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Best Light for Reading and Studying – Top Lamps for Clear Vision and Cozy Atmosphere

Do you want to maximize your productivity when reading and studying? If that is the case, the lighting you choose plays a significant role in this. With poor-quality light, you are likely to suffer from eye strain and eye fatigue, which reduces your comfort and concentration.

What this means is that getting the best light for reading and studying is necessary to help you increase your attentiveness and to protect your eyes from a strain that may cause damage to them.

To help you save time without sacrificing the value of your investment, we have reviewed some of the best lights for reading and studying. Read on!

Best Light for Reading and Studying – Top 9 List

Reviews of the 3 best table lightings for reading and studying

1. Best Sale – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp for Eye Care

2. Cheap – Vont LED Clip On Light with Flexible Gooseneck

3. Most Ergonomic – BenQ Table Lamp with Wide Light Angles for E-readers and Computer Workers

Top Rated 2 Reading and Studying Floor Lamps Reviews

1. Best Rated – Lastar LED Floor Lamp with 15 Brightness Settings

2. With Full Spectrum Light – Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

The 2 Best Reading and Studying Neck Light Reviews

1. For Reading in Bed – Glocusent LED Neck Light with Bendable Arms

2. With Anti-slip Pad – Vekkia Rechargeable LED Neck Light for Read and Study

Reviews of the 2 Wall Mounted Reading and Studying Lights

1. For Apartement – Globe Electric Wall Lamp for Reading and Studying

2. Traditional Style – Kira Home Cambridge Wall Lamp with Swing Arm

What Happens If We Read or Study in Dim Lighting?

Reading using a dim light makes it hard for your eyes to focus. That can cause your eyes to tire. There is no scientific proof that reading in the dark can cause any permanent harm to your eyes.

Studying in dim light can cause your eyes to become dry because there is less blinking. That can be very uncomfortable. You can use over the counter lubricating eye drops if this gives you a problem.

The primary damage that dim lighting causes are eye strain. That can go away by simply resting your eyes. If you are a parent and are worried about your kids reading under the blanket with dim light, you can rest comfortably because their eyes are not going to have a problem.

Even though there is no evidence, dim lighting causes problems in your eyes, the doctor’s advice that everyone should make an effort to use a bright enough.

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Benefits of Using Proper Lighting to Read or Study

There are different ways that proper lighting can benefit you. No one likes studying at night, but with proper lighting, it can turn into a pleasant session.

#1. Good Posture

We all sometimes contort into uncomfortable positions to be close to the screens. Bad lighting can cause you to do that, therefore, making you have a bad posture.

Ensure you have good light to avoid this, and don’t forget to take regular stretch breaks.

#2. Better Mood

Bad lighting can make any space depressing, stressful, and cramped. These conditions can cause you to have a bad mood, and you may not even remember what you are reading.

The use of proper lighting will guarantee a calm and productive reading session. That is why some companies fit their devices with a blue light that helps keep your brain stimulated, making it hard for you to doze off at night.

#3. No More Eye Strain

Proper lighting ensures that you don’t strain your eyes. Straining your eyes can cause irritations resulting in dry red eyes. That will further cause migraines and even headaches.

To avoid all this, ensure that your light is well adjusted. If you are reading using sunlight, ensure that your desk is not directly in front of your window.

#4. Calm Environment

Updating your study room lighting will create a quiet environment for learning. You will notice a big difference in focus, production, and accuracy. Your eyes will keep up with the workload and won’t get tired, which is worth it.

Ensure that light does not come from one direction to avoid shadows. Correct lighting also reduces external distractions; hence the brain focus on the data that is only meant to be absorbed. That ensures that you remember what you learned.


Reviews of the 5 best lightings for reading and studying

1. Best Sale – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp for Eye Care

best sale table lamp for reading and studying


  • Easy-to-use touch control.
  • Integrated USB charging port to keep your devices within reach.
  • A combination of five lighting modes with seven brightness levels.


  • Integrated led light bulb.

If you are looking for a versatile table lamp, I would like to recommend the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp. It is suitable for users in need of comfortable lighting for working, reading, and studying.

The table lamp features five color modes and seven brightness levels. Because of this, you can create endless lighting possibilities, suitable for reading, studying, and even sleeping. Even better, it includes built-in touch controls. Using the controls, you can slide your fingers along the touchpad to set the desired level of brightness and color mode.

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp can emit a soft, stable, and non-flickering lighting that protects you from eye fatigue as a result of flickering light and harsh glare.

With a built-in USB port, the lamp can charge your phone while keeping it within your reach.

Better, it features an adjustable design. Its head can tilt up to 135° and swivel up to 90°, while the base tilts up to 150° while swiveling up to 45° so that you can cast the light where it is required.

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2. For Headboard or Desks – LEPOWER Clip on Light for Reading and Studying

Lepower led clip on reading and studying light


  • Flexible gooseneck.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Wide clip that clasps on multiple surfaces.


  • Short power cord.

Whether you are looking for the best lighting for use while on the bed, desk, or table, you can expect it to deliver the required illumination.

The lamp features a wide clamp that clips on a table, desk, headboard, or book. Furthermore, its arm is flexible. You can adjust the gooseneck up to 360 degrees for a perfect lighting direction and extensive viewing that will suit your needs.

The reading light offers two color temperature modes and two brightness levels. You can use the two switches on the cord to change the color temperature from white light to warm light, and adjust the brightness from dim to bright.

Another advantage of the reading light is its 5-feet power cord. Because of this, you can expect it to provide an extended reach.

Also, the lighting includes soft and non-flickering LEDs to reduce eye fatigue and guarantee user comfort.

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3. Cheap – Vont LED Clip On Light with Flexible Gooseneck

Vont cheap rechargeable light for read and study


  • Three levels of brightness.
  • Quick USB rechargeable batteries.
  • Flexible gooseneck allows for a 360° rotation.


  • The battery takes some time before it recharges fully.

If you want to increase your productivity by reducing the strain on your eyes, you will want to get this LED clip-on reading light.

It is designed to be kind on the eyes, thanks to the no-flickering and anti-glare design.

The light features three levels of light intensity. You can use the high mode for reading and then shift to the low mode for a low-profile night lamp that will allow you to read without disturbing your partner.

The light incorporates a 360° flexible gooseneck. Because of this, you can light up any dim space once your clip it on the edge of a book or table.

What’s more, it includes a built-in 1000mAH rechargeable battery which can last up to eight hours after charging fully.

Sixteen high-quality LED bulbs are another plus of the lighting. These enhance the visual clarity while providing a flicker-free light.

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4. Ergonomic – BenQ Table Lamp with Wide Light Angles for E-readers and Computer Workers

BenQ led desk lamp for e-readers


  • Sleek and stylish look.
  • Easy to use touch controls.
  • Adjustable brightness levels.


  • High end.

An ideal choice for a desk lamp that will protect your eyes from hurting while reading a book, working on a computer, or doing paperwork is BenQ Genie E-Reading Desk Lamp.

It uses an advanced lighting technology plus a curved head, enabling it to light up the entire desk space. In particular, it is brighter at the sides and darker in the middle to eliminate the glare.

Furthermore, the lamp’s angle and height are adjustable, thanks to the articulated arm and ball joints that provide room to position it where it is required.

The lamp integrates torque springs plus friction control so that it can stay where it is required.

The auto-dimming mode is another addition. Specifically, the light detects the ambient lighting and adjusts to the brightness level for a comfortable working environment.

Plus, it includes intuitive touch and knob controls. Using the controls, you can fine-tune each element of the light just the way you desire.

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5. Portable – Perfectday Small-Sized Rechargeable Book Light for Indoors and Outdoors

Perfectday book light for bedroom reading


  • Portable design.
  • 360° flexible gooseneck.
  • It lights up two full pages of any size book.


  • Only three brightness settings.

Are you a reading enthusiast in search of the best lighting for reading and studying? If that is the case, I would like to recommend the Perfectday Book Light.

It is an energy-efficient lamp, which means that you do not have to worry about a hike in your energy bills. Moreover, it includes long-lasting LEDs to eliminate the need for frequent replacement.

The lamp features a sturdy ABS body to enhance durability. It comprises of 12 eye-friendly LEDs for user comfort. With three brightness modes, you can adjust the light’s illumination to suit your needs and desires.

Plus, the reading light incorporates a dimmable blue light filter to protect kids’ and adults’ eyes. Equipped with a 360-degree adjustable gooseneck, the lamp adjusts up to 360 degrees for a wide viewing angle.

Also, it includes a clamp that clips on any-size of reading notes, books, and magazines for ease of use. The reading light is compact and lightweight, thus an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor reading.

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Top Rated 3 Reading and Studying Floor Lamps Reviews

1. With Full Spectrum Light – Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

Verilux led floor lamp for reading and studying


  • Flexible gooseneck.
  • Adjustable brightness and color settings.
  • A dimming feature for maximum user comfort.


  • It doesn’t work with a timer.

Benefit from comfortable lighting that will help you maximize your productivity when you light your space using Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp.

It is a natural spectrum light, meaning that it provides a light that mimics natural light to provide a comfortable and healthy lighting experience.

Equally important, the lamp offers adjustable brightness settings and adjustable color settings. As a result, you can choose between five brightness levels and three color temperatures of white light.

Moreover, it includes an adjustable gooseneck. The neck can pivot up and down to deliver a glare-free effect and direct illumination of the task at hand.

Equipped with a flicker elimination technology and Optix Glare Control lens, this lamp provides a light that helps to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue.

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2. With 2 Reading Lights – Brightech Dimmable Standing Pole Light for Studying

Brightech torchiere light with 2 side reading and studying light


  • Bright and dimmable lighting.
  • Slim design fits in small spaces.
  • A range of color choices blends with traditional and modern decors.


  • The shades are made using plastic.

This is a dimmable, tall pole LED floor lamp. It includes two reading lights, which can be controlled independently, a measure aimed at offering comfort and convenience to the user.

The main lamp features a dimmable 3-way bulb, making it easy for you to set the mood the way you like it.

Featuring a 3200 lumens output and a 3,000K warm white light, this lamp is one of the best choices for bright and energy-saving lighting.

Furthermore, it is safe and sturdy for use in homes with kids and pets. The reason is the weighted base and sturdy design that protects it from wobbling and tipping.

Because of the contemporary and slender design, this lamp can fit into narrow corners, while the base fits underneath most recliners and sofas.

Plus, the light incorporates white plastic dome shapes that diffuse the light so that it can reach more space without sacrificing the style.

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3. Best Rated – Lastar LED Floor Lamp with 15 Brightness Settings

best rated adjustable floor lamp


  • The stable base doesn’t tip over.
  • Eye-caring and non-flicker lighting.
  • Rubberized and flexible gooseneck.


  • Irreplaceable light bulbs.

The Lastar LED is a 2-in-1 lamp. You can choose to use it as a floor lamp or desk lamp, thanks to the multifunctional design.

The lamp can provide 1815 lumens of brightness to deliver enough light suitable for lighting a bedroom, living room, or bathroom single-handedly.

You can get this floor lamp when looking for the best lighting that will help you meet multiple needs, thanks to the adjustable color setting and brightness levels.

In particular, there are three colors to choose from, including natural white, warm white, and cool white. Moreover, five brightness settings include 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.

The floor lamp includes a 5-feet power cord to deliver a greater reach while allowing you to move the lamp around the room freely.

Also, it includes a flexible gooseneck that bends easily to let you direct the light where it is required.

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The 2 Best Reading and Studying Neck Light Reviews

1. Perfect for Reading in Bed – Glocusent LED Neck Light with Bendable Arms

Glocusent neck light for reading and studying in bedroom


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Each head has its switch.
  • Ergonomic neck around design.


  • No user instructions.

Whether you are looking for the ideal lighting for reading, knitting, or repairs, you can expect this model to meet your needs.

It offers three color settings and six brightness levels. As a result, you can customize the lighting mode to suit your needs and desires.

What’s more, the reading light features a non-flickering and blue light filter design. So, it can deliver comfortable light to facilitate comfort to the eyes after hours of use.

The reading light includes two heads, each with an independent switch. Because of this, you can customize the brightness and color temperatures based on your preference.

Similarly, the light adopts a unique narrow beam angle with a 90° design. Hence, it is bright enough to light up your area and dim enough to protect you from disturbing your partner.

It derives its power from a premium 1000mAh battery which is rechargeable and designed to deliver 6-80 hours of working time, based on the settings.

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2. With Anti-slip Pad – Vekkia Rechargeable LED Neck Light for Read and Study

Vekkia cordless neck light for indoor and outdoor reading and studying


  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Bendable neck for effortless wearing.
  • The lamp delivers a bright and non-flickering light.


  • It is not attractive.

If you are looking for the best hands-free reading light, I would like to recommend the Vekkia Rechargeable Reading Light. It is a flexible neck light.

Using it, you can concentrate on what you are doing without worrying about the lamp, thanks to the curved design that allows you to fit it around the neck.

The reading light features four LEDs. These offer three brightness settings so that you can set the desired light mode.

Furthermore, it includes two arms, each with two LEDs. One LED offers a flashlight spot mode while the other delivers a flood wide area mode to provide room for customizing the lighting.

Equipped with independent switches, you can adjust the brightness of each arm independently. The reading light provides no-flicker illumination to ensure user comfort and safety.

Besides that, it features a built-in rechargeable 700mAH Li-ion battery with a life span of 1000 cycles.

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Reviews of the Wall Mounted Reading and Studying Lights

1. For Apartement – Globe Electric Wall Lamp for Reading and Studying

Globe Electric wall sconce light


  • On/off rotary switch.
  • Stylish and modern design.
  • A lot of finishes to choose from.


  • Rquires installation.

The Globe Electric LeClair 1-Light responds to the need for a wall-mounted reading and studying light.

It features a 2-in-1 design, allowing you to install it as a plug-in or a wall-mounted light. The lamp comes with all mounting hardware for easy and quick installation.

It includes a clear glass shade that showcases the bulb beautifully. Featuring a vintage-inspired design, the light is perfect for introducing an industrial look to any area.

When it is hardwired, it can create a sleek and cordless look suitable for both modern and traditional décor styles. The lamp comes in a variety of color choices to let you pick one that suits your décor style.

Equipped with an on/off rotary switch, you can expect to switch it on and off with a lot of ease.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Light for Reading and Studying?

When buying the best light for reading and studying, you have to make sure you’re purchasing nothing but the best for your preferences and health. That calls you to consider certain features while you make your decision. They include:

#1. Flexibility and Design

When purchasing a reading lamp, ensure that it is flexible enough, this means you can adjust its height to give you the lighting position that you need. A movable base will help you get the best place you desire; especially a reading light used when in bed.

The design also matters a lot. If the light is foldable, it will offer a significant saving on space. It will also help you achieve the specific angle and position that you want at that particular time.

If the lamp has a clamp, it will also be great because it will be easy to attach it anywhere.

Looking for a lamp with strong clamp? Try Lepower!

#2. Dim Ability and Color Temperature

3000k white light is what most people are comfortable with because it has enough light and warmth that people need. Ensure that the lamp you buy has a feature that allows you to adjust brightness and color too. That will give you excellent dimming performance.

Being able to adjust color and temperature is excellent because each one can adapt to their preference and even requirements.

If you don’t know whether to buy a white or warm colored lamp, you can ask for a neutral one with 3500-4500k. This neutral type is warm enough to relax you and bright enough to study with, as it is excellent on your eyes.

#3. Brightness and Glare Protection

As most people suggest, you should find a lamp that is 4000-6500k. That will be an ideal lamp for you for general studying and reading.

Ensuring that the light you buy has the correct amount of brightness is essential to your eyes. It ensures that you don’t strain your eyes, which may make them very dry.

Ensure the lamp you buy has glare protection features too. Lights like the TaoTronics Eye-caring lamp will help ensure your eyes are taken care of if you find yourself studying for very long periods.

#4. Energy Consumption and Lifespan

When thinking about purchasing a study lamp, make sure that you look for one that will last for a minimum of 50000 hrs. That means that you only have to change the bulb in like once every six years. That is very is economical. It also means an extended life span for the lamp.

Once you buy it, you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs for a long time. For years you will be able to enjoy studying or reading using your lamp with no problem, which is also very friendly to the environment.

#5. Available Space and Price

When buying a lamp, make sure you consider the place it is going to be placed in your room. You cannot buy a desk lamp if you don’t have a desk. Instead, you can buy a floor lamp. This type of light will best fit your room.

Lamp prices range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. When looking for a lamp, you may want to check how much money you have first so that you may not pick a light that you cannot afford.

Think of the amount you are willing to spend and the available features the lamp has before you buy it.

#6. Lamp Types

Reading and studying lights come in various types. You need to get it right before you buy it. Most famous examples include:

    • LED Floor lamp

Verilux led floor lamp for reading and studying

These led floor lamps are placed on the floor. They come with color patterns that give a room a nice touch and have an excellent stable base that won’t let the bulbs to be knocked off.

Some of them have a neck that allows you to adjust the light to any angle and direction. They remain calm and don’t overheat even after long durations of use.

>> Buy Verilux LED Floor Lamp with Weighted Base and Flexible Gooseneck

    • Magnifying Lamp

It uses the widest lens available hence offering a wide viewing range. It is designed to bring out each detail with high focus. Magnifying lamp mostly lasts more than 15 years and is best for learning.

>> Check the best magnifying lamps on the market

    • Task Book Light

Perfectday book light for bedroom reading

This lamp is portable and gives bright, perfect light. That ensures you get maximum coverage. Brightness is also adjustable to different levels. It is a space-saving lamp, too, not forgetting it has a clamp for a better grip to the desk.

>> Perfectday LED Book Light for Nighttime Reading Over the Bed


Lighting Tips for Studying and Reading

Buying the right light for sturdy and reading doesn’t guarantee you will have the best experience. Here are some additional tips you can use to make your reading and study lighting experience top-notch.

#1. Proper Lumens

It is advised that you should use about 50 lumens per square foot. That may also vary because kids may require a different output.

Kids need warm light with lower lumens, as this will ensure that their eyesight health is preserved.

For the older people, please ensure you use a lamp with higher lumens. That will offer them a brighter lighter because their eyes are not as healthy as those of kids.

#2. Avoid Shadows

Ensure you ask the seller if the lamp you are buying considers glare and shadows. It is general knowledge that the best bulbs to read and study must not cast shadows or shine glare light.

Ensure that the lamp light is similar to background light to avoid shadows. Shadows make it uncomfortable for the eyes to concentrate on text fully.

#3. Choose Right Type

Before buying, consider what the lamp function is. Some tasks need a brighter light, while others require dimmer lighting. Even though floor lamps are more brilliant, many prefer desk one because they save on space and are very flexible.

#4. Right color temperature

Ask yourself what color is better for your eyes before buying a lamp. Everyone has their preference, so find one that best suits you. To some people, the color does not matter as long as the light is bright enough.


What Is the Right Color Temperature for Reading and Studying?

Let’s first discuss the different range of color temperatures available, 200k, and less- this type of light gives a dim light. An example is candlelight. It’s best for rooms that need an ambient glow. When you are getting a massage or when you want to spend great alone time with your partner, this type of light relaxes you and even takes away your stress.

  • 2000k-3000k

It is a soft white glow that some see as yellow. It is best for both indoors and outdoors. They are mostly used in living, ding, and bedrooms. These types of light are bright but not too bright.

  • 3100k-4500k

This light is brighter. It is used in task lighting areas like kitchens and offices. This type of light shines enough light that helps you perform your tasks better.

  • 4600k-6500k

It is almost similar to daylight. It is a white-blue glow—best for work areas and places that need bright lighting.

  • 6500k and above

They are mostly found in commercial areas. They are a blue, bright light. Warm lights like sunrise and sunset that occur naturally and are yellow or orange are very relaxing.

They are not only good for your eyes but also for your mood. In the evening after a long day of work, you can bask in the sun. That can even help you sleep better.


What Is the Best Direction of Light While Reading and Studying?

Readers who use their right hand should always put the lamp in a position that directly hits the text on their left and vice versa. That ensures that when turning the page, it doesn’t shadow the material being read.

Remember to keep the lamp facing you to focus on the reading area. If there are two lamps, keep the soft light above the reading material and the other bulb. Ensure it is above your eyes to avoid straining them.

A room with sunshine during the day is always the best. Ensure that the light is not directly on top of you because it may cause shadows on the area that you are writing on.



The best light for reading and studying don’t tire your eyes, instead, they offer you an excellent calm mood while reading and studying.

If your lamp does not provide you all the above-discussed points, then it is time for you to visit a store and get yourself a good light that best suits your preferences.