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Best Night Light for 2 Year Old – Top Soothing Lamps in 2022

A nightlight is a helpful sleeping aid, whether you want to ease your kid’s fear of the dark or avoid accidents when checking on your little one at night.

Given the array of choices available for you to choose from, getting the right nightlight for your 2-year-old toddlers can be challenging and time-consuming, the reason we researched and compared different products to settle for the six best nightlights for a 2-year-old.

Keep reading as you look forward to investing in the best night light for 2 year old.

Does my 2-year-old need a night light? Why?

Yes. A 2-year-old needs to have a nightlight incorporated in their bedrooms, and here are some of the reasons nightlights are a good addition in a 2-year-old’s bedroom.

1. Cost-effective lighting solution

Although some parents opt to use the primary source of lighting to illuminate their kid’s rooms, note that this is not the best method when you want to save the electricity bill.

Ideally, an overhead light consumes more power compared to a nightlight. Thus, leaving the light on all night could significantly hike your bill. To avoid that, I would recommend using energy-efficient nightlights.

2. For minimal disruption of the sleep

Most two-year-olds are kids who are afraid of sleeping in the dark. Nightlights can provide a soft light that creates a soothing visual stimulus to help you kids fall to sleep.

Therefore, if you want your kid to sleep soundly without getting disrupted by bright overhead lights, using a low-light nightlight is one of the best ways to ease your kid’s fear and help them sleep soundly.

3. To alleviate separation anxiety

Well, most parents put kids into their rooms when they are past one or two years. At this stage, several kids experience separation anxiety, which makes it difficult for them to sleep.

A nightlight for a two-year-old can illuminate the surrounding so that the kid can wake up in familiar surroundings to help them fall back to sleep.

4. To provide better visibility

Most parents are never contented that their kids are safe and comfortable when sleeping in a separate room. Thus, most parents find it necessary to check on kids at night.

While you could choose to use a portable torch or power on the primary light in your kid’s room when you want to check on your kid, note that such a measure could disrupt your kid’s sleep and cause them to wake up.

To avoid that, using a nightlight is a better option because of its ability to provide a soft glow that isn’t harsh on a baby’s eyes.


Reviews of the 6 best nightlights for 2-year-old

#1. Best plugin – Maz-Tek LED night light with auto dusk to dawn sensor

The Maz-Tek is a plug-in LED nightlight. It acts as a smart and practical way of easing your kid’s fear of the darkness.

The lamp features a unique design, with a small and exquisite appearance, thus an excellent addition to all types of decors.

Moreover, the small size allows you to plug it into standard outlets without the fear of having it obstruct the second outlet.

plug in night light with dusk to dawn sensor for your 2 year old


  • Dimmer feature.
  • Sleek and low profile design.
  • A highly sensitive light sensor.


  • Indoor use only.

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• Adjustable brightness

The nightlight emits a warm light with adjustable brightness. Ideally, it features a slide switch that allows you to adjust the brightness from 0 lumens to 15 lumens.

Thus, you can incorporate it into different occasions with an assurance that it will match your mood.

• Energy efficient

Also, the nightlight adopts an LED technology. Its LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours with a maximum power consumption of 0.5watts.

This makes it an excellent choice for a nightlight that will help you save money in the long run.

• Automatic illumination

And for ease of use, the nightlight includes a smart dusk to dawn sensor.

This feature detects the ambiance so that the light can turn on automatically when the light becomes insufficient and off automatically when there is plenty of light.

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#2. Best for eyes – Auvon motion sensor mini night light for 2-year-olds

The best motion-sensor nightlight for 2-year-olds is the Auvon mini nightlight.

This product has 3 lighting modes. Ideally, it can stay on, off, or in the auto mode. The auto mode utilizes a motion sensor to help you get the light when you need it.

plug in night light with soft glow and motion sensor for 2 year old


  • It delivers a soft and diffused light.
  • Three settings comprise on, off, or the motion detection.
  • The light automatically turns on when motion is detected.


  • No timer.

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• Automatic motion sensor

The nightlight includes an automatic motion sensor which is usually active when you set the nightlight to the auto lighting mode.

When the light is plugged in, the sensor detects a movement in the darkness and switches the light on automatically so that it can illuminate your way for a total of 60 seconds.

Once the motion is over and the 60 seconds depleted, the light turns off to reduce unnecessary consumption of the power.

• Comfortable and adjustable lighting

The nightlight is an ideal option for delivering comfortable and adjustable lighting.

It offers 2 brightness settings to let you choose the high or medium-level based on the occasion.

• Safe construction

Moreover, the mini nightlight is designed in such a way that it is safe to use. It integrates a V-0 fire-resistant casing.

This casing and the over-current protection can guarantee your safety even after daily use of the nightlight.

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#3. Best cute – Lumipets cute animal silicone night light with touch sensor

Introducing the Lumipet nightlight, it is a perfect combination of durability, style, and function.

The light features a small size so that it can fit into petite hands.

Also, it is lightweight to allow kids to carry it with an assurance of comfort. The nightlight is built to last, thus an excellent option for a durable nightlight for 2-year-olds.

Lumipets portable led night light for 2 year old


  • Rechargeable.
  • Boasts of changing colors.
  • Accurately-sized for small hands.
  • The light comes with the required lithium-ion batteries.


  • No star or planet projections.

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• Soothing light

The nightlight casts a light that is soft and never too warm for a child.

Its gentle and calming glow is suitable for children of all ages, while the eight lulling colors make it possible to customize the light depending on the occasion and the baby’s mood.

• Soft and safe silicone material

The nightlight is made from a high-quality silicone material. This material is non-toxic, which means that kids can sleep with it with an assurance of safety.

Better still, the silicone is washable for easy maintenance and care.

• Rechargeable battery

The nightlight derives its power from a rechargeable battery. The battery-operated light can also be powered via a micro USB outlet.

• Easy control

For a nightlight that is easy to operate, I would recommend the Lumipet nightlight. With a tap of the lamp, you can go from white light to colored light.

Also, the nightlight comes with a remote control. Using it, you can set the timer, light color, or brightness easily and smoothly.

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#4. Best with moving star – Mokoqi kids night light glow in the dark for kids afraid of dark

An ideal nightlight, whether you are looking for one that is suitable for use by little girls or boys, is Mokoqi Kids’ Nightlight.

It is recommended for use by kids aged 1-14 and it can cast a soft glow that will relieve the fear of the dark.

rotating star projector for 2 year old


  • Useful timers.
  • Three ways to power it up.
  • 17 projection color modes.
  • Built-in buttons are easy to use.


  • Doesn’t come with a remote

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• Lightweight and compact

The Mokoqi is a portable nightlight. It is lightweight and compact so that kids and adults can carry it effortlessly.

Moreover, its portable design allows you to utilize it in different scenarios, including small gatherings and family events.

• Two lighting modes

The nightlight projector offers two light modes. You can use it in the nightlight mode or projection mode.

To switch to the nightlight, you are required to remove the projection film so that a warm light can accompany your kids to sleep.

On the other hand, you can add the included film and remove the transparent cover to convert to the projection mode and have the nightlight create a starry sky atmosphere on the ceiling.

• Two power options

The nightlight offers three ways by which you can replenish its energy. In particular, you can choose to use a 5V 1A power adapter or 4*AAA batteries.

Besides, you can connect it to a computer or portable power supply via a USB cable.

• Touch button controls

The nightlight integrates four button controls.

One button allows you to set the timer; the second one is for changing the color of the light, the third one is for the spin function, while the final one makes it easy for you to switch to the nightlight mode.

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#5. Best with music – GoerTek night light projector with adjustable light for 2-year-old children

Bring light to a dark space using the GoerTek Ocean Wave Projector.

As the name suggests, this product not only acts as a nightlight, but it can also project images on the walls and ceiling to calm a child.

Adding to that, the projector integrates a built-in sound machine. Because of this, it is an excellent choice when you want to lull your baby to sleep.

soothing ocean weave night light projector and music machine for 2-year-old


  • Stable light base.
  • The included remote is easy to use.
  • Features natural sounds and a built-in speaker.
  • Eight lighting modes and adjustable brightness.


  • The package doesn’t include the remoter battery.

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• Auto-off timer

The nightlight features an auto-off timer. The timer provides for three timing options. Ideally, there is a 1-hour, 2-hour, and 4-hour timing option.

This means that you can set the nightlight to go off within the specified hours, depending on the mood of your kid.

Better yet, you can cancel the timer option so that the nightlight can stay on all night long.

• Built-in speaker

Moreover, the nightlight includes a built speaker and six natural sounds.

These sounds include water and birds, cradlesong 1, forest insects’ sounds, cradle song 2, happy music of nature, and waves seagulls sounds.

This selection makes it possible to choose music that will bring a calming surrounding to help your baby sleep better.

Plus, you can use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect the machine to a laptop, cellphone, or iPod and select your preferred music.

• Two modes of operation

The nightlight offers two means by which you can operate it. It incorporates touch sensor keys and a remote control.

These features provide for the effortless turn on/off, easy adjustment of the lighting mode, volume, and music mode, as well as the easy adjustment of the timer.

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#6. Best soother – Summer dozing hippo with a light show for baby room

If you are looking for the best soother nightlight for a 2 years old, the summer dozing hippo is an excellent choice. The nightlight is stuffed into a cuddly hippo toy.

As a result, you can have your little one cuddle with it and use it during play.

toy night light with nature sound


  • Cute and stylish design.
  • It provides different calming songs.
  • The nightlight comes with the required batteries.


  • No sensor.

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• Sound machine

Besides the nightlight, the baby soother packs a sound machine. The machine provides five meditation songs and nature sounds to soothe your little one and help him/her relax.

Additionally, the sound machine integrates a 3-level volume control. Using it, you can customize the volume of the sounds depending on the mood of your little one.

• Nightlight projector

Plus, the summer dozing hippo includes a nightlight projector. It can display calming starry sky images on the walls and ceiling.

The projected images excite the kids, while it also helps them to develop an eye coordination.


What’s more, the projector and nightlight can provide three colors of illumination to help you pick one that matches the current setting and mood.

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How to choose the best night light for a 2-year-old?

Now that you have an idea of the best nightlight for 2-year-olds, allow me to introduce you to the features to consider so that you can purchase the best nightlight for your little one.

1. Material

Nightlights are made of different materials, and the material the light is made using affects the durability and safety.

In this case, I would recommend getting a nightlight that features BPA-free materials, one you opt to get a light made of PP or ABS materials.

Also, ensure that the light does not have sharp edges likely to harm your little one. Do not also forget to opt for a light that doesn’t have a hard material to avoid breakages after accidental drops.

Best safety – Lumipets rechargeable night light for kids

Lumipets portable led night light for 2 year old

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2. Level of brightness

How much brightness does the nightlight deliver? Remember, the best nightlight should provide a soft light, or rather, enough light to illuminate the room without interfering with your child’s sleep.

When considering this feature, I would recommend opting for a nightlight that allows you to adjust the brightness for you to get the desired illumination for every mood.

3. Ease of operation

The best nightlight for a 2-year-old must be easy to operate. In fact, both you and your little one should manage to use it easily, given that such a light can aid in the development of your kid’s senses.

Therefore, get a nightlight that features controls that are easy use, or a series of buttons that are easy to press.

Also, you could consider getting a nightlight that makes it possible for you to control its settings remotely to avoid interfering with your child’s rest.

4. Sensors

Today, most nightlights incorporate sensors. Either, you could get a night light that features a motion sensor or one with daylight sensors.

A nightlight that features a motion sensor illuminates when they detect motion within a set distance.

On the other hand, daylight sensor-activated lights glow in the dark and turn off at dawn.

If you are looking for the best nightlight for use when you want to check on your baby, a motion-activated nightlight is an ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you need a nightlight that will stay on the whole night and turn off in the morning, you should be good to go with a daylight sensor nightlight.

Best with motion sensor – Auvon plug in night light with adjustable brightness

plug in night light with soft glow and motion sensor for 2 year old

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5. Built-in speakers

Another exceptional feature in most nightlights today is a sound machine, or rather, built-in speakers.

These features provide room for playing music to a child, a measure that promotes a positive effect on the development of the brain.

Better still, nightlights that play music to lull a baby to sleep makes it easier for kids to relax and fall to sleep.

When getting such a nightlight, ensure that you are getting a model that integrates volumes controls to help you select the right volume that will suite your baby’s the current mood.

Best with 3 levels of volume control – Summer Infant toy night light and sound machine

toy night light with nature sound

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6. Safety

The best nightlight for a 2-year-old must be safe to use. With this in mind, look for a nightlight that doesn’t heat up to protect small hands from getting burnt.

For instance, you could choose nightlights that use LED bulbs as opposed to incandescent, halogen, or CFC bulbs.

Also, get a light that casts a light without glares or flickers to avoid harming the eyes of your little one.

7. Timer

Are you a mom in need of a nightlight that won’t stay on all night? If this is the case, I would recommend that you get a nightlight that incorporates a timer.

In most cases, this feature allows you to set the amount of time that the light or music will stay on.

That way, you can have the light stay on for a few hours to ease your kid’s fear of the dark, and once the baby falls to sleep, it goes off to save the power.

Best with timer – MOKOQI night light projectors that shed rotating stars on the walls and ceilings

rotating star projector for 2 year old

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8. Size

Last but not least, factor in the size of the nightlight. In simple terms, get a light that will fit into the available space without cluttering it.

Not only that, but opt for a lightweight and compact nightlight that will fit into the hands of your little ones for portability.



#1. What time should my 2-year-old go to bed at night?

Although different kids require varying amounts of time to sleep, note that the ideal sleeping time for 2-year-olds ranges from 12 to 14 hours a day.

However, for a night sleep, 2-year-olds require 10-12 hours of sleep, which leaves the 1-2 hours for an afternoon nap.

More specifically, a 2-year-old should sleep at 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm and wake up at 6:30 am or 7:00 am.

The reason is that a toddler’s sleep is deepest from 8 pm to midnight, which makes it an ideal sleeping time when you want to wake up with a happier toddler.

#2. Tips to put a 2-year-old to sleep

Besides using the best nightlight for two-year-olds, listed below are additional tips to put your 2-year old to sleep.

1. Avoid foods and drinks that affect sleep negatively.

Kids should never consume caffeinated foods and drinks before bedtime. Instead, give them food that triggers the feeling of sleep, including bananas, dairy products, greens, and nuts.

2. Stick to a particular bedtime routine.

Also, I would recommend that you set a bedtime routine and stick to it.

For instance, you could have your kid shower and brush his teeth before sleeping and stick to this schedule.

Also, you could set a time for him or her to sleep and stick to that time so that they will always remain mentally prepared to get to bed when this time reaches.

3. Limit screen time

Note that blue light emitted by television, tablets, smartphones, and computers can negatively affect your kid’s ability to fall asleep.

The reason is that such light interferes with melatonin production, making it challenging for kids to fall asleep.

Therefore, limit the amount of time that kids spend on such devices, and possibly, have them surrender the smartphones two hours before bedtime.



Although there is a wide range of products with the best nightlight for 2 year old, note that not all products are what they claim to be.

For this reason, I would recommend going the extra mile and digging deeper into the products available for you to buy, and ensure that you settle to a nightlight that integrates several features to meet your needs and desires.