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Best Full Spectrum Desk Lamps for Mood and Productivity Boosting in 2022

Are you on the market for the best full spectrum desk lamp? Unlike artificial lamps, full-spectrum lights and bulbs can provide a light that mimics natural outdoor light. As a result, it helps your eyes to see the actual color of various images and objects without exposing you to UV or elements that might result in unhealthy eyes.

Since not all full-spectrum lights are best, in this article, I shall introduce you to the top 10 best full spectrum desk lamps. Read on and also understand the reason you should invest in these bulbs and the features to look for when buying these lights.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Reading and Studying – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Touch Control

For Painting and Crafting – Verilux Lamp to Deliver True Colors

For Lighting up Computers – Phive Super Bright Table Lamp

For Light Therapy – Theralite Full Spectrum Mood Lamp


What is a full spectrum desk lamp?

A full spectrum lamp is a light source that provides full-spectrum light, or rather, simulated sunlight.

Full-spectrum light covers the electromagnetic spectrum. It delivers light that mimics the infrared light to near-ultraviolet light. All its wavelengths are important to human beings, plants and animal lives, which makes a full spectrum lamp worth buying.

Full-spectrum lighting is measured using its color temperature and CRI number. The color temperature determines the warmth and coolness that the light source emits. For instance, the sun has a cool temperature that is approximately 5,500K during noon, which is the approximate color temperature of full-spectrum lamps.

On the other hand, the CRI or rather, color rendering index is a quantitative measure of the light source ability to reveal the exact colors of various objects. Lamps with a high CRI represent the actual colors of the objects making such lamps suitable for projects such as graphics, sewing, painting, interior design, and any other project that relies on the true definition of the colors.


Why buy a full spectrum table light?

There are several reasons why buying a full spectrum desk lamp is worth it; let’s have a look.

1. Improvement of the health

Exposure to full-spectrum lighting plays a role in the improvement of the overall health. In particular, natural light exposure plays a role in the prevention of SAD disorders, including hypertension, pre-diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

Also, natural full-spectrum lighting improves vitamin D synthesis, while it provides a light therapy that helps you deal with sleep disorders.

2. Enhance learning rates

Natural lighting improves mood and mental awareness. In fact, based on comparative studies, students whose schools adopted natural light were found to progress than students in schools that utilize artificial lighting.

Moreover, students tend to absorb and process information faster after adequate exposure to natural light.

3. Improve growth of plants

best full spectrum dsek lamps reviews

Natural full spectrum light boosts the growth of plants while enabling the plants to maintain their nutrients. According to research, green vegetables stored under artificial light go bad faster while compared to those stored under full-spectrum natural light.

Additionally, vegetables stored under full-spectrum lights tend to retain metabolites that have powerful detoxifying effects.

4. Interior design enhancement

Under natural full-spectrum lighting, the human eye can recognize more induvial shades while compared to colors under artificial light.

What this means is that full-spectrum lighting helps you to identify more colors and end up seeing a space in a cleaner and more precise way. Thus, this results in more-vibrant and larger decors.


Factors to consider when buying a full spectrum table lamp

1. Adjustability

Look for a lamp with swinging arms, swiveling heads, tiltable arms, or those with gooseneck.

The benefit of this is the ability to fine-tune the light placement to helps you direct the light where it is required while minimizing the glare.

To get the best value for your money, I would recommend that you buy an adjustable full-spectrum table light, for example, the Tensor Vision Max Full Spectrum Desk Lamp.

2. Ease of operation

You do not want to purchase a light that is difficult to operate. That said, look for a lamp that integrates responsive controls or buttons or a lamp that allows you to control it using a remote control.

That way, you can be sure to have an easy time when you want to switch it on or off or adjust the color temperatures and brightness levels.

3. Lamp’s function

Why are you purchasing the best full spectrum light? Different people buy these lamps to meet various needs, the reason you must consider the reason you want to buy a full spectrum lamp.

In our guide, for example, you can opt to buy the Sunrise Sensations full spectrum desk lamp for a light therapy lamp, or TheraLite bright full spectrum table lamp for a full spectrum lamp that will help you boost the mood.

4. Lamp size

Full-spectrum lamps are available in a variety of sizes. In this case, determine the place you will be placing it since this can guide you on the size of the lamp. If you do not have a big work surface, opt for a light with a narrower base. On the other hand, you can also opt for one with a broader base and one with a wide light bar when you want extensive light coverage.

Do not forget to consider the adjustability of the height, more importantly, when you are looking for the best light to help you meet a variety of needs.

5. Extra features

Besides providing the required lighting, several full-spectrum lamps offer extra features, including a built-in USB port that allows you to charge your devices or a pen holder to improve your desk organization.

Therefore, determine if you need the light to integrate extra features, but remember, these features come at an additional cost.

6. Versatility

How versatile is the full spectrum lamp you are about to buy? Well, the best full spectrum light bulbs are versatile to help you meet a variety of needs. For instance, look for a lamp that allows you to adjust the brightness and color temperatures.

By doing so, you can use the lights while working, relaxing, studying, among other needs.

7. Eye care technology

You do not want to sacrifice the wellbeing of your eyes after getting a full spectrum desk lamp. For this reason, get a light that integrates the eye care technology.

You can consider lamps such as Verilux SmartLight Natural Spectrum LED Desk Lamp. This lamp adopts a Flicker Elimination technology and Optix Glare Control Lens to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

8. Ease of installation

Last but not least, consider the ease of installation. That said, determine whether the light is designed to be used while placed on the tabletop or clamped on the table.

Whatever the case, get a model that installs smoothly. If you are getting a lamp that is designed to be placed on the table, ensure that it integrates a weighted and broad base for stability.


Reviews of the 9 best full spectrum desk lamps

#1. Best sale – TaoTronics led full spectrum desk lamp with touch control

TaoTronics led full spectrum desk lamp for reading and studying


  • Five brightness settings
  • Heavy base for stability
  • Responsive and intuitive touch controls


  • Can’t be used as grow light

The perfect choice, whether you are looking for the best light for reading, working, or relaxing, is the TaoTronics led full spectrum desk lamp.

This light offers four unique lights with five levels of brightness. What this means is that you can customize the brightness level to help you pick an ideal choice when you want to study or relax.

Additionally, the desk lamp features a memory function, which means you can acquire it with an assurance of better convenience, given the ability of the lamp to remember the last mode and brightness setting.

The desk lamp incorporates sensitive touch controls. As a result, it is easy to operate. Also, it includes a 1-hour auto-off timer. Because of this, the light goes off automatically within one hour to save the electricity bill.

The convenient USB charging port is another plus. It allows you to charge your devices and maintain your smartphone and tablet within reach.

You can rotate the lamp’s arm up 140° or swivel the base by 180°. This design provides for direct illumination in different directions, a measure aimed at ensuring better convenience to the user.

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#2. Top rated – TaoTronics aluminum alloy dimmable desk lamp with full spectrum light

TaoTronics aluminum modern desk lamp with full spectrum light


  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Compact and easy to fold down
  • The brushed finish doesn’t show the fingerprints


  • Integrated led light bulbs

If you are looking for the best full spectrum desk lamp that is a combination of perfect functionality and style, I would recommend this lamp.

The desk lamp features a superior aluminum alloy construction. This design enables the body to act as a passive heat sink, a design that helps to protect and prolong the life of the LED.

What’s more, the lamp features an elegant brushed finish. The finish is scratch resistant to enhance the durability of the lamp. The spectrum lamp features a lightweight design that makes it easy to move from one desk to another.

Additionally, it includes a convenient USB charging port. Because of this, you can charge your phone and keep it within reach. The arms of the desk lamp are adjustable. You can rotate the lamp’s arm up to 200° while the base swivels to 135° to guarantee user convenience.

The desk lamp provides non-flickering light suitable for reading, working, or relaxing. It includes a memory function that recalls the last color mode and brightness setting to guarantee user convenience.

With 18 adjustable light choices comprising six brightness levels and three lighting modes, this is one of the best options when looking for a versatile full-spectrum light.

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#3. Cheapest – Ledu full spectrum desk lamp with fluorescent light bulb

Ledu fluorescent table lamp with full spectrum lighting


  • Small footprint
  • It enhances eye comfort because of non-glare performance


  • Light doesn’t fold for storage

If you are on a budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum light, you might want to invest in Ledu full spectrum desk lamp.

It includes a fluorescent bulb, which eliminates the need for you to spend more cash on purchasing a bulb. Besides that, the lamp consists of a soft touch on/off switch for smooth operation.

The full spectrum desk lamp can help you see the colors accurately, thus a perfect choice when used by designers.

It features a spring-balanced arm that offers a 14″ reach. Equipped with a weighted swivel base, you can expect this light to stay in place without tipping. Plus, the lamp includes a magnetic clip that allows you to clamp it on the table.

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#4. Perfect for artistic work – Verilux Lighting full spectrum table lamp with natural sun light

Verilux sunlight desk lamp natural full spectrum sun light with adjustable gooseneck


  • Sleek and contemporary look
  • Three light temperature choices
  • Adjustable brightness and positioning
  • The neck stays in place after adjusting


  • Relatively short electric cord

The reason I recommend it for artist is its ability to provide better illumination and deliver a more accurate color representation.

The desk lamp utilizes a Flicker Elimination technology and Optix Glare Control Lens. This design helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue for the overall wellbeing of your eyes.

What’s more, the lamp allows you to select from 3 color temperatures. The temperatures range from warm white light to daylight to maximize your comfort. Verilux SmartLight LED Desk Lamp adopts 8 brightness levels to let you select the right setting to suit your needs.

Plus, it features a flexible gooseneck which means you can direct the lighting where it is needed the most.

The lamp features a compact base that fits easily into your workspace. Additionally, it includes a USB charging port on the base. Thus you can charge a smartphone or tablet while keeping it close to you.

Besides getting the lamp for artistic work, you can acquire it for studying, working, or when you need access to a high-quality and healthy lighting source.

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#5. With magnifier – V-light full spectrum natural daylight with desktop and clamp base

V-light magnifying desk lamp with full spectrum light


  • Solidly built arm
  • Stable support base
  • Bright light with a good temperature


  • 6500K only

Responding to the need for the best full-spectrum lamp with a magnifier is the V-light full-spectrum light. It includes a 3-diopter glass magnifier lens which enlarges up to 175% while it incorporates a protective cover to enhance safety and longevity.

Another advantage of this light is the compact design. It features a slim design that doesn’t require a lot of table space. The V-light full spectrum light allows for multiple modes of installation. You can choose to use it while placed on the desktop via the heavy-weighted base or use the grip-tight clamp to clamp it on the table.

Additionally, the light integrates a 3-point adjustable architect-style arm. The arm’s position is adjustable for versatility and easy customization. The 12 watt full-spectrum bulb delivers a glare-free natural daylight effect to guarantee eye comfort.

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#6. With swing arm – Phive led full spectrum architect table lamp for home and office

Phive clip on led table light with max vision full spectrum light


  • Responsive touch control
  • It offers a range of motion
  • Excellent dimming feature


  • The arm can’t be rotated 360 degrees

As one of the best full spectrum lamps, it is a perfect choice for a workbench light, craft light, studio lamp or office lamp.

It adopts the Eye-care technology which enables it to deliver a soft light close to daylight illumination without any glare or flicker to enhance comfort to the eyes. Plus, it features a step-less dimming so you can touch the icon buttons to adjust the brightness to suit your personal preference.

Besides, the lamp makes use of a Ra85 high CRI LED, enabling it to provide a light that is close to the daylight. Phive LED full spectrum table lamp can provide a light that covers a large area, thanks to the high lighting height. Besides that, the lamp delivers a bright light without leaving you to spend a lot of money, thanks to the energy-saving design that uses 20% of the energy used by an incandescent lamp in the same brightness.

Designed to last, the lamp features a high-grade aluminum alloy arm. What’s more, it doesn’t consume much table space during set up. The reason is the sturdy metal clamp that allows you to clamp it by the side of the table.

The lamp’s body is rotatable while it features a 180°swivel lamp head and 16.3+16.3 inches adjustable metal arm for easy customization of the lighting direction.

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#7. Clearer vision – Phive led task table lamp for computer and more

Phive full spectrum desk lamp with wide light bar


  • A space-saving metal clamp
  • Height-adjustable gooseneck
  • Soft light doesn’t flicker or glare
  • Sturdy gooseneck doesn’t make any noise when adjusting


  • The light isn’t compatible with Alexa

Improve your work productivity using Phive led task table lamp! It is a 20 watt super bright desk lamp. The light features 4 adjustable color temperatures and 5 dimmer options. Because of this, you can adjust the illumination and adopt multiple lighting choices to boost your work efficiency.

What’s more, the lamp features a memory function. This function helps it to remember the last mode and brightness level to eliminate the need for setting them once more after putting the light on.

Phive led task table lamp is suitable for use on large workbenches. The reason is the ultra-wide 31.5″ light bar that enables it to deliver 200% wider and more extensive lighting coverage.

Additionally, the lamp is a perfect choice for a full-spectrum light that is safe on the eyes. The reason is the ability to adapt the design of asymmetric circuits to light up the screen space resulting in reduced screen glare.

The lamp includes a flexible gooseneck made using silicone. The gooseneck allows you to tilt the light bar in different positions so that you can cast the light wherever it is required.

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#8. Mood light – TheraLite bright full spectrum table lamp with touch panel

TheraLite 1000 lux full spectrum sun light sit on tabletop


  • Responsive touch controls
  • Height and angle adjustable
  • The lamp functions as a therapy light or desk lamp


  • It doesn’t include a timer or USB charging port

A perfect companion when you are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of light deficiency is TheraLite bright full spectrum table lamp. The lamp acts as an effective mode of providing light therapy to lift your mood and boost your energy. It adopts a technology that delivers a maximum dose of 10,000 LUX in a broad field of illumination.

The lamp provides a comfortable glare-free white light. This light can provide adequate relief without UV exposure. Besides, the table lamp has 4 light settings. As such, you can customize the brightness to achieve a safe and effective light therapy based on your needs.

The lamp is height-adjustable for easy customization based on your needs. You can rotate it by loosening the knob that connects it to the stand to project the light to different areas.

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#9. For light therapy – Sunrise Sensations full spectrum desk lamp with adjustable light and wooden structure

full spectrum desk lamp for winter blues and depression



  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to operate using the included remote


  • Runs a little higher

The Sunrise Sensations desk lamp is an optimal choice for the best full-spectrum desk lamp for light therapy. It simulates a daylight lamp to help you combat anxiety and lack of energy. The lamp delivers 10,000 LUX, full-spectrum UV-free light.

You can adjust the color warmth and brightness settings from 5,000 to 10,000LUX using a remote control. Made from sustainable solid wood, this is one of the best choices for durable and safe to use full-spectrum desk lamps.

Besides, the lamp integrates a full-sized light panel to direct the light over a wider angle and longer distance than small undersized lights.

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Full-spectrum desk lamp vs. daylight lamps

So that you can pick the right bulb, you must understand the two main metrics used to measure light, and these are the Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Kelvins (K).

Kelvins refer to a method of describing the color characteristics of the lights. For instance, the yellow-orange glow of a traditional bulb measures around 2700K while the cool blue lights have a 6500K rating. As the light becomes colder and whiter, so does its Kelvin rating increase.

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures the ability of the light to produce colors. It is expressed in percentage, with a higher rate, meaning that the lamp has a better color rendering characteristic.

  • Full-spectrum bulbs

These lights deliver a color temperature of 6500K, while their CRI rating is 96%. The bulbs can produce a full range of the color spectrum with visible and invisible color wavelengths. Their light is quite similar to natural daylight, which enables them to deliver similar benefits to the ones gained after exposure to natural light. Moreover, they are suitable for use by designers and architects, based on their ability to reveal the true colors of different designs.

Full-spectrum bulbs with 10000 lux are a perfect solution for users who want to combat illnesses such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

  • Daylight bulbs

These bulbs have a 6000K to 6500K rating and a CRI of about 80%. Full-spectrum bulbs provide brighter and whiter light with better color rendering characteristics. Daylight bulbs can help to raise your morale and productivity, which makes them a perfect choice when you want to create a cost-effective but healthy lighting solution.

  • Daylight lamps are perfect options when you want to brighten an area and give the appearance of daylight. Plus, they are a better option when you are on a tight budget.
  • On the other hand, full-spectrum lamps are an ideal choice when you need the perfect light for visual tasks that need the perfect color rendition.



The best full spectrum desk lights can provide the perfect light to help you get the work done and brighten up your space. Not only that, but the best choices play a role in reducing eye strain without raising your energy bills.

Therefore, buy one of the reviewed products and gain the benefits of proper lighting and decor enhancement, whether you are looking for the best light for drafting, working, or studying.