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Best Night Light Outlet Cover – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Have you ever given it a thought? Yes, the convenience that comes with having a night light outlet cover is out of this world. While it guarantees you unrivaled safety and flexibility, there is a chance that you do not understand what more value it can offer. Besides, it could be relatively challenging to decide which option works best for you.

Well, worry not, as we take a look at incredible insights into the reviews of the best night light outlet cover and a comprehensive guide.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Night Light Cover?

best night light outlet cover reviews

You can barely overlook the significant impact night light covers will have on your life. Thanks to the technology they boast, these covers assure you of multiple benefits. Some of the advantages you enjoy once you purchase these LED night lights will include the following.

– Unmatched practicality

Most people will always look forward to having a seamless experience when using whichever product they have. Thankfully, using these night light covers has proven to be relatively straightforward, assuring you of convenience.

You will have an easy time swapping between the outlet and the switch cover. As if that is not enough, one can choose a product that blends with their interior décor.

– Unrivaled durability

Nothing assures you of better value for money than the durability of your product.

If you were to choose a reliable night light cover, you would be sure of enhanced longevity and value for your money. Thanks to their robust construction, you will be confident of stability and the ability to withstand various elements.

– Affordability

There is no denying that people will always be conscious of their budgets. Thankfully, night light covers are relatively less costly.

That you will find multiple options at relatively affordable prices is no secret. All you will have to do is to research which option suits your style the most.


Reviews of the 6 Best Night Light Outlet Covers

Understandably, the process of choosing the right night light outlet cover can be exhausting. But you do not have to worry anymore, as here are the best choices you could get in the market.

1. Best Sale – SnapPower White Duplex Outlet with Auto LED Light

duplex outlet with led night light

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You can hardly overlook the traditional style featured by this night light outlet cover. Thanks to its style, you will be confident of easily complementing your interior décor.

This product boasts of relatively robust construction, guaranteeing you the reliability and durability you envision.

As if that is not enough, this night light outlet cover comes with a patented prong design, assuring you of seamless snapping on at any time. This design comes in handy in freeing up outlets, allowing you to keep multiple things plugged in.

Its soft, diffused light bar is a highlight of elegance and class. That it will assure you of a relatively straight pathway of light is no news. It ensures that the light remains relatively friendly to the eyes, as it exposes you to no glare or flickers.

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2. Best with Adjustable Brightness – SanpPower SwitchLight Electrical Outlet Coveres with Nightlight

snap outlet night light

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You can hardly overlook how impressive this night light outlet cover is, thanks to its impeccable design. This product comes with a relatively sleek and compact design, allowing you to access multiple outlets at once.

The robust ABS construction featured by this product makes it stand out. This level of sturdiness plays a significant role in providing you with the durability you desire.

As if that is not enough, the ABS material comes in handy in enhancing safety, especially where children are involved. Things can only be better with the built-in LEDs in this outlet cover.

The lighting provided by this outlet cover is incredible. The soft, diffused light bar ensures that you enjoy a streamlined path of light. This light is friendly to the eyes too.

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3. Best with Sensor – GreenCycle High USB Charger and Wall Plates

wall outlet with built in night light

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If you are looking for a product with a USB charging function, this is the ultimate choice. This night light outlet cover assures you of two outlets, giving you the flexibility you desire.

Its robust construction is worth investing in at any time. Ideally, it highlights enhanced tamper resistance, which is critical for child safety. The tamper resistance receptacles make sure that no foreign object is inserted in the cover.

This product features a smart sensor, which is vital for enhanced power-saving abilities. With this feature, the device will turn on or off automatically, depending on the prevailing light conditions. Further, you have access to a mini-switch that allows you to control the device with much ease.

GreenCycle boasts of multiple outlets, making it easier for you to have various devices at once. These outlets are wide-spaced, and they include USB ports.

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4. Best Plug in – OnSmart Wall Outlet with Built-in Night Light for Hallways and Stairways

outlet covers with built in warm night light

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This excellence highlighted by this product is remarkable. From assuring you of reliability to guaranteeing longevity, this is a product you cannot overlook. Well, it comes with three outlets that are enough for multiple uses.

You will also get smitten by the built-in smart light sensor it has. This sensor ensures that the device turns on or off, depending on the availability of light.

For instance, the night light outlet cover automatically goes on when dusk sets in. As long as you choose the auto mode, you will have no reason to worry.

This product highlights incredible eye protection technology. That means there will be no instances of flickers or glare. Its built-in light diffuse ability helps cushion you against eye irritation, strain, and even fatigue.

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5. Best Rated – Leviton Slim Electrical GFCI LED Wall Guidelight

outlet wall plate night light

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Right from its sleek, elegant design, you will fall in love with this night light outlet cover. Its compact design means that you will fix electrical boxes without too much hassle, and saving space will be much easier.

Its smart sensor technology is all that you need for convenience. This sensor ensures that the device automatically turns on or off, depending on the time of the day.

With this built-in sensor, ambient lighting becomes inevitable. While at it, you will be sure of LED indicators, which provide intuitive highlights on protection and power status.

Further, you will appreciate its built-in receptacles. These features come in handy in assuring you the protection you need, as no foreign element will get into the device.

Moreover, its tamper protection construction means there will be no contact as long as the plug inserted is not two-prong.

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6. Best with USB and Night Light Combo – KPSTEK Outlet Wall Plate Night Light for Home and Office

wall outlet with usb and night light

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If you are looking for a multi-functional outlet cover, this is the one. Thanks to how it eliminates the use of many cables, yet assures you of multiple outlets, you will find it much easier to rely on it at any time. That it will suit any room in the house is no secret.

One exciting aspect of this night light outlet cover is its ABS construction. This shell is fire-resistant, providing you and your children enough safety. This ABS structure plays a significant role in enhancing durability too.

This product features a dusk-to-dawn sensor, giving you unrivaled convenience. Ideally, it ensures that the device automatically goes on or off whenever necessary. This way, you are confident of enough visibility at all times.

Did you know that this product comes with 3 distinct USB ports? With this, you will be free to charge your smartphone without too much hassle. Its built-in surge protector is yet another highlight.

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How to Pick the Ultimate Night Light Outlet Cover?

choose the best night light outlet cover

There is no denying that the process of choosing a night light outlet cover can be relatively challenging. Unless you understand the basic elements your choice should feature, it will be hard to make a logical decision.

Fortunately, we look at some of the most critical aspects highlighting how good a night light outlet cover is. They will include the following.

– Dusk-to-Dawn Sensors

You can barely overlook the significance and urgency of dusk-to-dawn sensors on the convenience you enjoy. Usually, these sensors’ presence means that the device will automatically go on or off, depending on the day’s time.

Nothing could assure you more flexibility and convenience than this, as you will not have to worry about when to switch the device on or off. Further, it will be a perfect way of enhancing energy efficiency.

– Check the construction

Undoubtedly, the longevity of any product will depend on its construction. As long as you choose a relatively sturdy structure, you will be confident about staying with this product for much longer.

For instance, ABS structures tend to last for several years, giving you value for your investment. As if that is not enough, it could play a role in safety too.

– Confirm the design

The design of your outlet cover defines how much space it will take. It will also influence the charm or elegance highlighted in the room.

In most cases, it will be preferable to focus on a device whose design highlights elegance and class. This structure needs to be relatively compact, too, ensuring that the device does not occupy too much space. Instead, it guarantees you access to more outlets.

– Ease of installation and use

No one will want to have a product they barely understand how to use. Usually, a product that assures you of ease of use will be a priority.

Besides easy installation, its control switches need to be readily accessible. This way, you will not have to struggle way too much when in the darkness.

– Check the cost

It is no secret that people will always be conscious of their budgets. It is no exception when buying night light covers. Take the time to understand how much you will spend on the acquisition and even maintaining the device.

Preferably, aim at something that gives you an easier time in the long run. Lower maintenance costs will assure you of fewer headaches, and saving will be inevitable. It is relatively easy to get a night light outlet cover that costs between $10 to $30. Go for those.


What Are the Different Types of Night Light Outlet Covers?

Various types of night light outlet covers are at your disposal, and your choice depends on your needs and budget. Here are the three most common types you could choose.

1. Duplex Outlet with Night Light

You could also refer to them as duplex receptacle covers. Duplex outlets come in different finishes, meaning they will comfortably match your interior décor.

Whether you need a narrow, oversized, or deep outlet cover, you will hardly miss an option. In most cases, these duplex outlets have two sockets, allowing you to plug in no more than two devices. That means you will rely on them if you do not have too many uses.

Best with Duplex Outlet – SnapPower LED Wall Plate and Night Light

2. Switch Wall Plate with Night Light

This type of night light outlet cover is all you could ever desire if you are after convenience. In most cases, it acts as the most suitable replacement for your traditional switch.

Typically, you will have to remove your old switch and replace it with this outlet cover, giving you access to enough room lighting. It is often placed relatively high on the wall – at the standard position of a switch. For this reason, it will be far away from the reach of children.

Best with Modern Switch – SnapPower Switch Plate with Built-in LED Light

3. USB Outlet Extender Box with Night Light

A USB outlet extender is an outlet cover that comes with USB ports. These outlet covers mostly illuminate across the room instead of downwards.

The multiple USB ports provided make it much easier for you to attach various devices and even charge your smartphone. Further, the total number of outlets is often around two to three.

Best with USB Ports – KPSTEK Plug in Outlet with Multi-Functional Charging


Why Do You Need to Buy a Night Light Outlet with Motion Sensors?

Imagine what would happen if your night light outlet went on once you enter the room. Yes, that is what you get from a product with motion sensors. However, the benefits go beyond this.

Here are some of the things you get if you were to choose a night light outlet with motion sensors.

  • Convenience

Motion sensors mean that you will not struggle to switch your device on or off. The night light outlet will detect the presence or absence of motion and adjust accordingly.

For instance, it will go off as soon as you walk out of the room, and vice versa. Nothing could be more convenient than this.

  • Energy Efficiency

Motion sensors often ensure the device automatically goes on or off, depending on whether there are motions within the room. That means they will barely light up if there is no one in the house.

That way, it will be much easier to keep your energy bills in check. Ideally, as long as we have no motion, there will be no reason to waste energy.

  • Security

Intruders will barely be comfortable whenever they enter a room with these devices. That is because, once they come in, the lights automatically go on.

With this, the intruder gets startled, while the owner of the house gets a signal. As long as the lights go on, you will be much easier to deter any intruder.

Best with Motion Sensor – TopGreener 2 Pack Light Switches



In conclusion, there can never be a better way to keep your room lit than with night light outlets. From convenience and flexibility to unrivaled security, these night light outlet covers are a charm to behold. The only catch is to ensure that your choice assures you of value for money.

Thankfully, the insights provided above will make it easier to make logical decisions in the long run. Start the selection process today!