Best Lighting for Computer Desk in 2020 – Reviews & Tips

There is nothing impressive, like having the best lighting for computer desk. Statistics have it that 50-90% of computer users experience the straining of the eye plus other related visual symptoms. However, this issue can be easily managed by proper lighting of your work environment to do away with eye complications caused by poor lighting.

Proper lighting enables you to concentrate appropriately on work by minimizing computer shadows as well as glare. Furthermore, it enhances optimal lighting tasks and minimizes illumination, which is excessive. Therefore, this article will educate you more on the best lighting for computer work.

6 Best Lighting for Computer Desk

Reviews of the 6 Best Lightings for Computer Room

#1. Best Sale – TaoTroncis LED Office Lighting for Computer Work

TaoTronics computer monitor led lights
Hot Sale LED Light for Computer Desk

The TaoTroncis LED lighting has an elegant perfect fusion and a durable design in the reduction of touch sensitivity that is meant to last over time and the daily functions. It has a lighting mode of 25 to match any function; it ranges from 3000-6000K CCT With five levels of brightness varying from each other.

Moreover, it comes with a LED panel that is energy efficient for sideway light reflection to reduce eye strain and glare.

It has a perfect memory function due to a selection of 25 probable combinations of brightness and CCT. The memory function of the lamp maintains the pre-set setting and does appropriate reboots. Besides, an in-built USB port makes it charging easier.

If you are looking for the best product, opt for it to experience remarkable results. With this kind of desk lamp, you are safe from eye-related complications; hence you will be able to work appropriately and effectively.

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#2. Best for Large Workbench – Phive Computer Monitor LED Lights

best large computer lamp
Best Light with Wide Illumination

The Phive computer monitor LED light is suitable for lighting the monitor up, softly and evenly too without any kind of complications such as flicker, glare, or ghost. It has a 31.5 full inch LED for the light, which is ultra-wide; it offers a larger and broader coverage of lighting of 200%. Moreover, it is remarkable for a huge workbench; it can also work correctly as a monitor light.

It is a multipurpose product since it is made out of a 20W integrated LED that is of high quality; this product is highly recommended for multi-screen experts.

Additionally, the product is gooseneck durable with flexible adjustment of height as well as several angles of lighting choices for an illumination that is optimal.

This product comes with numerous lighting alternatives such as four color temperatures, which are adjustable with dimmer five levels that boost perfect productivity and enhance work efficiency. Its memory functions appropriately since it is able to remember every mode of setting and the level of brightness when you switch off and on.

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#3. Best with Gesture Control – Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp for Computer Work

best desk lamp for computer work
Computer Desk Lamp with Gesture Control

This product is easy to manage and control since you can simply have your hand waved over the architect lamp desk to switch off and on your light without a single touch. It comes with a lighting control which is excellent and delivers 12 levels of brightness that are dimmable.

Furthermore, it has 3 color setting that is unique to provide 36 lighting settings, which is customizable to fit any mood of the occasion. With its memory function, it is able to maintain your settings.

The desk lamp has a swing arm that is adjustable plus a swivel head to offer the appropriate light from either direction. This product protects your eyes since it generates non-flickering light that is natural to minimize the straining of your eyes as you read or work for a long duration of time.

It is made out of a durable and improved metal design in conjunction with a LED of 50,000 lamp life with no need for replacement.

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#4. Best for Vintage Room – Bronze Base Bank Lamp for Computer Use

vintage lighting for computer room
Retro Table Lamp for Computer Work

This product has a look that is classic with a style of retro touch and feels nostalgic plus a design style of banker’s traditional lamp. With this, you will have an excellent interior finishing.

Additionally, It is usually made beautifully since it has a craft process, which is extraordinary. It has an elegant glass lampshade amber matte with a potential of emitting lighting that is well-balanced for sufficient brightness. The structure of its metal is durable and cannot rust or flake as it ages.

This product is easy to work with since it is compatible with E26 standard base light tubular bulbs. It has a long wire cord of 5.9 and a simple play-n-plug setup for easy connection to energy outlets and switches it on directly out your box.

The lampshade is rotatable; it has the ability to rotate for 350 degrees. This means its light is flexible enough to be adjusted to any given direction. Furthermore, it has a trustable quality; hence its performance is assured.

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#5. Best LED Strips – Natural Daylight Lights for Computer Room

computer desk led strips
Best Office Lighting for Computer Work

It has a brightness, which is superb with a minimum incredible of 15 watts to light all the corners of your area. Moreover, it consumes minimal light hence saving sufficient energy.

The light contains 40w minimal energy consumption enabling you to save the electric bill by 70% through fluorescent tube replacement.

Its installation is much easier since you can put a hardwired wall switch and place six series of lights by a connection of 48 inches cord. This means you would have minimized your installation, wiring cost time as well as cost.

The produced light is comfortable; the white daylight 5000k delivers an excellent experience of lighting for the whole lighting space and garage. It does this perfectly well with absolutely no hazardous material, mercy, flickering, and buzzing ballasts.

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#6. Best for Home Office – Brightech Computer Desk with Lights

computer desk with lights
Integrated Desk Lamp with Computer Light

The Brightech light is a skinny table for saving space with a lamp that is in-built plus a charging station. It saves space, especially in rooms which are minimal such as; guest rooms, kids’ rooms, and offices.

Note that this model of a lamp cannot fall off since it is well attached. This table contains 2 USB ports as well as the outlet for charging your computer or smartphone.

It comes with a shelf lamp and a modern wood mid -century nightstand. The two table tier and a standing madison lamp have a great impression. Moreover, its drum shade has three colors, white pattern, black and white, and a 12 inches diameter.

This model is perfect for a living room couch, with its awesome outlets, which are enabled by apple, home google assistant, and Alexa for switching it off and on.

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What to Look for in a Lamp for Computer Desk?

It is very crucial for you to note that a lamp for the computer desk provides a lighting task for computer work, crafting, studying, writing, and reading. Moreover, a perfect lamp for the computer desk should have the potential to generate light that is easy for working and have a beam that is focused on reduced glare. It should also have a design that is adjustable for easy positioning to cover a variety of tasks.

Below are several factors you should put into consideration while you are looking for a computer desk lamp.

  • Picking the Appropriate Size of a Desk Lamp

When you have small desks, select a desk lamp with a minimal base in order to conserve space. As for the huge computer desk, you are supposed to choose a lamp with a reach, which is extra such as an arm swing design.

You can also choose to use a light source that is added to make sure there is maximum coverage of the entire computer desk. The source of light should always be situated higher above your head but should not reach your eyes; this means it should not be a straight line to your eyesight.

When it is minimal, it will not be able to generate enough light to your workspace when to high your light will undergo diffusion.

best large computer lamp

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  • Find High-quality Lighting

Note that incandescent bulbs generate clear as well as bright light. LED desk lamps offer a power-efficient option that is versatile. When it comes to color temperature and CRI (color rendering index).

Therefore, CRI is used to indicate the appropriate color in real-life situations under the source of light that is given. This kind of rating is crucial in conjunction with the desk lamps, where you can easily differentiate while working and reading. The maximum rating of CRI LED ranges from 80-100.

The quality measure of the appearance of light is known as color temperature; in other terms, it is known as the coolness or warmness impression of light. LED Lightings‘ color temperature rate is from 2700-6500K; this kind of light delivers pleasing and clear light appropriate for working.

  • Adjustability

How well is your lamp for the computer desk adjustable? Adjustability is a very crucial factor that you should put into consideration since it will enable you to locate the beam for a specific task to reduce glare. However, also consider the articulations points such as the goosenecks, boom arms, swing arms as well as the swiveling heads.

best desk lamp for computer work
Computer Desk Lamp with Gesture Control

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  • Examine the position of on and off switch

Switching your lamp computer desk off and on should be much easier. An appropriate on switch contains an operation lamp touch, base switches, and pull chains too. Therefore, whenever you want to purchase a lamp computer desk, always put this factor into consideration for a better experience.

  • Learn the placement of the best desk lamp

The lamp should be positioned in an excellent manner to kill all the shadows across your working computer desk. In case you use the right hand, position the source of light on the desk’s left side, the vice versa applies if you are left-handed. Note that while lighting your desk, the lamp should be positioned in such a manner that it can illuminate your computer’s keyboard with absolutely no glare on your screen.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Desk Light for Computer Use?

Well, the number of lumens you need for a desk light for computer use depends on the objective of the lamp in the query.

  • For general objectives such as writing and reading, it requires 450 lumens.
  • For the tasks which seem to be delicate such as looking at minimal parts for repair services or engaging in the drafting of heavy duties, you need 800 lumens minimum.
  • It is vital for you to note that different ages go with varying lumens if you are below 55 years old; it is recommended you use 450 lumens. On the other hand, if you are above 55 years old, 800 lumens is much suitable for you.

TaoTronics computer monitor led lights

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However, in this case, the recommended number of lumen for computer use is 1100. Therefore, you should learn to play around the above-mentioned figures for easy working as well as perfect working experience.

Where Should Light Be When Using a Computer?

When using your computer, the position of the light is a critical aspect of your working productively. Therefore, always make sure you position your lights in a manner that there is absolutely no shadow in your work area.

Note that is you are left-handed, you should position your light on your right side; the same vice versa applies when you are right-handed too. With this kind of positioning, you will have appropriate lighting that will enhance your work productivity. So, where you place your light determines how well you will be able to work without any kind of challenges.

How to Reduce Computer Glare?

best lighting for computer desk reviewWhen you are on your computer the whole day, you are likely to have a headache as well as your eyes straining. The major factor that contributes to these problems is the computer glare.

Note that when your eyes are tired and dry, it will probably make you’re working difficult on the computer. Therefore, computer glare can be minimized freely through the use of screen computer products.

It is crucial for you to know that minimized computer glare makes computer task completion and reading of documents much easier. Therefore, you should make a point of reducing computer glare to prevent eye straining as well as unnecessary headaches.

What Is the Best Way to Reduce Strain on Eyes?

Proper lighting reduces the straining of the eye. The root cause of eye-straining is caused by outdoor light, bright, harsh excess light. Whenever you work on your computer, make sure the ambient lighting is ½ bright compared to those in several offices. You can do away with the exterior light through the closure of blinds, shades, or drapes.

For the reduction of interior light cases of lighting, you can use minimal tubes and intensity bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or a few bulbs for lighting. However, most users of the computer have fantastic working experience when they avoid the overhead light of fluorescent. Therefore, proper lighting is the best way of reducing strain on the eyes.

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From the above reviews, you are now well familiarized with some of the best lightings for the computer desk, and probably you are not worried anymore. Therefore, it is upon you to make a wise decision in choosing the best lighting for your computer desk that will serve and meet your demands accordingly.

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