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Best Dim Night Light – Reviews and Guide in 2022

  • Do you feel comfortable and safe walking in total darkness across your house in the middle of the night?
  • Do you find it hard sleeping at night?

You should not be worried because this article will offer you the best solution to your problems.

Consider investing in the best dim night light with many features that will offer you a lot of benefits. However, due to the technology evolution, there are many dim night light types, but not all of them have been designed to suit your need perfectly.

Hence, below you will get detailed information to help you get the best dim night light for your home.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Dim Night Light?

best dim night light reviews

  • Helps toddlers to sleep at night peacefully

Buying a dim night light would help a lot, especially for those suffering from separation anxiety or nighttime fears, a problem for the toddler years.

Placing a dim light in their room would help to feel secure by providing little reassurance and comfort in the middle of the night for them to sleep in peace.

  • Helps in reducing the risks of stumbling, tapping, and tripping

Dim night light, when placed at the stairways or hallways, reduces the risks of stumbling, which could be dangerous while walking on the stairs or hallways at night, especially for those who are suffering from eye defects or aged people who find difficulties walking in the middle of the night towards the toilet or washing rooms.

  • Saves energy and costs

Some dim light energy has sensors that detect the intensity of light; thus, it will reduce its intensity to a dimmer or decide to use in dim mode, which uses lesser energy, thus saving the cost of energy bills.

Furthermore, due to the lower voltage consumption, most of the dim lights have a long lifespan because they do not overheat.

  • Healthy for those who suffer from high light intensity

Placing a dim light in your home will be a great deal for those suffering from high light intensity, thus helping them see at night without much stress providing them with much comfort, and preventing dry eyes and eye strain infections.

  • Stops from reducing the release of melatonin

Melatonin is an essential hormone that aids in sleepiness. Its production is mostly affected with high light intensity; thus, using the dim light at night boosts melatonin’s secretion, saving the struggle of sleeping at night.


Reviews of the 6 Best Dim Night Lights

1. Best Overall – MAZ-TEK Plug-In Night Light with Adjustable Warm White Night Light

dim night light bulb

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Are you tired of tripping, stumbling, or tipping while walking in your house? Do not worry since Maz-Tek plugin LED night light is featured with dusk to dawn sensors to auto-illuminates a light that is easy and comfortable to your eyes when the ambient lighting fades.

Besides, you can use the slide switch to adjust the brightness to the kind of intensity desirable for you from 0 lm to 15 lm to bring you the best experience for different occasions.

The Maz-Tek night light is uniquely designed small in size to catch your attention. It fits into any standard outlet leaving enough space for other outlets to fit in.

Get one Maz-Tek LED night light to ensure safety at night while accessing your home without worries and fear of getting injuries and reducing bright light eye infections/defection.

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2. Best Sale – GE Color Changing LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Baby Room

dim night light for baby room

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Dreaming in colors will no longer be an imagination while sleeping since GE night light is featured with eight color lighting options that auto-changes when pressing the button on the bottom.

You can manually press the button to choose your desirable solid color. It has 3 different lighting modes that allow you to settle for the comfortable with your eyes, that is, from the solid color, soft white, and color-changing mode.

The night light is also featured with light-sensing technology that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn, saving you the worries of unplugging it during the day.

GE LED night light is compact and sleeked designed to minimize on outlet space to allow other outlets to fit and doesn’t heat up due to less power consumption, thus lasting longer while enjoying the minimal chances of getting eye infections and injuries during night hours.

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3. Best for Sleeping – Greenic Plug in Portable Red Night Light for Bedroom and Hallways

dim night lamp for baby room

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This night light is an efficient energy saver, provides a long lighting lifespan of 20,000 hours and saves your energy bills, and the cost of replacing bulbs frequently and unnecessarily.

The night bulb doesn’t heat and produces a suitable red light for enhancing sleepy mood, which is recommendable for kids, bedrooms, hallway, stairways, and many more.

This LED night light automatically turns on and off when the ambient light fades and brightens because it features a dusk to dawn sensor to pick up the light. Hence, it relieves you from the burden of getting up to turn on the main light.

Furthermore, it is easy to use by simply turning plugging into the outlet and due to its candle-shaped design gives more room for the second outlet on the socket.

If interior décor drives you over heels, dare to apply this plugin light in your home, and you won’t miss the aesthetic nature of your home.

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4. Best Modern – Vont Aura LED Night Light with Ambient Light for Mood

dim plug in night light

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Vont aura is one of the best night light that comes with a lifetime warranty, super friendly, fire-resistant, offers a lifespan of 10,000 hours, and is extremely compact, designed to take up minimal space to allow a second outlet to fit in the switch easily.

The LED night light cost less and consumes less energy, thus saving you on the bills and hassle-free of changing bulbs, making it reliable and flexible.

The Aura night bulb provides perfect brightness for you to walk around your house in the middle of the night without the struggle of reaching out to the switch and is also featured with the non-invasive warm light that is suitable for sleeping mood.

Furthermore, the night light intelligently adjusts itself and auto-turns when it senses the ambient light becomes insufficient and off when it is sufficient.

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5. Best Cute – Droiee Cloud Battery Powered Dim Nursery Night Light for Kids

dim night light for baby

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Night light for kids provides a smooth light that is enough to illuminate the baby’s room without disrupting their sleeping pattern and allow you to have a clear vision of the path without the worry of switching on the main lights.

The night light for kids is featured with a dual on and off control that makes it friendlier and easy for them to use it at night without your assistance. Besides, it is functional, even in the restroom, bedroom, kitchen, and toilet.

The LED night light for kids can be used directly by connecting it to the USB cable or using 3A batteries. It doesn’t consume a lot of energy, making it flexible, dependable, and saves unnecessary bills.

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6. Best with On/Off Switch – Emagine A Sleep Aid Red LED Horseshoe Night Light

dim red night light

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Sleep Aid Red night light is designed to emit a healthy and beneficial wavelength to sleep without interfering with your eyes because it promotes melatonin production.

The night light features 7 LED’s in-built that provides brighter that is adequate for visibility and comfortable compared to the standard red Led night light. Hence, recommendable to fit in the bedroom, living room, washrooms, and also kitchen.

The red night light automatically turns on when the ambient light goes dimmer and off when it starts to get bright because it is featured with light sensors that automatically initiate the switch.

Furthermore, the night light is compactly designed and maximally fit in the switch without interfering with other outlets’ space.

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How to Choose the Best Dim Night Light?

best price dim night light

Finding a dim night light that suits you and your family is the best for your home and family. Besides, it is also a gesture that shows you care for your family. But before you proceed to buy one, here are the guides that will help you choose the best dim night light.

– Choose a dim night light that is friendly

As dim night light that is friendly should not produce a lot of heat to avoid room temperature changing, it could be uncomfortable staying in the room, especially for the kids and visitors. Besides, when it gets too hot can be a fire danger.

– Should have a lower voltage

The higher the bulb’s voltage, the higher energy being used, and the shorter the lifespan. Thus, you should pick the dim night light with a lower voltage to save on energy and last longer or long light lifespan.

– Durability

Most of the dim night light has lifespan tied to the price, which is good to consider going for the one that lasts longer even if it could be a bit pricey, but you should consider it to save you on the cost of frequently replacing them over time.

Cheaper dim night light does have a shorter lifespan.

– The type of dim night light

This is one of the significant factors to consider because it determines its lifespan, risks, and price. However, consider an LED dim night light, which is more efficient, has a longer lifespan, and lower in risks than incandescent, halogen, and CFL nightlights.

– Warranty

Most of the dim night light comes with a short warranty period, some do not go beyond a year, and other models may not have a warranty at all. But some may last up to or above five years, which is a good guarantee to consider purchasing.

– The kind of light it emits

It is considered that the dim night lights that emit white or blue light are related to lower production of melatonin hormones, which greatly affects the quality and quantity of sleep.

So it is vital to refrain from them and opt for a red dim night light that is healthier for your kids, visitors, and you as a couple.

– The configuration

Does the dim night light require an outlet? Thus, your child’s room configuration should be considered because if the outlet in the room is next to your child’s bed, it may pose a higher fire risk due to the plug-in fixture.

Hence it will good to settle for the battery-powered one that is risk-free.

– The overall dimension

It is significant to consider the dim light’s size if it is suitable for where it is going to be placed.

For instance, the bedroom, living room hallway, or staircase dim night light should relatively be bigger depending on those rooms’ dimensions to avoid the room being too dark.


Bright Night Light vs. Dim Night Light

Bright night light produces a bright light that can be used in bedrooms, hallways, staircase, children’s rooms, and many more. Furthermore, they are also good for those who are suffering from low light intensity and old parents, but it has its shortcomings like:

  • It has a high energy wattage hence draining a lot of power.
  • They mess with melatonin production if used for extended hours, leading to poor sleeping patterns.

Contrarily, the dim night light is preferably the best for night hours after a long day spent in the bright light because they produce dim light that is good for your health, and others unravel a lot of advantages that make it worthy of investing in them. These include;

  • They have a longer lifespan.
  • They have a lower energy wattage, hence saves on the energy bills.
  • They encourage sleepiness since it boosts melatonin secretion and production, hence suitable for kids.
  • They do not emit a lot of blue rays and overheat.
  • Suitable for those who stay awake for extended hours or working during the night hours.

Best Sale – GE Dim Night Light for Adults’ Bedroom and Nursery


Who and Where Should Get a Dim Night Light?

The dim night light is recommendable especially the babies, those who read at night, desktop users and aged people; this is because of the following reasons:

  • It produces a suitable light that is favorable for watching and reading because of the lower amount of blue rays that affect the eyes, especially those who find difficulties at bright light exposure.
  • It creates reassurance for the kids, especially those who suffer separation anxiety or fear being alone in the dark; thus, they feel a bit secure in the room when they wake in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, the dim night light is suitable for the following places in your room;

  • The hallway, verandah, and staircases – placing the dim night light in these places provide a suitable intensity for anyone at night since it will minimize the chances of tripping, stumbling, and tripping while walking.
  • The bedroom – a night light in your bedroom spices up the sleeping mood since it triggers the brain to sleeping mode because of high melatonin production.
  • Libraries and living rooms – the dim night light reduces the reflection of the light from the books page and the TV bright lights towards your eyes, thus reducing the risks of eye infections and damages.



Don’t trouble yourself with too many injuries, headaches, stress, and being uncomfortable while using light bulbs that produce wavelengths that are unhealthy to your eyes.

You can end all these harmful factors to your body by considering to purchase the best night light that is dimmer and appropriate to your health.

Furthermore, it can save you the worries of paying a lot of power bills and reduces the cost of replacing the lights unnecessarily.