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Best Modern Bedside Lamps for Bedroom Reading and Luminance in 2022

Modern bedside lamps are upgraded versions of the standard lights. These versatile lamps come in handy when you need to get things done in your bedroom.

They meet all your lighting needs without compromising comfort and convenience. The best modern bedside lamps have integrated many functions to enhance user experience.

Moreover, these lamps are décor worthy, given their exceptional styles. They complement your room and give off a warm, soft glow for the ideal cozy ambiance.

They are an excellent value for the prices and are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Check out our top-ranked modern bedside lamps available in the market today.

Benefits of using modern bedside lights

Sleeping is a significant activity in bedrooms; you may need to perform a variety of other tasks such as reading, typing, surfing the internet, and dressing, among other activities. Any modern bedroom needs a modern bedside lamp.

best modern bedside lamps reviews

These lighting fixtures can be either installed or portable and work to provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Not only so, but they also meet your lighting needs when you need to read a bedtime novel.

As the name suggests, modern bedside lamps are modern in their styles and are a perfect addition to any room. They employ the latest technologies in their designs to make them even more functional and user-friendly.

Modern bedside lamps are designed to deliver a soothing and calming ambiance that promotes relaxation. The light emitted is eye-safe, and you will, therefore, not experience any eye strains as you read.

They are also a better alternative to the overhead lighting fixtures that may be too intense. Most of them are compact to fit any nightstand for easy accessibility. You do not have to get out of bed and grapple for the switch in the dark.

Furthermore, modern bedside lamps can supplement another existing lighting in the room or act independently as the only light source. Some are bright enough to light up the entire room.

What’s more, is, modern bedside lamps are also used to make a statement in rooms. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, and finishes to blend in any type of room interior, be it minimalist, contemporary, modern, traditional, mid-century, urban, etc.


Reviews of the 6 best bedside lamps in modern style

The list will help you make your purchase and ensure you buy nothing but the best model for your needs.

#1. Best Sale – Aukey Modern cylinder lamp with dimmable light for bedside

Aukey touch control modern table lamps for your bedside


  • Offers versatile lighting
  • Unique colorful display
  • 360-degree touch panel base


  • Cannot be used with any smart home system

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AUKEY bedside table lamp is a worthy upgrade to the standard lamps. Moreover, this lamp offers versatile lighting as it is ideal for reading, relaxation, and so on. It features a dimmable function for better user experience.

  • Color changing light

This unique lamp features a dazzling RGB color display so you can delight friends and family. You can also pick and pause your favorite color. It is designed to emit eye-safe warm, abundant light on every setting.

  • 360-degree touch panel base

This lamp is easy to operate thanks to its convenient touch control. Simply touch the lamp’s base to switch it on or off, change light modes, change colors, or adjust brightness.

  • Premium quality materials

It is made of high-quality materials, ABS, and aluminum alloy for extended durability. The polished chrome finish gives it a great look.

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#2. Best rated – Vansware industrial bedside table lamp with modern glass shade

Vansware contemporary bedside lamps for your bedroom review


  • Opal glass shade
  • Stepless dimmable
  • Gentle light on eyes
  • Dual functional USB charging ports
  • Rotary switch for gradually dimmable


  • Doesn’t have adjustable arms

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Vansware Zermurd table lamp will exceed your expectations. It adopts a rotary switch and is designed with an outstanding vintage bulb with a dimmable function. What’s more, that allows you to adjust the brightness to your preference suitably. You can now easily set the perfect ambiance for your room.

The Edison bulb used emits similar brightness to the incandescent bulbs but saves more energy.

  • Glass shade

The opal glass shade is well-made to deliver purity and simplicity. It also works to give off a soft glow and evenly diffuses it, so it is neither too subtle nor too glaring.

  • Multifunctional lamp

It features dual-functional USB charging ports that allow you to charge your devices and keep them within reach.

Moreover, it features a 2-prong AC outlet that conveniently allows you to charge your echo dot, humidifier, Bluetooth speakers, kindle readers, cameras, etc.

  • Energy-efficient

This lamp uses LED light bulbs, which last longer and save a significant amount of energy. They, therefore, save you time and money.

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#3. Best with metal tripod stand – Rivet small contemporary lamp for reading

Rivet gold bedside tripod lamp for modern room


  • Four straight metal legs
  • Brilliant satin gold finish
  • Premium quality materials
  • Classic oversized linen drum shade


  • Some customers may not like tripod base

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Rivet lamp will meet all your lighting needs. This lamp comes with a light bulb and emits the perfect amount of light for whatever task.

  • Tripod base

It has a unique design featuring four straight metal legs for added stability. Moreover, the materials used in its construction are of premium quality to ensure extended service use. This item is easy to assemble – assembly will take you less than 5 minutes.

  • Linen shade

Besides that, this lamp features sharp lines that form the four posts to achieve a sturdy design. The included linen drum shade is oversized and gives the lamp a classic touch. This lamp is perfect for any room that needs good light and a great style.

  • Modern style

This lamp is designed with a modern style making it a perfect addition to any room. It has a brilliant satin gold finish that completes its look. The linen drum shade is oversized to give it a classic touch. Thus, it blends perfectly with any décor.

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#4. Best with USB port – Focondot modern bedside lamp with cool white light

led bedside table lamp for reading


  • Multifunctional
  • Different lighting effects
  • Standard AC outlet and dual USB charging ports


  • Bulb is not included

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Focondot table lamp is a perfect addition to any bedroom. It boasts of different lighting effects. You can easily choose a color-changing smart bulb or a crisp white light, depending on your preference. A cool white bulb is highly recommended, given the lampshade is dark gray.

It is compatible with a wide range of E26 standard bulbs. The power button is suitably located at the base for smooth operation.

  • Multifunctional table lamp

This lamp features dual USB charging ports that quickly charge your devices and keep them conveniently within risk as you perform other tasks. It features a standard AC outlet for other devices as well.

  • High-quality materials

This lamp is made of an iron base, and the shade is made of fabric. The materials used are of high quality for long-lasting use. Also, it has a polished finish to complete the look.

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#5. Best with wood base – Brightech Noah modern desk lamp for nightstands

Brightech Noah led contemporary desk lamp for bedside


  • Cozy warm light
  • Beautiful wooden base and neutral lampshade
  • Compatible with Alexa and smart home devices


  • The coming bulb is unable to dim but you can change it

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Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Brightech Noah LED lamp. It is designed to emit warm light to create a cozy ambiance.

Another thing is, this lamp is easy to operate, given the convenient on/off switch that is located on the electrical cord.

  • Wooden base

This lamp is uniquely designed with an elegant black wooden base which is wide enough to provide stability, so it will not topple over. The base has a sleek, black finish, and the neutral cloth lampshade makes this lamp a piece of art. It is ideal for your living room or bedroom.

  • Alexa and smart homes

This lamp employs the latest technology, so it is compatible with Alexa and other smart home devices. That makes it easy to control and more convenient.

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#6. Best with Bluetooth and wireless charger – Ampulla smart bedside table lamp for a modern bedroom

Ampulla multifunctional modern bedside lamp


  • Stepless dimming
  • Wireless charging
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker


  • Not compatible with smart home devices

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Light up your life with the Ampulla lamp. This lamp features a step-less dimming function for a better experience. You can also set a suitable night mode by a simple long press. It is conveniently lightweight and does not take up too much space on your nightstand.

  • Versatile use

This lamp employs the latest technology as it integrates a Bluetooth speaker and even allows wireless charging. It can play your favorite songs directly from your phone, desktop, or tablet via Bluetooth.

What’s more, this Bluetooth speaker utilizes a waveguide technology to deliver superior performance. The wireless charger has broad compatibility.

  • Unique modern style

This lamp is uniquely designed, making it a perfect addition to any modern home. It also makes use of the latest technology for more functionality and versatility.

  • High-quality material

The shade is made of wooden material that is not only of high quality but also eco-friendly. It is built to last and deliver superb performance.

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How to choose a modern bedside lamp?

Modern bedside lamps are functional and a worthy investment. After going through the above lamps, a question may arise: which one is ideal for me? There are several factors that you may need to put into consideration.

Below are some of the factors that you may need to look into before making a decision. Hopefully, they will answer your questions and narrow down the most suitable modern bedside lamp for your room.

#1. Type of lampshade

The size and design of lampshades vary in a wide range. The size determines the balance. In general, the lampshade height should be two-thirds the height of its body.

Off-white or white lampshades emit more light, while colored lampshades add accent to any décor. You can choose one that meets your preferences. As for shapes, drum shades have become very popular.

Buy Brightech Noah table lamp with off-white lampshade

Brightech Noah led contemporary desk lamp for bedside

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#2. Light bulb

The lighting will also determine the bedside lamp you choose in your modern bedroom; if you have a dull room, lamps with brighter lighting may be suitable.

You can make a decision depending on daylight from the adjacent windows and existing ambient lighting fixtures.

The light bulbs also used to determine the amount of light. Softer white bulbs emit a softer glow.

#3. Size

The size of the room you have and the space available will determine the size of the lamp you need to go for.

Narrow nightstands, for instance, require lamps that have narrow bases. Larger rooms, on the other hand, may need larger lamps for the right amount of light.

#4. Height

It has to be just right for a sufficient amount of light, especially if you are reading. The ideal height of the bedside lamp is as high as the nightstand or slightly higher.

When it comes to the distance to the light switch, it should be arms-length for more convenience.

Buy Vansware led table lamp with gentle light for bedside reading

Vansware contemporary bedside lamps for your bedroom review

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#5. User needs

Your choice for lighting fixture will depend on what you need the lamp for.

If you want to illuminate your entire space, a giant lamp will be ideal. But if you are thinking of a decorative lamp, you can focus on the designs.

#6. Lifestyle

Here, your decision will be determined by the size of your room. For small spaces, you may require a wall sconce or the wall-mounted swing arm lamps that do not take up too much space.

These are versatile and provide the right amount of light. For larger rooms, go for the larger models that complement your space.

#7. Number of lamps

The general rule states that you need one bedside lamp if you are alone in the bed, and two, in the case of a partner.

Another thing is the size of your room or bed. If very large, two lamps provide the right balance.

Also, if you do not have an existing ceiling fixture, two lamps will provide the ideal illumination.

Best Set of 2 – Oneach bedside lamps with stylish finish



Modern bedside lamps are handy and functional lighting fixtures. These gorgeous lamps will impress you with their beauty and style. They are sure to meet your lighting needs as well as make a statement in your room.

Use this guide to find the best modern bedside lamp for your needs. Good Luck!