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Best Christmas Tree Lights – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Christmas tree lights have always been there to provides us with warmth during the day and night to make us happy as we celebrate the festive season in style whether it is a party, clubbing or birthday party.

Below are the reviews of the best Christmas tree lights if you have been seeking a Christmas tree light. These include:

Reviews of the 11 Best Christmas Tree Lights

1. Best Small – Joiedomi 23″ Tabletop Lighted Christmas Tree with Ornaments

tabletop christmas tree with lights

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Joiedomi 23″ Prelit tabletop mini Christmas tree is the perfect selection for decorating homes, office and the best birthday gift for your friends, relatives and family during this festive season.

The 360-degree canopy designed Christmas tree is 23” high and is supported with a Prelit red potted stand, which allows you to place it either on high surfaces or the ground to make it visible.

The Christmas tree comes with 100 branches that can be pulled for a full tree effect, light strings with 50-lights, red star treetop, pine cones ornaments, and holly berries ornaments, and you can also add to it more decoration features to make your room to be lively, beautiful, electric, warm and luxurious.

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2. Best for Top of Christmas Tree – YUNLIGHTS 8 Inch Light up Star with Warm White Glow

lighted christmas tree toppers

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It is uniquely designed with a five-star point tree star topper made of hard and clear plastic with ridges on the surface with 20 LED lights inside that reflect at different angles for a neat effect.

The star produces a warm white light that looks golden if stared at from a distance and flows like water with heartwarming brightness.

The topper is easy to set up, and it features the upgraded cone base with Velcro, making it easier for the star topper to fit in perfectly and stable than the normal cones on the tree top.

It has 1 plug with an end connector that allows you to set up multiple sets of lights together; besides, its cord is long and easy to plug into the outlet.

If you are in love with traditional and vintage interior décor, then Yunlights would be the best gift for your home, office, and party.

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3. Best with Rotating Snowflakes – YUNLIGHTS 3D Lighted Christmas Tree Topper

lighted star projector for top of christmas tree

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Yunlights tree topper is 11.8” and is made of plastic-coated over silver powder, and it has a Christmas tree topper star that is lightweight, hollow-out, and artistic. This Star Treetop is the perfect way to complete the decoration of your Christmas tree.

Besides, it has a tree top star specially designed with a Hollow-out star LED projector that reflects 6 white snowflakes with a white glow at different angles to bring a rich and neat ambiance ion the room.

The star frame is covered with silver glitter that sparkles to make it more decorative and aesthetic. You can easily install the Christmas light and attach the tree star steadily with the green clip.

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4. Best Value – Best Choice Products Easy to Assemble 6ft Pre-Lit Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

best fake pre lit christmas tree

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Spruce hinged artificial Christmas tree from the Best Choice Products that are well known worldwide due to its popularity and timeless innovation for making high-quality Christmas trees.

It stands 6 ft. tall that allows it to look so much natural and full-bodied like a spruce tree. Its branches are spruce-styled with plenty of branch tips that fluff in approximately 30-90 minutes to provide a warm and eye-catching interior décor. Besides, it comes with incandescent warm white lights that are replaceable.

The spruce Christmas tree is designed with a sturdy and a long-lasting metal hinged body that allows you to use it every festive season unconditionally, and it also features a foldable metal base that is easy to assemble.

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5. Best for Indoors – Best Choice Products 7.5ft Snow Flocked Fake Christmas Pine Tree with Warm White Lights

best choice pre lit christmas tree

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This is another artificial holiday Christmas tree made of pine from Best Choice Products. The tree is flocked with strong branches that can hold garland and all your favorite decoration features to make it complete and for a customized look.

The snow flocked Christmas tree is 7.5 ft. tall, containing 1,346 tips that can hold about 550 warm lights to provide a wintry feel for your holiday season.

The Flocked artificial Christmas tree is divided into three sections for easy setup and storage, and its base and frame are made from sturdy, high-quality metal, and branches are made from flame-retardant PVC so that you can use it for many seasons to come.

You can customize the interior decoration by using this pre-lit Xmas tree to create a healthy natural appearance and accentuate different areas of your room, office, and party.

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6. Best Twinkling – JMEXSUSS 200 LED Cluster Xmas Fairy String Lights

led christmas tree lights

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JMEXSUSS 200 LED Christmas lights is 66ft long with 200 LED bulbs that are IP44 waterproof and have passed the authoritative UL588 safe certification to make it best fit for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Besides, the LED bulbs are filled with hot melt adhesive layers, the anti-freezing and anti-oxidation performance will ensure a longer service life, but the plug needs to be protected from water.

The LED lights shine with a 360-degrees viewing angle. They are designed with a plug to improve the brightness’s stability. They feature 8 modes with memory function twinkle lights to provide a hot, soft, and not dazzling, adding a classic and charming light to your Christmas decoration.

To switch between the 8 lighting modes, you only need to press the button on the adapter, and it has a built-in memory chip that automatically saves your last mode setting without having to reset it.

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7. Best Plug in – Luois Choice LED String Lights with Timer and Memory Function

indoor christmas tree lights

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This light features a 100 premium quality Globe LED light that is 49ft long with 8 functions plus timer that allows it to run for 6 Hours and 18 Hours Off following by another 6 Hours Running, 24 Hours Cycling.

Built-in Memory Chip will save the function till the next time light up, and it has an in-built memory chip that saves the function until the next time light up. It has linkable string lights with a female and male safe plug that can fit different sizes of Christmas trees and garlands.

Furthermore, the decorative globe lights produce a warm and friendly light and are IP44 Waterproof making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use and recommendable for Christmas, Wedding, Party, House Decoration, Bedroom, Living room, Wall, Garden, Backyard and many more.

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8. Best Decor – Toodour 10×9 White Net Lights for Christmas Tree with a Lighted Topper Star

christmas tree lights warm white


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Toodour Christmas decoration lights include a 12-inch star with a tail of 9 light strings, each 10 feet long that allows you to hang it from a tree or the roof to décor your yard or garden. T

he lights provide a row of LED, which disperses light very well and powerful yet even light without harsh glare or shadows, and the LED bulbs are IP44 Waterproof to withstand all weather conditions making it perfect for outdoor use to make the holiday more active while watching the galaxy outdoor in the blue sky.

The Toodour Christmas light features 8 Modes for options, which you can select them using a button to satisfy your needs, and it has a timer that allows it to run for 6 Hours and 18 Hours Off following by another 6 Hours running 24 Hours Cycling.

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9. Best for Outdoor Trees – SOCO Solar Powered Super Bright Christmas Raindrop Light Tubes

solar christmas tree lights

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SOCO Christmas outdoor string lights are powered by solar that means it is rechargeable at night to be used at night.

The string lights come with 8 tubes with every 28 chips, whereby each chip features a Super bright LED that has high brightness, good heat dissipation, a big luminous point, and low light failure function and provide 360-degree view angles.

Besides, it can be used for many occasions, and its ability to possess a lower voltage makes it friendly near kids; therefore, it can perfectly fit inside the kid’s room.

The SOCO string light of each turns on and out one by one in sequence and quickly like a falling meteor at night; thus, it is suitable for home garden decor.

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10. Best with White and Colored Lights – Epesl Mini Christmas Lights for Trees/Bush and Windows

twinkling christmas tree lights


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Indoor Christmas string lights feature a Female plug at the end are connectable for more than one string, which allows you to connect a maximum of 6 sets, and the strings are made from high-quality IP44 waterproof lights that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

Besides, the string lights are UL588 approved for safer usage for the whole set, including led beads, copper core insulated wire, and the strings are of low voltage, which does not get hot even after extended hours of usage.

The 220 LED 25m/82ft Color String Lights has 8 in-built modes that allow you to choose the best combination that will suit your need, and it has a built-in memory function that is designed to remember the last setting after switching off the power.

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11. Best Dimmable – Brizled Rope Lights for Christmas Trees with Remote Control

christmas tree with colored lights

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Brizled light is the perfect or best gift for Christmas decoration. The light string is 19 ft. tall and can hold up to 600 LEDs, and it has an end-to-end adapter that can be linked up to 3-sets for extendable desire decoration needs.

The lights string features 11 lighting modes suitable for all occasions that provide warm light to a multi-colored warm glow, slow-glow, flash, and many more. Besides, it has 4 levels of adjustable brightness from 100%-75%-50%-25% with a timer that turns it on and off in sequence.

Brizled Christmas lights come with a remote that is powerful Up to 26.25ft wireless range for controlling the string lights with 4 brightness level, 11 lighting modes, timer and turn it on/off.

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How to Choose the Best Lights for Christmas Trees?

singing christmas tree lights

1. The Color

It is important to pick a Christmas tree light that will provide you with many optional or modes of colors to make your room more lively, active, warm, and decorative. C

hoosing a Christmas tree with a single color would be monotonous and make the kids less attracted and engaged. Therefore, it is vital to pick the one that offers you bright light warmth color to multi-colors that will make the room look beautiful, luxurious, warm, and inevitable.

2. The type of Bulb

This feature plays a big impact because it determines its efficiency and reliability. Most of the incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat and are not energy efficient, making it uncomfortable, risky near the kids, and expensive in the long run when it comes to energy bills.

Therefore, if you want a light that will serve for a long time, energy-efficient, and safest around the kids, you should settle for the LED Christmas lights that do not overheat.

3. The purpose of the Christmas Tree

Whenever you want to purchase the Christmas tree, you should understand or determine whether it is for indoor or outdoor use because most indoor Christmas tree lights cannot withstand outdoor elements such as harsh UV-rays and moisture.

Therefore, if you settle for an outdoor Christmas tree lights, you better concentrate on features that can help it withstand outdoor elements; for instance, you should consider the light bulbs with waterproof features.

They should have a long string for it to cover a wide area. However, most of the outdoor Christmas tree lights are eligible for indoor use.

4. The size of the strands and bulb spacing

If you want to make the best Christmas tree light, you should know the tree’s size, which will make it possible for you to come up with enough length required to perfectly or comfortably cover the Christmas tree without leaving spaces.

Secondly, you should also consider the bulb spacing; for instance, most of the wide-spaced bulbs are meant for thin trees, and closely bulb spacing is meant for the wide trees.

5. DIY Options

Most of the time, people do not concentrate on this feature, and they end up complaining that the tree does not provide enough decoration options for them.

Hence, it would be wise if you keenly take your time to check or ask the seller if the Christmas tree offers you options that you can add on some features to make it more outstanding for your room to be more aesthetic and attractive.

6. Durability

Since Christmas is celebrated yearly and buying the tree could be sometimes expensive and tedious every year for you, it will be important to settle on something that will serve you every season without breaking or becoming faulty.

Thus, whenever you go out to purchase the Christmas tree lights, it is vital to check on the material used to construct the frame and the tree’s base. It should most preferably be made from metals like copper, aluminum, steel, and Iron, which are long-lasting.


What Is the Best Way to Light a Christmas Tree?

putting lights on christmas tree

Lighting a Christmas tree depends on either it is a real tree or an artificial one. However, it is important to note the following;

1. If you want you to light a real Christmas tree, you should weave the lights around the tree in triangular sections, but first, you should consider using an extension cord to connect the first set of string lights, then work your way vertically from top to bottom.

2. Then, weave the lights back and forth across the triangular section while spacing between 3-6 inches away from the branches’ tip, but avoid overlapping the cords to make it look attractive and beautiful.

3. If you feel that the light strings are not enough, you can add them. However, ensure that you have tucked the plug and unlit the portion of the string into the tree’s core to avoid or hide the gap in the lights while continuing with it to the bottom.



1. What Lights Are the Best for Christmas Trees?

There are many lights for the Christmas tree, but the best is LED lights because of the following reasons:

  • They are made with waterproof features, and most of them are approved to withstand all the outdoor elements; hence, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • They have a lower voltage, consequently do not overheat, making it ideal for kid’s rooms because they are user friendly.
  • LED lights are long-lasting, making them economical in the long run compared to incandescent lamps.
  • They are versatile, portable, reliable, and flexible to intertwine between the Christmas tree branches.

2. How Long Do LED Christmas Tree Lights Last?

Depending on the LED, the bulb may last from 30,000 hrs to 250,000 hrs because they have a lower voltage and do not flicker than traditional incandescent bulbs.

3. How Much Electricity Does a String of Christmas Tree Lights Use?

It depends on the type of lighting it uses.

For instance; incandescent Christmas tree lights consume a lot of electrical energy as compared to LED Christmas tree lights, which consume as little as 10% of the energy used by an incandescent bulb, meaning it saves 90% more power in your home or business.



All in all, the festive season is here, and this is the best time to purchase the best Christmas tree lights for your kids, friend, and relatives because every year should be memorable, and maybe getting one for them would make such a big impact in their lives because some of us we have not received any gift since the beginning of the year.