities.

These ones derive their operational power and expertise from the solar energy rather than the batteries or the mains electricity. They are subsequently cheaper to operationalize in the long run.

You will find these gadgets mainly suited for those moments and areas that receive abundant sunshine like those located at or near the tropics.

For your enhanced satisfaction, you may have to carry along some spare batteries just in case you run out of solar energy.

4. Christmas Laser lights

Laser lights are sharp streams of light that pierce all the darkness to create some truly legible outcomes. The lighting gadgets are great for use in areas and at times when the levels of darkness are just too great for you to confront using your ordinary set of lighting apparatus.

Unlike the ordinary bulbs, the laser bulbs can only draw their power from the mains electricity owing to the strength and the intensity of the illumination they are designed to give off.

Also coming these lighting apparatus are exceptional controls that vary the intensity and the performance of the bulbs.

Over and above merely providing the light output, the laser lights also generate some patterns, elegance and numerous combinations of artistic performances.

Count on it also for professional performances and stage applications. You have to possess extreme levels of expertise to handle it though.

5. Christmas Candles for Windows

Do you fancy candles and the kinds of elegance they bring along? Try a hand on the Christmas candles for windows.

As the name suggests, these are bulbs assume the shape of candles. Thus, they bring about the benefits that such appliances have to offer but with the added benefit of permanence.

These lighting apparatus are placed on the window sills or near windows from where they radiate the light output to the four corners of the room.

Some other benefits also derive from this arrangement. These could be the symbolic good news or sense of reprieve to the wandering travelers.

Apart from the bare minimum supply of the light output, the candles for windows also showcase the décor, beauty and a sense of elegance to the rooms wherein they are deployed.

Choose to work with them hence to spruce the interiors thereof for your better health and stature.

Hot Sale – Comenzar Flameless LED Christmas Candles with Remote

6. Icicle Christmas Lights

In the northern hemisphere, Christmas is synonymous with winter, snow and ice. The sheer reason underlying this is that the occasion falls on the winters. To stay relevant to the occasion, you need to choose a set of lighting apparatus that mirrors the conditions as nearly as possible.

The icicles lighting apparatus will help you to achieve this very goal as nearly as can be. It comes about in the form of snow droplets and mimics the snow fall in the winters as nearly as can be.

The end result of this is a more stylish and breathtaking ambiance for you.

In most cases, this lighting apparatus is hung from the eaves of the homes and resembles the ice crystal hangings that come about. They have the added advantage of being able to install for the subsequent prompt use and leverage.

Moreover, you may also alter the themes and styles as much as possible.

7. C9 Christmas Lights

Of the main traditional lighting bulbs, the C9 are the larger. These lighting gadgets comprise the E17 threaded sockets that also fit the same socket bases. The bulbs fit as firmly as can be and also resist the possibilities of falling off unnecessarily if and when the area fidgets.

Overall, the C9 lighting measure 1-1/4 inches diameter wise and a further 2-1/2 inches height wise. This excellent dimension allow for tighter and smoother fitting as it prevents the possibility of the gadget not squeezing itself well where it is supposed to be.

This kind of lighting gadget is mainly relevant for indoor applications as it is smaller and less impactful than the many peers it competes with.

Many also use it and replacements owing to the universal scope that the item tends to exhibit. Need we add that it is cheaper to come by?

8. Christmas String Lights

Could it be that you have a larger area to impact? If you do, you must use the Christmas string lights. This features a string on which a series of bulbs are attached and used to adorn a wider area. In many cases, the lighting apparatus impact the outdoor areas only.

Apart from the bare minimum ability to make your outdoors legible by way of furnishing the necessary levels of illumination, the bulbs may also serve decorative purposes.

The strings may run around a given perimeter and imbue some lighting to the said area as comprehensively as possible.

When wrapped around the trees and other forms of vegetation, the string lights also enhance the decorations of the said areas. The wrapping produce some patterns that in turn make the places concerned quite aesthetic to behold with the naked eyes.

9. Battery Christmas Lights

Rounding it all up is the battery Christmas lights. These ones derive their power from batteries as opposed and the mains electricity.

The use of the batteries bring the added advantage of reduced hassles when operating while at the same ensure a steady flow of power output.

If you travel around every often you will find this gadget truly reliable in your companionship and prolonged engagements. The battery source ensures that your travels are not impeded at any point of use. Then, it also sees to it you deploy the gadget easily and without any much delay.

Thanks to the rechargeable nature of the batteries, this apparatus giantess a smooth, prolonged an uninterrupted flow of power to you.

You hence have it for the taking for longer durations without the hassles that come about with the other inferior types. On the same note, it also leads to limited downtimes on your part.

Best for Decor – KAILEDI Battery Powered C6 LED String Lights for Indoor and Outdoor


Incandescent Christmas Lights Vs. LED Christmas Lights

There are two main kinds of the best Christmas lights with regards to the lighting technology. These are the incandescent and the LED varieties respectively. They differ in the following ways and means:

  • Degree of Brightness

Of these two, the incandescent seems to be duller than the LED counterpart. You have it for the enclosed spaces that do not need that much level of brightness. The latter however comes in when the levels of brightness have to be higher than usual.

  • Power Consumption

Owing to the duller levels of light output, the incandescent expend lower levels or power and utility expenses possible.

The LED tends to expend more owing to the extra bright nature of the light that it subsequently generates. Be prepared to dig deeper in your pocket to operationalize it if you must work with it.

  • Costs of Operations

Though the incandescent bulbs cost less in terms of utility expenses, the costs of repairs, maintenance and installations tend to be more than that of the LED lighting apparatus. It hence goes that you are better off with the latter if you are short on cash but would still want the very best for you.

WINNER: Of these two, the LED is clearly the most outstanding. It outweighs the incandescent counterpart in almost all regards save for the utility expenses. What does this mean? You are better off with as opposed to its competitor!


How to Light Exterior House for Christmas Revelries?

houses with best christmas lights

To light up your exterior house with Christmas lights, follow the procedures below:

Step I: Fix the lighting gadget appropriately

Your first and foremost concern should be to fix the lighting gadget appropriately. You may use the hooks, adhesive tapes, nails and the wall hanging apparatus to do the job. The kind of approach you use mainly depends on the environment and the weight of the gadget you have in mind.

Step II: Plug it in the source of power

Next plug the item in the power source. It is the source that the gadget shall derive the operational power and utility that subsequently generates the light output. Your source has to be as relevant as can be to the kind of gadget you have in mind.

Step III: Wrap it out and about the designated location

Wrap the extreme end of the lighting apparatus well in the designated location of use. The kind of wrapping you use has to be relevant to the patterns of the occasions you are prep for. This may require some skill and expertise to tackle as it is somewhat complicated.

Step IV: Power the gadget

The time has now come for you to power the gadget. Simply engage the switch to allow the power to flow smoothly and freely. Then, vary the intensity of the light output and the levels of brightness to measure up to your expectations. This will entail the handling of the controls.

Step V: Generate the necessary patterns

If you so wish, you may generate some patterns with the lighting. The patterns have yet again to mirror the unique occasions and festivals you have decided to deploy the light to. This calls for a fairer degree of attention and sturdiness from you.


FAQs about the Lightings for Christmas Days

best christmas net lights

In closing, we are going to look into some of the frequently asked questions with regards to the best Christmas lights:

1. What Christmas Lights Do Professionals Use?

The commercial LED lights are the ones that are loved by professionals. They are stronger, brighter, and tend to last longer.

Also, they are able to generate patterns and other exceptional performances that are beyond the scope and the reach of your ordinary string lights.

On the same note, they also last longer and demand limited incidences of repairs and maintenance from you. Even when you have to use them consistently for a prolonged duration of time, you won’t have to worry at all about there being any hassles on your part.

2. Are LED Christmas Lights Better?

YES, they are! They stand out on account of being energy-efficient. This means they expend fewer levels of energy but at the same time yield forth brighter lights.

Additionally, they are less affected by the power surges and hence tend to retain their statures for longer.

Given their hard and stable formation, these bulbs also call for limited attention on your part.

They also have the added advantage of not easily burning off even when the light for too long a duration of time. That of course assures you of the confidence you need to operate smoothly.

3. What Are the Brightest Christmas Lights?

The Conical 5mm Wide-Angle LED it is! As things stand, this kind of Christmas light is the most durable and by far the brightest. Its power output is really bright enough to impact a wider area with the utmost zeal and degree of efficacy you may need.

What’s more? It also has the added benefit of being waterproof and snowproof at the same time. On account of this, the bulbs are less likely to break apart even when subjected to the most extreme impacts and shakiness. That makes them truly reliable in the long run.

Best Brightest – Grand Decor Conical Mini LED Lights with Green Wire



With the kind of in-depth insight we have issued forth against the best Christmas lights above, we expect you to now appreciate the items and make the most of them.

What are you waiting for? Is it not the best time to consider making a purchase? Move with haste and do just that!