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2022’s Best Lighting for High Ceilings & Tall Ceilings

High ceilings call forth large and bright lighting. Best lighting for high ceiling tends to feature high lumens, multiple lamp heads and more. From this view, chandeliers, raindrop lights, and pendant island lamps have an edge over brightening up dark high ceiling spaces.

As a buyer, you needn’t get well versed with the knowledge about how to choose the best suit. Aiming at saving your time, we collected the top 10 best high ceiling lightings and detailed ideas to deal with high ceiling rooms.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Tall Living Rooms – Ensenior LED Recessed Light

For Duplex House – CRYSTOP Spiral Sphere Raindrop Chandelier

For High Garage Ceiling – Hykolity Industrial Shop Light

For Dining Room – Emliviar 6-Light Island Light


What Are the Best Lightings for High Ceilings?

Most homeowners desire to have houses with high ceilings as it not only gives them great space to do design, which can be elegant but also their heights suggest freedom and allegiance.

Besides this, they have their own problems due to the house being overwhelming and lacking focus, as to counter-attack such problems, proper lighting should be installed to draw the eye to every fantastic feature available in the room.

If the lighting is not right, the high ceilings will not be shone up to its full advantage.

Get the layers, and ambient lights sorted as it can influence where other lights and lamps go. It is important to illuminate every space to gain a homey and flowing feeling; this is where favorite lighting design should be preferred to provide bright and adequate light to address a very place above your head.

When using Assent lighting, ensure that it is enough to cover the entire space.

There should be a common feature on the portioned three layers, and the most common theme should be a certain color that should be vibrant to keep interested in the people in the room sees the pattern easily.

Therefore lighting is essential either producing the same color or holders of the same color or materials in it to blend with the decor of your room.

Although many rooms with high ceilings tend to have a natural light that needs you to factor in hence mostly lighting is necessary during night times or bulbs that produce deemed light can be a good option during daytime as it makes the room be more versatile.

What Is the Best Tall Ceiling Lighting?


Reviews of the 10 Best Lighting for High Ceilings

#1. For High Ceiling Kitchen – Emliviar 6-light Island Pendant Lighting

high ceiling dining room lighting


  • Can be used on slanted or level ceilings
  • Budget-friendly and doesn’t run a high price point
  • Compatible with LED, incandescent or CFL light bulbs
  • A great looking light fixture that provides adequate lighting


  • Bulbs are not included

If you have high ceilings in your kitchen, this light fixture from Emliviar is a great option that is available in 3 different colors; all featuring a 6-light design for a great amount of illumination. This is a great product that would be well-suited for any type of kitchen and dining rooms, especially those with a large island and fits into any type of design scheme or aesthetics.

Because of the design of this light fixture, you can use it with sloped or level ceilings and you can use up to 60-watt bulbs per light; which will provide a lot of lumens for your kitchen and food prepping areas.

This is a clean modern looking light fixture that is sure to draw attention while being fully functional and providing a lot of light.

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#2. Chandeliers – Luxurious 15-Light Crystal Lighting for High Ceiling Living Room and Bedroom

best chandeliers for high ceilings


  • Provides a lot of light, with 11 lightbulb sockets total
  • Adds a level of elegance and sophistication to any room that you install this in
  • A beautiful chandelier that will look great in any room; especially main areas and bedrooms


  • Can run a little pricey for one light fixture

This beautiful chandelier is the perfect addition to any type of room and will add a level of elegance and character while providing a lot of light. This is made from high-quality cognac crystal and high glass piping, which is both durable and reflective to provide a lot of light while ensuring that it will last a long time.

It provides a lot of light, especially considering that it comes with 11 light sockets in total; while the crystal reflects light and adds a glowing effect. This does run a little higher on the pricing spectrum; although it is a great addition to any type of room that you would like to add a lot of light with a touch of elegance and charm.

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#3. For Dining Room and Kitchen – Zgear 12 Lights Modern Crystal Hanging Chandelier Lights for High Ceiling Space

chandelier for high ceiling living room


  • For flat ceiling
  • Adjustable chain
  • 5-tier crystal strips
  • Adds a level of sophistication and charm to any room


  • Runs a little high on the pricing spectrum

For more of a modern type of look and style, this 12-light chandelier from Zgear comes in a 5-tier design with high-quality clear glass crystal and allows for 60-watt bulbs; giving a lot of light for any room. You will need to have a flat ceiling to hang this because of the design, although it is a great choice for dining rooms and kitchens that are needing some additional lighting options.

The price is a little higher than some, but it is an excellent quality product that is easy to install and will last a long time. Combining both contemporary and classical elements into a modern light fixture, this will be a great focal point to any room that you install it in.

With an extension chain available for higher ceilings, and is a great option for any room in your home.

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#4. With Vintage Style – Franklin High Ceiling Lighting for Entryway

high ceiling hallway lighting


  • Can be used on sloped, level, and high ceilings
  • A fantastic looking light fixture that provides a lot of light
  • Open design provides more light than other fixtures of similar style


  • When needed, the lightbulbs are not the easiest to change

If you are looking for a vintage-style ceiling light that for your kitchen, entryway, dining room, or living room, this is a great option that will add an industrial or vintage element to any room. This is well-suited for sloped, angled, and flat ceilings and is easy to install; with extra chain for higher ceilings included.

This comes in two options in regard to size; either 15.25″ wide or the much larger 22.5″ wide option. It offers a decent amount of lighting, with 3 60-watt light sockets, and because of the open framework design, you can always see the charm, elegance, and amount of light that is provided.

This is easy to install and made from high-quality materials that will last a long time and will be a great addition to any room in your home.

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#5. For High Ceiling Hallways – Saint Mossi Large Modern Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

light fixtures for high sloped ceilings



  • Expands 86″ tall
  • Designed for bathroom, foyer and more
  • Made from high-quality real crystals and stainless steel


  • Not well suited for lower ceilings or tight spaces

A great option for high ceiling hallways, this crystal raindrop chandelier features 8 light sockets that combined with the crystal elegance offer a large amount of light. The lightbulbs are not included, but it is compatible with LED lights, which will save you money over time and are highly energy efficient.

This is an easy-to-install light fixture that will be a great focal point of any hallway, and for larger ceilings that is a great fixture that can provide the needed light. This is made from high-quality K9 crystal and stainless steel, which is not only durable but will reflect light and offer even more illumination for the space that it is installed into.

All of the crystals are genuine and not made from plastic, meaning they will last a long time and are safer to use around heat sources such as lightbulbs.

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#6. With High Lumens – Hykolity LED High Ceiling Shop Lighting

lights for barns and high ceilings


  • For wide application
  • Stands behind 5-year warranty
  • Easy to install with adjustable height
  • Wide modern design that will look great in any kitchen or dining room


  • A very basic light fixture with little in the way of modern decor

If you need in a lot of light in your warehouse or shop area, this light fixture is a great option that is available in 3 sizes. This product offers a lot of lumens that will help you to see what you are doing easier in the barns; making a great companion for cargo illumination.

By utilizing LED lighting, this fixture is the closest to natural light that you can get and provides a massive 30,000 lumens for your garages. Because it uses LED lighting, it is energy efficient and you won’t be needing to change the bulbs often.

It is easy to install and large enough to go over a parking lot/warehouse/garage and provide the whole room light; with the option to hang as low as you would need.

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#7. Raindrop Light – Linght Flush Mount Crystal Sphere Ceiling Light

large lights for high ceilings



  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Offers a lot of light for your home
  • A beautifully crafted light fixture perfect for high ceilings


  • Because of the design and height that it offers, changing the bulbs can be difficult

An amazingly beautiful raindrop light for larger ceilings, this light fixture is made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and crystal. This offers a lot of light because of the reflective properties of the crystal that cascades down and is more light a work of art that will be admired by your guests.

This is a great contemporary and modern design that will fit into any type of design scheme or aesthetic that you are going for and features a lot of lumens for lighting your home. It is compatible with both LED and halogen light bulbs and is durable while being easy to install, although it can be time-consuming to do so.

The crystal raindrop section of this light will offer even more light, as it reflects the illumination of the bulbs; providing a nice ambient effect.

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#8. For Foyer – Crystop Modern LED Spiral Sphere Rain Drop High Ceiling Light

modern raindrop high ceiling staircase lighting


  • Perfect for any entryway or hall with high ceilings
  • Crystals reflect light adding a nice ambient glow and additional light
  • A beautiful rainfall chandelier that features a lot of lumens and illumination


  • Requires installation

This moderately priced crystal chandelier is a great option for your foyers and entryways with larger ceilings and is made from a high- quality crystal that works to reflect light, adding more illumination to your home.

This is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and functional; guaranteeing a long life; it is also compatible with a wide range of lightbulbs, including dimmable, LED, and halogen. Even when not on, this is a beautiful chandelier that will add a level of intricate elegance and sophistication into your living space, which is practical and will get noticed by guests and family.

The crystals that comprise this light fixture are genuine, and not made from plastic; meaning they reflect the light perfectly and will not get damaged from heat or humidity.

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#9. Downlight – Ensenior 12 Pack LED Recessed Lighting for High Ceilings

high ceiling recessed lighting


  • High ratings
  • Provides a lot of light while using less energy
  • A new type of LED light is brighter than previous models
  • Easy to install with everything you need included in the purchase


  • Has no appealing appearance more suitable for staircase and living room lighting additions

For recessed lighting, this kit is a great buy that will fit within your budget and offer a lot of lumens per sale; it comes in either 4, 6, or 12-packs. Because of advancements in technology, these lights utilize a newer type of LED lighting, which provides a higher amount of lumens per bulb; saving you costs in your electric bill.

They consume 12 watts of energy per light while providing over 1000 lumens. Perfect for modern homes or if you are looking to update your kitchen lighting, these lights are easy to install simply by cutting a hole with the tools provided and connecting the Jbox to the cables.

These are more lightweight and wider than traditional canned lighting, which will give more of a modern aesthetic and can go with any type of design scheme that you have.

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#10. With Full Adjustability – UPO High Ceiling Track Lightings


track lighting for high ceilings


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Versatile and easy to get the desired angle
  • A budget-friendly option that provides a lot of light
  • Made of high-quality materials that will last a long time


  • The lights are unable to operate independently of each other; meaning you will need to have all of them on at the same time

If you are looking for a flexible and versatile option, these lights features a high-end track lighting system that is easy to adjust per your specific needs. The design of this product allows for a high level of versatility and function, while the LED lighting allows for a high amount of lumens per bulb; being both practical and eco-friendly.

It is easy to rotate these lights to get the perfect angle for your needs, with 5 flexible light heads. It is easy to install and maintain with all that you would need included to get started enjoying the amount of light that these provide. Made of aluminum alloy, these are highly durable and will last a long time, even when in use every day for extended periods.

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What Is the Best Lighting for Tall Cathedral Ceilings?

Proper lighting is one of the important elements of good design in your home. Enough lighting is fundamental from a functional point of view as it plays a vital role in the feel and the look of the room.

Therefore there is a need to strike the right balance between function and form as it can be a challenge to any available space.

A successful design of lighting in a home that has a cathedral ceiling that has over twenty feet into the air always creates additional challenges.

You have to discover the importance of creating special lighting to meet the vaulted ceilings by being focused on the function.

There are a lot of activities that are happening under the cathedral ceiling, like playing games, reading, watching television, dining, cooking, and other entertainments.

Therefore lighting matters a lot in these spaces, and focusing on function is beneficial to determine where to incorporate tasks and how much light is needed.

As to ensure that lighting available meets the function needed in a given area, there should be enough ambient sources of lighting to provide the task light necessary.

The goal of doing lighting not only provides adequate lighting but as well creates visual interest; therefore, you have to decide on the design you want to achieve such a goal.

Look for chandeliers and pendants that will create attraction to other places in a vaulted room? When choosing bulbs for placing in your cathedral ceilings, you have to go for the best bulbs like LEDs and CFLs that are a generally good choice of lighting.

chandelier for high ceiling living room

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How Do You Light a Large Ceiling?

Large rooms are always lovely to stay in as you can spread out or have a party in it because they are so versatile that the deco is seemingly endless. Being charged with a big room that has a high ceiling is fully cozy as you can make things get real. There are many ways that you can light the ceiling to give full control over the entire e space.

  • First, begin by dividing the room into three sections that are; the bottom, the middle, and the top.

Wall paneling and furniture can go to the bottom, other wall hangings and art to the middle as the top takes the lighting devices. You can add lights to every one of these sections to make the space fuller and cohesive as to reduce the room’s intimidating space.

  • Second, choose light fixtures for each section.

Table lamps, up lights and step lights can be added, and the floor lamps and wall sconces to the middle and the top can hold track lighting and other large hanging lights.

Hanging ceiling lights will give permission to your room to go wild because of enough space available add a nice focal point to the rest of the space and do not be afraid to use multiple chandeliers of different design that can help one to effectively divide the room sections into specific areas like dining, lodging, living and more.

You can use adjustable cans or lights if you have sloped ceilings as night kind of lighting, you can turn them in any direction and make adjustments whenever needed. This helps to do away with shadows and any highlight texture.

You can prefer night kind of lighting to overcome imposing and uncomfortable feeling as they tend to add warmth and texture to bare looking spaces.


How Do You Light a Dark Room with a High Ceiling?

High ceilings mostly create a striking look in any home; however, lighting such a ceiling can be quite tricky. Doing incorrect lighting can make your beautiful ceiling to be dark and not attractive, and the oppressive spaces above will make the room to be uninviting and cold.

If you do a correct design of lighting, you will be in a position to create a cozy and warm space with fantastic features above your head.

Installing a skylight will allow penetration of natural light from the outside to the room hence brightening the upper part of the ceiling that can be very dark.

Skylights come in a wide range of designs that can beautify your ceiling as they can be fixed and sole purpose of letting light in as others are close either manually or electrically hence offering extra ventilation.

This can as well be a means of saving on energy bills, especially during the day.

You can decide for hanging lights like chandeliers that offer torch of allegiance and deco by highlighting the darkroom ceilings.

Chandeliers are designed to direct light outward and upward across the high ceiling space hence creating a stylish ceiling look.

You should avoid hanging lights that direct light downwards as they tend to create dark space at high points of your ceiling that makes it to be foreboding and unattractive.

Use of directional spotlights in dark rooms will allow directing light to dark areas. This is important for making adjustments like if you want to read, you can simply direct light to your reading desk.

Spotlights have downsides as they negatively affect the deco in your room hence can’t light the entire room.


How to Install or Change Chandelier Light Bulbs in High Ceilings?

The biggest problem that people with big houses experience is when changing the chandelier bulbs in the high ceilings as ordinary ladders can’t reach; therefore, there is a need for extra help when the light bulbs burst.

Luckily enough, there is a safer way of changing chandelier light bulbs without putting yourself into danger of falling and getting an injury.

  • As to avoid experiencing electric shocks, you need a pair of gloves made from rubber material and something to cover the distance that is there between you and in the chandelier.
  • Choose the best ladder and measure the distance between you and the ceiling, and the ladder should be corresponding to the measurement.
  • Turn off the lights first before changing the light bulbs, then open up the ladder you are going to use throughout the flat space and should be near to the wall.
  • Ask a friend to help you hold the ladder steadily then put on a pair of gloves when up the ladder.
  • Slowly and carefully turn the bulb in counterclockwise direction then pull out the bulb gently as you replace it with a new one by simply turning the bulb in the socket clockwise.
  • Lastly, test the replaced bulb by flipping on the switch.

It is not actually hard to learn how to change a chandelier light bulb in high ceilings if you have the necessary tools at your disposal.


How to Change Recessed Light Bulb on High Ceiling?

Changing a light bulb in your high ceiling by yourself can save you money over hiring a professional.

When the light bulbs burn out, the quandary of reaching to high ceilings becomes an issue, but if you have a few necessary tools and follow safety guidelines, you can do it effectively than calling a maintenance service provider to solve the problem for you.

  • What you need is to select a new bulb then choose a bulb with a design for extended life and ensure that it is of proper size and voltage for an outlet.
  • You can ask for help as it is needed to carry out the project safely, then you should set the ladder and place it directly under the bulb to be changed.
  • Climb up the ladder to the point that you are able to reach the bulb safely when being on flat feet and let your assistant hold the ladder in place for you.
  • Unscrew the bulb to be replaced from its position and replace it with a new bulb.
  • Turn on the switch to know whether the bulb is working, if it lights climb down slowly and safely.


How to Decorate a Room with High Ceilings?

If you have a house that contains extra space, you can pose some challenges to get a desirable unique decoration, but if you do well, it can make your room feel luxurious and grand.

Matter of fact rooms that have high ceilings can look terrible if you don’t address them properly.

As to avoid this, you are required to blend both the lower and upper areas by introducing a nice décor.

You should make use of empty space that is available on the wall by introducing hanging arts and other decorative items.

Having a gallery styled wall that takes the entire height, it should obviously tie with the whole room’s décor hence drawing your eyes upwards.

Despite the height of the windows from the floor, you can hang draperies to the ceiling height to eliminate division in the sections of the wall hence making the upper areas not be isolated and cold hence creating much of fabric that makes your room look fantastic and attractive.

Homes with high ceilings mostly have already installed architectural details. If you lack, then you should consider adding some to make it connected to the rest of the space.

Such details also add up depths and unique characteristics to spaces around the ceiling.

Prefer introducing lighting fixtures in prominent spots that are ideal points to connect the lower and upper portions of the room hence to blend them together.

Consider something large but not heavy in scale that is allegiant.

If you have a fireplace, you should consider making an upward extension with bricks, tiles, or stone as it is a unique option that can enhance the space to look beautiful in addition wallpapers can be appropriate to such types of walls. Consider a professional to design it for you.



Perhaps you have a room with a high ceiling, and you are planning to have a voluminous room ceiling that is attractive and luxurious, then you should install accent lighting to make it blend with the available décor.

You can place the light sources hidden by the use of a crown molding, box beams, or use of architectural cantilever, which vital in filling the room with an emotional warm-up.

Therefore one is required to add other fundamentals of good lighting designs, appropriate decoration, and accent lighting. It is always good to know what qualities to look for in any product so that you can make the right investment decision. Always go for the top quality lights.