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Comprehensive Insights of Choosing the Best Night Light for Newborn

There is no denying that night lights have proven to be great investments for various households. From facilitating enhanced safety to ensuring that the baby sleeps peacefully, you can barely ignore these devices. One of the biggest concerns will, however, be what is the best night light for newborn.

Besides understanding which night light is suitable for your baby, it will be best to keep in mind the benefits they draw. For this reason, here are some of the top benefits of having night lights for newborns.

Plus, we collected some of the best newborn nightlights and a comprehensive guide.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Night Light for Your Newborn Baby?

Various benefits come with using a night light whenever you have a newborn. Ideally, it will be suitable for both the child and the parent.

The following are some of the inevitable merits that you will enjoy in the long run.

best night light for newborn reviews

#1. Provide a sense of safety

That newborns are barely afraid of the dark is no news. However, they will often need assurance that they are safe, and that is what these night lights provide.

The soft illumination offered by this newborn night light will not only calm the toddler but also address any insecurities that they might have.

#2. Encourage sleep

Did you know that it will often be challenging for both the child and the mother to go back to sleep after exposure to brightness?

At this point, night lights step in, as the illumination is soft enough not to disrupt your sleep. That means you will breastfeed at any time of the night comfortably.

#3. Lulling the baby

Nothing matches the ambiance provided by night lifts. Thanks to how soft the illumination is, the baby gets soothed to sleep much more effortlessly.

With this, the baby can go back to sleep all by itself whenever it wakes up in the middle of the night.

#4. Prevent injuries

There is no denying that walking in the nursery could expose the nursing moms to significant dangers, including injuries.

With these lights on, you will hardly need to worry about hurting your toes at any time. Besides, there is no chance that you will mishandle your newborn because of the darkness.


Review of the 7 Best Nightlights for Newborn

Choosing night lights for your newborns can be hectic, but this should not be your story.

Here, you are sure of the various options that could come in handy for you. They will include the following.

1. Best Multifunctional – Hatch Baby Time-to-Rise Table Night Light and Sound Machine with Phone Control

Hatch Baby led night light and sound machine for newborn

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You can barely ignore how highly-rated this night light is, thanks to its portability and numerous features. What is more, you will readily customize this sound machine to meet the needs of your child.

This product assures you of enhanced versatility, as will combine a sound machine, night light, and a wakeup timer.

It boasts a toddler lock, ensuring that no child messes up with it once you leave the room. You could lock the night light once.

Its customizable programs will get you smitten. Usually, the okay-to-wake feature allows you to set the time for when to wake up. This way, it will be much easier for the child to develop a healthy sleeping pattern in the long run.

With its enhanced adjustability, you will comfortably pick healthy color combinations for your child. Thankfully, the colors are relatively friendly to children, assuring you of uninterrupted sleep.

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2. Best Lightweight – VAVA Touch Control Night Light with Timer Charging Pad

VAVA led portable nightlight for newborns

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You will barely go wrong by choosing this product. From its eye-friendly lights to enhanced reliability, you will be confident of reaping value for money.

You will readily fall in love with the compact design this device has. What is more, its construction is so robust that durability is inevitable. This night light comes with easily accessible touch controls, allowing you to adjust the lights accordingly.

Its charging base is relatively exceptional, as the design ensures that the night light does not topple over.

You will also appreciate its 1-hour timer, as it encourages healthy sleeping patterns in the long run. Operating the timer is much more straightforward, as all you will have to do is tap on the device.

One of the things that make this night light exceptional is the presence of an SOS. This feature is vital for those moments when enhanced safety measures are critical.

You will need to tap on the power button four times whenever you want to turn it on.

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3. Best with Multi Colors – Gladle Wireless Newborn Night Light with Built-in Magnet

Gladle cordless night light with multi colors

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This product has proven to be not only affordable but also feature-rich.

It comes with three distinct modes, meaning that you will freely transverse dim and adjust light temperatures whenever necessary.

It will also be much easier for you to control the brightness too. What is more, this light is relatively gentle on the child at all times.

It comes with an impressive magnet and timer feature. The magnet is vital for ensuring that you readily stick the night light on metallic surfaces. Its adhesive metal plate will come in handy when sticking it on non-metal surfaces.

With the timer, you will comfortably set when the night light should go off.

This night light is a product of BPA soft silicone, which is both safe and durable. That means that your child will be free to play with the night light at any time.

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4. Best Plug in – Lohas Mini Dimmable Night Light with Adjustable Brightness

2 pack plug in night light for nursery

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If you are looking for an easily adjustable night light, this will be your ultimate choice. Thanks to its slide switch, attaining stepless dimming will hardly be a hassle.

Further, you will be open to choosing a brightness level that suits your situation using this switch.

It comes with a light sensor chip, meaning that it will automatically go on or off once there is light. This feature will also come in handy in enhancing energy efficiency in the long run.

This product provides you with eye-friendly light, as you will no longer need to worry about glares. There will hardly be any flickers, assuring your baby of better sleep and healthier eyes.

Its impressive design will make you fall in love with this device. Usually, the premium materials used in its construction will reflect elegance and durability.

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5. Best Cute – FuWinet 2 PCS Owl LED Wall Mount Plug in Night Lights with Auto Sensor

cute plug in night light for newborn

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From its unrivaled design to how reliable this product is, you will hardly resist falling in love with it. Its owl design will get the children smitten, and its soft glow will be all they will need to sleep.

This night light comes with a mini light sensor, which ensures that the device goes off or whenever necessary. As soon as dawn sets in, the product goes off, and vice versa.

Besides that, this feature comes in handy in boosting energy efficiency in the long run.

You can barely overlook the versatility provided by this night light. Usually, you will rely on it for both functional and decorative reasons.

You will also find it suitable to install it anywhere in the house, including the living room, the hallway, and the restroom.

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6. Best for Cradles – TecBoss Battery Powered Touchable Night Light for Newborn Babies

rechargeable night light for newborn cradles

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One of the things that make this product is the fun design it embraces. The design is not only a show of elegance but also a perfect way to attract children.

It prides itself on a portable, yet soft touch that children will always appreciate. Thankfully, this construction is BPA-free, assuring your child of safety.

Besides having a high battery capacity, you will fall in love with how adjustable its LED is. Once you touch the top of the night light, the brightness keeps adjusting.

While at it, you will not need to worry about flickers or even glares, as the glow is gentle and friendly to the eyes.

Thanks to its silicone material and robust construction, you will be sure of the product lasting for much longer. This material is relatively light, too, making the device portable.

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7. Best with Remote Control – Lumipets LED Portable Nursery Bear Night Light

adjustable night light with remote control for newborns

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Here is yet another night light whose shape many children will love. It comes in handy for those who prefer cordless night lights.

This night light provides you with unmatched, soothing night light. Its gentle and calming glow makes it ideal for every child.

What is more, this light has neither glare nor flickers, making it friendly to the eyes.

Adjusting the brightness on this night light is relatively straightforward. All you will have to do is tap on the top of the device, and the color temperature shall change.

The product comes with a relatively compact design. Its lightweight nature makes it portable for any child. Further, its soft nature makes it comfortable for the child to handle.

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What to Look for When Buying a Night Light for the Newborn Infant?

There is no denying that choosing the right night light for your child could be a draining process. Unless you understand what to observe, you could end up taking much longer or even getting disappointed.

In this light, we take a look at some of the most critical aspects you should always keep in mind.

#1. Brightness

Nothing could be as integral as the brightness of the night light you choose. While the night light should be relatively bright, the brightness needs to be ideal for night mode.

That means that it needs to be soft and ambient. Remember, too much brightness can result in restlessness instead of peaceful nights.

While at it, adjusting this brightness should be no hassle. Consider products whose brightness can be changed by a simple tap or touch.

Best with Customizable Brightness – Hatch Baby Night Light and Sound Machine

Hatch Baby led night light and sound machine for newborn

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#2. Confirm whether it has a timer

The presence of a timer on your night light will always come in handy. Its role in providing you with convenience is hard to overstate. This timer will ensure that the device goes on or off at predetermined times, whether you are around.

By switching off the device when not in use, you will be sure of enjoying energy efficiency in the long run.

Best with Timer – Lumipets Portable Night Light for Newborns

adjustable night light with remote control for newborns

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#3. Check the color

Did you know that the color of your night light determines how comfortable your child will be? It would be best for you to aim at night lights that produce red or orange colors.

That is because these two are more calming and seem to highlight the need to go to bed. Red color, which experts believe your child saw while in the womb, is likely to be more soothing for any child.

#4. What is the type of light provided?

Most often, you will need to choose between incandescent and LED light. While the former provides you with unmatched brightness, the latter would be a better deal.

LED is not only friendly to the eyes but also more calming. Remember, it will hardly expose you to glare or even flickers at any time.

Best Energy Efficient – Mini Tudou LED Night Light Projector for Newborn Crib

#5. Sensors and thermostats

A night light device with impressive sensors will always come in handy for you. That is because it will automatically go on or off, depending on whether there is light or no.

With such, you will be confident of enjoying unmatched convenience. The sensors could also ensure that the device goes on once you walk into the room, and vice versa.

#6. Cost

You can barely overlook the urgency of the cost when looking for a night light. Usually, you will need something within your budget, and comparison is all you will have to embrace.

Take the time to find out which one will be affordable and easy to maintain. This way, you will hardly have any financial constraints to stress you out.

#7. Is it corded or cordless?

Would you want to have your night light at specific locations? If so, a corded device will be ideal for you. On the other hand, you could consider cordless lamps for enhanced convenience.

Most children will find it much easier to play with these cordless night lights too.

If you consider a corded option, ensure that you confirm the distance between the power source outlet and your child’s bed.



#1. Do newborns need a night light?night light for newborn

The simple answer to this is a resounding yes. From the enhanced comfort provided to calming the baby, having the night light in the nursery is an inescapable necessity.

Even though the child might not fear the darkness, they will need assurance that they are safe. This night light will also come in handy in soothing and lulling the baby to sleep, encouraging healthy sleeping patterns.

#2. What night light color is suitable for children?

The right color for your night light should be red or orange. These colors naturally highlight the need to get ready to bed, thanks to what you see during twilights.

Further, it is the only color that newborns are familiar with, as it is the womb’s color. It will be fair to mention that red, amber, and orange colors hardly interact with melanopsin receptors, meaning that they can scarcely affect your sleep.



The outstanding role of night lights in improving the sleeping patterns and newborn comfort is hard to overstate. These night lights have proven to be not only reliable but also worthy investments.

As long as you have the best night light for newborn, you will have no reason to worry. The insights provided above are not conclusive.

Instead, they provide you with the ultimate headstart to finding the best night light.