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Best LED Christmas Lights – Top Picks for High Efficiency

Festive seasons call for some joyous time with family and friends. Christmas season in itself cannot be described best without mentioning decorations that crown the season.

While there is a myriad of decorations and house makeovers to do, Christmas lights offer your home a unique glimmering warmth. Offering a full spectrum of vibrant colors, LED Christmas lights to make an exceptionally durable energy-saving option for your Christmas lighting.

However, choosing the best LED Christmas lights can be a daunting task for many. The following is a review of some of the best LED Christmas lights for some glamorous decorations for your home.

Reviews of the 7 Best LED Christmas Lights

#1. Best Sale – Twinkle Star Outdoor Waterproof LED String Lights with Warm White Light

warm white led christmas lights


  • Extendable – Can be extended from 83ft (200 mini LED lights) to 677ft (1000 mini LED lights)
  • Waterproof
  • Offers multiple functions to fit different festivals, moods, and occasions


  • Not found yet

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Making it in the list of the best LED Christmas lights is the Twinkle Star Waterproof LED lights. As its name suggests, these lights are waterproof hence can be used both indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations.

Twinkle Star Lights are a collection of two hundred white wide angle mini LED lights. With the strings of the lights having non-removable LED, broken, loose, and removed bulbs are hard to find hence long-lasting.

While the Twinkle Star Waterproof LED lights come in two hundred mini lights, this could be extended to up to a thousand mini LED lights. This means would increase the length of the string lights from 83ft to a maximum of up to 677ft.

The lights also come with an adjustable mode achieved by pressing a round button on the adapter. This provides eight different functions to fit on different occasions.

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#2. Best for Exterior House – Brizled Color Changing LED Xmas Twinkle Lights with Remote and Timer

color changing led christmas lights


  • Comes in a dual-color changing mode
  • Offers light speed adjustability
  • Durable since they are waterproof
  • Their memory function offers value for your money


  • You might need to protect the power source when assembling them outdoors

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Coming from the Brizled brand, this LED Christmas light offers a total number of two hundred color-changing lights. Notably, its unique dual-color modes make it reputable with 12 unique dual-color under its flash and smooth switch.

Its memory function and an array of timer options also make it one of the best LED Christmas lights. You will require not to repeat the settings for the color-changing string lights, thanks to the memory function.

To add delight to your decorations, the lights come with 10 levels of speed and brightness. Speed adjustment modes range from auto, flash, smooth, and fade. The lights also come in two-way lighting mode including the switch button and the remote control.

Durability is guaranteed with these lights having them being waterproof, hence can work in both indoor and outdoor decorations. However, you might require to protect the power source when assembling the lights outdoors to prevent short-circuiting.

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#3. Best for Indoors – National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Trees with LED Lights

pre lit led christmas lights for outdoors and indoors


  • Durability
  • Offer a natural lifelike appeal
  • For long lasting use


  • Assembling and dissembling the lights can be tedious

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The National Tree Dunhill LED lights tree makes a suitable choice for your festive season lighting solutions. The fir tree comes in a green color having it made of PVC material.

With about 6.5ft of length and a diameter of 53 inches, the National Tree Dunhill Lights offer a moderately large tree for your festive season decoration needs at home.

Expect to experience a natural lifelike appeal of the lights thanks to the tree’s pre-lit artificial branches that offer an ultra-realistic look. The tree’s convenient hinged branches and pre-strung lights give room for easy assembling, disassembling, and storage of the tree.

Durability is key for the tree’s LED lights thanks to their resistance to fire and white light that remains even when any bulb has burned out.

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#4. Best for Roof – NOMA C9 LED Christmas Lights with Multi Colors

led outdoor christmas lights


  • Easy setup of the lights
  • Its LED lights are energy saving
  • Extendable from 100 mini LED lights to up to 4500 mini LED lights in 45 strands
  • Bright


  • The bulbs are not dimmable

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The NOMA brand offers a perfect choice for the best LED Christmas lights that one would possibly require for the festive season decorations.

With these NOMA LED lights being multicolored, there is more glamour and beauty to be experienced in decorating your outdoors using these lights. These LED lights come as a collection of a hundred mini LED lights and require a corded electric power source.

The NOMA Christmas Multicolor LED lights offer end to end connectivity. Each of the lights’ strands has plug-ins that allow one to link extra strands.

With the lights’ patented quick-clip technology comes the ability to rotate the lights for up to a hundred and eighty degrees towards any desired direction.

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#5. Best Smart – Twinkly LED String Lights for Christmas Trees and Bush

led smart tech lighting for christmas tree


  • Offer one of the best multicolor light effects- More than sixteen million color effects
  • It’s a smart option having it controlled by the Twinkly application
  • Can be synced with music
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Offers custom display


  • Might be more expensive compared to some of the basic LED Christmas lights

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If you’re looking for a smart option amongst the best LED Christmas lights, then you might like what the Twinkly brand has to offer. Twinkly Decorations Custom String Lights come in four hundred mini LED multicolored lights.

Notably, the multicolor effect is so awesome that one can enjoy millions of color decorations ideal for both indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations.

With the Twinkly Decorations Custom String Lights being app-controlled, one can use the Twinkly app to map the light strings creating custom lighting displays.

Great usability comes with the Twinkly application having is supported by both android and iOS operating systems. The lights can also be synced with music having them also be connected to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.

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#6. Best Bright – Wintergreen Lighting Commercial C7 Christmas Lights for Outdoors

led outdoor christmas lights


  • Extendable to up to a thousand light bulbs on a single socket
  • Easy to assemble and have removable and replaceable light bulbs
  • The lights are dimmable offering a natural-looking glow
  • An amazingly long average life- Up to 60000 hours


  • The dimmer is purchased separately

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When it comes to innovation, Wintergreen Lighting is not left behind having them offer one of the best LED Christmas lights, the White OptiCore Outdoor Christmas Lights.

The red/cool white-colored LED lights have an incandescent light source type, with a hundred mini LED lights. To assemble the mini LED light bulbs, you only need to twist them in the sockets along the 100ft stringer.

White OptiCore Outdoor Christmas Lights can be described as the next generation LED Christmas lights having them come with superior construction.

With an elegant color saturation, and bulbs featuring a dimmable diode that offer a natural glow, these bulbs offer a vibrant decoration for your Christmas festivities.

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#7. Best Price – KNONEW LED Icicle Christmas Light Drops for Indoor and Outdoor

led icicle christmas lights


  • Waterproof so can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Connectable having each icicle light allow connection with up to three strings
  • Features the memory and timer function
  • Possesses 8 different light patterns


  • 8 light patterns may not be enough for those who go for a myriad of color options

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Ending the list of some of the best LED Christmas lights are KNONEW’s Halloween Backdrops. The lights come in a combination of four hundred warm white-colored mini LED lights.

Like many of the other LED Christmas lights, these lights come in multiple light patterns. Users can choose from the lights’ eight modes of icicle light patterns.

Great about the KNOWNEW’s lights is the waterproof nature that makes them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use during your Christmas period.

The memory and timer function also offer great value in these lights having the lights continue from the set mode when put on.

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How to Choose the Best LED Christmas Lights?

led strip christmas lights

While there is a myriad of LED Christmas lights in the market, choosing the best can be a daunting task. Consider the following tips in choosing the best LED Christmas lights.

  • Average Life

No one wishes to purchase some LED lights that will not serve them for quite a long period. Depending on the company, LED Christmas lights are developed to offer a different average life.

Choosing LED Christmas lights whose average life is high is recommendable to avoid rushing to the stores now and then. The minimum average life for the best LED Christmas lights is about 10 thousand hours.

  • Energy Efficiency

We all need to save on energy and avoid a high electricity bill. Unless you have an unpaid source of electricity, energy-efficient LED Christmas lights will always be a choice.

Consider taking LED Christmas lights that have to consume less electric energy. However, don’t be stingy since great decorations must come with some demands including quite some high energy consumption.

  • The Color Factor

The true essence of decoration is beauty and nothing makes this a reality for the LED lights other than having multicolor LED Christmas lights. While they may come at a higher cost, multicolor LED lights offer a glamourous look for both indoor and outdoor house decoration.

Also, consider the color effects such as blinking of the lights. Having LED lights that come with the memory and timer function is considered a great investment in decorations.

  • Durability

The best LED Christmas lights in the market will in most cases be durable. Durability in this context can be determined by the nature of the light bulbs and the nature of being waterproof or not.

Consider purchasing LED lights that are waterproof and those whose material is durable.

  • Extendibility

One of the common features of the best LED Christmas lights in the market is extendibility. This means the ability to connect more strings of the LED lights to the existing strings.

Choose LED lights that offer great extendibility since you might have to need more strings of the LED lights around your house indoors or outdoors.


FAQs about LED Christmas Lights

computer controlled christmas lights

1. What Are the Brightest LED Christmas Lights?

The brightness of LED Christmas lights plays a great role in the decorative aspect of the LED lights. Notably, most of the professional in house decorations will opt-in for the LED lights over the incandescent indoor Christmas lights.

Specifically, the conical LED Christmas lights offer the best brightness.

The brightness of the conical LED lights follows their waterproof and snowproof ability having them molded into the plastic cordage.

However, there is also a need to realize that the brightness of the conical LED Christmas lights also differs. Some of the conical LED lights might offer more brightness than others, while some remain quite dim even without the dimmer.

Two factors play part in determining the brightness of the conical LEDs. They include the magnification of the conical lens and the intensity of the LEDs. The higher the intensity of the LEDs, the stronger the brightness of the LED lights.

Additionally, the higher the magnification of the conical lens of the LED lights, the more the brightness of the lights. Conical LED lights will in most cases make the best LED Christmas lights for the outdoor deco.

Best Overall – Sanjicha Solar Powered LED Christmas Lights with Bright Light

2. Are LED Christmas Lights Better?

It goes without saying that LED Christmas lights make a better option for your Christmas lighting decorations compared to the incandescent Christmas lighting.

Rather than filaments, the LED Christmas lights are light-emitting diodes that solely produce light. Notably, the LED Christmas lights remain to be durable, efficient, and long-lasting compared to the incandescent lights.

LED Christmas lights are energy efficient having them save use up to 75 percent less energy than the incandescent lights. This follows the fact that most incandescent lights waste lots of energy in heat emission, sometimes using up to 90 percent of the energy in heat emission alone.

Additionally, LED lights don’t burn out like incandescent lights. However, they may get dimmer over a long time of usage.

Notably, most are replaceable having such maintenance costs lower for the LED Christmas lights compared to the incandescent Christmas lights.



While there are many options to choose from when it comes to Christmas lighting decorations, the LED Christmas lightings offer a perfect choice.

However, not every LED Christmas light is suitable and worth your money. To make a sound and informed judgment when it comes to the best LED Christmas lights, you might need to consider some of the above-discussed factors.

Keep in mind also that the best LED Christmas lights might come at a higher cost than any mediocre lighting decorations for your festive season.