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Best Modern Floor Lamps for Contemporary Room in 2022

Do you want to add style and illumination to your modern house?

Well, there are lots of lighting options to select from, but modern floor lamps are some of the best solutions to meet your lighting needs which can enhance the decor of a room because of the stylish designs and bright illumination.

Provided the variety of floor lamps available on the market, choosing the best one isn’t easy; the reason we did some research and put together a list of the top 10 best modern floor lamps. Read on!

Benefits of using a modern floor lamp for contemporary rooms

best modern floor lamps reviews

1. Ability to deliver unmatched versatility

A significant advantage of using modern floor lamps is their ability to provide unmatched flexibility.

After all, these lamps only require the floor during use. This means that you can move them from one room to another, thus a perfect choice for a temporary or permanent lighting solution.

2. They are easy to install

Floor lamps are easy to install. All that is required is a cozy corner to enhance aesthetics and an electrical socket for the power supply.

Because of this, you do not have to hire a professional to help you with the installation. Better, the lamps do not necessitate the need to clean up after use, while you can install them in any room of your home.

3. They do not consume much energy

The best modern floor lamps can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills.

The reason is that these lamps integrate power-saving LED bulbs as opposed to halogen or incandescent bulbs. As a result, they can save a lot of electricity without sacrificing performance.

4. They are an excellent lighting solution for every room

A floor lamp can be installed in any modern room that needs additional lighting.

Unlike wall-mounted lamps that require a room to meet certain needs, a floor lamp can be placed on any corner as long as it doesn’t hinder free movement.

5. Ability to complement other light sources

They provide the option of using them as a stand-alone lighting solution or an additional light source. These lamps can complement all types of lighting, including table lamps and chandeliers.

Furthermore, the light sources can soften harsh lighting because of their ability to balance the brightness in the room.

6. Ability to enhance the aesthetics of different rooms

Last but not least, modern floor lamps enhance the aesthetics of different rooms.

Besides illuminating a space, the lamps are available in all kinds of materials and themes so that you can use them in traditional and modern decors.


Reviews of the 10 best floor lamps in modern style

#1. Best arc lamp – Adesso modern floor lamp with adjustable shade for living room and bedroom

Adesso modern style floor lamps


  • Solid marble base for stability.
  • Can brighten up a wide area.
  • The arc can swivel independently to the right or left.


  • Heavy base results in a heavy lamp.

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The Adesso modern floor lamp provides a smart and stylish way to lighten up any space.

It is an arc lamp that provides overhead lighting that is controllable using an adjustable shade. The lamp’s height is flexible, with a maximum height of up to 77″.

It is smart-outlet compatible, and thus, easy to operate. The floor lamp includes a linen fabric drum shade for easy maintenance and style.

Equipped with an on/off rotary switch placed on the pole, this lamp is easy to operate.

And to enhance the style, the light features a brushed steel finish paired with a white marble base.

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#2. Best with dimmable light – Brigthech led modern industrial floor lamp with silver finish

Brightech contemporary floor lamp with overhead lighting


  • Sleek and elegant.
  • Slim and fits into small spaces.
  • The built-in foot pedal is easy to operate.


  • Limited finish options.

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A perfect lighting solution for any space is the Brightech led modern industrial floor lamp. It is a behind-the-couch lamp that features a crescent-shaped LED light.

The lamp stands at 67″ tall. Thanks to the sleek and minimalist look, it is a perfect match for urban, modern, and traditional decors.

It features a convenient 3-way dimmer foot pedal. Using it, you can alter the brightness from super bright to a soft ambient mood lighting that makes it easy for you to attain the perfect light for any space.

It integrates a 3000K warm white color temperature and 2,000 lumens brightness so that it is bright enough for working and reading without being too sensitive on the eyes.

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#3. Best oversized – Kira Home tall modern floor standing lamps with brushed nickel finish

Kira Home modern floor lamp with 3 lamp head and arc arm


  • Reasonable pricing.
  • It delivers plenty of light.
  • The heavy base holds up well.


  • Doesn’t include light bulbs.

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The best lighting fixture, whether you want to illuminate your kitchen, office, bedroom, or entryway, is Kira Home tall modern floor standing lamp.

Because of the tall and elegant design, you can place the lamp in any room with an assurance that it will brighten up the decor and add style to any room.

Also, the lamp integrates a warm light plus pre-assembled gray burlap shades. As a result, it acts like an excellent option that will elevate your home.

You can take advantage of the integrated dimmer to brighten or dim the bulbs based on your preference. Besides, the lamp is compatible with a timer and wall switch for efficient and convenient operation.

Equipped with a sturdy base, the floor lamp can remain in place to provide you with an assurance that it will not tip over during use.

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#4. Best for ambiance – Brightech cheap modern led spiral floor lamp for living rooms

Brightech cheap led floor lamp for modern room


  • 3 brightness settings.
  • Heavy-duty thick steel base.


  • Not compatible with wall switches or timers.

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Are you looking for a cheap but modern LED spiral floor lamp suitable for use in different rooms in your home? If so, I would recommend the Brightech floor lamp.

It produces a high brightness of 950 lumens and a color temperature of a 3000 Kelvin warm white light. Because of this, you can expect it to deliver a perfect brightness suitable for illuminating different rooms.

What’s more, the lamp integrates a 3-way built-in dimming feature. As a result, you can customize the brightness level based on your lighting needs.

Besides, the floor lamp stands at 43″ tall while it includes an 8″ weighted base to protect it from tipping over during use.

The floor lamp is made using a non-toxic material while the LED twist lamp is more environmentally-friendly to guarantee safety.

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#5. Best for reading – Verilux led white modern floor lamp with natural light and adjustable gooseneck

Verilux modern reading floor lamp review


  • Five levels of brightness.
  • Easily adjustable gooseneck.
  • The weighted base doesn’t topple.


  • Doesn’t have a beautiful lampshade.

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Responding to the need for the best modern floor lamp for reading is Verilux led modern floor lamp.

Using it, you can bring customizable task lighting right to your fingertips, which makes it ideal for studying, hobbies, crafts, or office work.

The lamp provides a light that mimics natural light. Because of this, you can expect it to minimize the strain on the eyes while providing better illumination and a truer color representation of your work.

Another benefit of the lamp is its flicker elimination technology and Optix glare control lens. These features work concurrently to reduce eye fatigue for comfortable use over extended hours.

Verilux led lamp allows you to choose between five brightness levels for perfect illumination of the task ahead of you. Moreover, the lamp offers three color temperatures of white light ranging from warm white light to daylight.

Equipped with an adjustable gooseneck, you can pivot the lamp’s light source for direct illumination on the task at hand. Plus, the lamp integrates long-lasting LEDs to eliminate the need for frequent changing of the bulbs.

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#6. Best with wood table – Leick modern floor lamp with swing arms and large lamp shades

Leick modern floor lamp with table


  • Beautiful lampshade.
  • It doesn’t take up much space.
  • The light delivers a bright light.


  • The integrated drawer is too small.

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This is a high-quality and stylish combo that addresses the need for additional storage and lighting in small living spaces. Ideally, it is a table that integrates a lamp on the side of the tabletop.

The table is made of solid hardwood and veneers for longevity. It features side slats and a bottom shelf to provide room for storage.

Plus, there is a reliable solid drawer on the top that slides out on ball-bearings for easy access to the stored contents.The table features a hand-applied medium oak finish to enhance the style and easy cleaning.

Its swing arm lamp features a burlap shade and an antique blackened finish that makes it a beautiful addition to modern and traditional-style decors.

Because of the compact footprint, the table serves as a perfect addition to apartments, condos, and dorm rooms.

Plus, the table features a reasonable height that makes it suitable for use while reading.

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#7. Best with tripod base – Lepower mid century floor standing lamp for home and office

Leopower floor standing tripod floor lamp


  • Affordable lamp.
  • Beautiful and sturdy design.
  • Easy to control foot panel switch.


  • You need to buy another bulb.

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A beautiful and low-cost floor lamp that will help you meet basic lighting needs is the Lepower midcentury floor standing lamp.

It is a high-quality lamp that integrates durable materials. In particular, the lamp features a high-quality nature rubberwood tripod. The tripod is durable, stable, and aesthetically pleasing.

What’s more, there is a high-quality flaxen lampshade. The shade highlights a beautiful and classic shape that enables it to add a modern decoration in a living room, office, and bedroom.

The floor lamp features a sturdy design that makes it wobble free and safe to use around kids and pets. Moreover, it highlights a unique stem. The stem features three wooden holders to enhance the stability of the lamp.

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#8. Best uplighters – Hot sale Brightech sky modern led torchiere floor lamp

Brightech modern torchiere floor lamp


  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Slim and elegant design.
  • Three brightness settings.


  • No downward light beam.

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Whether you are looking for a floor lamp that will serve as an additional light source or one that works by itself, you can expect to have made the right decision after purchasing the Brightech sky modern led torchiere floor lamp.

The floor lamp packs a 2190 lumens brightness, enabling it to provide bright light that will illuminate a large room.

Moreover, it highlights a pivoting head. Because of this, you can turn it in any direction so that you can lighten the desired area.

Integrating a memory function, the lamp can recall the last brightness setting to eliminate the need for you to reset it. Plus, there is a weighted base that protects it from tipping while making it safe around kids.

The floor lamp includes a built-in switch that allows you to alter the brightness setting easily. Besides that, you can operate it via a wall switch or set up a smart plug that allows you to connect it with Alexa and other smart home devices.

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#9. Best with warm light – Chiphy cool modern square floor lamps compatible with smart outlets

tower floor lamp for modern room


  • Dimmable lighting.
  • Three levels of brightness.
  • The shade shows a special texture.


  • Only 2700K warm light color.

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The best choice for a floor lamp that delivers a warm white light is the Chiphy cool modern square floor lamp.

It includes two 12-watts bulbs which can provide a pleasant warm white light up to 2700K, making it an ideal choice for use when watching TV or when you need some ambient lighting.

What’s more, the included bulbs are replaceable. You can use smart bulbs in their place so that you can control the lamp via Google smart home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Homekit.

Another advantage of the floor lamp is the 3-light intensity levels. You can use the included footswitch so that you can find a brightness setting that will suit the activity at hand.

Moreover, the lamp includes a dedicated lampshade made using 90% Tyvek Dupont and 10% fabric to enhance the style.

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#10. Best with shelf – Brightech Maxwell modern black narrow side floor lamp light

Brightech mid century modern floor lamp


  • Sturdy and stable.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The additional shelf for storage.


  • Doesn’t elevate its height.

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This is a versatile free-standing tower lamp. It integrates display shelves so that you can use it to display books, art, and plants.

The floor lamp measures 63″ tall while it weighs 12 pounds for effortless transfer from one room to another. Adding to that, it features a narrow footprint that helps to save the floor space.

The standup lamp can match a variety of decors, including rustic decors, farmhouse, Asian, country, and mid-century decors. It includes a 9.5 watt, 800-lumen power-saving bright LED bulb that provides long-lasting and reliable performance.

The Brightech Maxwell is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Home Kit. However, you must get a smart bulb and smart outlet so that you can use it with the smart devices.

The lamp integrates an advanced 3,000K warm white LED technology that outlasts incandescent and halogen bulbs. It comes with the necessary hardware and for effortless assembly.

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What to consider for buying the right modern floor lamps?

1. Type

Well, although floor lamps feature a simple design that integrates a sturdy base, a tall stem that extends from the base, and a light, note that floor lamps come in a variety of styles.

Because of this, it is up to you to determine what you need in a light so that you can pick one that matches your room’s needs and lifestyle.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the different types of modern floor lamps available for you to select from.

  • Task/ pharmacy floor lamps

When looking for a precise task lighting, you should consider getting a task/pharmacy lamp.

Most pharmacy lamps integrate an adjustable lamp and base that allows you to direct the light where it is desired.

Pharmacy lights act as a perfect choice for a reading lamp, but these appliances aren’t suitable for illuminating an entire room.

Best for Modern Office – Regency Hill Brass Modern Pharmacy Task Floor Lamp with Gold Finish

  • Standing floor lamps

Standing lamps are lights that feature a traditional design. However, these lamps allow for some kind of customization with the ability to adjust the brightness of the light or the height of the arm.

  • Swingarm contemporary lamp

As the name suggests, this is a lamp that incorporates a swing arm.

Such floor lamps eliminate the need for moving the entire lamps over the workspace, given that you can simply swing the lighting over the working area to achieve focused lighting.

Best with Swing Arm – Brightech Modern Floor Lamp for Any Corner

  • Uplight and Torchiere floor lamps

Torchiere floor lamps are lights that get their name from a torch. The lamps are more similar to a flashlight because of the upward-pointing shades.

The unique design of the shade allows them to provide a light that is more of an accent light as opposed to ambient or task lighting.

Hot Sale – Brightech LED Modern Torchiere with Adjustable Lamp Head

Brightech modern torchiere floor lamp

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  • Arc Floor Lamps

If you are looking for a modern floor lamp for use behind a couch, I would recommend an arc floor lamp.

It features a long arm that extends up and out like an arc. As a result, it can illuminate the middle of the room while maintaining the lamp off to the side.

Besides using the light in large seating areas, you can use it like a reading lamp, task lamp, or an ambient floor lamp because of the ability to stretch over a space.

Best for Large Area – Kira Home 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp with Independent Control

Kira Home modern floor lamp with 3 lamp head and arc arm

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2. Purposes and lamp function

  • Ambient floor lamps

This kind of lamps is designed to provide general lighting in a modern space.

The lamps feature a traditional lampshade that helps to diffuse the light resulting in semi-direct illumination. Ambient floor lamps are suitable for use in the corner of a living room or next to a sofa or lounge chair.

Moreover, these lamps are ideal for studying, but they do not provide a focused light that reading lamps provide.

Best for Ambiance – Brightech LED Spiral Floor Lamp for Your Modern Living Room

Brightech cheap led floor lamp for modern room

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  • Reading floor lamps

A reading light, as you can tell from the name, is a light that is specially designed for reading.

It provides a more direct and focused light that brightens up a particular space. The lamp includes a flexible arm and other adjustable features that make it possible to move the light where it is required.

You can use a reading floor lamp to illuminate a desk or space where you carry on tasks that require more precision.

Best for Reading – Verilux Modern Minimalist Floor Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck

Verilux modern reading floor lamp review

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3. Cost

How much money will you be required to part with in exchange for the modern floor lamp? Moreover, will there be additional costs related to installation or high energy bills? These are just but a few of the things to consider before purchasing.

In most cases, the more intricate the aesthetics, the more expensive the lamp. But, you would rather buy a modern floor lamp that will cost more during the purchase but one that will help you save additional costs in the future.

Best Price – Coaster Home Modern Chrome Floor Lamp with Glass and Crystal Lamp Shade

4. Size and height

How much room do you have for the floor lamp to occupy? You will need to think about this, given that you will be required to get a contemporary floor lamp that will fit into the available area without cluttering it up.

Therefore, measure the actual floor area and buy a lamp with dimensions that will fit in comfortably.

Also, consider the height. Purchasing a short lamp might not be an ideal idea when you are getting a lamp to illuminate big spaces. Moreover, a lamp that is too high might end up looking like a ceiling light in a room with small ceilings.

5. Weight

Besides the dimensions, you will want to consider the weight of the modern floor lamp.

In most cases, the heavier the lamp, the more stable it is.

If you are looking for a floor lamp for use in areas that do not face much movement, then you should be okay with a lightweight floor lamp.

However, with kids and pets around, I would recommend a heavier lamp to protect kids from knocking it down.


What are modern floor lamps used for?

When buying a modern floor lamp, it is worth that you consider the reasons you need it so that you can match the lamp you want to buy for your lighting needs.

That said, let’s have a glimpse at some of the reasons you might need a modern floor lamp.

brass and crystal modern floor lamp

1. Adding a touch of style

Apart from buying a modern floor lamp so that you can illuminate a space, you can purchase one when you want to add a touch of style and elegance to a room.

In this case, I would recommend that you buy a lamp that features an elegant and beautiful design such as the Chiphy cool modern square floor lamp.

2. Improving the mood

Based on research, the light you select can affect your mood positively or negatively.

In most cases, an adequate amount of light can improve the mood and energy level, while inadequate lighting results in depression.

That said, incorporating a high-quality floor lamp either as a stand-alone light source or additional source of light is an effective way to helping you enhance your mood.

3. Brighten dark spaces

If you are looking for a lighting source that will brighten dark corners, you might want to settle for modern floor lamps.

Although most people believe that these lamps deliver a dim blue-white light, this is not the case with LED floor lamps.

These lamps incorporate an improved technology that enables them to provide a warm bright light suitable for brightening dark spaces.

4. Instant ambiance lighting

Ideally, ambient lighting refers to the general illumination of a space. Some of the best modern floor lamps are designed for this purpose.

Such models integrate a dimmer switch or a lampshade that diffuses the light around the room.

Also, these kinds of lamps provide a soft and bright light that is suitable for use next to a reading chair or a corner in the living room.

5. Task lighting

Another reason for acquiring a modern floor lamp is for task lighting.

For instance, you may want to get a light for reading or sewing. In such a case, get a floor lamp that provides a bright and even illumination to avoid straining the eyes.

Also, the best lamp for task lighting should integrate an adjustable head and base so that you can adjust the light’s heights and direct it where it is required.

Best with Adjustable Lamp Head – Verilux LED Floor Lamp for Tasks

Verilux modern reading floor lamp review

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#1. Can I buy modern lamp shades to renovate my old traditional floor lamps?

Yes. Purchasing a modern floor lamp, and installing it in a traditional décor is one of the ways of transforming your room’s look.

In fact, you can give a traditional lamp a makeover by changing the lampshade and replacing the old bulb to make it more modern.

#2. Is a modern red floor lamp good for sleeping?

Yes. Red floor lamps are suitable for sleeping. Based on clinical studies, a red light can help you sleep better.

The explanation behind this is that red light has a low color temperature that is far much less than regular sunlight. This means that it doesn’t interfere with the quality of your sleep, while it helps your body to switch into the sleep cycle more naturally.



Standing lamps or floor lamps are an ideal combination of flexible, easy to install, and adaptable lighting solutions for modern rooms.

Since the contemporary floor lamps are not created equally, settling for a low-quality lamp is quite possible, the reason I would recommend that you buy one of the reviewed items to avoid getting into the trap of purchasing a poor-quality lamp.