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Best Clip on Desk Lamps for Reading and Studying and Working in 2022

Nothing is complicated, like finding the best clip on the desk lamp. Bear in mind that there are various types of desk lamps in the industry which have a design of all prices, wattages, sizes as well as shapes.

With their numerous functions, it is not easy to figure out their responsibility for the design of the lamp supports. In case you are worried about finding the best clip on the desk lamp, worry no more. This article will guide you through some vital clip-on desk lights for a detailed task, office work and reading with maximum eye protection to boost your level of productivity.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Metal Construction for Long-Lasting Use – Lepower Clip on Light with Changeable Light Colors

With Large and Flat Base for Tabletop – Vont Battery Operated 2 in 1 Lamp

For Large Workbench – Joly Joy Swing Arm Lamp


Why buy a clamp on desk lamp?

Most people purchase a clamp on desk lamp because of the benefits it comes with, especially at the work station. Several benefits come with clamp-on desk lamp, such as:

best clip on desk lamp reviews

#1. Decorative effects

Varying modern design and colors generate an addition that is colorful to a contemporary room. The impact of focused light can provide not only task lights on tables but also a spotlight on photos or wall art.

Thus, clamp lamps deliver benefits that are unmatched because of their design as well as flexibility.

#2. Flexibility in use

Clamp lamps usually focus the light on smaller areas; you can comfortably work as part of the room is dark. With spaces that are multi-functional and minimal houses, a clip on desk lamp is advantageous since it enables the same place to carry out various activities with different illumination needs.

Note that with a clip-on lighting, you can read continuously as your partner comfortable sleep. Furthermore, it is handy and portable, meaning you can easily maneuver with it around.

#3. Task lighting

Clamp desk lamps are ideal for lighting desks. If you install the clip on lamp at your workspace, then you would have achieved a perfect light.

Good lighting helps you to achieve your work perfectly well. You can attain an overhead clip lamp through clamping on lamps; bear in mind that clamp lamps enable you to alter the angle of your light.

This is effective if you are working on minor work of repair on your objects.


Factors to consider when buying a clip-on desk lights

Despite the field of your work, choosing the ideal desk lamp for your space of work can sometimes be hectic. This is because they are several models in the industry with a lot of features and qualities.

Therefore, you must understand your demands, so before you go ahead to purchase a clamp on desk lamp, there are several factors you should put into consideration. These include:

#1. Placement

This is the primary factor that determines how much light you are likely to receive. It can impact the comfort of your eyes at your place of work.

Note that you should position your lamp at approximately 15 to 36 inches away from your working station. Numerous clamp desk lamps in the industry have arms that are adjustable to enable you to change to the height of your desire.

On the other hand, the side that you position your desk lamp plays a crucial role. In case you are right-handed you need to position your desk lamp on your left-hand side while if you are left-handed, you should place your desk lamp on the right-hand side.

This set up is vital since it tremendously minimizes shadows across your work station, especially at your desk.

#2. Light intensity

Long term exposure to lighting that is poor is prone to causing a lot of complications on your eyes; although there is no proof yet to justify this issue.

In case you work in an environment with a poor light conditioner, you will experience short term problems, like severe straining of the eye as well as the headache. These short term problems can cause discomfort in the long term.

But you can do away with all these complications by choosing the perfect lamp with the appropriate level of illumination. Note that you have to purchase a clip on desk lamp that spreads the light evenly across the whole place of work.

A standard distribution light of an ideal lamp is around 30 to 50-foot candles. You can also measure your light output in the lumen, which is approximately 1000-4000 lumens in total to ensure that your eyes are very much comfortable during your working duration.

#3. Purpose

Each clip-on desk lamp has a specific duty, such as generating light to enable you to achieve a specific task; this kind of lighting is task lighting. Thus, you must know that various job needs various light levels of light for optimal performance.

Therefore, you should have explicit knowledge of the kind of light you require to achieve your duties perfectly well.

Whether you will be performing a task that is detail-oriented or general; the appropriate lighting to meet your task will minimize your eyes from straining while boosting productivity and mood.

>> Buy Joly Joy Clip on Architect Desk Lamp with Swing Arms for Tasks

#4. Price

Your budget plan will determine the kind of lamp desk you are likely to acquire. Therefore, it is appropriate that you ensure you choose a quality desk lamp do not base on the price but on the quality features that come with the product.


Reviews of the 5 best clip on desk lamps

Benefits have made many home households and office owners to fall in love with the clamp on desk lamp. So, you can also opt to try out today and experience the goodness that comes with it, especially at your workspace. Here are some of the best:

#1. Best sale – Lepower clip on desk lamp for desks and headboards

best valuable clip on desk lamp with metal structure


  • Easy to operate switch
  • Has a free angle for lighting adjustment
  • The maximum wide of the clamp can be 2.36 inches


  • It is powered by electricity

It comes with an arm that is adjustable with a free angle plus a lamp holder to enable you to place a light book for appropriate viewing.

The cord has two switches with one containing three choices, white light, off and warm light. On the other hand, the other switch contains two options for brightness adjustment, such as bright and dim.

With a wide clamp of 2.36 inches, you can free to clip it on any tables. You are the one who needs light from different angles? The adjustable gooseneck helps do it! With such an arm, there is no need to move steps and pivot the arm onto your work tables.

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#2. Cheap – Vont touchable led clip on led desk lamp with gooseneck

Vont clip on and tabletop desk lamp with flexible gooseneck


  • Flexible gooseneck
  • 3 different kinds of light intensity
  • This clip-on light is rechargeable


  • You can’t replace the light bulb

Vont led clip on led desk lamp has a touch slick switch containing three light intensity levels, which are adjustable to meet your preferences. Ensure that you use the maximum mode for studying, then later you can shift to a minimal-profile lamp for night studies without interfering with your partner.

This product also comes with a 360-degree flexible gooseneck to light up any given space that is dim by clipping your lamp on your book, bed or table’s edge. Moreover, it has a bendable smart neck design to enable you to position your light where you require it.

The wide opening clamp allows you to attach this lamp on anything as long as you achieve your demands effectively and efficiently. It has an in-built rechargeable 1000mAH battery with the potential to last longer than other competitors. Additionally, when you have a USB cable, your light can be energized by any given portable charger, pc, notebook and charger.

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#3. With multiple brightness – OASO clip on desk lights with 30 lighting settings

iVict clip on gooseneck desk lamp


  • 30 multiple light settings
  • Auto timer and memory functions
  • Has an adjustable color temperature


  • It is not touch operated

This product comes with three modes of lighting and a brightness level of 10. This lamp has 3 clor temperatures, including 6500K white light, 4500 warm-white light and 3000K warm light. Bear in mind that every mode of lighting comes with 10 dimming brightness levels of 10. Therefore it has 30 modes of illumination to meet your entire requirements; you can find a color that is perfect due to multiple uses.

This product guarantees you eye protection since it contains a maximum of 48 LED quality chips to deliver, non-flickering as well as non-ghosting light. You will not experience eye fatigue. Furthermore, it has a smart design for individuals who work and read for hours each day for eyesight protection and eye strain reduction.

On the other hand, it comes with a flexible Gooseneck of 360 degrees to enable you to adjust your light clip comfortably and position your light where you need it, which makes it an ideal gift for bookworms and kids.

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#4. With swing arm – Joly Joy architect clamp on desk light for computer work

Joly Joy clip on led desk lamp for computer and studying


  • Robust architect design
  • Wide lighting beam for reading and working
  • It has the potential to alter the color temperature


  • Not builds with a gooseneck but a swing arm

The swing long arm desk lamp that is flexible and has a swivelled shape with three adjustable points, which means you can quickly position for directional as well as focused lighting.

Moreover, this product care for your eyes hence guaranteeing you sufficient protection because it is flicker-free. It has a colour temperature that is adjustable 3000 to 5500k warm-white, thus being ideal for any given occasion, such as crafts, hobbies, drawing, gaming, working and reading among many more activities.

Note that a maximum of 98 LEDs efficiency has the potential to consume 80% less power compared to conventional bulbs; it is durable because it can last for 50,000 hours without requiring you to replace. This means it will cut down your electrical bills.

In case you are looking for the best clip on desk lamp for home office, then opt for Joly Joy architect clamp on desk light for computer work.

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#5. Perfect for night use – Sun-Rising pink small clip-on desk lamp for reading and more

small pink clip on desk lamp


  • Produces warm light
  • Attractive pink design
  • 360-degree adjustable lamp heads


  • Small size

The light head of this desk lamp is flexible enough which has a minimal rotation of 360 degrees for easy adjustment of your light. Furthermore, it guarantees you the protection of your eyes since it does not have ghosting, no areas that are dark and has no flickers too.

Compact size means you can carry it to any place where there needs light. On top of that, it leaves no burden when you clip it on your work table. Its pink outlooking will absorb girls and females who prefer cute things. Consider buying such a lamp for your daughters or girl friends? Look no further!

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Clip-on desk lamps vs. Desktop lamps

The brightness level comes with the model of bulb you use; hence the brightness you might require depends on your work activity you are likely to engage in as well as the size of your lamp arm and head while desktop lamps offer you different brightness levels. However, you can achieve this by the model of bulbs you use since brightness continues to be vital as you age. It has a beam which makes it more ideal for use.

The clip-on desk lamps come with several and varying modes of lighting and adjustment, especially dimmable controls responsible for managing the levels of brightness. This is through the height adjustment to light only your section of working and enable you not to interfere with your partner while sleeping and flexible head.

On the other hand, the height of a desktop lamp has the potential to cover a larger space on your desk than short lamps. For a bigger workspace, the tall lamp is much essential, but so activities, such as bills payment or signing of document settle for a short lamp.



From the above review, you now have a clear understanding of the best clip on desk lamps. Therefore, you must select the best of the best that will efficiently and effectively meet your demands. I hope that this article will be much beneficial for you as you look for the best clip-on desk lamp.