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Best Halogen Desk Lamps – Top Rated Lights in 2022

Halogen Desk Lamps have been used for decades to provide the necessary amount of light for home offices. They provide the correct amount of concentrated light to allow you to perform the actions needed of your job or project, and allow for less eye strain.

They are perfect choices for writers, architects, and artists who require a concentrated light source that will help them see what they are working on and can also be an accent piece in your home. The following article will go over the 3 best halogen desk lamps on the market, as well as provide a comprehensive buying guide with information for your next purchase.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Best Cheap – V-light Halogen Architect Style Desk Lamp with Swing Arm

Best Rated – Moffatt Balck 100 Watt Adjustable Halogen Desk Lamp for Tasks

Dimmable with Lampshade – LEDU Small Halogen Desk Lamp


Why Do You Need to Buy a Halogen Lamp?

Halogen lights are great options for anyone who requires a lot of light in a specific working area to complete a task or project.

Because of this, they are great options for those who work in the fields of architecture and engineering; as well as artists and writers. This type of light source is efficient and tends to last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

You will see this lighting used often due to its ability to mimic sunlight relatively well; such as in movie productions and commercial lighting.

They have none of the potential health hazards of fluorescent lights and provide a lot of cleaner type of light than incandescent bulbs.

While they may not last as long as LED light bulbs, they provide a better type of light that is not only in a concentrated area; but in an all-over working space.

Some advantages of using a source of halogen light in your workspace is that:

  • Produce more of a natural source of light
  • They are easy to produce electricity and compact
  • Do not use as much energy as other sources of light
  • Compared to incandescent light bulbs, they last over twice as long
  • There is no need for the bulb to warm up; they operate at full capacity immediately


How Do I Choose a Halogen Desk Lamp?

Halogen desk lamps provide a large amount of light per surface area and are great choices for anyone who needs additional light for tasks and projects.

They offer clean light that is the most similar to natural lighting, and the bulbs last far longer than traditional incandescent lighting that we are accustomed to.

They do not have any of the negative health effects such as fluorescent lighting either.

Choosing the right halogen desk lamp is important, and there are some aspects to take into consideration such as:

#1. Size

The size of the desk lamp that you choose is important because it will need to be in your working space; if you have a more confined area, you will want to choose a lamp that is more compact in design.

Alternatively, if you have the space choosing to purchase a larger halogen desk lamp is a great idea, as it will provide even more light for your projects and tasks as needed.

Some desk lamps are great at providing a lot of light in addition to allowing you to have a smaller working area without bumping into them or knocking them over.

#2. Features

While most desk lamps do not have a lot of additional features available, choosing the right halogen light with some more bells and whistles is not hard to do.

For instance, some desk lamps will come with additional versatility in the way of the amount of swivel, if they are detachable, and how much the protective metal or glass lamp shade can pivot.

Additionally, some of them will be compatible with 3-way bulbs, meaning that they are dimmable and allow you to choose the perfect amount of light for the time of day and the projects that you are working on.

#3. Type

A lot of these kinds of desk lamps will be free-standing, although some are easily mounted to your desk or table and will not be going anywhere unless you wish to move them.

Understanding the different types of halogen desk lamps available will allow you to make a more informed decision during the buying process; which will also lead to you being happier with your purchase and the finished product.

While there is not a wide range of types available, it will vary enough to be important when it comes to settling on the right product for your needs.


Reviews of the 3 Best Halogen Desk Lamp

#1. Best Cheap – V-light Halogen Architect Style Desk Lamp with Swing Arm

robust halogen desk lamp


  • Versatile in allowing you to direct the light
  • Budget-friendly option available in 3 colors
  • Compact design can fit in tight working spaces
  • Produces a large amount of light in a compact frame


  • Less flexibilty than gooseneck lamps

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This halogen architect style desk lamp from V-Lights is a great budget-friendly option that has a classic design and outputs a lot of light for its compact frame. You have the option to order this in 3 different colors: black, brushed nickel, and satin chrome; although keep in mind that the black and nickel options do run a little bit higher of a price point.

The double swing arm design gives you a lot of flexibility and versatility when it comes to where you choose to direct the light, and the metal construction adds a level of durability. Additionally, the protective metal shade will also tilt and pivot allowing you to direct the light even more; and exactly where it is required for your work or project.

Ideal for small workspaces, this halogen desk lamp stands around 19 inches tall and has a safety locking pin to secure the lamp to the base.

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#2. Best Rated – Moffatt Balck 100 Watt Adjustable Halogen Desk Lamp for Tasks

100 watt best halogen desk lamps


  • Detachable for when it is needed
  • Safety features in place to prevent any issues
  • Easy to mount to your computer desk or working surface
  • Lampshade is double insulated to remain cool to the touch


  • Not the largest lamp; meaning less lighting per surface area

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A great high-quality product from Moffatt, this halogen desk lamp is fantastic for a wide range of tasks and projects. It is a highly flexible and versatile lamp that features a quick-disconnect base for additional lighting and work; with a vinyl covering that is resistant to both grease and oil (removing any type of fire or safety hazards).

The flexible arm is easy to maneuver and direct the light exactly where it is needed, and the protective lampshade is easy to swivel as well. This gives you complete control and versatility over the halogen desk lamp as you are working on projects and tasks.

The lampshade is double-wall insulated, meaning that you won’t need to worry about any type of burns when swiveling; as it will remain cool to the touch even after hours of use. For longer light switch life, there is also a heat sink toggle located at the top of the lampshade.

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#3. Dimmable – LEDU Small Halogen Desk Lamp

dimmable halogen desk lamp


  • Easy to adjust and swivel as needed
  • Dimmable with three different settings
  • Compact design that is great for limited space
  • Bright halogen light that works well to illuminate even large rooms


  • Single color option

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If you are looking for a dimmable option for a halogen desk lamp, this choice from LEDU features three light settings from low, medium, to high. The adjustable lamp arm that attaches to the base is easy to adjust with the control mechanism; while the protective lampshade swivels from either side, as well as being able to adjust horizontally.

Included in the purchase of this desk lamp is a 100-watt halogen light bulb that will last longer than 1000 hours of use. This is a great choice for areas where space is limited thanks to the compact design and versatility that is offered. Because halogen lights utilize more energy, the protective metal shade prevents them from overheating and eliminates the risk of any burning or safety hazards.

While this is not the most budget-friendly option on the list, it is a great product that is durable and will last a long time, even with repeated daily use.

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Halogen VS. LED Desk Lamps

  • Energy Efficiency

Halogen lights are excellent light sources that emit a high amount of light; although they will use more energy than LED desk lamps. This is because halogen lights use far more energy (if you’ve noticed they also emit more heat this is why).

LED lights may not produce as much additional light overall, but they are more energy-efficient because they will provide light in a concentrated area.

  • Lifespan

Another thing that sets these two sources of light apart is how long the bulbs will last. Because halogen lights produce a vast amount of light and energy, they will also go through energy faster; this will result in a fewer amount of hours that they will function.

For comparison reference, halogen light bulbs will generally last up to 2,000 hours; whereas LED bulbs can last upwards of 50,000.

While this does not seem like a lot, to put it into perspective, most people will only use an additional source of light when there is not more natural light in the room due to the sun setting.

This means that you will roughly use the lamp for 4-6 hours a day; meaning that the halogen light bulb will still last for a little over a year before needing to be replaced. Considering the amount of light that is produced, this is not technically a downside.

  • Size

Additionally, due to the design and type of lighting, halogen desk lamps do tend to be larger. This is because they tend to run hotter than LED lights, and need to have additional protection surrounding them to prevent accidental burns.

Generally, this translates to the light being surrounded by either a glass or steel cylinder or lampshade.

While LED lights do not run as hot, they are also more concentrated light sources; making the halogen a better-suited option for those who need light in a large working space.



Halogen desk lights are a great way to provide more light to your office workspaces as you are working on tasks and projects.

All of the products listed in this article are made from high-quality materials and will last a long time and provide you with the additional light that is needed.