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Best Night Light for Feeding Baby and Changing Daiper in 2022

Night lights, as the name suggests, are the lights that are left on at night. These lights are essential to any baby’s rooms to help the child sleep peacefully, and most importantly, help parents quickly tend to their children in the middle of the night.

Night lights come in handy when it comes to feeding and nursing the baby. When left on, you can easily navigate through the room and prevent accidents. And once you are done feeding, the baby, and yourself, can easily fall back asleep given their color light.

This article will take you through the benefits and what you need to consider before getting the best night light for feeding baby.

Should babies sleep in the dark?

The dark stimulates melatonin release, which promotes restful sleep. And for babies, this is essential. Babies find the night very comforting, making it easier for them to fall asleep.

However, some babies may start developing nighttime fears and separation anxiety within 8 months of their development. In this case, a night light may come in handy.

Babies’ sleep patterns may change as they grow. Complete darkness may work for them for a couple of months, but a night light may be useful over time.


Benefits of using a night light when feeding baby

Night lights are convenient for both parents and babies. These are a worthy investment with many benefits that include:

best night light for feeding baby review

#1. Comforts the baby

For one, they offer comfort to the baby. Over time, children may develop night time fears because of the dark. Night lights are useful to provide support as well as reassurance in this case.

#2. Convenience

Also, as earlier stated, night lights promote practicality. They are well suited for in the middle of the night diaper changes and feeding.

#3. Promote security and safety

Night lights are essential to offer security. They allow you to quickly check on your baby during the night without turning on the ceiling lights, which might disrupt their sleep.

On top of that, night lights create a safer environment when moving around the room since such lights enable easy navigation in the baby’s room.

They reduce accidents that may wake the baby and prevent you from stubbing your toes or stepping on toys.

#4. Cost-effective

They consume less energy compared to the ceiling lights and thus save on money for electricity bills. Also, the intensity of the night lights is good for the baby and can easily be controlled, unlike ceiling lights.

#5. Friendly and safe

Night lights emit soft lights that are friendly and safe for the baby’s eyes. After the feeding is done, they can easily fall asleep as the soft glow soothe to sleep.

Bright lights may give the baby, and even yourself, a hard time going back to sleep. The night light provides sufficient illumination to get your job done and get back to your sleep.


Reviews of the 10 best night lights for baby nursery

#1. Best with amber nightlight – Sycees portable and rechargeable light with a soft glow for feeding baby

best night light for baby review


  • Auto-off timer
  • Memory function
  • Perfect for parental nighttime check-ins
  • 8-soothing sounds and 10-level volume control


  • It takes time to charge.

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Sycees breastfeeding baby night light comes as a portable and rechargeable white noise machine with an amber nightlight designed for baby, kids, home, and travel.

It’s small in size, allowing you to place anywhere convenient with a small space for light. The design of this low light is something interesting for the kids.

  • Usage convenience

Since it comes as a sound machine, it features eight soothing sounds that have 10-level volume control. You have the freedom to choose from four lullabies: a heartbeat, shush, fan, and white noise.

  • Convenient sleep-friendly light

The sleep-friendly light uses here is an LED night light designed to emit a soft, warm glow that creates a safe, comfortable atmosphere for your baby.

It helps your little angel sleep the whole night deeply. It’s also ideal for those midnight check-ins. The system is USB rechargeable; now, you can forget about batteries and hazardous electrical outlets.

  • Operability

It does hold a charge for over 30-hours and can be conveniently charged using the car’s cigarette lighter, a laptop with a 2-hour full recharge time.

It does also come with an auto-off and memory function, allowing you to set baby sleep soother for continuous play, or you can decide to set an auto-off time after 30 or 60 minutes.

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#2. Best for crib – KiddoLab baby cot night light with timer and lullaby

baby crib night light


  • A stellar light show
  • Safe for delicate newborns
  • Several optional soundscapes
  • Calming soothing sounds and music


  • Cannot be attached to playpens with mesh walls

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KiddoLab light is a relaxing baby system featuring night lights and relaxing music. It does also come with a ceiling light projector with stars, timer, animals, and nursery toys. It’s ideal for newborns to 5-month old babies.

  • Portability and universality

One thing that makes it best for a crib is that it is portable and universal; you can go with it wherever you need it most and fits all baby cribs with a frame.

As a rotating musical mobile system, it has four adorable dream pets that dances and twirl to help your little one sleep better and faster.

  • Enchanting light show

What makes it the best night light for feeding baby? The KiddoLab comes with a stellar light show project overhead.

When the room lights are out, the model emits enchanting light that shows the moon and stars surrounding it on the moon.

It’s bright enough for night time baby feeding and to create a safe, familiar zone for the baby, allowing your little angel to get back to sleep comfortably.

  • Effortless installation

Installing is a straightforward process; all you need is attach it to the crib’s frame and tighten the holding clamp.

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#3. Best rotating ceiling projector – AnanBros baby starry baby light with music for bedroom

baby night light projector with remote control reviews


  • LED digital display
  • Remote control & timer
  • 128M already-installed memory card
  • USB cord powered or 4 x AAA battery operated


  • Non-rechargeable

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AnanBros is another best night light that you can use for feeding your little angel during the night. As the best rotating ceiling projector in the list, it features timer music, star nightlight projector ideal for all kids.

It does also come with rotating kids night lights featuring nine-bedroom color options.

  • Stars and moon projection

What makes this night light so unique is the high-resolution projection with a hollowed-out design.

The lighting system has a 360-degree silent rotation that keeps rotating all night long.

This baby night light also has nine different color options that make the little one love bedtime even more.

  • Pleasant lullabies

Apart from working as a night light for nursing and feeding your baby, it also functions as a music box.

It features a built-in 128M memory card that is removable and comes with a dozen different, pleasant tracks ideal for putting your little angel right to sleep.

The use of a high-quality speaker ensures your baby enjoys the beauty of its starry sky and the pleasures of sounds.

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#4. Best sound-activated machine – Skip Hop Moonlight and melodies night light for baby boy

baby night light and sound machine


  • Auto-off timer
  • Volume control
  • Adjustable pivot lens
  • Dimmable nightlight emitting a warm glow
  • Gentle melodies and calming nature sounds


  • Doesn’t have other color light

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Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine comes as an owl-designed moonlight & melodies nightlight soother.

The fact that it’s fully loaded with melodies, including four lullabies and four nature sounds, makes it a perfect nightlight unit for your little one.

  • Fully loaded

Skip Hop isn’t your standard nightlight. It comes fully loaded with lullabies and nature sounds, making it a perfect white noise machine.

It does also come with a star and moon ceiling project to keep your baby focused and entertained by the movement.

The nightlight belly also glows and has a dimmer control, providing ideal light for night time feeding or nursing.

  • Ease-of-use features

The light does also features individual elements that allow easy use. One of them is the auto-off timer that you can set from 15, 30, and 60 minutes to help the baby fall asleep. You can also allow it to operate continuously.

The control buttons are well-placed and well-labeled for smoother operation.

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#5. Best for nursery – Hatch multi-functional night light controlled by phones

soft glow night light baby


  • Time-to-rise setting
  • Soft light and white noise
  • Automatically programmed
  • Preset sound and color combinations
  • Customizable color, brightness, sound


  • Needs to install an app on your phone

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Next, we have the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, a multi-functional night light controlled by phone.

It does combine nightlight, time-to-rise alert, and a sound machine in a single easy-to-use device. With this model, you can customize the brightness, color, volume level, and sound all from your phone’s convenience.

To its simplicity and comfort, you can now set programs to automatically turn on and off the device based on the family’s sleep schedule.

  • Modern design

One thing that has attracted more buyers to this model is its simplicity and modernized design.

The unit combines two systems, a nightlight and sound machine, in a single, smart device.

That allows the multi-functional application of a model that comes with customization to fit various nursery designs. It can change the color and patterns.

  • Remote controlled

With this Hatch light, you don’t have to disrupt your sleeping angel.

Thanks to the model being a smart sound machine, you can now turn rest on and off, change the volume and brightness or customize the glow color right from your phone remotely.

You can also use the phone app to set programs for each day to train your baby to follow a healthy sleep schedule.

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#6. Best with dimmable light – Zeefo LED battery powered night table lamp with remote control for feeding baby

led baby night light


  • Dimmable
  • Timer function
  • Battery or USB powered
  • Remote-controlled settings


  • AC adaptor not included

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ZEEFO LED Night Light, a portable simply-designed nursery lamp, is a perfect night light for feeding baby.

This night light is ideal for use in a nursery, baby’s room, living room, bedside, bedroom, or other space.

  • Adjustable brightness

ZEEFO LED Night Light comes with a 5-stage dimming function designed for adjusting the warm white brightness from 50% to 100%. That to these controls, you can now achieve customized light on various occasions.

  • Control

It can be powered by A-series batteries or using a USB cable for your convenience. It does also have a dimmable brightness and a time function and can be controlled using a remote control.

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#7. Best plug-in – Auvon adjustable night light with motion sensor for newborn baby

plug in night light baby


  • On, off, and auto modes
  • Automatic motion sensor
  • Passive infrared technology


  • Requires to be plugged in all times

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AUVON is another nicely-built model with motion sensor. It’s designed to produce warm white light perfect for midnight baby feeding.

It does also feature a dusk-to-dawn sensor for alerts when it’s time to wake up.

What’s more, the light uses adjustable brightness, allowing you to select the most appropriate for the occasion.

  • 3 useful modes

What’s is quite intriguing about this nightlight is the fact that it comes with 3-useful modes, On, Off, and Auto.

\When you choose the auto mode, it activates its motion sensor, providing you a detention angle of around 120-degrees and a 3-5 meter range.

  • Comfortable adjustable lighting

And since you’re looking for comfortable, warm lighting in the darkness for your little one, the model does come with two brightness modes.

It allows you to adjust the brightness from high to medium and vice versa according to the occasion. All that is done with a button press at the top, giving you the best user experience.

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#8. Best with red light – Emagine A led baby night light with dusk to dawn auto sensor

red night light for baby


  • Daylight sensor
  • Seven built-in LED’s
  • Proprietary long wavelength


  • No motion sensor

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Emagine A does also come with dusk-to-dawn auto sensor and has low blue LED that promotes melatonin production for a Healthy Sleep.

The best part about this light is, you get to set it and forget. It has 30,000-hour lifespan, and it’s a super energy saver; it will cost you less than 10-cents a month. Isn’t that something great?

What’s more, it’s a long wavelength red LED source designed to promote sleep and better melatonin production.

  • Excellent brightness

This nightlight uses seven LEDs that are built in to provide enough brightness needed during the night. It’s a perfect nightlight to give you adequate visibility and eye-friendly light.

As mentioned above, the light promotes sleep rather than taking it away. It does use a daylight sensor to turn the light off when the surrounding gets lit.

  • Highly energy efficient

The lights use highly-energy efficient LEDs. Apart from that, it does have a dusk-to-dawn auto sensor that turns off the lights when daytime is detected and turns them on during the night.

Another thing, the design employed here ensures the lights produce sleep-promoting night light with a long wavelength.

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#9. Best cordless – Lumipets teddy shape baby night light for safe sleep

night light for breastfeeding baby


  • 8-lulling colors
  • Remote controlled
  • Advanced built-in battery
  • Rechargeable with Micro-USB
  • High-quality washable silicone material


  • Not a musical machine

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If you’re looking for a super-safe, playable nightlight, the LumiPets is a perfect option for your kids.

It comes like a cute animal featuring a touch sensor and has a portable and rechargeable design.

What’s more, as an infant or toddler nightlight, it features a color-changing design that is perfect for fun and night baby feeding.

  • Safe and gentle

The light is designed to stay soft and never get warm. That means your little one can place it near the crib or inside the crib. Its soft and squashy materials make this model perfect nursery nightlight.

  • Soothing night light

The Lumipets nightlight is here to offer a gentle, calming glow for children of all ages. It has soft colors that make it a perfect baby lamp, toddler nightlight, or kid’s nightlights for nurseries and bedrooms.

  • Easy control

Unlike other nightlights, this model requires you to tap the device itself to switch between beautiful warm glowing colors. You can also use a remote control to change these colors.

The model also has a sleep timer and brightness controls, making it incredibly easy to use.

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#10. Best with moving stars – Moredig night light projector for baby room

baby rotating night light projector


  • 360-degree rotation
  • 12 well-selected light tunes
  • 4-LED light colors with 8-modes
  • Custom 5 to 500 minutes timer setting


  • Batteries not included

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And the list ends with the Moredig night light projector. It’s a remote-controlled projection lamp with a timer design.

What’s more, it comes with a dozen built-in light songs and a 360-degree rotating design.

The songs are sleep soothers with a soft rhythm that creates a warm, quiet sleep environment for your baby. The light also helps in releasing the body and mind for perfect relaxation.

The perfection employed on this projector allows it to be a fun light and, at the same time, a lulling nightlight with eight colorful illuminations.

  • Auto-off timer design

Moredig is designed to allow you to set time from 5-minutes to 500 minutes. And when the time is over, the light’s whole functions turn off automatically.

It’s an effective energy-saving design every homeowner should consider.

  • Starry sky & animal world projection

Another feature of this Moredig night light projector is creating a vivid, colorful sky and jungle animal on the ceiling and wall.

It projects the two projection films at once. That provides a way to enhance the baby’s perception of depth, height, and 3-dimensional.

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How to choose the best night light for feeding babies?

Night lights are handy and functional gadgets. They offer numerous benefits and are friendly to the babies as well. But how do you find the ideal night light for baby feeding?

That may not be an easy decision to make, given the broad spectrum of night lights available today. And that is why we are here.

Below are several considerations that you may need to make before you make a selection.

#1. Color of night light

Night light emits various colors. Studies show that the intensity of light affects how well as baby sleeps. So when selecting a night light for your baby’s room, this is a vital factor.

Red lights are ideal and highly recommended as they stimulate melatonin hormone, which induces deep sleep.

Blue light, on the other hand, stimulates and boosts attention. That will give the baby a hard time sleeping.

To babies also, red light is soothing and gives them a better sleep. The night light you choose should emit red light if you want your baby to enjoy a restful sleep.

Buy Sleep Aid led plug in red night light for baby room

red night light for baby

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#2. Location of your power outlet

You need to note the layout of your baby’s room before making a purchase, mainly where the electric sockets are located. If it is too far, the light will be too dim. If it is too close, the night light will be too bright.

However, it is noteworthy that night lights should not be too close to the baby’s sleeping area.

A portable night light may be more convenient in this case. That will allow you to place it at a more comfortable distance for you to tend to your baby at night easily, and for the baby to sleep comfortably.

Buy Sycees portable and rechargeable night light and sound machine

best night light for baby review

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#3. Timer feature

A timer feature on night lights is essential. However, not all of the night lights have this feature.

They come in handy and offer great convenience not to switch the night light on and off manually.

The timer is set for a predetermined time and will switch the night light off automatically, so you do not have to come back and switch off the night light once your baby is asleep.

This feature also serves to save on electricity and cut down on energy bills in the long run. Most parents like this idea and some do not. It is up to you to make a choice.

#4. Night light globe types

Some of the night lights feature replaceable light globes, whereas some have fused globes, which may force you to replace the entire night light when the bulb dies.

The type of bulbs used also determines heat dissipation. Led lights give off minimal heat, while halogen or incandescent bulbs get very hot.

Buy Hatch led night light for bedside table

soft glow night light baby

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#5. The night light brightness

You need to understand that night lights are intended to function in night mode to provide ambient and soft light to illuminate the room gently.

When it comes to nursery use, brightness is a crucial factor.

Too bright night lights may disrupt baby’s sleep and even cause broken and restless sleep. Babies need sufficient rest, and without that, they may be grumpy.

The light needs to be bright enough to help you tend to your baby at night.

#6. Additional features

The primary role of the night light is to illuminate nurseries with a soft and gentle glow. But you can also get one with additional features.

These may include thermometers that tell the room’s temperature, sensors that turn on the light when you enter the room, light bulbs with color-changing technology, white noise machines and music boxes that produce soothing sounds and handles for easy carrying of the night light.

Buy AnaBros night light projector with white noise and smoothing music

baby night light projector with remote control reviews

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#1. Do babies sleep better with a night light?

Complete darkness causes fear and stress for babies, even in the early stages.

Babies start to develop nighttime fears or anxiety of separation; night lights can be useful in such instances. They serve to offer comfort and reassurance in the nighttime.

Therefore, night lights can be a welcome idea. It is also convenient for parents as it facilitates easy feeding and diaper changes in the middle of the night.

best baby night light soother

#2. How dark should my baby’s room be at night?

Night lights are more beneficial to you than the babies. They help you tend to the baby in the middle of the night. But when it comes to baby’s sleep, the brightness of the night light should be considered.

Too bright light may disrupt the baby’s sleep. Also, when you install a night light, it should not be too close to the baby’s sleeping area.

Children can sleep in the dark, but soft, gentle light may soothe your baby for a deeper sleep.

The light used should be dim or low wattage so that they do not disturb your child’s sleep.

To be more specific, 4 to 7 watts will do. You can also ensure that the light is shaded and diffuse.

#2. Which color of the night light is best for babies?

What color night light is the best? Sleep therapists, as well as physiologists, recommend warm/red light which is the optimum color known for a soothing sleep. This color of night light helps to stimulate the circadian rhythm, so the body sleeps naturally.

The red light also supports the high-level production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. This hormone, in turn, causes muscle relaxation to induce deep sleep. The wavelength frequency of red light is friendly and ideal for the baby’s eyes.

Red light is not only the best for babies, but the entire family as well. It fits any parental style and children of all ages. The lights create an ambient and familiar environment for the babies.

#3. When should I put a night light in my baby’s room?

As babies grow, their sleep patterns change. They may prefer total darkness in the early stages, but over time, they may develop fear or stress from the dark.

That may occur between the fourth to eighth months. At this point, you may equip their room with an ideal night light. \

When babies wake up, they need to see their surroundings. Night lights make this possible.

Once you install one, the sleep routine may change or worsen. Within a few days, however, they get used to it, and their melatonin production is increased, thus a restful sleep.



Night lights are indeed useful to the parents and the babies alike. These come in handy, particularly when it comes to feeding the baby in the middle of the night. They offer great convenience and reliability and soothe the babies back to sleep.