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Best Mosquito Killer Lamps for Indoor and Outdoor in 2022

Imagine having not to struggle to kill mosquitos every night. Instead, you place a lamp at one of the most convenient places, and all it will do is to attract these insects and kill them instantly. That is what you get from best mosquito killer lamps of high quality.

From how portable they are to their enhanced durability, the following 8 lamps are products you should consider having.

But what do you know about these lamps? Here are a few invaluable insights that will help you make logical conclusions in the long run.

In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hot Sale, Great for Southern California and Areas with Insects: Flowtron Electric Hanging Insect Killer Lamp

Silent to Use, Available at a Cheap Price: Zalik Mosquito Light Bulb

320 Square Feet Protection, with UV Light, Effective in Trapping Bugs and Other Pests: Eon Luxe Solutions Bug Zapper

What is a mosquito light?

It would be hard to come up with a one-dimensional answer to this, as many definitions are fronted. It will suffice to mention that we have bug lights, which neither repel nor kill bugs. When talking about bugs, mosquitos are no exception.

However, embracing specific wavelengths will often help in getting rid of these insects. The higher the wavelength or intensity of the light, the more attractive it will be to these bugs.

If you can attract them to a grid that produces enough heat to kill them, you will be good to go.

In brief, the light should attract the mosquito to a lamp.


Do mosquito lights work?

Undoubtedly, mosquito zappers have proven to not only work but also efficiently so.

From the improved safety levels to the enhanced luring potential, there is no reason to overlook these devices.

Usually, they emit an ultraviolet light, which attracts the insect to a high-voltage electrical grid. It is at this point that the insect gets electrocuted.


Why you should buy mosquito killer lamps?

best mosquito killer lamp reviews

Various benefits come with the acquisition of a mosquito killer lamp. Remarkably, getting conversant with these merits could readily ensure that you make logical decisions.

While the advantages could vary from one product to another, we have some that are prevalent across all of them. Here are the reasons why buying mosquito killer lamps will be worth it.

#1. No chemicals

This device kills mosquitos and other bugs by completing a circuit. Once the bug approaches the emitted ultraviolet light, it completes the circuit and instantly dies.

Ideally, this bug dies from electrical shock. That means that no chemical will be necessary for this process. For that reason, anyone will feel at home using these devices, whether allergic or not.

#2. Safety

As mentioned, this device comes with an electrical grid that emits not only UV light nut also electrical energy. One of the concerns people have is the accidental touching of these grids.

Fortunately, most designs consider covering the grid, ensuring that you have no reason to worry.

#3. Extensive coverage

This device will effortlessly cover a relatively wide area.

For instance, you will be sure that bugs within a 400-square feet area will get eliminated by one zapper. The effect is immediate.

With this, you will hardly have to hassle all night trying to set up devices in different places.

#4. Can work in areas with no electrical source

There is room for this device to function in a place where there is no electricity. That is because batteries can power a significant number of zappers.

Whether you want to use the device in a residential or commercial setting, there will hardly be any limit.

On top of that, they tend to be relatively energy-efficient, saving you on energy bills in the long run.


Reviews of the 8 best lamp to kill mosquito and insect

#1. Best sale – Flowtron electronic mosquito lamp for outdoor patio and decks

hanging mosquito killer lamp for outdoor entryway


  • No chemicals
  • 1/2-acre killing radius
  • Affordable to operate
  • Unmatched brightness


  • Only for outdoor use

Check Best Price on

That this product has become one of the top sellers for a relatively long time now is no secret. Thanks to how reliable and effective it is, it will be worth considering at any time.

It comes with a highly efficient killing grid. It will suffice to mention that this non-clogging grid will trap the insects without lots of hassle. While at it, its 15W ultraviolet black bulb assures you of relatively high intensity.

Ideally, this lamp will ensure that it gets rid of the insects without necessarily harming the environment.

You will also fall in love with its robust construction. The rugged and weatherproof construction assures you of enhanced longevity. Remember, it a product of polycarbonate material, which hardly cracks, fades, or even rusts.

Further, the lamp produces enough brightness, thanks to the impressive bulbs used. What is more, replacing these bulbs has proven to be relatively easy, as no tools are necessary.

Check on Amazon


#2. Best cheap – Zalik LED mosquito and insect killer lamp for indoor and outdoor

mosquito trap light bulb


  • Cheap
  • Has 3 modes
  • Battery-powered
  • Uses for both indoor and outdoor


  • You need to clean the dead bugs reularly

Check Best Price on

If you are on a budget, this option will be best for you. Thanks to how affordable it is, you will find it a suitable match for you.

This product boasts of unmatched and advanced technology. Its LED Blue-violet band will assure you of impressive band emissions. Ideally, these emissions lie between 365 and 420nm wavelengths. It will suffice to mention that such wavelength will often attract insects and then kill them instantly.

You can hardly doubt the effectiveness of this mosquito zapper. Its high-intensity light will be vital in making sure that the insects are dead upon contact. Further, it implies that there will be no limit on the number of insects killed at the end of the day.

Its impressive design will get you smitten. Usually, it features a 45-degree slope that ensures that mosquitos slip off upon death.

What is more, there are three modes from which to choose. You will be free to choose from the zapper mode, the regular light mode, and the slight light mode. With multiple modes, there is enough convenience for you at the end of the day.

Check on Amazon


#3. Best with UV light – Eon Luxe indoor mosquito killer lamp for bedroom

led mosquito killer lamp


  • Quiet operation
  • Intense UV light
  • Covers 320 sq ft
  • Reliable and replaceable glue pad


  • May not hang it on the ceilings

Check Best Price on

It is almost impossible to overstate how incredible the UV light produced by this lamp is. That it is awesomely powerful is an understatement.

It comes with a vacuum fan, which is significant in capturing the insects. The fan does not only help in collecting tiny flying insects but also gets them into the retention cage. What is more, all these will be done in a whisper quietness.

It comes with a sticky glue pad, whose significance you will barely overlook. Once the insects fall on this pad, there will hardly be any room for escape. It will suffice to mention that the sticky pads are replaceable, giving you the convenience you so deserve.

The unmatched strength of the UV light in this tent is worth re-introducing. Usually, the light is intense, yet natural enough to attract these flying insects. This UV light has the potency to capture insects within an area of 320 square feet.

Check on Amazon


#4. Best rechargeable – NOBITE 3 in 1 mosquito and bug killer lamps and waterproof lanterns

rechargeable mosquito killer lamp


  • Compact and even portable
  • Comes with 2 classic light modes
  • Withstand all weathers and it’s noise free
  • 3 in 1 camping lantern, bug zapper and night light


  • Costs you 3 hours to get fully charged

Check Best Price on

That this product is waterproof, making it one of the most admirable ones in the market. Ideally, it features an IP67 waterproof grade, which means that you have no reason to worry about it during severe weather conditions.

Besides, this construction allows you to clean or wipe it with water. There will hardly be any room for rust too.

Thanks to its compact nature, portability is no longer a hassle. This lamp comes with a weight of about 240g, which allows you to carry it wherever you so wish. Whether you want to hang it somewhere or put it on a surface, there will hardly be a problem.

Did you know that it is a 3-in-1 product? Besides being a killer lamp, you can rely on it as a flashlight or an SOS white strobe.

On top of that, you will be sure of a 2200 mAh lithium battery. This long-lasting battery will guarantee you excellent reliability at all times.

Check on Amazon


#5. Best with night light lamp – Liba electronic insect & mosquito killer for home use

uv lamp mosquito killer


  • Easy to use
  • Effortless to clean
  • Has a powerful grid
  • Instant bug attraction


  • Not really for outdoors

Check Best Price on

Sometimes, all you could ever need is an insect killer lamp that comes with night lights too. That is what you get by opting for this product.

You will readily fall in love with its impressive 2800V grid. With such power, you are confident of unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in the long run.

It will suffice to mention that this device uses no chemicals to kill these pests. That implies that you will not expose your beloved ones to health complications at the end of the day. There will also be a significant reduction in medical costs.

Remember, this aspect implies that you can use the lamp indoors.

Check on Amazon


#6. Best for large area – Micnaron UV mosquito lamp with 6000 sq ft coverage

mosquito repellent lamp with wide coverage


  • Comes with a hanging chain
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Covers a relatively extensive area


  • Could pose a danger if not handled carefully

Check Best Price on

The awesomeness of this beautiful lamp is hard to overlook. Perhaps, it is for this reason that it has become a favorite for those that want to cover a relatively more significant area.

Remember, it is capable of killing insects within a 6000 square feet area, which is reasonably extensive. But besides that, its myriad of features will come in handy for you.

It comes with a 2800V transformer, which is arguably the biggest in the market. This transformer will effortlessly get rid of both big and small insects, and effortlessly so.

There will hardly be any effect on the environment, as no chemical is used. While at it, smaller insects are likely to explode, making it easier for you to clean the device.

There is also a 360-degree childproof protective grid. It comes in handy in covering the electric grid, which ensures that v baby does not end up accidentally touching the grid.

Check on Amazon


#7. Best with intelligent light control – FENUN mosquito repellent trap lamp

electronic insect & mosquito killer with night light lamp


  • Unmatched adhesion
  • Intelligent light control
  • Relatively light and portable
  • Enough power to cause the death of the insects


  • Designs for indoor use

Check Best Price on

In the wake of technology, intelligent light control has also become a necessity. It is at this point that this product steps in, as it features one of the most reliable intelligent light controls.

Once you turn on the auto-switch, everything else seems relatively flawless. Once this setting is on, the lamp turns on depending on the light intensity of your environment.

It will suffice to point out the triple trapping power that this product has. This UV light will readily lure insects into a trap, killing them instantly. If they escape this, their death awaits them on the glue boards. As if that is not enough, we have fans that can quickly suck them to death.

The safety of this product is worth lauding. Whether it is a child or an adult handling this device, you will be confident of remaining safe.

Check on Amazon


#8. Best ease of clean – Tysonir powerful off mosquito lamp with UV light

mosquito repellent lamp for indoor


  • Easy to clean
  • Extensive coverage
  • Comes with an impressive one-year warranty


  • It is a plug-in lamp

Check Best Price on

Do you want to avoid too much hassle when cleaning your mosquito killer lamp? Thanks to its design, mosquitos will often slip off once they get struck. That implies that you will not have a hard time cleaning your device.

The wavelength produced by this lamp lies between 365 and 400nm, which will comfortably attract different bugs and insects, and mosquitos are no exception.

Most importantly, the device is capable of covering a relatively extensive area. With over 400 square feet to cover, you will appreciate its effectiveness.

There is no irritating odor that comes out of this lamp. Further, no chemical is used in killing the insect.

Check on Amazon


What to look for when buying a mosquito zapper light?

Did you know that you can only get value for money on purchases if you are careful from the onset? Unless you pay attention to the devices you want to buy, you will readily end up disappointed.

Understandably, choosing the right zapper light is a daunting task. But that does not mean that you should not give it due attention. During this process, ensure that you consider the following variables.

#1. Is it multifunctional?

Most often, you will need a lamp that is multi-functional or with different modes. A device that comes with different uses will often be more suitable for you.

As such, ensure that besides the electrical grid, there are enough fans for suction and glue pads. On the other hand, multiple light modes will ensure that the mosquito hardly escapes death at the end of the day.

Buy Eon Luxe Off mosquito lamp with suction fan and glue pads

led mosquito killer lamp

Check on Amazon

#2. Performance and efficiency

There is no denying that enhanced wavelengths tend to produce remarkable results. It is for this reason that you will find it vital to go for devices with incredible wavelength.

If you intend to get the utmost out of a zapper, ensure that it comes with wavelengths of over 360nm.

#3. Safety is vital

You value your life and health, right? Take the time to confirm the safety measures that the product features.

Usually, it will be best for you to consider a device that has enough safety measures, including a protective case over the grid. This way, you will no longer need to worry whether your child is safe or not.

#4. Price

One of the determining factors in any purchase will be the budget that one has. There is no denying that affordability will always top priorities.

It is in this light that you will find it valuable to compare how different zappers cost. On average, you will spend between $20 and $70 on this product.

Buy Gloue cheap UV light mosquito repellent lamp

mosquito trap light bulb

Check on Amazon

#5. Noise levels

You will always prefer things that produce the least noise when operating. It will be preferable for you to aim at zappers that produce at most 40 decibels of sound.

Regardless of how powerful their suction fan is, the noise should remain minimal. Nothing could provide you with more peace of mind than this. In brief, it should be unobtrusive.

Buy NOBITE rechargeable 3 in 1 mosquito killer light lantern with noise-free operation

rechargeable mosquito killer lamp

Check on Amazon

#6. Is it easy to clean?

The ease of cleaning this device is dependent on the design it comes with. Remember, once the bug dies, it could either stick on the zapper or slide off.

A device that comes with a slanting design allows for much easier sliding off, which means you will have an easier time cleaning it. Do not pick something likely to give you headaches at the end of the day.


How does a mosquito lamp work?

As mentioned, these lamps will often produce ultraviolet light, which attracts the mosquito to a high-voltage electrical grid. It is at this point that the bugs get electrocuted. It will suffice to mention that the light and the grid are often behind a protective plastic or in a grounded metal cage.

These ultraviolet lights are a reflection of what insects see in flower patterns, and getting attracted to them becomes relatively natural. Once the insect approaches the light, it completes the circuit from the electrical grid. As such, it becomes the cause of its death.



#1. What is the most effective mosquito zapper?

There is hardly a specific zapper that fits all. We could attribute this to the fact that people have different needs and goals altogether. That means that while it could be perfect for one person, it might turn out to be the worst for another. As such, you will need to choose your device based on the following variables.

  • The level of safety it provides you
  • How efficient it is
  • The compactness of the design
  • Unmatched performance and reliability
  • How easy it is to charge it

As long as most boxes tick right, you will be sure of getting the ultimate results.

#2. How can I make my room mosquito-free?

Mosquitos can be a nightmare, and that is no secret. Fortunately, we have different approaches you could consider when looking for a solution. Feel free to try the following.

  • Use repellants, whether natural or commercial
  • Kill mosquito larvae using coffee grounds
  • Invest in a reliable mosquito killer lamp
  • Mae use of mosquito traps, including mosquito nets

#3. How do I avoid getting bitten by mosquitos?

Did you know that you have many ways of avoiding these insect bites? Take the time to explore the following options, as they have proven to be not only practical but also relatively easy to embrace.

  • Make use of mosquito repellants
  • Put on light-colored clothes, especially if you are outdoors at night
  • Use natural repellants in your room, including lemon balm, lavender, and basil
  • Get rid of any stagnant water within your surroundings, as it helps to eliminate their breeding zones

#4. How can I get rid of mosquitos fast?

How do I avoid getting bitten by mosquitos

One of the best ways to get rid of these insects is to eliminate their breeding zones. That means that you should not have any stagnant water around your house.

You will also find mosquito zappers to be relatively effective. Thanks to their vast effect, you will be sure of a mosquito-free environment in a few days.

Repellants have also come in handy. Whether natural or commercial, you will find them reliable. As long as you choose the right one, there will be no reason to worry.

#5. Does Phillips make killer mosquito lamps?

The simple answer to this would be no. Usually, this brand keeps away from making zappers. However, they have devised machines, including flashlights, that can help eliminate mosquitos.


In conclusion, if you are to buy anything today, let it be a mosquito killer lamp. It will assure you of not only a mosquito-free environment but also a relatively peaceful night.


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