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Best LED Solar Garden Lights to Add House Charming in 2022

LED solar garden lights are a great way to illuminate the outside of your home; such as walkways, gardens, and other areas so that you can see in the dark and add a level of ambiance. They are great ways to have a light that doesn’t use any type of traditional electricity, as they are powered by the sun and can stay on for a full 8 hours in most cases.

In the following article, we will be going over the top 6 best led solar garden lights currently on the market, as well as offer a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed buying decision.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Pathway and Driveway – GIGALUMI Solar Spotlight Packs

For Garden Decor – Aubasic Antique Brass Moon Lamps

For Flower Bed – WoHome Multi-Color Landscape Light


What Are the Different Types of LED Solar Garden Lamps?

While there is a multitude of designs available for led solar garden lights, they will be split up into a few main categories. These all function primarily the same, and will absorb solar energy and convert that into light during the evening. The main types of solar lights are:

best led solar garden lights reviews

#1. LED Solar Path Lights

The most common type of solar light for your garden, these are small lantern type lights that sit on stakes to place into the ground.

They are primarily placed around walkways and gardens to provide functioning ambient lighting in the evening; they tend to offer around the same light as a 40-watt lightbulb.

These can come in a variety of styles, colors, and features although the basic design will remain the same. If you are looking for a good budget-friendly option to use, this is a good bet.

#2. Decorative LED Solar Lights

These types of solar lights will have a more intricate design and will run a little higher price point. They are not as bright as solar path lights, as the glass section will generally be made to have a more ambient effect; such as blown glass.

They are great additions to gardens and walkways that provide a nice modern aesthetic; however, if you are using them for the light you may want to stock up and use more.

#3. LED Solar Spotlights

The brightest of the solar lights available, solar spotlights are more used for illuminating areas and accentuating areas of your home to add some character and depth.

Generally, these will have a separate solar panel to absorb enough solar energy during the day to power their light during the evening hours. A lot of times, you may see these shining on a tree or shrub to illuminate it and draw your attention to it.

They can also be used with a motion sensor to turn on when you are walking on your driveway or up to your front door.


What You Should Look for When Buying LED Solar Garden Lights?

Most modern homes will have solar lights to add a level of ambiance, practical lighting, and a beautiful aesthetic. They are great for walkways, gardens, and the front of your home; all while taking up no electricity and staying on for most of the evening.

They can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as providing ambiance or lighting darker areas of your home to prevent any safety issues. However, there are some aspects that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about purchasing some led solar lights for your gardens.

#1. Style and Type

There are three main types of solar light available on the market: pathway solar lights, decorative solar lights, and floodlight(spotlight). All feature a decent amount of light to keep your walkways and other outside areas lit, although there is a wide range of styles available to choose from.

  • The most practical and basic will be the pathway solar lights; while the same decorative options will add more design to your home, at a higher price.
  • For more practicality, you can go with the solar spotlights which will be brighter and are great options for showcasing areas of your home or lighting darker areas for safety.

#2. Amount of Light Provided

Depending on what you are going for when thinking of purchasing solar lights, it would be a good idea to determine how much light, or lumens, you will be needing.

  • If you are wanting more of ambient light, then you won’t need a lot of lumens.
  • If you are planning on using these for primarily light (an example being to see the pathway at night), then you will want to choose an option that provided more light per unit.

Most solar pathway lights won’t provide too much light, as they are meant to be softer light and spaced out pretty closely; allowing for more aesthetics.

However, the solar spotlights are great at providing a lot of light where needed and you won’t need to have a lot of them.

>> Check the Bright LED-Powered Solar Spotlights for Your Home Gardens

#3. Budget

While they are not that expensive, to begin with per unit, depending on the style that you are going for an how many you want to have around your property, the price can start to add up.

Having a budget in mind with both a low-end and high-end will make it easier in choosing the right solar lights for your property with the design and functionality that you are going for.

Most of the time, solar lights will come in packs of 8 or more, but in some cases, the more designer options will only have a couple included in the purchase price.

#4. Durability

Although solar lights won’t be getting knocked around a lot, you will also want to choose durable options. The reason for this being that they will outside during rain, hail, and snow.

Some cheaper models are not sealed completely and can accrue moisture inside, which can damage them and lead to purchasing more in the long run. Spending a little more money at first is well worth the peace of mind.


Reviews of the 6 Best LED Solar Garden Lights

#1. Best Overall – Gigalumi Outdoor Solar LED Garden Lamp


12 pack solar white led garden path lights


  • A great budget-friendly option
  • Weatherproof and operates with solar energy
  • Easy to use and install with little assembly required
  • You can choose either warm/cold white light bulb or multi color bulbs


  • Colorful options costs higher than the normal ones

This pack of solar lights is simple in design yet powerful that are easy to install and use; turning on automatically when it begins to get dark outside. They are energy efficient, as they are powered by the sunlight and will stay lit for a full 8 hours on one charge.

They are weatherproof, and the rain or snow won’t damage them or keep them from working. The elegant yet modern design of these lights is perfect for any type of design scheme or aesthetics that you currently have outside.

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#2. Perfect for Decor – Aubasic Antique Brass Aubasic Solar Powered Garden Lights


moon and ball led solar lights for gardens


  • Weatherproof and water-resistant
  • Feature an on switch for convenience
  • Beautifully crafted solar panel lights for a decent price
  • Easy to stake into the ground and have a long use time


  • Not adjustable

These solar powered garden lights are intricately crafted to look amazing when lit or charging and are budget-priced; coming in either 2, 4, or 6 packs, with 2 different styles to choose from. They are easy to install and use, simply turn on the switch that is located under the solar panel for them to turn on when charged.

They are easy to stake into the ground, and even though they are vintage copper, they are fully waterproof and rain resistant. These utilize LED lights that once fully charged can last up to 12 hours between uses, although generally, they will last around 8 hours from a charge.

These are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and will last a long time even with all-year use. These can elevate any type of outdoor aesthetic that you have by providing a nice ambiance and beautiful design; allowing you to get the most out of your outdoor living space.

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#3. 2 in 1 Light – DLLT LED Garden Spotlight with Solar Panel


solar panel led garden lights


  • Adjustable angles
  • The lights are fairly bright especially considering their size
  • Comes with a larger separate solar panel that will give you more energy
  • No need to mess with any wiring to install and start using for around your home and garden


  • Can’t offer aesthetics

For a higher grade 3-in-1 option, DLLT lights are great products that won’t run that high on the pricing spectrum and feature a large separate solar panel that can absorb more solar energy from the sun.

There is no need to worry about turning this on or off, as it will automatically switch between the two as the need arises when the sun goes down.

They are fully adjustable up to 180 degrees, to get the angle that you need whenever you need it. It is unnecessary to have an electrician install these lights, as they simply need to be plugged in to work properly, and the solar panel does not need to be right next to them to function.

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#4. Multi-Color – Wohome 3 Pack Solar Powered Lily Flower String Lights for Gardens


multi color lily shaped solar stake garden lights


  • Multiple changing colors available from this product
  • Not too expensive considering you receive a pack of 12
  • A great way to add some color to your garden or sidewalk
  • Unique design that will add character to your outdoor living space


  • Not a much bright light

If you are looking for a unique design that is both elegant and has multiple colors, these flower solar lights from WoHome would be a good option that can add a lot of charm to your garden and walkway. They are made from a high-quality and durable fabric that imitates real Lilly flowers and is easy to install without any wires or traditional electricity required.

The flower section of these lights is reinforced with a strong wire that ensures they keep their durability and elasticity, while the lights themselves are sure to shine through and light you way during the evening hours.

There is an on/off switch that you can utilize if you don’t want them to be on, although they will turn on and shut off automatically if it is pressed to the “on” position.

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#5. Perfect for Garden Path – GardenBliss Solar LED Landscape Lamp with White Light and Double Waterproof Seal


best sale waterproof led solar garden lights


  • The lights can be automatically on and off
  • They will charge relatively quickly to provide light
  • A durable plastic material that can last a long time
  • Easy to stake into the ground and use without any wires


  • Simple design can’t offer a lot of aesthetics

If you have a garden and would like to add some nighttime ambiance or see better in the evening hours, this set of solar lights from Garden Bliss will help to accomplish that. They are considered to be some of the brightest solar-powered lights currently available on the market and offer a lot of light for their moderate size.

They utilize LED lights that will stay on during the night and offer a lot of light, with the top solar panel being large enough to absorb a lot of solar energy during the day. These feature an elegant design that will fit in well into any type of aesthetic or design scheme that you have and can offer the perfect amount of ambiance to your outdoor garden or living space.

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#6. For Front Garden – Smart Solar LED Garden Lanterns for All Weather

wall mount or ground top led solar garden lantern


  • Can sit on any surface or be hung
  • No assembly or maintenance required
  • Made from durable materials that will last a long time
  • An elegant design that will be a great addition to any garden


  • Can run a little pricey for a single lantern

A great option that looks beautiful when lit or absorbing solar energy, this solar lantern has an elegant and traditional design. It isn’t meant to be staked into the ground, although it has a large enough base that it can sit upright on the ground or hung from the top of your garden.

Two LED lights provide a nice amount of light when this is on, with an artificial candle inside to provide ambiance. Like other solar lights, this will automatically turn on and off as determined by the amount of light outside and will charge throughout the day. This can last up to 8 hours when fully charged, and is made from high-quality materials that are weather-resistant and durable.

There is no need to assemble any part of this or connect wires, as it is self-sustainable as long as the rechargeable batteries are functioning.

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How Do LED Solar Powered Lights Work?

As the name implies, solar lights operate by utilizing the sunlight to charge a type of solar panel on the top to turn on at night. They also have sensors that detect when there is no natural light outside, turning themselves on.

They operate on the same principle as solar panels on rooftops to power a household; with the main difference being that there is no need to manually turn them on for them to start working for you to illuminate your pathways and garden.

The main key components of the solar lights will be the miniature solar panel at the top; referred to as the photovoltaic effect, the photovoltaic (solar cell) converts sunlight into electricity.

When the sun goes down or on particularly darker days, the solar cell will stop converting sunlight into energy, which signals to the LED light itself to turn on, and the solar energy that is stored in the solar cell generally will last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

However, they do suffer from the same downside as anything that is powered by the sun: during winter months or monsoon seasons, they will not receive as much solar energy and will not be able to stay on as long.


What Are the Brightest Outdoor Solar Lights for Garden?

Generally, if you are looking for a bright outdoor solar light for your garden and outdoor living spaces, you will want to go with a LED light, as they will have the most illumination per unit. However, there are other options available for you if you are wanting to go for brightness; such as led flood lights. Because of the number of lumens that these types of lights offer, they can be more expensive and harder to find in solar energy form.

The casing surrounding the light itself will also determine how bright the lights will be when the sun goes down. As an example, some solar lights will have more of a sheer or clear casing while others will have an opaque or “bubbled” glass look.

If you are looking to get as much brightness as you can from solar lights, then your best bet would be to go for the clear glass options; although you should also keep in mind that these will show dirt more and will need to be cleaned often to look their best.

Bright and Durable Solar Lantern with Glass Cover

wall mount or ground top led solar garden lantern

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If you are wanting to go for more of a task light, these are the brightest options available and will more often than not need to be wired in, or will come with a separate solar panel that is larger to absorb the necessary solar energy to operate. GardenBliss is some of lights you are watching for.


Can I Keep These Lights Outside All Year Round?

Any type of solar light can be kept outside, even during the rain and winter months.

In areas that have more of a mild winter such as the southwestern region, they will still function optimally.

Whereas if you live in a colder northern region, you may want to consider storing them inside for the winter. This is because they may not function as well when the sun is not out as often, as this is how they convert solar power into energy that can be used to turn on the lights.

The reason why it is recommended to store them inside if you have a lot of rain or snow is that they are not sealed 100%, and in areas that get a lot of moisture you may find that your lights will have moisture buildup inside, which can prevent them from working as well or decrease their lifespan.

If you do decide to store your lights inside during storm seasons or winter, remember to turn them to the “off” position (if applicable); this will keep the battery from dying as fast, which will allow your solar lights to last longer. You should also choose an area to store them that will be kept dry, such as a garage or storage shed.


How Long Does it Take to Charge a Solar Battery?

solar panel for led garden lights

The amount of time that it takes for a solar battery to charge completely will depend on a couple of factors, such as the amount of sunlight that they receive, if they are in a shaded area of your property, and the weather. Because when you first receive your solar lights they will have no solar energy reserved yet, it will take approximately 12 hours of sunlight for them to develop a full charge.

That said, once they have received this full charge the amount of sunlight needed will decrease, especially when it is the time of year that they will only need to be on for around 8 hours a night.

If they are receiving full sunlight, it will only take around 6-8 hours for them to receive a full charge and be able to operate optimally during the evening. That is why it is recommended to set them up in your yard once unboxed without any shade on a sunny spring or summer day.

This will allow them to get the full amount of sun that they need to begin to perform the way they should throughout the rest of the season. It should also be noted that if you are placing them in an area that is shaded for part of the day, you may find that they won’t stay on as long at night.


Is LED Garden Solar Light Maintenance Required?

There is little to no maintenance required as relates to led garden solar lights, as they are pretty self-sustaining.

You will want to make sure that their batteries are changed if you notice the light they emit is not as bright, however. There are no moving parts to solar light, meaning that there is little that you will need to do on your end to ensure that they continue to work properly.

Generally, the basic maintenance will only need to be done once a year (maybe more depending on weather and the climate of the region that you are living in.)

Over time, the solar panel on the top of the lights can become obstructed by dirt and debris from rainfall, sprinklers, and just normal buildup. This is easy to remove, and in most cases, you can simply hose down the top to clean them; although if the seal appears to become loose, you will want to be more gentle with the spray to ensure that no moisture can enter the chamber.

The safest way to clean the solar panels on the lights is to use a damp cloth and simply wipe it down to remove any dirt or mud that has accumulated throughout the season.

If you only have the lights installed during the spring and summer months, before you place them out again after winter you may want to double-check that all of the batteries are installed correctly and are in working order.



This concludes our in-depth guide and product reviews of the top led solar garden lights that are currently on the market, and hopefully, you will be able to make an informed buying decision regarding your next purchase of these helpful products.

All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials and will make great additions to your living space.