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Best Salt Lamps – Natural and Real Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps in 2022

Are you planning to acquire or purchase Himalayan salt lamps? The best salt lamps are carved crystals coming from the rock salt, which is amber-colored. It has been hollowed to assist in the fitting of the lightbulb in the salt lamp. After lighting, they end up giving a reddish and warm pink glow.

The sellers of the decorative pieces are saying the lights play a significant role apart from room decoration. They are claiming the lamps will assist in boosting mood, improving sleep, and easing of allergies. Additionally, it is assisting people suffering from asthma to end up bringing better.

In this article, you will have a look at the best Himalayan salt lamps that are worth purchasing. After reading through, you will be able to determine the ideal product for you. Therefore, read through and purchase the item that is pleading you most.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Real Salt Lamps with Wood Base – Himalayan Glow Orange Light

With Basket and Dimmer Bulb that Allows You to Change Brightness Levels – Crystal Decor Natural Slat Lamp

Heart0-Shaped with Pink Colors for Lovers – Himalayan Glow USB Salt Lamp

With Changing Colors for Bedroom or Home Office – VC Formark Round Salt Lamp

With Adjustable LED Modes to Give Visual Impact of Ice and Fire – VC Formark Table Salt Lamps

With 6 Massage Balls and Bowl – Spantik Decorative Salt Lamp


What Is a Salt Lamp?

They are decorative lights that you can install in your homes and they are made by putting a light bulb in large chunks of salt. The salts are hygroscopic and are activated by the heat produced by the light bulb.

Initially, these salt crystals absorb water molecules along with dust particles and smoke from the air.

When the light is switched on, the heat from the bulb evaporates the water molecules while the other contaminants remain trapped inside the salt crystal.


5 Benefits You Can Get from Salt Lamps

– Improve Air Quality

These lamps are advertised as being beneficial to people with asthma, allergies or any respiratory diseases. People with these conditions are said to benefit from a long time exposure or spending more time in salt caves due to the presence of salt in the air.

– Boost Your Mood

Salt lamps are said that they boost moods. Studies performed on animals have indicated that exposure to a high concentration of negative ions improves levels of serotonin, the chemical responsible for mood regulation.

– Assist You to Sleep

When you use dim light from a salt lamp you may feel sleepy especially during the end of the day.

– Raise Energy Levels

The negative ions released by the salt lamps increase energy levels which gives a refreshing effect similar to the refreshing feeling gained after spending time in nature.

– Boosts Blood Flow

Studies suggest that negative ions emitted by salt lamps can accelerate blood flow. With this, you can improve certain disorders of the vascular systems.


What Should I Look for When Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

When choosing the type of Himalayan salt lamp to buy, It is good to be able to make the right decision on factors such as size color, shape among others so as to finally consider the best product that suits your needs. Below are some of the factors that you should consider.

1. Color.

There are a number of salt colors in the mines in Pakistan. Therefore the color of the salt lamp depends on the rock from which it was mined.

The types of vein colors from which the salt is mined are pink, white, orange and red.

White salt lamps are very rare to find and some people like them because of this. They also provide maximum brightness.

Others find this light too bright and get the feeling that they lack the common darker shades of Himalayan salt lamps.

Orange salt lamps are the most favored lamps since they seem to provide the warmest illumination. They are neither too bright nor too dark and this is a sign of quality crystal.

2. Size.

The most differentiating factor of salt lamps is its weight and size. The heavier the lamp the bigger it is giving it broader ionization properties. In case your room is big, then you should use a bigger salt lamp.

Spreading a number of properly sized lamps in your entire room will give the best effect since it will ensure the ion flow is balanced and effective.

3. Shape.

There are natural shaped salt lamps and crafted shape salt lamps. The natural shaped salt lamps are the most common and are usually preferred due to their natural look. They have the shape of the mines from which they were excavated.

4. Quality.

When considering this feature, you should look for things such as how well the salt lamp is joined to the base. Also, check how well the light socket is placed in the drilled hole.

A good quality lamp has loaded springs that apply pressure to the inner walls of the barrel in the lamp and are easily pulled out with a slight tug.


Reviews of the 12 Best Salt Lamps

#1. Best Sale – Himalayan Glow Salt Crystal Lamp with Real Base

himalayan glow 1002 crystal salt lamps
Hot Sale Himalayan Salt Lamp

The best in sale handmade and a Himalayan salt lamp is worth buying. It has been hand-carved professionally with the Himalayan rock salt coming from Pakistan. While lit, it will end up radiating amber and warm glow that will be giving a calmer atmosphere. It will be assisting in creating of sense of relaxation and peace.

Besides, this is a gift that is perfect for giving to your loved ones. You may also use it on different occasions, particularly during Cyber Monday, Black Friday, thanksgiving, anniversary, Christmas, birthday and holidays. It will assist in brightening mood is all the rooms, thus adding a romantic and warm audience.

Its quality and safety are known all over the world. Its five to six feet cord is containing a switch that is patented and dimmer. It is thus adjusting on brightness and matching its great ambiance. The wooden neem base is bearing a 100% neem wooden natural base, which increases the longevity of the product.

Furthermore, the item is termite resistant, shrink resistant, and durable. Therefore, you are sure that the product is going to serve you for a long duration of time. You will end up saving on the amount of money that you would otherwise use while buying a lower quality product.

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#2. 2 Pack – Mockins Natural Hand Carved Salt Lamp

2 pack himalayan slat lamp with wood base
2 Pack Salt Rock Lamps

It is the best two-pack lamp in the market. The relaxing and salt crystal light will assist you in the process of lighting up your room. As a result, it is excellent for use as bedroom decor, home décor, desk decor, aesthetic room decor, and office décor. You may as well be using it in the form of night light, particularly by adults.

Other people are putting it in the restaurant and thus using them fro, Friday night parties. Every Himalayan has been handcrafted uniquely using the Pakistan mines.

Additionally, you will be turning the rock lamp on and off with a lot of ease. The lamp is small and will be changing quickly, thus providing a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

The size of the item is 5-7 lbs and 6-8 inches. With this light, you will end up enjoying the health benefits coming from the natural properties of the salt Himalayan pink lamps.

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#3. With Basket – Crystal Decor Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer

best pink himalayan salt lamp
Salt Lamps with Basket and Dimmer

If looking for a lamp with dimmer, this is the best lamp for you. It has a basket and thus providing the lamp with maximum safety.

The package is including one crystal of Himalayan décor pink salt lamp bearing a star design and with a dimmable cord. The light is natural, and thus there is no time in which you will have to live in a dark room as long as you have this lamp. As a result, it is excellent as prayer light, meditation light, bed light, and night light.

More also, the item assists in the creation of a unique ambiance. It is a great idea to use it in the form of hall light, kitchen light, living room light, bedroom light, and bathroom light. As a result, you will end up bringing a gentle glow in all the areas of your home.

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#4. USB Powered – Himalayan Glow Multi-color Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow USB Multicolor Salt Lamp
Best Salt Lamp Gift for Couples

The best product to consider is using USB. It is made using salt crystals coming from the Himalayan mountains. You will end up acquiring an amber and warm glow.

Besides, it will provide an atmosphere that is calm to assist in creating a sense of relaxation and peace. The USB salt lamp has a multi-color and therefore is both fantastic and unique. The light will end up rotating automatically between pink, green, purple, red, blue, and orange.

Additionally, this is the best gift choice that has been designed with a lot of care. It is coming with a natural and 100% wooden neem base. It is highly durable, and thus with the product, you have the surety that it will end up lasting for a long time.

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#5. With Retro Style – Shineled Natural Salt Lamp as Air Purifier

Shineled Natural Salt Lamp
Tall Himalayan Salt Lamps

These salt lamps have been mined in the place known as Pakistan. It is rich with significant minerals substances. As a result, it is heating the salt, thus causing crystals to end up releasing the various negative ions. It will end up removing the polluting particles such as the cigarette, pollen, and dust present in the air.

The dimmable switch is useful in the case of custom lighting of the atmosphere. It will play a significant role in illuminating the lounge, yoga space, office, and the bedroom. The item is reliable in the provision of relaxing and pleasant amber glow which helps in soothing the body and the mind.

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#6. With Changing Colors – V.C.Formark USB Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Natural Salt Lamp for Home and Office

While looking for a lamp that is changing colors, this is the ideal product. It is highly rich in a variety of significant mineral substances. The salt heating ends up, causing the crystals to end up releasing negatives ions. Besides, it results in the removal of polluting particles which are including cigarette smoke, pollen, and dust present in the air.

Additionally, the dimmable switch is also in use for the sake of custom lighting of the atmosphere. As a result, it is ideal in the illumination of the lounge, yoga space, office, and the bedroom.

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#7. Tall – Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp with Round Metal Basket

Tall Round Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Lamp

When you wish to offer a gift to a friend, it is a great gift that is worth offering. The superior quality of this product makes the loved ones brighten up their mood whenever they get it mainly in the form of a gift.

After turning off the salt lamp, you will realize that it will end up glowing similarly to a flame. The basket lamp has been designed similarly to artwork and is thus bringing warmth to one’s spirit, body, and mind.

It is a product with high quality and assuring people of excellent safety. As a result, it will be switching to adjust its brightness and will assist in the matching of ambiance.

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#8. With High Adjustability – V.C.Formark LED Salt Lamp

VC. Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp
Adjustable LED Himalayan Salt Lamp

The most adjustable lamp and thus will end up fitting your desires with ease. Besides, it is bearing two upgrade designs, including modes. These are including the warm light and the colorful loops. The shell’s integrated model is made using the process of ice cracking. Additionally, it is handmade purely as the salt lamp is similar to an ornamental and the handicraft.

Furthermore, it is reliable as it is made using high-quality material. All the different salt crystals are bearing 100% pure and are thus containing the best quality. Its case is made using a glass that is cracked by the use of hands. The CE/UL cable is certified and thus is connected directly to one’s computer. Besides, you may as well consider using the adapter connection.

With Formark salt lamp, you have the surety of warmth and comfort. All you require is lighting the source and passing through the natural salt crystals. You will end up adjusting the light lamp with more ease. The illumination will end up giving sweet, natural, and warm light. A salt lamp is releasing negative ions, which play a significant role in the purification of air.

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#9. Tea Light – HemingWeigh Natural Crystal Candle Light

HemingWeigh Natural Crystal Candle Light
Candle Himalayan Salt Lamp

It is a Himalayan candle holder with high demand. The holders are highly unique. Holders are chipped and mined in the Himalayan mountains by the use of hands.

The Himalayan salt is a block which is containing if pure Himalayan salt. They are coming from Pakistan, which is a significant craftsmanship present in the world. It is, in other terms, referred to as ‘Vitamins of Air.’ The holders of the Himalayan salt candle are great and perfect for use in different designs, particularly in conscious homes.

It is in demand as it fits adequately in the coffee table center and also at its bedside table. More also, the item is an accent holder that is beautiful and reliable for use mainly for yoga and meditation purposes.

With this lamp, you have the surety of enjoying the natural properties and incandescent flicker coming from the candle holders’ unique salt crystals.

The natural shape is timeless of votive candle holders, which assist in the proving of votive flame at the salt crystal holder. It will end up providing a tranquil and soothing environment.

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#10. Flower-Shaped – d’aplomb Rose Salt Lamp

Himalayan d'aplomb Flower Rose Salt Lamp
Rose Pink Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

It’s made from a stone that has been in existence in the last 250 years in the Pakistan Himalayan mountains. The pure crystal rock is genuine. Every piece is known for its uniqueness as it bears a slight color, size, and variations in shape. Approximately, it weighs 8 lbs.

The dimmer switch and wood bases rafted using wood. The bulbs are present at its package inner foam. Its dimmer switch is allowing for gradual brightening and dimming. As a result, it is highly ideal for use in the living area, yoga studio, dorm room, office, and in the bedroom.

Furthermore, it bears a satisfaction guarantee of 100%. It plays a significant role in relieving stress and in the purification of air. It does so through the release of negative ions, which assist in the trapping of air pollutants. The lamp is absorbing dust and also useful in the purification of air. The health benefits are including insomnia and fighting off fatigue.

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#11. Rectangular – d’aplomb High Quality Salt Lamp

Himalayan d'aplomb High-Quality Salt Lamp
Rectangle Himalayan Salt Lamp with High Quality

It is coming from the old salt which has been in existence for the last 250 years. The crystal rock salt is genuine. Every piece is unique as it is bearing variations in color, size, and shape. Its approximate weight is 11.5 lbs.

If you wish to give a gift to someone, this is the right gift to offer, particularly during the mother’s day. Besides, you may as well consider offering it as a gift to teachers, yoga enthusiasts, colleagues, college students, parents, and loved ones.

More also, it is useful in the relief of stress and the purifying of air. It happens through the release of various negative ions and trapping of the air pollutants. Therefore, the lamp will be useful in absorbing dust and in the purification of air. It has different health benefits, including the fighting of insomnia and fatigue.

The dimmer switch and wood base is well crafted. It is including UL-listed and 15-watt bulbs electrical set. Make sure you are not using any lamp which is exceeding 15 watts. Its dimmer switch is reliable in allowing for gradual brightening and dimming.

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#12. For Coffee Table – Spantik Bowl Salt Lamp with 6 Massage Balls

Spantik Bowl Salt Lamp with 6 Massage Balls
Salt Lamp with 6 Massage Balls

It plays a significant role in the provision of fresh air in the house. The lamp is hand-carved and handmade using salt crystals coming from Pakistan in the Himalayan mountains. The mountains are, in other terms, referred to as the ideal place for SALT craftsmanship.

You will be free to consider changing the bulb color to assist in giving a different color in the lighting area. The home décor is dimmable. It is adjustable with the use of an inline dimmer switch, which assists in matching with the ambiance.

The salt crystals are pink with a sit present on the wooden base. As a result, it is perfect for use in homes for design-conscious. It is reliable for use as a night light, yoga spaces, meditation, desk, bedside table, and coffee table.

The product’s unique design is useful in the provision of excellent design experience. The salt lamps are known for giving the lounge, store, business, and homes a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. In addition to assisting in mood purification of the room, the amber glow is giving the ambiance a unique design experience.

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Which Brand of Himalayan Salt Lamp Is the Best?

The Himalayan Glow manufacture the best salt lamps.

It has a Neem wooden base and is 100% natural compared to other wood materials. This makes the material shrink-resistant, durable and termite-resistant.

Himalayan Glow USB Multicolor Salt Lamp

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What Do Salt Lamps Work?

Salt lamps are quite a star in the world of room accessories. Many people are drawn to topics involving salt lamps. This salt is obtained from a certain region in Pakistan. They can differ in terms of shape and color hence each lamp has its own unique brilliance.

Knowing that these colors can have effects on different individuals you should choose your lamp color carefully. It is said that the lamps work in two ways.

Firstly, the lamps attract allergens, pollutants, and toxins to their surface.

Secondly, they are believed to release negative ions which have health benefits.

There are people who say they feel refreshed after a storm, which they believe is associated with the high amount of negative ions released after the storm.

Salt lamps produce negative ions while the water molecules from the atmosphere attract them and when the water molecules evaporate they release the negative ions to your space giving you a great feeling.

These salt lamps are illuminated by an electric bulb or a candle. When using candles, the illumination is quite less shiny compared to when using electric bulbs. It is believed that salt lamps offer health benefits to you.


What Makes a Good Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps offer a wide range of benefits to you when you decide they are the lamps to use.

– Decorating your rooms: These lamps have an elegant look with a sophisticated design that is perfect for tour modern decors.

– You can use as a nightlight: Himalayan salt lamp ensures dim lighting and can be a perfect addition to replace the brighter lights in your room at night. This makes it easier to fall asleep. (View more nightstand lamps here)

– Boosting your mood: These salt lamps produce different light colors ranging from blue, orange to dark orange. This helps create a soothing atmosphere that gives a good relaxing experience.

– Health benefits: These lamps have been advertised to be of great benefit to individuals with respiratory difficulties.


Where Do I Put a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Generally, you will place your Himalayan salt lamp in a place where it will stay for long so as to utilize its relaxing and rejuvenating effects. Below are the common places where you would place your Himalayan salt lamp:

– Beside your bed. The Himalayan salt lamp has been said to provide a comfortable environment that would initiate your sleep. Placing it near your bedside is ideal since it creates a soothing glow that is low enough and will not disturb your sleep.

– In the Living room. You should utilize the benefits of this lamp and place it in the family room. The lamp will produce the same warmth as candles but will have additional benefits by improving the health and mood through improving air quality.

– On your desk. You should re-energize your workspace whether at home or office with the benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp. You should place it next to your computer so as to neutralize the positive ions and radiations. Fresh air will boost your mood as well as reducing stress levels hence improving your level of focus.


How Can I Tell If My Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Real?

Logically, nobody likes being tricked into purchasing counterfeit goods, especially if paying a premium for the appropriate deal does not concern you. Below are ways to tell if your Himalayan salt lamp is real.

1. It Originates from Khewra Mines, Pakistan

Himalayan salt is mined from the western side of the Himalayas, Pakistan. It is necessary to check the bottom of your salt lamp, the packaging or wherever it is indicated so as to determine its country of origin. If the indication is not Pakistan, then the salt lamp is a counterfeit.

There are circumstances where unscrupulous sellers indicate that the salt lamp is from Pakistan while in the real sense it is a lie. To be on the safe side, it is important to buy the salt lamp from trusted brands and sellers. Before purchasing the product it is important to first do your homework to avoid a return.

2. It Sweats

A salt rock whether the common salt rock or Himalayan salt rock is hygroscopic. This means it is able to absorb moisture from the surrounding. It is this process together combined with the heat of the lamp that ensures the Himalayan salt lamp is good in cleansing the air in your living space.

Your salt lamp should sweat naturally especially in humid or wet environments. If you find out that your Himalayan salt lamp is turned off at such weather conditions and it maintains a dry state, then your lamp is fake.

3. The Salt Lamp Chips or Breaks

When you bought your salt lamp, did you find fragments in the packaging material? This could be quite annoying but at the same time, it is good news. This means you have the real Himalayan salt lamp. Though we can still keep a positive mind and assume the product was packed well. Himalayan salt lamps are very hard yet brittle.

It takes a hard impact than just a usual bump to break it but at the same time a part of the rock salt will naturally chip off. If your salt lamp stays strong and does not shed a single particle, then you can opt to pry a small piece with a knife gently but this should be your last option.

4. The Himalayan Salt Lamp Should Be Dim and Uneven

Unlike the standard night lights, Himalayan salt lamps cannot be relied on to glow your room for late-night activities such as reading. The lamp only glows a medium pink or a dark orange light that is calming enough to send you to slumber or rest. You should also notice an irregular pattern on the light, mostly when using bigger or heavier salt lamps.

Where you see deeper and brighter shades in a big chunk of salt, then that’s something you should be glad of since it is an indication that the salt lamp is real. There is no uniform thickness in the salt crystal and this is the cause of the irregular light pattern.

5. You Should Start Noticing the Benefits It Is Claimed to Offer

Himalayan salt lamps are claimed to offer a lot of benefits. some of them include cleaner air, less stress, reduced allergens and better sleep among others. Though these effects have not been proven scientifically, some users have reported such effects. If you experience some of these signs, then it is an indication that you have the real Himalayan salt lamp.



In conclusion, salt lamps have a wide range of benefits both health benefits and elegant designs. You can come across counterfeit salt lamps in the market hence the need to consider the factors discussed above in this article.

You now have adequate information on Himalayan salt lamps. Therefore, nothing will deter you anymore from purchasing the salt lamp of your choice. Ensure you make your order today and start enjoying the use of this ideal lamps.