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Best Night Light for Bedroom – Best Color Lamps for Sleeping in 2022

Are you on the market for the best night light for bedroom? If this is the case, I believe that you will agree with me when I say that nightlights are not only beneficial for kids, but they are an excellent plus for use by adults and seniors.

In a glimpse, these lamps are suitable for use by young kids who are afraid of the dark. Moreover, nursing mothers can take advantage of them when making night visits to their little ones.

Plus, you can include these lamps in bathrooms, hallways, and staircases to protect our family from obstacles that may cause accidents during the night.

Given the fact that nightlights are available in a variety of models, picking the best night lamp for a bedroom isn’t easy.

In light of this, this guide should help you figure out the best nightlight for your bedrooms.

Benefits of using a night light in your bedroom

1. Relieve Nyctophobia

The first benefit of a nightlight is that it helps to relieve the fear of the dark, otherwise referred to as nyctophobia. Ideally, most babies and toddlers fear the dark, not to mention that some adults are a victim of this too.

For you to get an assurance that all is well and that you are sleeping in a familiar environment, sleeping with a nightlight is one of the best ideas.

A nightlight casts a delicate and soothing glow that reveals the layout of the room without the need for you to switch on the light.

Also, its light doesn’t affect the eyes, which means that you should never have to worry about having your sleep affected by the casted light.

2. For safety, while walking in the dark

Another benefit of a nightlight is its ability to light up the surroundings so that you can easily see everything on your way to the bathroom or when you want to check on your baby.

A nightlight offers a dim light to protect your or your family from accidents when walking to the bathroom.

Not only that, but it makes night-time baby visits and night-time baby feeding more convenient, without the fear of waking your baby up.

3. It helps to boost a baby’s brain development

A nightlight is an excellent choice for helping to boost your baby’s brain development.

Ideally, the American Optometric Association recommends that you use one from birth until when the baby is four months.

Such a measure boosts better visual growth, a measure that also encourages the development of a baby’s brain.

4. Cost-effective means of lighting the surrounding

When compared to the primary bulb in your baby’s bedroom or bathroom, a nightlight is a more efficient solution when you want to save some cash on the energy bills.

It doesn’t consume a lot of watts, which means that it can help you save some money in the long run.

Better still, the best models on the market integrate a timer option. This means that you should never worry about forgetting to switch them off since they can do that by themselves to avoid unnecessary electricity bills.


Reviews of the 5 best bedroom nightlights

1. Best sale – AUKEY night table lamp with dimmable light and changing colors

Aukey led table lamp with 360 degree touchable base


  • Compact size occupies a little space.
  • Easy to turn on and off via an on/off switch.
  • The lamp delivers a rich and warm light without an eye-harming glare.
  • Adjustable brightness makes the light an ideal choice for reading, bedtime, or working.


  • Not compatible with smart home systems.

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Enjoy bright and colorful lighting, without sacrificing the safety of your eyes or energy bills, once you acquire the Aukey table lamp. Besides using this lamp in the bedroom, you can use it in relaxed modern offices, living rooms, or hallways.

The lamp flaunts a 360° touch control base. The upgraded touch panel is highly responsive and designed to operate smoothly, even on metal surfaces.

Also, it offers 3 dimmable brightness settings. This design allows you to choose between soft, moderate, or bright light so that you can achieve a brightness setting that will match your mood.

You can quickly turn the light off or on, thanks to the included on/off button. Better, you can control the brightness, change the light modes, or color settings using the touch control buttons.

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#2. Best for kid’s bedroom – Anmones rechargeable baby nursery night light with touch control

animal nightlights for children's bedrooms


  • The light can be used while charging.
  • Three brightness settings and five color modes.
  • Soft and squishy design is cute for use with kids.
  • Uses food-grade silicone material thus is safe for your children.


  • Bluetooth incompatibility.

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A great all-night companion is the Anmones Nightlight. We recommend it as the best nightlight for kids’ bedrooms because of the safe construction materials.

The light is made using ABS and silicone materials, all of which do not contain any harmful substances, making it 100% safe for use by toddlers.

Also, it incorporates eye-caring LEDs. These bulbs can create a non-flickering and uniform light so that kids can use it longer without straining the eyes.

You can acquire this light when looking for the best nightlight that will grow with your child. The reason is that it is suitable for newborns feeding sessions, while it acts as a comforting nightlight for use by preschoolers and toddlers.

Besides functioning as a light, kids can use it during play, thanks to the toy-grade materials.

The nightlight provides a range of lighting modes, including warm white light mode, normal white light mode, a breathing mode, and a 6-color light mode.

You can switch through the modes with a gentle tap of the soft silicone, which makes this one of the best choices for a nightlight that is easy to use.

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#3. Best plugin – Vont LED wall night lamp with dusk-to-dawn sensor for bedroom

plug in night light with smart sensor


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Comes with the auto dusk-to-dawn sensor.
  • Bright nightlight doesn’t consume much power.
  • The lamp delivers a brighter light as it gets darker.


  • The light can only work from the top power outlet.

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A must-have source of illumination for use in smart homes is the Aura’ LED Night Light. It delivers a light that is not too bright nor too dim, so that you can walk around at night without the need for turning the main lights on.

Also, the nightlight can turn on automatically when the ambient light becomes insufficient. As a result, you can expect it to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

The nightlight adjusts itself intelligently throughout the night to emit a light that won’t wake you up.

Better still, the lamp is made using 100% ABS free of harmful substances for kids’ safety. The nightlight remains cool to the touch, thus an excellent choice for use around kids and pets.

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#4. Best colors – Pursalt Himalayan pink crystal salt night light for air purification in bedroom

plug in night light and air purifier


  • Lightweight.
  • Also works as an air purifier.
  • The alarm feature is a little bit complicated to use.
  • 360-degree rotatable and adjustable plug in design.


  • Manual on/off switch.

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Are you in search of a nightlight that will light up your surrounding and improve your health? If that is the case, you should invest in a salt lamp.

This lamp is made using 100% Himalayan crystal salt rock. When lit and once it gets warm, it releases negative ions that fight positively charged particles, including, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants. Because of this, it improves the air quality to help you breathe better.

At the same time, the light casts a natural orange-pink light. Its amber glow creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere that doesn’t strain the eyes.

The nightlight is hand-carved by Pakistan local artists, thus available in unique and high-quality designs.

The fact that the lamp doesn’t have cords means that you do not have to worry about requiring extra space or tripping over.

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#5. Best for stress relief – iHome bedside nightlight with Bluetooth speaker and timer

night lamp with warm glow and timer for bedroom


  • Solid build and high-quality nightlight.
  • The volume of the machine is controllable.
  • A battery backup for the alarm guarantees a sure alarm during a power outage.


  • The alarm feature is a little bit complicated to use.

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The ultimate choice for a nightlight that will help you sleep peacefully and wake up energized is the iHome Zenergy Sleep Therapy Machine.

Besides incorporating a nightlight, it has a sound machine that provides 16 soothing sounds. These sounds comprise nature sound recordings and a white noise that helps your body and mind to relax.

Adding to that, the machine integrates a built-in Bluetooth feature. You can stream music via the speaker wirelessly for the enjoyment of your favorite tunes.

The nightlight offers 14 specially designed light therapy programs that can promote better sleep at night and increase your energy during the day.

Plus, the light provides an LED color blending feature so that it can offer a full spectrum light aimed at enhancing your mood.

The dual sleep timer and a dual alarm is another addition of the sleep therapy machine. With the timer, you can easily set the time that it will take for the light and sounds to be on, while the dual alarm allows you to set the time that you shall wake up.

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What to look for when buying a night light for a bedroom?

1. Bulb type

Different types of nightlights use different kinds of bulbs. While you can pick among one that uses LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, or electroluminescent technology, it is recommended that you get an option that emits a gentle glow, one with an energy-efficient light source, and lamps that do not emit a lot of heat for user safety.

– LED bulbs

LED bulbs are the best choices when looking for bulbs that are cheaper to maintain in the long run. In particular, these bulbs do not consume much energy, and neither do they emit heat.

As a result, you do not have to worry about a high energy bill after fitting them. Better still, these bulbs can last for long. The best models can last for at least 25,000 hours, which means that you do not have to replace them frequently.

While compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs bulbs come at a high price during the initial purchase, but they are quite friendly to maintain in the long run.

Buy Aukey led table lamp with dimmable eye-care light

Aukey led table lamp with 360 degree touchable base

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– Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are majorly used in plug-in nightlights and lamp-style nightlights.

While compared to LED bulbs that consume about 0.5 watts of energy, incandescent options consume 2-7 watts, which means that they are quite expensive to maintain.

These bulbs have a life span of about 1,000 hours, but they also produce heat, thus not the best option for use close to a bed. On the brighter side, Incandescent bulbs are available at a low price range while compared to LED bulbs.

– Electroluminescent technology

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of frequent replacement of the bulbs, you should get a nightlight that adopts the electroluminescent technology.

This technology results in a nightlight that consumes 0.5 watts of energy and one that lasts for at least 4,000 hours. Also, bulbs that adopt this technology do not produce heat, thus an excellent option for use in kids’ bedrooms.

2. Bulb replacement

Besides the type of bulb, you must pay attention to the ease of replacement of the bulb, plus the availability of the compatible bulbs.

A simple measure to ensure that you are getting the best nightlight lies in getting a nightlight whose compatible bulbs are readily available.

Not only that, but pay attention to whether the bulb is replaceable or not. Some nightlights contain a fixed bulb. With such products, you should replace the whole nightlight should the bulb die.

However, other models include replaceable bulbs, just be sure that the bulb is readily available for easy replacement.

3. Type of nightlight

A nightlight is not only available in one design, but you will come across a variety of nightlight types when purchasing one.

For instance, there are plug-in nightlights, soft nightlights, projection nightlights, lamp and shade nightlights, toy nightlights, and portable nightlights.

Therefore, I would recommend performing research aimed at finding the benefits and disadvantages of each type for you to purchase the best model.

Buy BlissLights night light projector for bedroom decoration

4. Power source

When it comes to the power source, you can either choose to get a plug-in or battery nightlight.

– Plug-in nightlight

This is a nightlight that is designed to be used while plugged into the electrical outlet. Such nightlights use little electricity, which means that you should never worry about them consuming a lot of power.

The best part of a plug-in nightlight is that it can stay illuminated all night, while it doesn’t need you to change the batteries.

Buy Vont led wall mount plug in night light with auto sensor

plug in night light with smart sensor

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– Battery-powered nightlights

These are lamps that require batteries for them to operate. On the brighter side, these lamps can be placed in any location while operating, given that you do not need a power outlet to use them.

On the downside, some of the bulbs require you to replace the batteries, but this relies on the frequency of use and type of batteries.

Buy Anmones rechargeable battery-powered night light for kids

animal nightlights for children's bedrooms

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5. Power outlet location

Once you opt to get a plug-in nightlight, you must pay attention to the location of the power outlet. When doing so, determine how bright or dull the bulbs are, plus, if the nightlight does emit some heat during use.

If the power outlet is located close to the bed, be sure to get a nightlight that is not too bright in the dimmest setting. Also, the nightlight must not emit any heat to guarantee user safety.



Nightlights are beneficial for both kids and adults. They can help kids who are afraid of the dark to sleep peacefully while they can illuminate stairways and bathrooms for safe movement in the dark.

So, get either of the reviewed products, whether you are looking for the best nightlight for a bedroom, bathroom, children’s room, or hallway.