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Best Night Light for Leopard Geckos – Reviews & Guide in 2022

Night lights for Leopard Geckos are great products that allow you to have a soft light emitting from a reptile tank so you can see inside without emitting too much. They can also be used to regulate the temperature and get the ecosystem just right for your gecko.

In this article, we will be going over the best nighlights for Leopard Geckos on the market, as well as providing a comprehensive buying guide. All of these products are made from reputable sellers and will be great additions to your gecko’s tank.

Benefits of Using a Nightlight for Leopard Geckos

best night light for leopard geckos reviews

Besides allowing you to see your Leopard Gecko at night without adding too much light into your room, there are various benefits that come with providing a night light for your Gecko. These night lights can provide heat, mimic the effects of the sun, as well as provide vitamin D3 for your gecko.

There are many benefits to purchasing a nightlight for your Leopard Gecko. In this section, we will be going over the benefits of having a night light for your reptilian friend.

– They Provide Heat

Even though they won’t provide as much heat as their daytime counterparts, night lights for Leopard Geckos will provide the heat that your gecko needs at night.

This is also good at regulating the desired temperature that your gecko will need during the night, as they are used to having higher temperatures even at night.

– They Emulate the Sun

For your geckos, any type of bulb will be a good way to mimic the light of the sun. This is especially true if you have a bulb that emits UVB rays, as this an artificial light that is closer to the effects of the sun than others.

It is also helpful for your gecko to have a visible light above their ecosystem as this is what they would be used to if found out in nature.

– Provide D3 for Your Gecko

Like humans, geckos can benefit from receiving vitamin D3 from other sources than the sun. Night lights for your gecko will allow them to absorb vitamin D3, which will elevate their mood and help to make them feel less stressed and content in their environment.

This is true regardless of how much of their body is absorbing the UVB rays that provide D3, because of their natural skin’s absorption.


Reviews of 6 Best Nightlights for Leopard Geckos

1. Best Sale – Zoo Med Compact Fluorescent Bulb for All Reptiles

leopard gecko lighting at night

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Available in a mini size, 4-pack, or a 6-pack, these lightbulbs from Zoo Med are a great buy that is worth looking into. They are great for any type of reptile, meaning that your Leopard Gecko will receive all of the benefits of having this light in the tank.

With 5% UVB and 30% UVA outputs, this is a great light for mimicking the benefits of natural sunlight and providing vitamin D3 for your Gecko.

This is priced reasonably for the high-quality bulb that you will receive and is highly durable. It will last a long time even with constantly being turned on, and will provide enough light for your reptile.

It is made from fluorescent technology, meaning that it won’t cost much to run and is safe to use for any type of environment that you have.

This is a full-spectrum light bulb that is perfect for providing the light needed for your gecko.

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2. Best with White Daylight – Zilla Incandescent Light Bulb with Full Spectrum Light

zilla incandescent night light bulb for leopard gecko

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This 75-watt reptile heat lamp from Zilla is a great product that is reasonably priced. It is well received by customers overall and provides the light and heat needed for your Leopard Gecko.

For controlled environments, this is a great product overall that keeps you in control and will keep your reptile stress-free and happy.

This product stimulates the beneficial effects of the sun and will make your gecko feel right at home in their environment.

The full-spectrum lighting that this provides is as close to natural light that you can find and makes it easy to see what your gecko is up to. Each bulb that you purchase will provide hours of light and heat, making this a budget-friendly option for you.

Overall, this is a great product that will regulate both the temperature and light in your tank. It is priced well and is made from high-quality materials that are known to be durable and last a long time.

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3. Best with Red Light – Zoo Med Infrared Incandescent Heat Bulb for Better Night Vision

zoo med night heat lamp for leopard gecko review

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If you are looking for a nocturnal night light for your gecko, this is a great product to start with. It is available in either 75-watt or 150-watt and is great for heating the tank without adding too much light for your gecko.

Ideal for any type of reptile, it provides a suitable environment that mimics the natural environment that your Leopard Gecko would be found in.

It is available at a decent price point and provides a steady amount of heat without using too much energy to run. This does not provide a lot of light, which is ideal for a gecko. That said, there is still enough that you can see into the tank when needed and you can rest easy knowing that it is emitting heat constantly.

This is an ideal night light for any type of reptile as it won’t disturb them or provide too much light that they are not used to. Glare is reduced, and this is compatible with most spot reflectors.

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4. Best with Blue Light – Exo Terra Cheap 100W Night Heat Lamp with Natural Moonlight

exo terra leopard gecko night light

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Perfect for providing just enough light, this night light from Exo-Terra is a great buy for the cost. This comes in a 100-watt frequency and provides heat for your reptile’s environment.

Ideal for nocturnal creatures and animals, this light simulates the natural light from the moon and will keep your Gecko content and stress-free.

This is a great product for providing a small amount of light so you can see into the tank without illuminating the tank too much to keep your gecko happy. The lightbulb will keep a light stream of heat that will keep the tank at a tropical climate which is ideal for any reptile.

Additionally, this will help to regulate your gecko’s circadian rhythm and make sure that their night and day cycle is right where it should be.

Although not as suited for heating the tank as red nightlights, this is a great product for simulating the moonlight and is great for nocturnal pets.

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5. Best with Dual Light – Zoo Med 300W Night Light for Large Tank

zoo med dual night light combo for leopard gecko

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Look no further for a high-quality dual lamp fixture combo from a reputable seller. This light kit from Zoo Med is a great option that allows for lighting combinations perfect for your Leopard Gecko.

Sometimes you need to find the right balance between light and heat, and this allows you to do so. This is a budget-friendly option that performs very well.

This product is compatible with any light bulb up to 160 watts, and that includes both daytime and nightlights. It is completely safe to use for both lights at the same time and has two ceramic sockets that are made from high-quality materials.

This makes it easy to regulate both the temperature and the lighting in the tank, and the fixture is designed so the bulbs will always be recessed.

This will help take the guessing work out of the habitat of the tank, and it is easy to use. Additionally, it is a budget-friendly option that your gecko will thank you for.

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6. Best Water-Resistant – Zoo Med Ceramic Infrared Heat Light Bulb for Leopard Geckos

zoo med ceramic night light bulb for leopard geckos and reptiles

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If you are looking for a product that will provide a good amount of heat without too much light, this is a great buy from Zoo Med. It uses 60 watts of electricity and will give your gecko the ideal temperature for the tropical ecosystem that they are used to. It is available in different quantities allowing you to buy in bulk and save even more money.

This is a highly durable product that won’t use a lot of electricity and can last for up to 5 years.

It is water-resistant and made from high-quality ceramic, providing a great heat source for the reptile tank. It is easy to install and can screw in directly to an existing light socket in the tank.

There is no light emitted, which is great if your gecko is getting enough light from other sources. It is designed to be long-lasting, even when used consistently and daily.

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How to Choose the Best Night Light for Leopard Geckos?

cheap night light for leopard geckos

As you may have guessed, not all night lights for Leopard Geckos are created equal. In order to help you find the best value and product available for your gecko, there are a few things that you will want to be aware of and look out for.

In this section, we will outline these different aspects so that you will be as happy with your purchase as possible. Keep in mind that some of these will be more important than others, depending on your needs.

1. Wattage

Finding the right balance between the light that the bulb provides and the energy that it uses is important when looking for the ideal bulb for your gecko’s tank. You will want to find one that mimics either daylight or moonlight (depending on the external environment) without being too bright, as geckos are very sensitive to light.

2. Heat/Temperature

A lot of the bulbs that are used for geckos will provide heat; this is because they are used to more of a tropical environment when found in nature. To make it more comfortable and homey for your gecko, you may need to find a night light that provides a good amount of heat.

Keep in mind that depending on the external temperature of the tank, you may need to find one that produces less heat than others.

3. Color

It may come as a surprise to some, but the color of the bulb that you choose is also important when making a buying decision. It is important to understand the different colors of lightbulbs that are designed for reptile tanks, and how to use them properly.

Keep in mind that normal daylight bulbs will appear to have the same color as a full-spectrum bulb that we are used to using in or around our homes.

  • Red – These will provide more environmental heat for your gecko while keeping the amount of light to a minimum
  • Blue – These are more suited for imitating the natural light from the moon and won’t produce near as much heat as the red varieties

For Leopard Geckos, you will generally want to choose a red bulb as they are used to a warmer climate and will do better with more heat than usual.

4. Socket Type

While most lightbulbs will be the screw-in type that is common, some will have smaller bases. This is one thing that you will want to look out for in choosing the right light bulb for the socket that you have.

If you are just starting out and buying both the bulb and the socket, make sure that they are the correct size and will be compatible with each other.

5. Electric Bill

Most likely, you are going to be having the light in the reptile tank on almost continuously in one way or another to keep the temperature and lighting ideal.

Because of this, you will want to make sure and find a lightbulb that is not going to break the bank to have on for extended periods of time.

A lot of lightbulbs that are designed for reptile tanks will either be fluorescent or LED, for this exact reason.

Pay attention to the type of bulb and how much energy they will be using to find the most budget-friendly option possible. This may mean paying more upfront, but the energy savings will be worth it.



1. Do Geckos Prefer Light or Dark?

Geckos have extremely sensitive eyes, especially to light. They are also nocturnal reptiles and prefer to be more active at night. Given these facts, it is safe to say that they prefer a dark environment as opposed to a light one.

However, if you want to regulate the tank temperature, it is necessary to buy a night heat lamp for them.

2. Do Leopard Geckos Need a Night Light at Night?

As we know, Leopard Geckos do not need a basking light and are capable of seeing in the dark very well. While a night light is not strictly required, it is advised that if you do have a dim night light. This will prevent them from being disturbed by a bright light and will lower their overall stress levels.

3. What Color Night Light is Best for Leopard Geckos?

When it comes to nightlights for Leopard Geckos, there are two main choices: red or blue. Red lights are best for the night, as these will provide higher temperatures than blue lights, which are better suited for imitating the glow of the moonlight.



I hope this article was helpful, and that you are able to better determine which light is best for your particular situation and Leopard Gecko.

All of the night light for leopard geckos listed above are made from high-quality materials that will last a long time. Additionally, they are great for creating a suitable environment and ecosystem for your gecko.