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Best Night Light for Child Afraid of Dark – Top Nightlight Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Do you find it tough to put your child to sleep? If that is the case, you are not alone in this. Most parents know how difficult it is to put a child to sleep, given that most kids fear the dark. The good news, however, lies in the fact that you can easily put your child to sleep using the best night light for child afraid of the dark.

Nightlights provide a soft illumination that eases the fear of the dark. Not only that, but it protects you from accidents as you check on your child during the night.

Finding the best night light for your child afraid of the dark might be a little tough. But if you have lots of information in one place, it would be easy to know what to expect when selecting the night light for the kids.

Understand the best products and ways to select the best night light for your children!

The good and the bad of using a night light for children

It’s possible that your kid might be afraid of sleeping in the dark and thus, you would be using a night light. Or maybe you are thinking of using a night light, but not sure yet. Knowing the pros and cons might help.

Consider the following:

best night light for child afraid of dark


If your kids want to go to the toilet at night and there is no light, they would be afraid of the dark. With a night light, they would know where to go.

A night light is not just confined for giving you light, you can use the fancy ones that are a baby monitor, a clock, and so much more! There is a huge variety available out there on the market.

If you have a newborn, it can be great to have a night light as you can see what your baby is doing. If you breastfeed, you don’t have to switch on the lights of your room as the night light can be of great help.

Plus, if you want to check or change the diaper of your newborn then again it would be a viable option.

If your kid is afraid of the dark, a night light can help him sleep better. You can also sleep peacefully knowing that your kid is okay to sleep in the night light.

If your kid wakes up from a bad dream in the middle of the night and there is no light, it would be quite tough for him. Night light would show him the way to the washroom or to your room.

If one of your kids wants to prepare for the bedtime while the others are sleeping, a night light can help him gather the supplies for morning.


It’s possible that a night light can disrupt the sleep cycle of your kid at the beginning.

If they develop a habit of sleeping with a night light and if you are away for some reason or they are staying at grandparents’ house then not having a night light can disturb their sleep.

The night light would be contributing to your electricity bill.

There are different advantages and disadvantages of using the night light for your kid. It would also depend on your kid too! Not all kids are the same. You can also ask your family doctor for the suggestion as it would be the best recommendation for your kid.


Reviews of the 11 best kids’ night lights to banish the darkness

If your child is afraid of the dark and you are thinking to use a night light, you should find the best out there.

#1. Best sale – Hatch Baby smart child electric nightlight with touch base for a bedside table

childrens night light with timer


  • Adjustable brightness, sound, and volume.
  • The machine produces lots of soothing sounds.
  • The light can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or Tablet.


  • The nightlight doesn’t connect to the internet.

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Taking the lead in this review is the Hatch Baby electric nightlight. It takes the crown for the best-sale nightlight for children afraid of the dark, thanks to the multiple features that provide convenience to the user without sacrificing functionality and durability.

  • Multifunctional and versatile design

The electric night lamp combines multiple devices in one product. It includes a nightlight, sound machine, and a time-to-rise alert. The nightlight produces a soft and soothing light to help kids sleep soundly.

On the other hand, the sound machine produces some soothing sounds to lull your little one to sleep.

  • Ability to grow with your child

Also, the nightlight acts like an excellent choice for a lamp that will grow with your baby.

The reason is the ability to use the nightlight and soothing sounds for newborns, while the time-to-rise alert is suitable for use with toddlers and teens who might need an alarm to wake them up.

That’s not all, but there is a toddler lock feature makes it suitable for use with growing babies to prevent them from interfering with the settings.

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#2. Runner up – Jolywell led rechargeable battery operated night light with timer for children

VAVA LED children's portable night light


  • Boasts a 1-hour timer.
  • High battery capacity and long battery life.
  • The nightlight comes with a charging stand.
  • The lamp delivers a light that is gentle on the eyes.


  • Unable to generate rotating stars on the walls and ceilings.

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If you are on the market for the best baby nightlight, I would recommend the Jolywell LED nightlight. This light is an excellent choice for diaper changing, sleeping, or night time breast breastfeeding.

The reason is the ability to shine a warm and soothing light that won’t affect the babies.

Moreover, the nightlight is an excellent pick for indoor or outdoor use, thanks to the IP65 waterproof design and the SOS mode that makes it suitable for calling for help during an emergency.

  • Baby-safe design

The battery-operated night light is made using ABS and PC materials. These materials do not contain any harmful substances, thus an excellent choice for use by toddlers.

Adding to that, the nightlight provides an anti-blue light. This light doesn’t flicker, which means that you should never be afraid about it hurting your baby’s eyes.

  • Easy to use

For easy operation, this lamp boasts an easy-to-use touch control. You can touch its top for 0.5 seconds so that it can enter the night light mode and produce a light that safe for use while breastfeeding.

Besides, you can tap the logo twice so that you can set a 1-hour timer to enable it to provide a light that will put your toddler to sleep.

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#3. Best cheap – GE led wall mounted plug in night light with dusk-to-dawn sensor for children’s bedroom

wall mounted children's night lights


  • Fairly cheap.
  • Sleek and compact style.
  • The nightlight can turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically.


  • No built-in on/off button.

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If you are reading this review aiming at locating the best nightlight for someone on a budget, I would recommend the GE led wall mounted plug-in night light.

As the name suggests, this light is supposed to be used while plugged in and mounted on the wall.

Despite the affordable price, the lamp combines a variety of features and benefits, including:

  • Energy-saving design

Besides its affordability, this light can offer reliable performance for years, without leaving you to sacrifice your energy bills. It comes with cool-to-the-touch LEDs that do not use much power.

Better yet, the LEDs can last for a lifetime to eliminate the need for spending more money on the replacement of the bulbs.

  • Customizable lighting and color-changing modes

What’s more, this lamp provides up to 8 vibrant colors. In particular, it can deliver green, red, pink, blue, teal, yellow, orange, or purple light.

Better still, the lamp provides three lighting modes. A soft white mode allows you to use it as a traditional nightlight. A solid color mode allows you to choose your favorite color from the eight available colors, while the color-changing mode cycles through the available colors automatically.

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#4. Best globe – Segoal children’s moon night light with touch and remote control

the best childrens night moon lights with 3D technology


  • High-responsive remote control.
  • Ability to provide different colors.
  • It comes along with the required batteries.
  • The lamp provides a dull light for a comfortable sleeping experience.


  • Doesn’t work as a sound machine.

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For a stylish nightlight for children afraid of the dark, I would recommend that you get the Segoal children’s moon night light. This lamp features a globe shape that is not only stylish but also reliable. Also, it integrates an LED bulb while it derives its power from batteries. Other features that enhance the uniqueness of the nightlight include:

  • Durable construction

Unlike cheaper products, this nightlight features 3D PLA prints. Its printing process ensures that the surface of each meteorite crater is similar to that of NASA satellites, a measure that enhances longevity.

What’s more, this nightlight is high altitude tested and found that it can withstand the impact of falling within a height of 6.5feet to guarantee durability.

  • Easy to control and charge

The moon nightlight is easy to control, thanks to the incorporated touch buttons. Also, it comes with a highly-responsive remote control.

You can opt to use the buttons or the remote control for choosing one color among 16 different RGB colors or cycle through the four built-in modes.

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#5. Best for baby boy – Highly rated Caferria 3D night light for kids with 7 color change

childrens glow night lights


  • Built-in power button.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The light can derive its power from 3AA batteries or a USB cable.


  • The required battery is not included.

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Do you want to get a nightlight that will attract your kid’s attention to using it? If that is the case, this nightlight is an excellent option.

The lamp adopts a 3D technology which allows it to deliver a gorgeous optical illusion with realistic images of an owl, dolphin, or puppy.

  • Eco-friendly construction

Given that this nightlight is designed for use with kids, it is made using eco-friendly materials to guarantee the safety of the babies.

Better still, the lamp delivers a soft and uniform light that doesn’t flicker to protect your kid’s eyes from harm.

  • Dual power and control modes

The Caferria 3D night light accepts two ways in which you can power it up. You can power it using a 5volts USB cable connected to a PC, home outlet, or car lighter outlet.

Additionally, the nightlight accepts 3AA batteries for reliable and portable use.

What’s more, the lamp offers two ways by which you can control it. You can opt to use the smart touch control or remote control to adjust the light’s colors.

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#6. Best animal night lights – Lumipts portable children’s lamp with touch sensor

childrens night light table lamps


  • The lamp delivers 8 lulling colors.
  • Soft cover delivers cuddling comfort.
  • The built-in controls and remote control are easy to use.


  • Unable to connect to Bluetooth.

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Another choice for a nightlight that grasps your children’s attention is Lumipts children’s lamp. This lamp is an excellent choice when looking for the best animal nightlight because of the cute bear design.

Also, it acts as a perfect choice for use by kids who want to cuddle and play, thanks to the high-quality and washable silicone material.

  • Portable model

This lamp responds to the need for a nightlight that is easy to carry. It is lightweight so that kids of all ages can carry it easily.

Adding to that, the nightlight features a perfect handheld size so that toddlers can take it anywhere.

To enhance portability, the night lamp is cordless and designed to derive its power from rechargeable batteries.

  • Safe and gentle

It is made using squishy materials while it integrates a soft silicone cover so that kids can cuddle and play with it.

Adding to that, the nightlight provides a gentle and calming glow. Its light doesn’t flicker, and neither is it harsh on the eyes to protect the kid’s eyes from harm.

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#7. Best for an older child – Lightshare night light with metal base and 16 colors

night light for childrens bedroom with 16 changing colors


  • 16 color changing modes.
  • Easy-to-use remote control.
  • The LED bulbs remain cool to the touch.
  • The adjustable braches facilitate easy decoration.


  • The brightness is not dimmable.

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If you are looking for the best nightlight for use with older children, I would recommend the Lightshare night light. It features a plastic shade material and 48 LED bulbs.

Besides that, the light features a metallic construction and a painted finish to enhance durability.

  • Stylish design

As you can see from the picture, this is an attractive light that features an elegant and stylish design.

It features a tree shape while it integrates adjustable braches so that you can customize its configuration. The LEDs can emit light with different colors for easy customization based on the mood.

  • Multipurpose light

Besides using the lamp as a nightlight, you can use it for other occasions that require additional illumination. The reason is the color-changing mode and the ability to provide a warm white light suitable for bringing in a magical ambiance.

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#8. Best with red light glow – GoLine night light silicone toy for girls

children's rechargeable night light


  • Cute and stylish design.
  • USB rechargeable nightlight.
  • Compact size fits into small hands.
  • The silicone material is soft and washable.


  • No remote control.

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The best solution to help you provide a restful sleep for toddlers and kids is the GoLine Silicone Toy Nightlight. It is recommendable as an excellent choice for use by penguin lovers.

The nightlight features a cute unicorn toy design, thus suitable for use by girls between the age of 3 and 10. Also, it features a soft and washable silicone material ideal for offering a cuddling level of comfort.

  • 100% safe for use by kids

It is made using food-grade silicone that is free of BPA. Adding to that, the lamp doesn’t have any sharp edges to protect your kids from harm.

The nightlight can provide a light that is soothing to the eyes to protect your kid’s eyes from damage.

  • Long-lasting battery

If you want your kid to get a restful night of sleep without the need for you visiting them often, then you should get this nightlight. It derives its power from a 1200mAh rechargeable battery.

This battery can deliver up to 12 hours of portable use, which means that you can expect the lamp to provide company to the kids the entire night.

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#9. Best star night light – Elmchee universe night light projector with three themes

children's revolving night lights


  • Attractive and stylish design.
  • Adjustable brightness settings.
  • The light can derive its power from 3AA batteries or via a USB connection.


  • The lamp doesn’t come with the required batteries.

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As one of the best nightlights for children afraid of the dark, this is the best choice when looking for the best star nightlight. The light can project stars on the walls and ceiling to provide a night light that will put your kids to sleep.

  • Six lighting effects

The star nightlight emits up to six-color themes. It can provide a slow fade, white, yellow, combination, blue, or sequential light so that you can select an effect that matches your mood.

Besides that, these lighting effects are easy to customize, thanks to the button A that provides room for altering the light effects.

  • Multifunctional design

What’s more, this lamp features a multifunctional design. You can remove the shade so that you can use it as a projector or add the shade so that you can use it as a nightlight.

Also, the light provides for three different themes. Hence, you can use it to project a magical universe, happy birthday, or starry star images.

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#10. Best with music and timer – AnanBros remote-controlled children night light projector with moving stars

childrens star night light projector


  • Long battery life.
  • High-quality construction.
  • The lamp comes with a long-range remote control and built-in button controls.


  • The brightness isn’t dimmable.

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An excellent choice for a nightlight that combines music and a timer is AnanBros children night light. It is a remote-controlled light that guarantees easy operation. The light can project images on the wall and ceiling to lull your baby to sleep. Other benefits include:

  • A two-way operation

This children’s light offers two ways by which you can operate it. You can opt to use the included remote control or the touch button controls built into the nightlight.

Moreover, the lamp allows you to power it in two different ways. You can power it using a USB cord or operate it using four AAA batteries.

  • Pleasant lullabies and high-resolution image projection

Besides providing a light that eases your kids’ tension at night, this nightlight can provide pleasant lullabies. In particular, it comes with a built-in 128MB memory card that includes 12 tracks.

These tracks comprise of soothing sounds to put your baby to sleep. Also, the nightlight can project high-resolution stars with nine different color options to make bedtime more peaceful.

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#11. Best for the entire home – BlissLights laser projector with night light mood

childrens star night light projector


  • A built-in six-hour timer.
  • A dimmable lighting effect.
  • The nightlight doesn’t require batteries.
  • 3-feet power cord delivers an extended reach.


  • No remote control.

Check Best Price on

A perfect choice for a nightlight that is suitable for the entire home’s illumination is the Sky Lite laser projector night light. Besides using it in the bedroom, it is suitable for use in the home theater. Also, the light is fit for use by kids and adults; let’s have a look at some of the compelling features and benefits that make it suitable for this.

  • Simple button controls

One of the features that this one of the best choices for a nightlight for children afraid of the dark is the easy to use button controls.

These controls make it easy to cycle through different brightness settings and lighting effects for easy customization based on the mood.

Also, the nightlight integrates a start/stop button for smooth operation.

  • Soothing effects

Something else that makes the nightlight a perfect choice is its ability to revitalize your workspace or provide an ideal light for a romantic dinner.

Specifically, this lamp projects a galaxy of drifting blue stars. These stars can transform a space to create a relaxing environment in any room.

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How to choose a good child safe night light?

Your child is your bundle of joy. You want to select the best things for your child. Thus, when it comes to selecting a night light, you would be looking for the safest option. There could be a variety of reasons causing you to select night light for your child.

It’s possible that your child would be afraid of the dark or you might be a new parent looking for viable options to make your life easier.

It’s important for you to know and understand that each child is different. What works for your kid might not work for your neighbors’ kid or sister’s kid or brother’s kid. In any case, you have the final say.

Consider the following:

childrens night light and torch

#1. Location of outlet

When selecting the night light for your kid, you have to see where the location of the outlet is!

If it’s too close to your child’s bed and is such that the light would fall directly on your child’s face then you can look for a suitable portable night light.

No matter what night light you plan on using, it has to be safe for your kid.

#2. Color of the night light

The night light that you plan on putting in your child’s room should be of a suitable color.

Make sure you are not opting for the white light as it can disrupt your baby’s sleep.

The most suitable option for the night light would be the red color. You have to select a night light of suitable design and color that’s soothing for your baby.

Best with changing color lights – GE tabletop night light with audio monitor

#3. The brightness of the night light

When selecting the night light, the most important factor to consider is the brightness of the night light.

It shouldn’t be so bright that it disrupts the sleeping cycle of your child. Nor it should be so dim that it feels as if it’s bearly there. It should be just right!

#4. Timer

It’s possible to get a night light with a timer.

The night light would automatically turn off after a certain time. Probably when your child falls sound asleep. You can set the timer as per the sleeping routine of your child.

It can be a suitable option as you need not visit the room again and again for switching the light on or off.

Best with timer – Hatch Baby table night light with time-to-rise alert

childrens night light with timer

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#5. LED light bulbs

If you are looking considering what type of bulbs would be suitable for the night light then you can opt for the LED light bulbs.

It would give out less heat and thus, it would be a suitable option.

Plus, when selecting the night light keep an eye on the fact that whether you need to replace the complete night light or just the LED light bulb when required.

#6. Quality Materials

It is important that the night light, you plan on getting for your kid’s room should be composed of materials of good quality. The design should be safe for your child’s room.

If the material is of good quality then you can expect durability. When you are investing in a product, make sure it’s worth the price.

#7. Motion Sensor

If you want to use night light with additional features then you can select the one with a motion sensor.

Such a night light would lit up when you would enter the room of your child. Thus, it would be suitable for saving the eelctricity bill.

Best with dusk to dawn motion sensor – GE plug in wall mount night light for children’s bedroom

wall mounted children's night lights

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#8. Portable night light

It’s possible that your kid would prefer to use a night light for sleeping. When you are going out for a weekend, not having the same night light around can become tough. So a portable night light can be a suitable option.

Carrying a portable night light would be easy for you.

When selecting the portable night light, you have to find the relevant features and specifications before the final purchase decision.


What are the different types of night light for toddlers who are terrified of the dark?

Selecting the night light for your toddler can be quite tough. There is a huge variety available out there on the market and thus, making a final decision can be difficult.

However, if you know what types of night lights are available for the toddlers then it might be a little easier for you.

#1. Plug-In night light

As the name suggests a plug-in night light would have a plug attached to your night light. You can easily get the fancy ones from the market.

Some would be suitable for the kid’s room. You have to select the ones that would be suitable for you and your toddler. If your kid has a favorite character or like a certain flower, try to find such a light.

Thanks to the power of technology, many plug-in night lights are available with built-in sensors. Thus, when the sunrays would hit the room, the light would switch off! It can be like a magical experience for your toddler.

Best cheap – GE plug in night light with changing colors

wall mounted children's night lights

Check on Amazon

#2. Night projector

Through a night projector, an image or light would reflect on the wall or the roof of your toddler’s room. Again if your toddler is fond of something, you can take advantage of such a night light.

For example, if your kid likes to talk and hear about the solar system, you can get such a night light that projects such an image.

Plus, it can be a suitable option if your kid is afraid of the dark. Seeing their favorite character or thing would let them sleep peacefully at night.

Best with timer and music – AnanBros night light projector with revolving stars

childrens star night light projector

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#3. 3D night light

You can enjoy the 3D visual effects with a 3D night light. When selecting the night light for your kid’s room and especially for your toddler you have to keep their priority on the mind.

It’s always better to decorate the room of your kid based on the theme that they prefer. If your kid loves a certain cartoon character try finding everything like that.

If you get a 3D night light that’s not as per your toddler’s choice then it won’t be effective especially if your kid finds it tough to fall asleep at night.

Best with 3D technology – Caferria night light for kids with 3 patterns and dual controls

childrens glow night lights

Check on Amazon

#4. Rechargeable night light

A rechargeable night light would not require you to use the batteries. Such a night light would be portable and thus, it would be possible for you to carry it from one place to another especially if it’s your toddler’s favorite night light.

You can simply recharge the night light by using a USB cable.

Best rechargeable – Jolywell led portable night light for bedside

VAVA LED children's portable night light

Check on Amazon

#5. More

There are many other options for the night light that you can use for your kids. You can opt for a soft night-light for your baby that is basically a stuffed animal with a soft night light.


Tips on helping your newborn fall asleep

Helping your newborn fall asleep can be quite a tiresome task. In fact, as new parents, it can be quite challenging. But with a few tips, it’s possible to manage.

cool childrens night lights

Consider the following:

– From the beginning, try to establish a routine for your newborn. It means that you have to create a certain ambiance at night that would let the baby know that it’s time to sleep.

Try to limit the nap time during the day if the baby makes it tough to sleep at night. Limiting the nap time can hopefully make the baby tired and thus, they might sleep.

It’s important for you to keep in mind that each baby is different. What works for one baby might not work for the other!

Try to feed your baby right before you want to fall asleep. But remember that the newborns have a small tummy, so you have to feed the baby at night depending on when he gets hungry.

You can see what’s working best for you. If you think you swaddle the baby and he sleeps well and on time at night then go ahead and swaddle! Just make sure you are doing it the right way.

You can give a nice massage to your baby right before bedtime. It might help the baby sleep at night.

Honestly, do what works best for you! You just delivered a miracle and now it’s time to take care of yourself and the baby. Remember there is no trophy and there is no competition.

You can take your time and still do your best. What works for one mom or dad and their baby might not work for you and it’s okay.

Just do your best, you have got this! You don’t have to feel bad or don’t be hard on yourself if the baby is not yet sleeping on time.


How to makes your children sleep better at night?

To make your children sleep better at night, consider the following:

– Work as a unit

It’s important that your entire family is working as a team. They should have an appropriate routine and everybody should strictly follow it.

– Create an ambiance

When it’s bedtime, everything around the kids should point towards bedtime routine. Make sure they are brushing the teeth, preparing clothes for the next day, setting the school bag, changing to the nightclothes, etc.

– Discuss with the doctor

If you think that despite all your efforts, it’s tough for your kid to fall asleep at night then make sure you are discussing it with your doctor.

– Snacks

If your child gets hungry, their sleep would be disturbed. Give a light snack a few hours before bedtime. Avoid giving water at night as it might wake them at night for the toilet.

There is a lot that you can do as a parent to make your child sleep better at night. It’s important that your whole family is involved as a unit. Everyone should follow a routine.


What do you do when your child is afraid of the dark?

When it comes to anything related to the health or well being of your child, your doctor is the best source of information. However, generally, you can consider the following:

child safe night light

– Let your kid know that it’s okay to be afraid and help them share with you what exactly is causing the fear. Don’t make fun of their feelings.

Develop a routine for your child so that they can expect when to fall asleep. Having a routine can be of great help.

You can use a night light in your kid’s room. If they don’t prefer the night light or if disturbs the sleep you can lit a light in the hallway that can fall into the room making it a little bright, but not disturbing the sleep cycle of your kids.

– Keep an eye on the television shows they are watching and books they are reading. Make sure these are not the horror type. The content they consume should be age-appropriate and child friendly.

You can do so much more to help your child sleep better at night. Just ask your doctor if you are concerned about something.



#1. What is the proper time to stop using night lights?

Your child is precious and you should know that all the kids are different. There is no appropriate time to stop using the night lights as you have to look for the signs and see if your kid is ready.

If you stop using the night light, it might stress your kid especially if your kid is afraid of the dark.

Plus, it would be best to discuss it with your doctor. It’s true that there is tons of information available online that you can follow, but your doctor knows the best and can suggest based on your kid’s behavior.

#2. Is using night lights the only way to expel my child from the fear of the dark?

There are various things that you can do to expel the fear of the dark. For example:

Try talking to your child what’s causing the fear. Knowing the root cause of the fear can help you with the situation. It’s possible they have read a book, heard a story, or watched a show that’s scaring them.

You can establish a routine and follow as a family. There should be an appropriate environment for the night where everyone should be ready for sleeping.

Based on your kid’s behavior and health, your family doctor can give you some suggestions and those would be the best source of information to expel the fear of the dark.

#3. What is the best color night light for kids to sleep under?

A quick and simple search would tell you that the most suitable color of the night light for the kids to sleep under is the red light.

It’s soothing to the eyes and would help the kids relax and sleep better.

There are many night lights available on the market. When selecting the one for your kid’s room make sure you are opting for the red light.

An interesting thing about the red color of the night light is that it would be suitable for any age of the child. It is recommended by experts. So next time when you go shopping you can consider the red night light.



The best night light for a child afraid of dark should provide a soft light that eases the child’s fears without being so bright to wake your toddler. Also, these lamps must be easy to operate so that kids and adults can control their effects comfortably.

So, get either of the reviewed products and be sure to have an effective and reliable nightlight at a cost that won’t break the bank.