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Best Dusk to Dawn Night Lights – Reviews and Guide in 2022

Your security and that of people around you is of paramount importance. Thus, it is paramount that you implement the right measures to ensure that your residence, workplace, or building is the most secure it can be. By making sure that the building is fitted with the most effective and efficient security measures, you can have peace of mind.

One of the most simplistic of these measures is making sure that the building has sufficient lighting, especially a night. However, leaving the security light on through the night can prove to be very costly. That is why you need to buy the best dusk to dawn night lights.

Benefits of Using a Dusk to Dawn Night Light

Over the past couple of years, the popularity and notoriety of the dusk till dawn night light has deluged the world in its entirety. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits the night light offers, both in terms of security and in the amount of money you can save.

– Energy Efficiency

One of the benefits of the dusk to dawn night light is its energy efficiency. The light has a light-sensing photocell that enables it to automatically turn on a night and off immediately after the sun comes up.

Not only does this ensure that the security light is always on irrespective of whether you remember to switch it on, but it also makes sure that you don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to your power bill.

– Automatically on/off

Another reason why this particular night light as become so popular is the sensors that it has. Some of the night lights have motion sensors that play an integral role in the functionality of the dusk to dawn night light. They ensure that the light remains off until something in the vicinity moves.

Consequently, this ensures that the night light doesn’t use a lot of electricity, because it is on only when it needs to be on. Additionally, this adds another layer of security to your residence or workplace, because the trespasser thinks that it is someone that has manually switched on the light.


Reviews of the 6 Best Dusk Till Dawn Nightlights

There is a myriad of dusk till dawn products in the market. You just have to choose the ones that meet your needs and preferences. In this article, we will look at some of the best dawn to dusk lights.

#1. Best Sale – Vont 6 Pack Smart Sensot LED Night Light with White Light

best selling modern style dusk to dawn night light


  • Guaranteed quality
  • They are portable; thus, you can install them wherever you want
  • Cost-efficient
  • Batter powered


  • You may have to replace the batteries ever often

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When it comes to night lights, you will find none more economical than the Vont LED night light. These lights are tailor suited for the indoors, be it the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and even the bedroom.

One of the reasons why people have developed a preference for the Vont night light as opposed to other lights is the minimalistic look it adds to the room. These dusk till dawn lights are compact, and they can fit even in the tiniest of wall spaces.

Thus, you don’t have to change the entire look of your building in order to incorporate them into your rooms.

The Vont night light provides all that, and then some. Through its smart illumination system, it turns itself on whenever someone steps into the room. Additionally, it offers just the right amount of brightness.

For around 13 dollars, you can get a 6-pack of these lights. That’s what makes them the best value dusk till dawn night lights.

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#2. Best Cheap – Mr. Beams Battery Powered Large Dusk to Dawn Night Light with Warm Light


2 pack battery powered dusk to dawn night light for home


  • They are cost-effective, especially if you are working on a budget
  • Sufficient lighting
  • They come in a variety of colors, hence are easy to incorporate into your décor
  • Has 3 brightness settings


  • Only rectangular shape

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At night, it may prove to be an onerous task to try and walk up and down a staircase. This fact is proliferated if there is a lack of sufficient light or no lighting at all.

For the security and protection of those around you, you need to install a good set of dusk to dawn stair nightlights.

Mr. Beam’s staircase lighting provides perhaps the best staircase lighting. Dusk to dawn night lights ensures that you will have sufficient lighting on your staircase at night. They are also very easy to install, and within minutes you will have everything set up and ready to go.

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#3. Best Multicolored – Emotionlite 2 Pack Compact Plug in Nightlight Projector with Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Home

plug in colorful night lights with dusk till dawn sensor


  • LED lights last a lot longer than the others
  • It can be adjusted 360 degrees, hence you can swivel and adjust the head to your liking
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Creates ambiance


  • They produce 2700k warm light

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Lights are fundamental in ensuring that the building is aesthetically pleasing. As a result, it comes as no surprise that people often opt for multicolored dusk till dawn nightlights.

Emotionlite plugs provide the very best multicolor lighting. They produce calming and comfortable lights, while simultaneously offering you the illumination you need at night. They also produce a flowered illumination that can be adjusted.

As a result of the ambiance they produce, it is simple to understand why they are preferred for every single room in the household. Like all other dusk to dawn night lights, they immediately and automatically turn themselves on once the natural light becomes insufficient.

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#4. Best Bulb – Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn Frosted Light with Soft Light for Corridors

high quality Philips night light bulbs with dusk-to-dawn sensor


  • It has light sensors
  • The soft light makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • They are extremely energy efficient


  • It only produces a warm white glow

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It is commonplace for injuries to happen in the nighttime. Walking around at night, without sufficient lighting can prove to be detrimental to your wellbeing, and that of those around you.

Consequently, it is paramount that you ensure that the lighting in all the rooms is not only sufficient but that it also turns on when it is needed.

As a brand, Philips is without a doubt at the paragon of lighting and lighting products. The LED Dusk to dawn nightlight that offers only proves that.

The LED lights that Philips produces are in fact mercury-free. This means that the bulbs do not contribute any hazardous waste to the environment. The LED lights also produce sufficient light, while using the least amount of energy possible.

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#5. Best Multifunctional – Fding LED Night Light with Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor and Dual USB Wall Plate Charger

versatile led dusk to dawn night light with 2-prong plug


  • It has a long lifespan
  • The charging function and the night light function are independent of each other
  • Produce sufficient lighting


  • They need to be plugged into an electric socket because they don’t have batteries to function

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Finding a bulb that is multi-functional is a major coup, and you will find no better multi-function bulb than Fding LED lights. At night, it may be a bit difficult to locate the electrical socket. Fding has found a remedy for this malady.

The Fding LED lights come with two USB charging ports. This means that in addition to providing you with the illumination you need, these bulbs also act as chargers, and can charge two devices simultaneously.

It also comes with all the features standard to dusk till dawn night lights. It has automatic light sensors, and can thus turn itself on once the natural light becomes insufficient.

Additionally, you get the 3 different intensities of lighting, ergo you can choose based on your preference.

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#6. Best Outlet – Powrui Wall Mount Warm Glow Nightlight with 2-Outlet Extender

4 pack 3-prong plug night light with dusk to dawn light sensor


  • It serves as both a night light and an outlet
  • It is a two-outlet extender
  • Designed to satisfy all your needs
  • Comes with 3-level adjustable brightness


  • You need to touch it on before use its dusk to dawn sensor light

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We often find ourselves facing the arduous task of trying to plug in a charger into the socket on the wall at night. It may take several trials, and with each passing trial, it becomes more stressful and cumbersome.

To remedy this issue, you can use the plug-In night light. Like its latter counterpart, it is also multifunctional, as it is both a night light and an outlet.

The night light function of this device uses LED lights. Since LED lights lasts a lot longer as compared to other light bulbs, you can be assured that you will be saving yourself a fair amount of money, while also ensuring that you get the best lighting.

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How to Pick the Best Dusk to Dawn Night Lights?

best dusk to dawn night light reviews

With the plethora of brands and items in the market, it is sometimes a bit difficult to identify the specific type of dusk to dawn night light that will serve all your needs, while also being economical. Here are a few things that determine the efficiency and efficacy of the bulbs.

1. Style

Different brands and different bulbs offer different styles, and it is up to you to determine what type of style will match yours.

You have to select dusk till dawn night light that will not only serve its purpose, which is to provide sufficient light at night, but also one that complements its surroundings, and the general home décor.

2. Light color

The type of light emitted by the bulb is one, if not the, most important things you need to consider when purchasing the night light bulb. It is a common mistake that people chose their favorite colors for the night lights.

You need to find a color that proliferates the aesthetic value of its surroundings. Find one that matches your sleep pattern, one that is calming and comforting.

Red hue and orange have shown to be the most relaxing of colors, and thus you can use them in the bedroom.

Additionally, for areas like walkways and corridors, you need a type of light that not only offers sufficient illumination, but also one that offers the same relaxing quality stated earlier. Warm yellow is often the best.

Color changing light bulbs are also very nice, since they offer a myriad of different colors, and the color-changing aspects produce a pleasant aesthetic to the room.

3. Functionality

It is always vital to take into consideration the means by which the bulbs operate. The features that come with the said bulbs offer a lot of insight on how the bulb functions, and how its operation will help ease your movement at night time.

Auto sensors have become a prerequisite of dusk till dawn nigh bulbs. That detects the amount of light in the room, and it doesn’t suffice the set requirements, the build automatically switches on.

Consequently, this saves you the trouble of having to keep remembering to switch on the light. It also saves a lot of energy, since the lights are only one when they need to be.

Another feature that plays a big part in how the bulb functions are the motion sensors. Even though night lights are needed for easy visualization at night, they are only needed when you are actually in that particular room or part of the house.

Thus, through the use of motion sensors, the lights are on only when they need to be on. This cuts down the cost of electricity considerably.

4. Brightness

The amount of light the bulb produces is essential when considering what type of bulb you need. Granted, the light should be too bright such that you are nearly blinded when the bulb is switched on. Notwithstanding, it should be too dim neither.

Since different individuals have different preferences when it comes to the brightness they need, most night light bulbs come with adjustable brightness. Thus, you can choose what you find is the best amount of brightness.

5. Size

Night lights come in various sizes. The length, width, and height of the bulbs should be taken into consideration when you want to purchase a particular night bulb. You need to choose a bulb whose size is proportional to the room in which you are going to install it.

6. Type of bulb used

When selecting a night light, you should always consider the type of bulb used in the night light. As stated earlier, LED is one of the best choices when it comes to the bulb, primarily because of their lifespan and the amount of electricity they use.

This is what makes them ideal for whatever room or part of the house they are used in. They offer a long time in service, while also making sure that the cost of electricity and maintenance is kept at a minimum.


Plug-in Dusk Till Dawn Night Light vs. Battery Powered Dusk to Dawn Nightlights

nightlight with dusk to dawn sensor

With all the types of dusk till dawn bulbs, they can all be categorized into two; plug-in and battery-powered night lights. Though the two do have some similarities in functionality, there is a huge difference when it comes to what they each entail.

– Power source

As the names would suggest, the two types have different sources of power. Plug-in night lights need to be plugged in into an electrical socket for them to function, while battery-powered night lights use the power from their batteries.

– Portability

Because of its electrical needs, plug-in night lights aren’t portable. It cannot be used in a room or space that doesn’t have an electrical outlet.

On the other hand, battery-powered night lights are often referred to as cordless lamps because they have no cord, and can thus be moved from one place to another without much inconvenience.

They can therefore easily be mounted on walls that don’t have power outlets or spaces that don’t have electrical sockets, like stairs

– Cost

The cost of each can be broken down into two; the buying cost and the maintenance cost. While purchasing, you will find that plug-in night lights are a bit more expensive as compared to battery-powered night lights.

However, battery-powered night lights are much more expensive to maintain. This is because you will have to change the batteries often if the batteries can be changed.

Additionally, if the type of dusk till dawn night light used batteries that can neither be recharged nor replaced, you will have to purchase new ones.

Plug-in batteries, on the other hand, do not consume a lot of electricity and don’t need to be replaced unless they develop issues, which will take a while before it happens.


What Is a Dusk to Dawn Sensor Night Light?

A dusk to dawn sensor is a feature that enables a night light to detect the reducing natural light. Thus, if the natural light doesn’t suffice the said requirements, the light automatically switches on, and when the natural light becomes plenty, the light switches of.

This feature has become very common in night lights that are used outside, like in parks and parking lots, streets, and roadways. This is because nobody is needed to determine when the light goes on or goes off, it is all automated.

Light sensors are often accompanied by motion sensors. Thus, not only will the light switch itself on after dark, it will do so only when someone or something is moving in the vicinity.



Night lights are paramount in ensuring that you will have plenty of light at night, without having to bother keeping switching on the lights.

With the automation features that come with dusk till dawn night lights, like the motion sensors and the light sensors, you can have peace of mind.

Get yourself the best dusk to dawn night lights, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.