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Best Headlamp for Kids – Top Adjustable Children Lights in 2022

Kid’s rooms are always full pact with different activities. The kids will always read books, do some drawings and play different games. They always need a good lamp, best headlamps for kids, for example, that can provide good lighting to accomplish these activities either indoors or outdoors.

Sometime as a parent, you will go over to their room to read them stories before they go to bed. You will also need good lighting to get to read this kid’s book. Above all, you just need light for them to see around easily and avoid getting scared for the kids that fear a dark room.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Best Sale Outdoor Lamp – LE LED Head Lamp and Flashlight for Kids

Full Pink Design for Girls – Foxelli Battery Powered Headlamp

Dinosaur Flashlight for Boys – Sun Company LED Headlamp for Camping and Hiking


How to Choose a Children’s Headlamp?

best headlamp for kids

1. Brightness

This is an essential feature you should always consider. There are different headlamps out there with different functions of brightness.

Some headlamps have over six brightness modes that will offer you the flexibility to choose the brightness mode depending on your mood.

Others can have one brightness mode that doesn’t provide much flexibility. It is up to you to select the one that you like.

2. Cost

Most kids’ headlamps range from $10 to $20.

3. Weight

Most headlamps are light. You would not want your kid to wear something that is uncomfortable. The idea with these headlamps is to be worn on the head by kids as they engage their hands in other activities. It should be something light and small for the kids to enjoy whatever they are doing.

4. Battery

This can also be used to separate different headlamps. There are some lamps which can use the batteries while others do not.

Some can use one, two, or three batteries that will provide power for good lighting.

Others can have rechargeable batteries that can last for long. Other headlamps can be fitted with the non-rechargeable batteries that are to be replaced.

5. Battery Life

No one wants to be out there, especially when hiking or camping, and then the headlamp dies. There are a lot of headlamps with different runtime for the battery to go off.

It is always better to buy a headlamp that has a battery that will last for long. Some headlamps have batteries that can last for 90 hours, while others can last for six hours.

6. Waterproof

We all like to engage in water activities. The children might be out camping and hiking, and then rain catches up with them. If it is at night, they will need something to use to get the right route.

A waterproof headlamp would help the kid reach the tent without any problem when raining. This will also protect the lamp, making it last longer.

7. Different Types of Headlights

There are no specific names to differentiate different types of headlamps the kids can use. To distinguish them, you can use some features that you can touch and observe.

8. Appearance

There are different headlamps out there. There are headlamps with straps that can be adjusted and those that cannot be adjusted.

Others are designed to the shape of certain creature’s heads while others are just like normal headlamps. Different designers adopt different designs and shapes to make their products unique in the market.

9. Headlamp beam

You can differentiate the various headlamps according to the beam they offer. Some head lamps will provide you with a flood beam that can illuminate a wide area space.

Other headlamps can provide you with the spot beam that does not illuminate a wide area as such.

Others are fitted with both that will offer much flexibility while engaging in any outdoor activity.


Reviews of the 12 Best Headlamps for Kids

#1. Hot Sale – LE LED Head Lamp and Flashlight for Kids

LE kids headlamp
Water-Resistant Kids LED Headlamp

When you are out with your kid camping, you will need a light source to use when in the wild. It can also be used at home when you have a power outage or doing some painting job. This light source will be perfect for your kid. Both the adults and the kids can use it.

The headlamp has four lighting modes and three levels of brightness. With these functions, you can choose the brightness level that suits you well. A red flashing mode is also available, and this is mostly for emergencies. You can get lost in the forest, and with the red light on one can easily be traced.

With this lamp, you have three AAA batteries that will enable it to light for long. There are two loops that you can adjust to fit in your head perfectly. You can also wear the headlamp over a cape, helmet and any other hat.

The four settings include the high setting that puts on 18 LEDs to provide a beam that can cover 20 feet distance. Normal setting powers on 10 LEDs that provide the light that can cover ten feet. Low setting only powers on two LEDs that can provide minimal lighting and save power, and the red lighting that can be used in case of an emergency.

The headlamp can be tilted at 90 degrees that enable you to point the light in the direction you want. After tilting, you won’t have to worry about it turning since it is very steady. It is a compact headlamp that can be carried around easily. You can also remove the loops for washing always. This lamp is suitable for hiking, camping, dog walking, and running.

  • It is very light and easy to use.
  • With the different light settings, you can choose your favored brightness.
  • Doesn’t have USB port.

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#2. For Girls – Foxelli Pink Headlamp with Super Bright Cree LED

Foxelli pink headlights for girls
Pink Headlight for Girls

The kid will wear it in the head and use it in drawing, running, cycling, or hiking. This lamp has different white modes of lighting that you can use in viewing any surface. It also has the red lighting mode that can be helpful in cases of an emergency like getting lost while hiking. The head can be tilted 45 degrees enabling you to point the brightness in the direction you like.

The lamp is waterproof, which means it can be used in searching even during a heavy storm. It is made of high-quality material that makes it very durable and can last for a very long time. It can save a lot of power in its working. Three triple AAA batteries are used in providing the light. The SOS mode can be used in critical situations for the faster address of an emergency.

  • It is light and very easy to use.
  • The SOS mode can be helpful in a critical situation.
  • It is waterproof that can be used even during a heavy storm.
  • Can’t adjust height.

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#3. For Boys – Sun Company Dinosaur Toy Head Lamp

boys headlamp
Dinosaur Toy Head Lamp for Boys

It is simple in design and designed to look like a dinosaur’s head. The kids will love having this kind of a lamp to play with and use in doing their chores. It is made of high-quality material that ensures the lamp is durable and can provide good lighting.

This lamp provides super bright lighting that can be used to read books for the kids. Three triple AAA batteries provide the light. With you pressing on the jaws, you can easily turn it on and off. Additionally, when you press the jaw, a roaring sound of a dinosaur is heard that would be amazing for the children. The head strap can be adjusted to fit any size head.

  • It is easy to use and carry.
  • The lamp lighting can last for a long time.
  • It doesn’t have different lighting modes to control brightness.

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#4. Best Cheap – Energizer Head Lamp with Multi-Color Options and Washable Band

Headlamp for kids with washable band
Energizer Cheap Toddlers’ Headlamp

This kid’s headlamp is designed for effective functioning with kids. The lamp is equipped with two CR2032 batteries that ensure its proper lighting. The batteries can provide light for long. This will ensure your kids have adequate lighting for any activity they are engaged in.

The light from this lamp is not too bright to affect your kid’s eyes. It is super great for use playing both inside and outside the house. Two color faceplates can be changed. The kid gets to decide the perfect color according to their mood.

Your kid can wear the lamp in the head as he/she likes. The headband can be removed, and it is washable; hence it cannot collect dirt. It is built simply to make it easy for kids to use, and with a press of a button, you can put it on and off.

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is bright enough for use in doing any activity.
  • It doesn’t have many brightness settings.

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#5. Waterproof – Shining Headlamp Flashlight for Camping

water and shock resistant kids headlamp
Kids Headlamp for Outdoor Activities

This is an excellent headlamp for kids. It consists of four lighting settings that you can choose your favorite one. The lighting settings include high beam lighting, low beam lighting, red beam lighting, and red flashing lighting. The high and low beam lighting can be used to work around the house and read. The red beam and red flashing can be used in case of an emergency while out hiking or camping.

The headlamp can be rotated 45 degrees that enable you to direct the light source as you wish. It consists of three triple AAA batteries that provide power for lighting the lamp. It is a simple and light lamp that you can wear around while doing any task. It is designed to last longer since it can last for 100,000 hours. It is a top-quality that will never disappoint, but you also get a guarantee for a refund in 90 days if it is not working.

  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers more lighting settings that enable you to choose your perfect one.
  • It is not a rechargeable lamp.

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#6. With Adjustable Headband – Blitzu Battery Powered Headlamp for Kids

Adjustable headlamp for kids
LED Headlamp with Cree Light and Red Light

If you want your hands free to be engaged in something else and have a light source, then you have to get this lamp. This headlamp has a strap that is used to be worn around your head. It will provide you with the needed lighting to do all that you want.

The headlamp is made of materials that are very safe for the kids. It is a simple and compact headlamp that you can carry anywhere for lighting. The strap is adjustable, which means a kid and an adult can use the lamp.

This head lamp’s body can rotate 45 degrees; that means you can focus the light in the direction you want. With the 165 lumens, it gives it is very bright enough to use in doing any activity in the house. It is made of a waterproof material, which means you can be out while raining and have reliable lighting.

The lamp is equipped with the new CREE LED technology to provide efficient lamp functioning and four different lighting modes. The lighting modes are high lighting mode, medium lighting mode, low lighting mode that can be used for reading, hiking, and cycling. There is the flashing mode that can be used to show your location such that in case of an emergency, you can easily be found.

  • It is simple and light.
  • It has different lighting modes that enable you to choose your preferred model.
  • Contains built-in led bulbs

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#7. With Rechargeable Battery – LE Headlights with 5 Lighting Modes

LE kids headlamp with rechargeable battery
Rechargeable Kids Camping Headlamp

This is a modern design compact headlamp that your kids will enjoy having. The lamp has five different lighting modes that let you select the lighting you like. It offers the lighting in white light and red light. The white light has three modes, which are high, low, and strobe. The lamp provides you with 150 lumens on the high mode that can illuminate over 150 feet away. There is also the red lighting mode which can be either stay on or flash lighting. If the kids are out camping or hiking, this lighting can be used to locate each other quickly.

With this lamp, you get a headlamp that can be charged via a USB. If you can charge it for four hours, then you will get good 30-hour lighting on this. It is very simple, light, and a lamp that its performance is top-notch. The head of the lamp can be rotated at 45 degrees to direct the light where you wish. It is also waterproof, which means it can be used even underwater or when it is raining.

  • It can be charged using a USB.
  • It is simple, light, and easy to use.
  • A good charging can make it last longer in use.
  • It doesn’t have an indicator to show you the time power is low, and when it is fully charged.

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#8. With Complete Adjustability – Aennon LED Headlamp for Adults and Kids

kids head lamp for running
Lightweight Head Lamp

Whenever your kid is involved is something they may need both hands free. This light source will provide lighting while the kid performs any other task. It has straps that are worn over the head to provide lighting.

This headlamp can tilt 90 degrees that enable you to focus the light in the direction you want. Four different lighting modes give you the needed flexibility to select the brightness level you prefer. It is a lightweight lamp that offers 30 lumens for performing any task. It is perfect for kids whenever they are hiking, cycling, reading, or doing any other hobby.

  • It is light and very easy to use.
  • This lamp offers more brightness levels that you can select your favorite.
  • You need to spend more on battery replacement.

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#9. 2 Pack – Vont LED Headlamp with Red Safety Light

Vont 2 pack led headlamp
2 Pack Head Lights with Super Bright Light

In this lamp, you get the new LEDs that can light up any space as you wish. The headlamp is made out of high-quality materials that ensure it is durable and offers excellent brightness. When it is fully charged, it will provide you with light for 90 hours. This is two times more the lighting time of any other headlamp out there.

The lamp has seven different lighting modes. Four are fitted on the main light, which are strobe, SOS, Medium, and Low. The other three are on the sidelights, and they are Low, SOS, and strobe. With a switch of a button, you can select the lighting mode that you want.

It is flexible as you can tilt the head at 45 degrees to point the light where you want. The lamp is also made of waterproof material that can withstand you being out on the rain always. It is very compact, and you can carry it with you anywhere.

  • It is light and easy to use.
  • It offers you more lighting time twice more than any other product.
  • It is made of waterproof materials that make it useful in rainy seasons.
  • There is no backup power source if it can die while out camping or hiking.

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#10. With Motion Sensor – Soft Digits Rechargeable Head Light with 8 Modes Light

8 modes usb children headlamps
Headlamp with Motion Sensor

This is a uniquely designed headlamp. Even after the lamp has been on for long, there will be no overheating. You can also rotate the head at 45 degrees to direct the light where you want it to go. The strap can also be adjusted to fit any kid’s head or an adult.

It produces between 300-800 lumens in different lighting modes. With this, you can select the perfect lighting mode. The lighting can illuminate between 200-500 meters, depending on the mode selected. The lamp is simple and compact that can be carried around easily. You can charge it with a USB, and when it is on, you can get lights for six hours. The battery is rechargeable; you will never have a problem with replacing them.

  • You can use a USB cable in lighting.
  • It consists of eight different lighting modes to choose from.
  • You can’t replace the led bulbs when it burns.

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#11. Compact – Black Diamond Wiz Headlamps for Kids

black diamond wiz headlamp kids
Black Diamond Wiz Kids Headlamp

This is among the best headlamps for kids. It is equipped with two LEDs that provide 30 lumens for effective lighting. The headlamp has three different lighting modes, which are full strength, dimmed, and strobes modes. With this headlamp, you can tilt the head in any direction; hence you can perfectly direct the light in a particular direction.

If you can put the headlamp on an upside downside position, it will still work. This is a simple and compact lamp that uses two triple AAA batteries to provide lighting. It is of materials which are safe for the children always. The headlamp is fitted with a timer to turn it off after two hours.

  • It is a simple and compact headlamp.
  • It has a timer to turn it off after two hours.
  • It is a battery powered lamp.

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#12. With Brilliant Beam – Petzl Tikka Kids Headlamp with 200 Lumens

petzl kids headlamp
Petzl Headlamp with 200 Lumens

If your kids like camping, hiking, walking or doing some work in the house, then they need a perfect light source. This is a simple lamp made compact and simple that the kids can use easily. It is a good lamp that offers good white and red lighting for use in doing any activity.

It is fitted with a button for switching it on and off and selecting the lighting setting that you want. It has a phosphorescent reflector that will enable you to locate the lamp at night quickly. It is bought with three triple AAA batteries but can also use a rechargeable battery.

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It can use both the standard and rechargeable batteries.
  • Slight costly.

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How Many Lumens Is a Good Headlamp for Kids?

If you are at home and you need a light source for reading and finding some items in the garage, then 100 to 200 lumens are enough for you. You do not need a too-bright light that may cause eyesores and fatigue.

If you are going hiking and camping, then you need something more bright, a 300-500 lumens light source would be perfect for you.



To choose the best headlamp, some factors need to be considered. You will not get a good headlamp without having to go through factors above. This review gives you the best insight into what needs to be done to get the best headlamp for your kids.