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Best Night Light for 6 Year Old – Reviews and Guide in 2022

Children love to feel safe in the comfort of their blankets, however, the darkness always scares them away. The availability of soft night light in the room creates a comforting ambiance. The soft glow that illuminates the room makes the child sleep soundly since it is not bright.

With a night light, the kids can locate their toys easily and it’s also easy when parents want to check on them. Below are the reviews of the best night light for 6 years old and how to choose the best night light for your young kids.

Reviews of the Best Night Lights for 6-Year-Olds

1. Best Overall – Summer Infant 3 in 1 Battery Powered Night Light Soother

best selling night light toy and projector and sound machine for 6 year old


  • The light flickers according to tune or sound playing.
  • It is durable.
  • The polyester fabric is soft to touch.
  • You can set the timer to shut down the night light automatically.


  • 3 volume control settings.

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With Summer Buddies Projector your kids are going to have the best time when going to sleep. The device is colorful while it often produces the colorful light shadows of the moon, stars, circles, and Saturn.

The five meditative songs and nature sounds provide a relaxing and calming environment thus a conducive environment to sleep on. It has a time of 15, 30, 45 minutes to shut off automatically giving your child enough time to fall asleep.

The power source from this night light is batteries hence it is portable for placing anywhere in the kid’s room. The target of this product is for both boys and girls while the battery life goes up to 10 hours.

The calming stellar sky display and natural sound are a great combination to soothe your child to sleep. The rhythmic lights in the device are numerous thus choosing your best option for relaxing the mind to sleep.

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2. Best Sale – GRDE Ocean Wave Night Light Projector with Timer

ocean wave tabletop night light projector for 6 year old bedroom


  • The music in it is calming and relaxing.
  • Its brightness is enough to light up the room.
  • Adjust the angle head moves.
  • Comes with remote control.


  • 3 timer settings of 1h, 2h and 4h.

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The ocean wave projector is a night light that creates a peaceful and warm environment making you relax while complementing the decorations in your room.

It comes with 6 built-in natural sounds, that is, water and birds, forest insect sounds, wave seagulls sound, etc., to hypnotize a 6-year old to sleep.

It has a built-in mini speaker that you can connect to your gadget and listen to any type of music. The auto-off timer setting which can be set in 1hr to even 4 hr enables create time for the kid to sleep and automatically turn off.

It’s easy to control due to the usage of remote control and a touch sensor that enables access to a variety of functions. When the kid is getting ready for bed, the brightness can be lowered for easy falling asleep and not bright for waking up.

The night light display angle can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. It has 8 natural lighting modes that enable you to choose your preferred lighting for better relaxation.

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3. Best with Rotating Star – Rtosy Remote Control Night Light for Bedroom

star projector for 6 year old nighttime entertainment


  • It has multiple color choices.
  • The 12 lullabies to enable easy falling asleep.
  • Remote control features for convenience.
  • The great timer setting from 5 mins to 999 mins reduces the trips to the kid’s room.


  • Not found yet.

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You want to make the bedtime routine fun and ready to look up for your kids, the start night light projector is your ultimate solution.

The features available in the night light makes it amazing for the kid and the parents to use. This star projector has a timer setting where you can set from 5 to 999 minutes where it works until it automatically switches off.

As a parent, you don’t need to make trips to your kid room to turn it off. It comes with a remote control which makes it convenient to use because you do not have to wake up and control it manually when adding or lowering the volume and playing the next song.

The starry lights, songs, and the rotation enable smooth sleep for your kid. The 360 degrees rotation on a ceiling illuminated with stars rays and 16 different color options makes your 6 years old to be drowsy faster.

There is a 128m TF card preinstalled in this night light has 12 lullabies, where the light music plays gently, your kid cannot help but feel the soothe back to sleep.

The product can use batteries or the USB power supply while it has elegant details from UV full-body craftsmanship that do not scratch or chip.

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4. Best with Adjustable Brightness – HOKEKI Galaxy Projector with Music and Bluetooth


led night light projector with bluetooth and music


  • The Bluetooth features enable playing favorite music for your kid.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple colors where you can change from LED to the laser.
  • Adjustable volume and brightness enable your child to sleep soundly.


  • Unable to cuddle it as the toy night light projector

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Looking for a light night with a modern elegant style that will give your kids a sense of physical and mental relaxation, this HOKEKI product is waiting for you.

This night light is not only your starlight projector but also a Bluetooth speaker. All you need is to connect it to the Bluetooth feature on the phone and let your kid enjoy favorite music while watching the nebula galaxy at night.

Also, the remote control coming with the night light enables you to adjust volume, change the light, and a cycle of light effects hence easy to use.

The adjustable timer and brightness make it more ideal for kids to sleep due to automatically switching off and setting the right brightness that won’t hurt the eye of the child when sleeping.

The device also complements your home decor through the starlight projector with an atmosphere so wonderful and perfect for indoor decoration as an ocean wave.

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5. Best for 6-Year-Old Boy – ZumYu Sound Activated Night Light Projector with UFO Design


remote control night light projector for 6 year old kids


  • Ability to play your favorite song through Bluetooth.
  • Adjustable light and volume.
  • Easy to use.
  • Boasts of starlight and ocean weave projection effects.


  • Has a relatively large footprint.

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This ZumYu Star Projector is a night light that soothes your kid to sleep and complements your decor. The night light has a remote control which makes it easy and convenient to use.

4 brightness levels are adjustable according to your preference for a memorable experience. The 3-timer option of 1hr, 2hr, and 4 hr, automatically turns off when the time is right thus no need to manually operate it.

If you wish to play the kid’s favorite music, you can use the Bluetooth features or insert the U-disk to play.

It projects the starlight and the moonlight around the room thus creating a relaxing, soothing sky-like mood enabling the child to sail to sleep easily.

The numerous lighting effects including star, moon, meteor, and water waves and 9 water wave modes can be selected to create a magical, dreamy environment where you can relax and enjoy the time with your kid.

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6. Best Cheap – Linzy Plush Soft Night Light Toy with Multi-Color Lights

best cheap night light for 6 year old


  • Portable thus easy to carry and provide a safe sleep environment to kids.
  • Easy to put on music and lights.
  • Lights and music can play at the same time.
  • It is soft and cuddly.


  • May get dirt because of the white exterior.

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If you wish to create a tranquil environment for your kid during bedtime without interruption when sleeping, acquire the Linzy Plush Dreams Owl.

The material made of it is a soft and cuddly body that is perfect for your kid to snuggle during bedtime. The lights and songs can be played together or separately according to your wish. The power source is the 3 “AAA” batteries and it is easy to put on the music and the lights.

The owl has a neutral color that is compatible with both boys and girls. The lullaby “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” beat plays along with the colorful beats that make a perfect combination for a baby to fall asleep.

There is an on and off button on each wing. It has a timer of up to 20 minutes where it will automatically turn off, there is no need to worry about turning it off after the kid has slept.

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How to Pick the Best Night Light for 6 Year Old?

best night light for 6 year old reviews

There are so many types of night light available, making it a difficult task to choose the perfect one for your child. Keep the following checklist when buying a night light for your kids.

1. Brightness

When buying a night light, it is important to remember that you are buying it for usage in the night mode. Therefore, it is not practical to buy a device with too much brightness.

Bright light in a bedroom can end up making your child have restless and broken sleep. The night light should gently illuminate the room with light so soft and ambient. Make sure that it is bearable for you and cannot see it vividly through your eyelids.

2. Light color

The color illuminated from the night light does affect how soundly your kid sleeps. The red and orange colors tend to be the best night light color while sleeping.

It means being very familiar in getting ready for bed and triggers the memory of sunset which encourages going to sleep. The red night light is the best light for sleeping.

3. Portable and fixed

Determine how far is the kid’s bed to the electrical socket. When it’s too far from the bed, it gets dim while it’s so close it’s brighter.

If the sockets are only a distance away, grab a fixed night light but if the socket is too close, buy a portable one that can be kept a short distance away.

4. Availability of timer

It might be involving turning on and off the night light before and after the kids go to sleep. The timer is a handy feature that can be found in a night light.

When you turn on the night light, you will have set a predetermined time that it will automatically switch off when the child has already slept.



The night light is a great accessory that creates a soothing atmosphere for a child to sleep. Not only do they provide relaxation for a baby but also your child will sleep without any disturbances.

From the above information, the night light for 6 year old is a must-have for a kid’s room for their usefulness in sleeping and as a toy to some kids.