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Best LED Reading Floor Lamp for Avid Readers in 2022

Are you an avid reader of books and publications? If you are, you can never claim to be serious or desirous of enhanced reading outcomes without the use of the LED floor lamps. These are lamps that you fix on the floors and use to furnish the light output to the books and other pieces of literature.

Given the significance of these lamps, it is never a wise thing to just grasp any randomly. Instead, you have to take your time and skim the numerous options available for you before going ahead to make a pick. We draft this review of the best LED reading floor lamp to help you to achieve that very end.

Why Buy an LED Floor Lamp for Readers?

You need to buy an LED floor lamp for various reasons not only for reading. In this section below, we shall identify some of the leading reasons behind this, and how they play out. For one, these lamps are created and intended to serve many purposes. It is these variations that determine the ends you may receive:

Illuminate Your Literature

The number one reason why you need these lamps is to illuminate your literature. They emit the rays of light which you subsequently use to see what you are actually reading at any given point in time. That is particularly awesome when attempting to read in the dark or in moments of low illumination.

Add Some Elegance to Your Room

Some of these lamps are shaped and designed to be truly beautiful to behold. Thus, their use and installation in the rooms is a sure way of adding some elegance therein. To leverage this role, you have to place the lamps strategically at a place where all may see.

Warm the Room

Many lamps of these kinds are also used to warm the rooms. That is because they generate some sufficient amounts of heat outputs. They come in particularly handy when the ambient temperatures are extremely cold and below what may be considered ordinary. Check the ratings first before proceeding to use them for the job.

Decorate or Style the Rooms

Yet again, some of these lamps may be used to decorate or style the rooms. The light outputs they give off may be altered to make the area or room wherein the same is deployed beautiful and breathtaking to behold. If you are hosting a party or disco, this is an end you want to capitalize on.

Set the Right Moods

By playing around with the color outputs of the lamps, it is possible also for you to set the right moods. Blue is a color that is known to be cool and awesome. Use it for those somber occasions. Orange, yellow, and red are warm and glow. They are useful when trying to convey life, pomp, and color.


Reviews of the 7 Best LED Reading Floor Lamp

Starting us off is an in-depth look into the best lamps of these kinds at the moment:

#1. Best Sale – Brightech LED Floor Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck

Of all the lamps of these kinds, it is this best selling lamp that tops the list. It contains all the elegant trappings that may be necessary while skimming your books and other pieces of literature.

best sale Brightech led reading floor lamps



  • Stable and safer for your use
  • Hard to knock off owing to a stable base
  • Fits the rooms of the kids pretty conveniently
  • Hardly overheats even when used for too long


  • You can’t replace its led bulb since it is integrated

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  • High Brightness and Contrast

Overall, the lamp generates high brightness and contrast output. You will find this a bit awesome for illuminating your crafts and books in equal measure. So comfortable it is to the eyes that you won’t struggle to behold the fine prints.

  • Natural Daylight Output

The quality of the light output is as great as the natural daylight output. It is as such less capable of straining your eyes unnecessarily. Even when you have to behold your writings for too long, you will hardly suffer eye damages.

  • Modern Office Floor Lamp

For all practical purposes, this serves also as a modern office floor lamp. This is due to its elegant appearance that may also improve the aesthetics of your room. All you have to do is place it strategically at a place where everyone might easily see it.

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#2. Best Cheap – Brightech LED Standing Pole Lamp with Dimmable Light for Reading

Short on cash but would still want to illuminate your room and study area? You can still achieve that very end. Just pick this Brightech dimmable lamp and deploy it in your room.

Brightech led floor lamp for readers and tailors



  • Safer for the smaller kids as well
  • Unlikely to heat you up when in use
  • Produces a sufficiently bright light output
  • Channels the light output conveniently in all the directions


  • Some customers don’t like its slim body

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  • Bright White Light

Its light output is white and bright at the same time. This makes it awesome for matters of beautifying your skin, face, and overall body. Being white, it hardly emits any heat output and is hence pretty comfortable to stay in close proximity with.

  • Flexible Gooseneck

Complementing the white light output is the flexible gooseneck. You use this to channel the direction of the light output to that point that is convenient and desirous to you at any given time. That also contributes to greatly reduced strains.

  • Dimmable Intensities

The lamp gives you the convenience also of being able to vary the intensity of the output as per your liking. This is thanks to the dimmable trait that comes along. With this armory in your hand, expect to enjoy even greater convenience of use.

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#3. Best Rated – TaoTronics 2 in 1 LED Floor Lamp and Table Lamp Combo for Reading

Do you involve yourself in many activities that require sufficient lighting? Well, this TaoTronics led reading floor lamp could be the one you have been looking for! As its designation implies it is useful both at the table and on the floor.


TaoTronics led floor lamp with dimmable light for reading


  • Boasts of 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Comes in a simple, secure and user-friendly build
  • Usable atop the table and the floor at the same time
  • Accompanied by an adapter to enhance its operations
  • Simpler to operate thanks to the lack of mechanical buttons


  • Single light control by touch the panel on the lamp pole

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  • Fully-customizable Illumination

The lamp allows you to customize the illumination or the light output fully. This it does by giving you a range of five-color temperatures and brightness levels from which to choose. The sum total of these is that you will enjoy unparalleled operations and convenience.

  • Longer Lifespan

Overall, the floor lamp does manage to operate smoothly for roughly 50,000 hours non-stop. Whichever way you look at it, this is sufficiently long to provide you the comfort and reliability you could be desperately yearning for.

  • Built-in touch Controls

Existing as vital parts and parcels of this lamp are some built-in controls. You will use these to set the desired level of light and color you may be on the lookout for. Being built into the system, it does not demand that you strain too much to have your way.

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#4. Best for Bad Eyes and Aged Eyes – Brightech Magnifying Floor Lamp with Rolling Base

Do you have some bad eyes or experience optical issues whenever you are in close proximity to a light source for too long? Place your bet on a magnifying lamp. It is the one that is optimized for that end!

magnifying floor lamp for elder reading or bad eyes readers


  • Has a potent magnification power
  • Lasts longer than the plastic or acrylic lenses
  • Resists scratches and other agents of damages well
  • Ideal for the elder or people who suffer from bad eyes


  • It costs a lot to purchase compared to other six

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  • Magnifying Light

The light output of this lamp is outstanding in the sense that it can magnify to impact a larger area or a smaller area respectively. In this way, it gives you the leeway to determine just how legible your targeted object ought to look like.

  • Comfortable and Easy Use

On the whole, this floor lamp is comfortable and easier to make do with, in equal stature. Thus, it hardly imposes unnecessary strains on you as is the norm with the many alternatives that be at the moment. Thanks to its hands-free operability, it also cuts down your brawn needs.

  • Adapatability

The rolling base will not restrict your activities. When you are working and cannot set free your hands to adjust light directions, move this floor lamp with your elbow or knee. The architect swing arm is also a selling point. Such arms permit you up or down the light channels.

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#5. Best with Remote Control – Dodocool LED Reading Standing Light with Stepless Dimmer

For your own convenience, you want a lamp that is operable via a remote control unit. Set your eyes on this led reading floor light as it fits that bill exceptionally well.

led floor lamp with remoter for reading


  • Protects your eyes considerably well
  • Provides a stable source of reliable light
  • Unlikely to generate flickers and other adverse effects
  • Does not overheat or burn out even when used for too long


  • The range of remote control is 36 feet

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  • 2-in-1 Smart Remote and Touch Controls

A set of 2-in-1 smart remote and touch controls stand out as the premier components of this floor lamp. It is the one you use to engage the various metrics and parameters. Being remotely controllable, they are convenient to make use of and are also hassle-free.

  • 4 Adjust LED Color Temperature & Stepless Dimming

Next, come some four adjust LED color temperature and stepless dimming. As their name implies, these features will vary the intensity and the severity of the light output. In that way, they let you tackle your chores with maximum efficacy.

  • 6-scene Modes & 360° Adjustable

Also complementing the modes above are some 6-scene modes and 360° adjustability. They are the ones that you use to vary the strength and the orientation of the light output to the desired direction of your liking.

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#6. Best with Full Spectrum – Phive LED Reading Floor Lamp with Memory Function

Want to accrue some full-spectrum color output? Choose to work with this Phive lamp. As its designation implies, it deploys all the bands of light that exists in the electromagnetic radiation.

Phive full spectrum led floor lamps for reading


  • Has a memory function
  • Confers four color modes
  • Delivers five levels of brightness
  • Operable via touch-sensitive controls
  • Useful in many places due to unrestricted applicability


  • Requires some assembly before use

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  • Highly Adjustable

All the vital parameters of the lamp are highly adjustable. This is largely made possible by the gooseneck design that facilitates the alteration of the directions and orientations of the lamp. With this structure in place, you are assured of free and convenient lighting.

  • 4 Modes & 5 Level Dimmer

Some four modes and a 5-level dimmer also exist as vital controls parameters. They are the ones that you use to alter the settings of the lighting as per your own expectations. All these it does in a fairer, simpler, and expedited fashion.

  • Handy and Useful

When all factors are put into consideration, the lamp under this review is both handy and useful. Owing to its highly versatile nature, you will find it smoother and comfortable to make use of at the beach, on a bench, and in the bed.

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#7. Best with Side Reading Light – Sunllipe LED Floor Lamp for Home Use

Could it be that the only room or space you have is at the sides? This floor light could be the companion you may have been yearning for. Its compact size and slim stature allow you to leverage that end.

warm torchiere floor lamp with adjustable side reading light


  • Safer and stable all the while of use
  • Stands firm from unnecessary damages
  • Comes about in a modern and stylish design
  • Accompanied by some two durable lampshades
  • Always stays cool regardless of how long it is used


  • One on/off switch for all lighting operations

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  • Energy-saving LED Bulbs

A set of energy-saving LED bulbs comes along as the premier component of this system. These ones, as their designations imply, do cut down the costs of utility that is likely to come along when the same is deployed for use.

  • Adjustable Side Reading Lamp

All its critical parts and components adjust to allow for smooth and seamless operations. The gooseneck is the most notable of these features and aspects. It is the one that swivels and rotates to place the bulb in the direction that is desirable.

  • Easy-to-assemble and Move

Though this lamp requires some assembly, it is comparatively simpler to assemble and eventually move. You do not need to be too much of an expert to accomplish this role. Thus, the benefit of unparalleled experience is indeed yours to leverage in all these.

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What Color Light Is the Best for Reading When Using LED Floor Lamp?

best led reading floor lamp reviews

Reading relies extensively on two issues. First is the state of the eyes while the next is the quality of the light output. But just what is the best color light for reading? Well, before making a recommendation, we would wish to examine some of the options and variations that may come to your rescue. These are mainly three:

#1. Cool Light

As its name implies, this is a kind of color that is completely safer and less intrusive to your eyes. It provides a greater degree of brightness while at the same time help you to maintain a fairly high degree of attentiveness. Moreover, it invigorates when beheld with the naked eyes.

#2. Warm Light

These lights help you to relax after reading. This kind of light is softer to the eyes and leaves behind a cozy, intimate, inviting, and calm feeling. All these stem from the smaller amounts of lumens that the lamp provides.

#3. Natural Light

This one is the real and unadulterated light that mimics that of nature. Being natural, it is unlikely to hurt your eyes and as such, allow you to work comfortably without any undue hindrances. The quality of the light output is vibrant and brighter in equal stature.

All these lights come in two main color options. These are white and yellow, respectively. But which of these two is the better option?

A WARM TONE or YELLOW COLOR is the best for reading. The heat output of this kind of color is below the 3,000K threshold on the temperature scale. With this parameter in mind, the light is unlikely to stress your eyes. Moreover, it won’t also disturb you as you sleep. This is not to mention its suitability for long-term reading actions.


What Is the Best LED Reading Floor Lamp?

From our assessment, the Brightech Litespan lamp is the best LED reading floor lamp. Below are the reasons that make it lay claim to this stake:

Superior Brightness – The lamp confers superior brightness in its light output. Expect it hence to thoroughly illuminate your ambiance and rooms. That way, you won’t have to struggle to have your way at all as it works to eliminate every hassle you might have to contend with.

Flicker-free Light Output – Other than being bright, the quality of the light is also superb. It is devoid of any flickers that often characterize such light outputs. Thus, it is unlikely to harm your eyes more so when you have to behold the literature and the writings for too long a duration of time.

Energy-saving – This lamp has the characteristic advantage also of being able to save energy. It does not leak out the energy as others do. Also, its energy consumption is far less than the output. With it in your hands, you are hence certain to reduce the operational expenses that arise.

Dimmable Options – It also gives you the leeway to dim its color outputs in response to the unique needs that the environment you are in at that time may demand. These options also go a long way in reducing the costs of operation in the long run.

Wonderfully Gentle on the Eyes – The light output is wonderfully gentle on your eyes. Even when you have to study under this light for too long, you may count on it not to be too hard on your eyes. You will contrary enjoy your time when reading or studying hard.

Endless Lighting Possibilities – By virtue of being able to alter the strength, direction, and quality of the light output, this lamp truly guarantees you a slew of endless lighting possibilities. These could be about studio lighting, varying effects, and modes for you to choose from.


Alright! We bring an end to our review of the Best LED Reading Floor Lamp to an end there. As you may already realize, making a good find from the pool of so many that are available is never really going to be a walk in the park. However, a careful reading of reviews and product recommendations above will surely give you the head start you badly need.