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Best Night Light for Baby Room – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Many parents have a hard time soothing their babies to fall asleep, especially if they had slept for long hours during the day and if they are light sleepers. This could be frustrating when you are tired, and you need to rest your body and mind peacefully.

If you are experiencing such problems, you should not worry because nightlights are the best to use in your baby’s room to provide serene and lullaby songs that can soothe her to fall asleep without stressing yourself so long as you have attended to them.

Below are the reviews of the best night light for baby room we have for you.

Reviews of the 6 Best Night Lights for Baby Room

1. Best Sound Machine – Skip Hop Baby Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight

baby nightlight projectors for baby room


  • Projects nightscape luminous sky onto the ceiling
  • Illuminates dimmable nightlight and warm glow
  • It features 8 gentle melodies and calming nature sounds
  • It has an adjustable Auto-off timer or continuous play
  • Fabric covered speaker


  • It is not recommendable for cribs

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Skip hop baby nightlight soother owl is one of the best gifts for a baby shower that functions as a nightlight, toy, and soother for your baby before falling asleep and will help her grow to understand and familiarize with nature night mode without fear.

Nightlight soother owl sound machine features four lullabies. Four natural sounds you can set to play by selecting from the four-mode auto-off timer to lure and soothe the baby to fall asleep deeply and peacefully with unlimited play time melodious tunes.

Besides, it has a volume control that allows you to set the best volume that won’t disturb her peace.

Skip hope nightlight soother owl would be the best friend for your baby as she will grow to rely on her benefits because it is sizeable enough for her to grab and play with it as a toy in her hands.

To add more fun, it also features an adjustable pivot lens that projects serene stars and moonlight on the ceiling to keep her busy while staring at the ceiling as you attend to other issues.

Furthermore, the nightlight also allows you to choose any combination of lights, and sounds you feel would help the baby fall asleep faster.

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2. Best Sale – Luckkid Baby Night Light Projector with 360 Rotating Stars

best selling rotating star night lamp for baby room


  • Rotates 360 degrees projecting night sky mode
  • Produces a warm and soft light that is friendly to the kid’s eyes
  • Reliable for decoration purpose
  • It has 2-power options; USB cable or 4 3A batteries
  • 9 colors and 8 light modes


  • Lacks a remote control

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For those who want to elope with their partner for quality time without being disturbed by their kid’s attention Luckkid baby night light is the ideal factor that will keep her relaxed by staring at the projected sky starlight and moonlight around the room.

Besides, it has four LED beads with warm yellow, blue, red, and green light that provides eight unique modes of light operation; thus, making it the best night light for wedding decoration, bedroom, and birthday parties.

You can quickly turn this night light into a desk lamp by removing the inner plastic cover and put back the outer surface, and it provides a warm and soft glow that is friendly to the kid’s eyes and will stimulate her to fall asleep comfortably and quickly.

Furthermore, it has three control buttons that allow you to control the hard white light, light color conversion, and rotation mode, and you can either use four 3A batteries or a USB connection.

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3. Best for Breastfeeding – VAVA Home Dimmable Night Light with Changing Colors for Baby Room

rechargeable night light for baby room


  • Easy to touch control
  • Features an energy saving timer mode
  • It is the perfect toy for toddlers to play with
  • It features a non-slippery base that is friendly to all surface


  • It lacks lullaby melodies

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The VA-CL009 night light is uniquely designed in small and adorable size and constructed from toy grade materials that are friendly to the baby to play with like a toy.

The VAVA home night light has stunning LED colors illuminated in RGB mode, which allows the light to glide through 8 soft colors. The colors are featured with a memory function that allows the previous light setting to resume automatically when switched on.

Besides, it has a smooth touch at the top to control the lighting mode into a warm night light that is dimmable by prolonged touching, and you can deactivate the standby mode by double-tapping.

VA-CL009 features a long-lasting battery; when in the lowest mode, it can last up to 100 hours with a single charge that uses a USB charger. It has an energy-saving 1-hour timer setting at the bottom that shuts off automatically after comforting your baby to sleep.

The base of the night-light is non-slippery to all surface, and it has an LED light that helps you to locate while in standby mode.

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4. Best with Remote – LumiPets LED Rechargeable Nursery Bear Night Light Silicone with Timer

color changing night light for baby room


  • It has an advanced built battery.
  • It is portable
  • It is made from non-warming and soft materials
  • Safe silicone material and machine washable


  • Lacks projection modes

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LumiPets nursery bear is one of the most straightforward night lights to use as it features a remote that allows you or the baby to operate while playing or at bedtime and set the eight lulling colors to calm the baby and toddler.

Besides, you can also manually tap to control the brightness and choose your favorite colors.

The LED night light is made from squishy materials that do not feel warm and soft, making it perfectly fit in the baby’s nursery and can hold it while asleep.

When the battery is running, you can recharge it using a micro-USB cable, which is portable whenever you want to travel with your baby.

The LumiPets night light is designed like a doll with safety features that allow your kid to play with it for extended hours while illuminating a wide range of warm colors that positively do away with kid’s separation insecurities.

Furthermore, it features a sleep timer that switches off the light immediately after the kid has fallen asleep and adjustable brightness controlled by the remote.

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5. Best for Cuddling – Summer Infant Elepant Toy Projector for Baby Room

night light toy projector for baby room


  • Projects night light mode; stars and moon on the ceiling and wall
  • 3-level volume control that is friendly to the baby
  • It is portable and lightweight


  • It lacks the rotating projection modes

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Summer Slumber night light is made from soft and plush material and lightweight enough for the toddler to grab and play with it as a toy in her hands.

Besides, you can projects stars and moonlight on the ceiling and the wall to keep the baby busy and excited at night at bedtime.

Furthermore, the nightlight also allows you to choose any combination of lights and sounds you feel would help the baby happy, soothed, and fall asleep faster.

The advantage with this summer slumber is that it has 3 level volume control that produces a pleasant and soothing sound while featuring a rhythmic light show to soothe the baby to fall asleep.

The melody nightlight soother is the best multi-purpose baby shower gift that functions as a nightlight, toy, and soother for your baby before falling asleep. It will help her grow to understand and familiarizing herself with nature and night mode without fear.

Summer Infant night light features 5 meditative songs and nature sounds that you can set to play by selecting from the three mode auto-off timer to soothe the baby and auto shuts after falling asleep.

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6. Best Versatile – Hatch Baby Smart Night Light with Monitor for Baby Room

smart nightlight with multi functions and monitor for baby room


  • It has a backup battery
  • Customizable color, brightness, sound, and volume
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Digital timer
  • Compatible with your smartphone


  • It lacks night mode projection; galaxy features

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Hatch Baby Machine Monitor is the best nightlight available in the market and has comprehensive features that make it ideal for kids, toddlers, and babies.

You can efficiently operate the night light hassle-free and easily through your phone with clear transmission from your bedroom. It features an LED clock that automatically turns on/off the nightlight when it senses the daylight and adjusts when the sunlight gets dimmer.

Furthermore, you can use the digital clock to set the alarm for tricky transitions like naps, bedtime, and time to rise, and the visibility of the time adjusts with the brightness.

The Hatch baby night light features a library of snooze-inducing sounds, lullabies, and white noise, complimented with all the rainbow colors from your phone. Therefore, you can easily select the soft and warm light to soothe the baby to fall asleep with much joy and peace.

Furthermore, the night light is compatible with Wi-Fi, which allows you to control it while away at your home, and has a toddler lock that disables physical buttons’ functioning.

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How to Choose the Best Night Light for Baby Room?

best night light for baby room reviews

– Nightlight Galaxy features

Kids are always enchanted and attracted to nature because they are curious and want to understand it deeply; hence, it creates a particular bond that is inseparable.

Therefore, choosing a night light projector that projects the night sky onto the ceiling and walls will keep them busy and fall asleep in peace without worries.

– Dimmable colors/ mode

A nightlight for the baby room should feature dimmer colors but not bright colors. A bright-colored nightlight will trigger melatonin production, which plays a vital role in attracting sleepiness.

One of the colors that or must be featured in the nightlight is red, which is friendly and boosts melatonin production in the baby’s eyes because it will enhance the sleeping mode.

– Design and size of the nightlight

A nightlight should be designed like a doll and small in size for the baby to quickly grab and play with it as she grows and learns how to operate it even if she walks up in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, she will grow understanding the doll is one of her best friends and keeps her company whenever you are not within reach.

– The material used for construction

Sometimes the baby’s nightlight might warm because the bulb type is made from materials with low properties that do not efficiently insulate the heat; thus, it results in high temperature when placed near the toddlers or the baby.

Therefore, you should keenly check or prefer a nightlight bulb made from friendly materials with an LED bulb that does not heat for the baby’s safety and for her to sleep with it comfortably while cuddling it.

– Lullaby and nature songs

Babies, toddlers, and kids, as they grow, begin to respond and become fond of some sound stimulus that will often keep them busy and eventually soothe them to fall asleep because it assures their safety and drives out separation fear and anxiety.

A nightlight featured with musical songs will trigger the baby to fall asleep peacefully without separation fear if featured with night sky mode and dim light.

– Auto-timer

The best nightlight for a baby should have an auto-timer that allows the light and music to play for an extended period and automatically switches off whenever the kid has fallen asleep.

This is crucial that helps the kid cope up without her parents before sleeping and also saves energy.

– A backup battery or 2-power option

While considering other features that will make the baby’s nightlight versatile and convenient, you should also check on what power option it offers for the nightlight to operate.

It is recommendable to prefer the one that has a battery backup or if it provides a 2-power opportunity (use battery or rechargeable) to make it portable and will not leave your kid in the dark at night whenever you suffer a power outage.

If you go for cheaper options, a plug in night light is also a perfect choice. Some of them are able to detect your motion and light up the ways when you walking in your baby room while others have light sensors that can be automatically on/off related to the time.

Best Cheap – GE Plug in Night Light with Soft Light for Baby Room

– Hand-free operation and touch sensor

You should consider a nightlight that you can efficiently operate without stressing a lot, especially at night, without interfering with your baby while asleep because they are sensitive whenever something triggers them while sleeping.

You do not wish to soothe them back to sleep, which can also be hard for you. Besides, if you find a touch sensor, it will be useful since it will allow the baby to play and become friends with it.


Dos and Don’ts for Baby Room Night Light

best price night light for baby room

Here are the dos and don’ts when you use a night light in a baby’s room.


  • Place it as a strategic point

You should put the nightlight strategically but ensure it is far away from the baby’s cot or nursery because babies have a different temperament, which might trigger them to stay awake at night.

  • Use nightlight with lower wattage and dimmer

It is best to use a nightlight that consumes less wattage ranging between 4-7 because they produce dimmer light and convenience and enhance melatonin production that encourages sleepiness.

  • Be consistent

It is good to introduce the light before the baby falls asleep and remove it immediately after sleeping. Still, as they grow, you should let them on because they develop insecurity or fear as they grow, so leaving it on might help to soothe her back to sleep. After all, she is assured of security.


  • Do not assume

Everyone is not the same due to our characteristic makeup.

You shouldn’t assume all the kids are the same because some are light sleepers and others have different temperaments; thus, whenever they see the light, it may trigger them stay awake.

Therefore, before introducing a nightlight, you should understand your baby stimuli to a nightlight.


Where Should I Put a Nightlight in My Baby’s Room?

It would help if you placed the nightlight anywhere that you feel suitable or fit for you since babies are sensitive due to their temperament, or they might be light sleepers and are also growing.

Therefore, below are the places you should put the nightlight in your baby’s room, these include;

  • As they grow, place it at a strategic point away from the nursery where it is out of their arms to reach.
  • Near the changing station to provide you with enough light while changing her diaper.
  • Near your nursing sofa whenever you are nursing them.



It is important to note that nightlight is the best baby care option that will help your kid grow to be friendly with them if you purchase the best night light for baby room with the right features and be friendly with your baby.

Therefore, you should not worry about how you will get it because, from the reviews, almost all of them are the best fit for your needs.