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Best Indoor Christmas Tree Lights – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide (Newly Updated)

Christmas is almost here, and I bet you are looking for the best indoor Christmas tree lights so you can start decorations, right? I mean, Christmas occurs just once in the year, and one of the most significant parts of the entire celebration is having the right tree lights for the decor.
So, if you are looking for quality Christmas tree lights for your family, here are our top picks and an insightful guide.

Reviews of the 6 Best Christmas Tree Lights for Indoors

1. Best with 8 Lighting Modes – MZD8391 105FT Christmas Fairy String Lights with Memory Function

If you are unsure whether you would set up your Christmas tree indoors or outdoors, these are the right Christmas tree lights to buy. Something may come up forcing you to set the tree on outdoors.

So, these lights are crafted to endure the climates both indoors and outdoors for durability.

led indoor christmas lights


  • The lights blink in 8 different modes
  • The lights have a memory setting to keep the same light mode
  • They are safe for indoor and outdoor climates


  • No trees or garland included

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Multiple light modes

These lights are crafted with different lights that blink in 8 light modes. So, it is easy to alternate the lighting color to bring more liveliness to the Christmas tree and the entire room.

Low volt design

These Christmas tree lights are safe to leave on for as long as you want without worrying about them getting overheated or anything.

The lights are designed with low volt that prevents the lights from overheating, especially when left for a long time. This also makes them the best choice for homes with kids since they can touch the lights without getting burnt.

Weatherproof construction

These lights are designed to withstand all weather climates. You can leave them outdoors even when it is raining since they are waterproof. The high cold of sunlight does not also interfere with their functionality.

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2. Best Twinkle – Epesl 82 FT Waterproof Plug in String Lights for Indoor Christmas Trees

Keep your home looking elegant with these amazing decor lights during the essential events in the house. The lights are great for decorating the Christmas tree, and you can also use them for decorating the house during other parties or thanksgiving.

cheap christmas tree lights for indoor use


  • These are multifunctional lights
  • You can connect up to six lights at ones
  • The lights come with a warranty
  • They are expandable


  • 82 ft

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Memory function

Do you want the lights to illuminate the same colors throughout? This is possible since the remote has a memory setting that ensures to keep the same settings throughout.

8 lighting modes

These LED lights are equipped with 8 different lighting modes to choose from. Whether you want the lights to flash, twinkle, slog or light up in sequential mode. The lights come with a remote for making any changes or settings you need.


You are not limited to setting up the lights on indoors alone since they are made with waterproof materials to withstand the outdoor climates. You can also set the Christmas tree at the patio, deck, or even near the door outside.

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3. Best Artistic – Hypestar USB/Battery Operated Tabletop Artificial Decorative Light Tree for Indoor Use

Looking for a way to accentuate your tables in the house during the Christmas festive? This artificial light is the best option. They make the house have that Christmas decor feeling without taking up too much space in the area you set them up.

warm white indoor christmas tree lights


  • This tree light has a beautiful and unique design
  • Provides warm white light
  • It is a versatile tree light
  • The tree light is affordable


  • Small in size

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Easy to adjust

The branches of this Christmas tree lights are made with bendable materials so you can bend and adjust their size or shape to suit your decor needs.


The tree has a starlight design that makes it easy to set on any section of your choice. The lights do not take away other decors around the room or even the table.

Powered by disposable battery

No need to deal with cables on the floor since double-A batteries power this artificial Christmas tree.

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4. Best Decor – National Tree Company 9 FT Pre-lit Christmas Garland for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This is another versatile Christmas light decor that you can equip on multiple areas in your home. It is also perfect for setting up on your Christmas tree for more light settings.

lighted christmas decorations indoor


  • This light decor is quite durable
  • The light garland is versatile in installation
  • Adds amazing decor features in the room


  • Mostly for indoor and outdoor decor

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Indoor and outdoor compatible

This artificial light garland is meant for indoor and outdoor areas since it has the quality and weather-resistant material crafting.

Natural design

You can comfortably set up this garland on any part of your home since the natural design does not take away the natural look of your Christmas tree. Thus, it blends perfectly.

Quality construction

This artificial Christmas tree decor is meant to last you for many Christmas events since it has quality materials construction.

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5. High End – National Tree Company Indoor 6.5FT Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Do you need a pre lit artificial Christmas tree that will last you for a very long time? This right here is a perfect tree to consider buying. The tree has a unique snowy cone design that will make your room look great.

6.5ft pre lit christmas tree for indoor use


  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Setting up the tree is easy
  • Comes in 6 different sizes


  • Costs about $350

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Easy to set up

Putting up this Christmas tree takes a few minutes to complete since the steps are easy to follow, and it is also light in weight to hold when connecting.

Varying sizing

Getting a tree that fits in your home is possible since the tree comes in three different sizes to choose from.


You don’t need to add any stability to this cone snowy Christmas tree since it has a heavy-duty and stable base that holds it firmly on the ground.

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6. Best with 4 Colors – Best Choice Products 7 FT Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

This is another best choice of a Christmas tree for people who want a tree to reuse multiple times. It has artificial material craft, although the design and color look just like a real Christmas tree. The materials make it a good choice for setting up either indoors or outdoors.

indoor christmas trees with lights


  • This light comes with lighting
  • It is easy and comfortable to set up
  • The tree is foldable for easy storage away
  • The tree is light for portability
  • Comes with 4 colors, 8 light modes and 3 brightness settings


  • None

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4 LED colors

This Christmas tree comes with four lights with 280 Pre lite LED lights to offer excellent illumination in areas you set the tree at.


This Christmas tree is quite easy to keep away from since it is foldable for easy storage in the box.

Varying light settings

This Christmas tree has four light settings with three lighting modes and 8 sequences to choose from depending on your home decor needs or the area you opt to set the tree at.

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How to Choose the Best Indoor Christmas Tree Lights?

christmas tree spotlight indoor

  • The setup area

Do you need the Christmas lights to set up outdoors or indoors? This is the first thing to consider since the materials that the lights are made of matter.

Outdoor Christmas lights should have insulation to secure them from outdoor climates like the rain. However, do not overlook the safety of the indoor lightings. Still, make sure the indoor Christmas tree lights are insulated to ensure they remain cool throughout.

  • The colors

Do you need the lights that illuminate one color or multiple colors? These lights are made with varying illumination colors to choose from. Multiple Christmas light colors add the liveliness and decor feature to the Christmas tree.

If you are looking for that bright color effect, consider the lights that light up in different colors. However, if you need lights that only illuminate a single color style, there are various market models.

  • LED vs. standard lights

Christmas tree lights are made in two different categories whereby some are LED, and others have the standard styles. The LED lights are cost-efficient to run and have varying light settings to fit the user’s needs.

The standard lights are also reliable in terms of lighting but are quite expensive to run. So, in this case, the LED lights win.

  • The size

The light’s length is another crucial factor you need to consider, especially if you need lights to fit on a large Christmas tree. The Christmas lights come in different designs, such as a strap and cluster.

Most people hugely prefer the cluster lights since they are cost-effective and can cover large Christmas trees. They are designed with a single point outlet with multiple strands spreading around the tree or the area you set up.


How Do You String Lights on an Indoor Christmas Tree?

indoor christmas tree reviews

  • Test the lights

The first thing you need to do after opening the lights’ pack is to test their functionality.

Note that some lights are a bit tangled, and you need to be extra careful when detangling them to make sure you don’t spoil the lights.

After opening the lights, the next step is to test if they are all working.

  • Start from the bottom

You should start strapping the lights from the bottom area up. This is crucial because the bottom areas are quite wide and may take more lights than the top section.

Also, equip the lights in a zigzag mode, section by section to avoid using too much light at the bottom. This also creates a beautiful illustration of the tree.

  • Play around with lights

To create a good light balance, make sure to tie the lights at the branches and others on the branches’ front sections to create a good balance of the lighting.

  • Hide the connectors

A tree that has a light connector showing somehow looks untidy and bad. So make sure only the bulbs are visible from the exterior of the tee.

Do this by tucking away the connectors inside the tree branches. Do the same when you reach the top. Try to tuck the connectors inside the branches or at the back of the tree.



These are the top best indoor Christmas tree lights and decor to consider during these festive seasons.

If you are looking for an artificial Christmas tree, consider the area you want to install it and the room. The lights consider the models that light up in different colors.