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Best Night Light Projector for Toddlers – Top Lamps for Kids and Babies

  • Does your toddler struggle with falling asleep at night?
  • Or do you have a kid who is afraid of the dark and not comfortable when sleeping alone?

Whatever the case, a quality night light projector can calm the baby to help him or her fall to sleep fast and easily. Not only that, but some fo these projectors include built-in speakers and sound machines that play music to lull a baby to sleep.

Given that nightlight projectors are not created the same, you might end up purchasing a low-quality baby soother, which might as well result in you failing to get the best value for money.

To safeguard you from that, we shall introduce you to the best night light projector for toddlers.

Is a Night Light Projector Good for Children?

Yes, a nightlight projector is good for use with toddlers.

There are several benefits why getting a nightlight for use in a toddler’s room is worth it, but still, you won’t miss a few reasons why you should be cautious when using a nightlight projector.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Nightlight Projector for Kids?

Here are the reasons a night light is good for use by toddlers.

1. Ease the fear of the dark

A nightlight projector can cast images on the walls and ceilings to help ease your kid’s fear of the dark. Thus, you can expect it to help kids fall to sleep faster and more easily.

2. Help toddlers with toilet trips

Although your toddler might have mastered the way to the toilet, note that accidents are likely to happen in the dark, and you do not want to have him or her bang into furniture or other objects.

Thus, using a nightlight in a toddler’s room can illuminate their path for a safe trip to the bathroom.

3. Perfect learning aids

Still, night light projectors can cast images and colored lights. This helps to develop your kid’s senses to help them learn different images and colors. Plus, the best nightlights incorporate sound machines that lull kids to sleep.


Reviews of the 10 Best Night Light Projectors for Toddlers and Babies

#1. Best Toy – Bubzi Co White Noise Sound Machine and Nightlight Projector for Kids

Do you want to nurture healthy sleeping habits in your toddler? If this is the case, you can easily do so once you integrate the Bubzi Co Baby Toys nightlight in their bedroom.

This light is housed in a soft and cuddly toy owl so that kids can cuddle with it.

toy owl night light projector with ambient light

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  • Customizable sound and volume

This nightlight features settings that are easy to customize. You can turn the lights on or off without interfering with the music. Thus, you can use the machine as a soft nightlight or music player, depending on your needs.

Furthermore, the sound machine offers five distinct volume settings so that you can adjust it to suit any environment.

  • Mesmerizing Star Projection

To comfort your baby at night, this machine projects beautiful and comforting stars on the wall and ceiling. As a result, the starry night sky can help babies fall to sleep faster.

Plus, the nightlight features a light bulb button so that you can turn the star projection on and off easily.

  • Calming lullabies

Besides the starry sky projection, the nightlight delivers calming lullabies. It provides ten relaxing songs, a gentle bird song, and a mama’s heartbeat to lull babies to sleep.

Better, it offers a 30-minutes auto-off function. Thus, the music can automatically turn off after 30 minutes without the need for you to turn it off.

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#2. Best for Newborn Baby – Fisher-Price Night Light Projection and Soother for Nursery

The Fisher-Price Projector is one of the best nightlight projectors when you need your baby to sleep faster and longer. It is specially designed so that it can cast 30 minutes sequence of lights and soothing sounds.

The sounds grow softer as the 30 minutes end, eventually transitioning to white noise to help your little one sleep faster.

Fisher Price animal theme projector lights

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  • Sleep expert approved

The Fisher-price is approved by experts to provide soothing sounds and a night light that will help kids sleep fast and soundly. Its 30-minutes of soothing sounds are an ideal addition for helping kids sleep faster and longer.

  • Customizable settings

Also, the nightlight incorporates 25 minutes of music or sounds. The soothing music and nature sounds can lull a kid to sleep to help little ones sleep better.

Plus, the nightlight includes a volume button control for easy customization of the sound level.

  • Kid-activated button

Designed to accommodate most kid’s desires, the projection soother can fit most cribs and transition to the tabletop. Plus, the projector integrates a kid-activated button so that a toddler can self-soothe.

  • 9 Sensory Discoveries

The Fisher-Price soother is one of the best options when you want to engage your baby’s senses of sight and hearing.

It has color-changing lights, animal pals, while it produces soothing music that will comfort your little ones and provide them with a sense of security.

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#3. Best with APP Control – Fisher-Price Deluxe Soother with 3 Lighting Options

If you need a good-looking nightlight projector that will match modern decors, it is one of the best choices.

It features a sophisticated modern design that matches with most nurseries and bedrooms. The nightlight projector is a plug-in model, which means that you will never be required to get batteries to power it.

Fisher Price night light projector with smart app connection

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  • Easy to operate

The nightlight features an easy-to-use control panel. The panel integrates backlit button controls for better visibility at night. Also, it has an auto-off timer. This means that you must not be physically present when you want to turn the lights and music off.

  • Smart device compatible

Also, the Smart Connect Deluxe Soother is compatible with smart devices. It pairs with a Smart Connect app on your smart device.

Using the device, you can adjust the music and lighting effects from any location in the house without disturbing your baby.

  • Variety of soothing features

To soothe and lull your baby to sleep, this nightlight projector offers a variety of soothing features.

It has three sound options and three lighting options. The sound options comprise nature sounds, relaxing music, and white noise, each with full volume control.

On the other hand, the lighting options include soft amber animal projection, soft amber night light, and starlight projection.

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#4. Best Sale – Moredig Childrens’ Night Light Projector with Timer and Remote

Instill healthy toddler sleeping habits with the help of the Moredig Night Light Projector. It is suitable for use by toddlers who struggle with bedtime, thanks to its ability to soothe and calm your little ones.

The nightlight delivers four LED light colors with eight modes. These lights can be accompanied by soft music and projected images to soothe your baby to sleep.

remote control night light projector with timer and remote for toddlers

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  • Projection Films

The night light projector comes with two projection films. You could opt to use a starry sky film that projects stars, moons, astronauts and other sky images on the walls and ceiling.

Besides, you could choose to use the animal world film that casts jungle animals. During the projection, the nightlight rotates the animal world images up to 360° while it delivers a starry sky projection with eight color modes.

  • Built-in Music

Additionally, the projector features 12 built-in soft kinds of music. The music lulls the baby to sleep while it also helps to develop the senses of sound.

You can control the volume of the music, thanks to the adjustable volume controls.

  • Timer Function

To save energy, this nightlight offers a timer function. The timer is designed in such a way that you can leave the music and nightlight on from 5 minutes to 500 minutes.

Thus, you can customize the amount of time that these features will remain on and expect it to turn off automatically when the time ends.

  • Remote Control Ready

The Moredig Night Light Projector is remote control compatible. Using the remote, you can alter the music, color of the light, song setting, adjust the volume, and the rotation of the casted images.

Moreover, the remote allows you to turn the baby projector on or off without the need for getting out of the bed.

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#5. Best with Rotating Star – KISTAR Tabletop Nightlight Projector with Adjustable Colors and Brightness

Are you reading this review aiming to locate the best nightlight projector that will be an excellent gift idea? If so, I would recommend the Kistra Star Projector.

It casts a light that is 100% safe for the eyes while it features a versatile design that makes it an ideal choice for a table lamp or nightlight.

rotating starry night light projector for nursery

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  • Soft, warm light

The nightlight casts a light that is safe on the eyes. It casts a soft, warm light that makes it an ideal choice for midnight feeding sessions.

Better still, the white LED light is suitable for use by preschoolers when learning or when they need to do their assignments.

  • Versatile lighting option

Another benefit of this nightlight is the ability to act as a versatile lighting option. When you cover the lampshade, you can use it as a table lamp suitable for use by toddlers while drawing or reading.

And once it is time for sleep, toddlers can carry it along as a nightlight to eliminate the fear of the dark. You can also use it for work after your little one falls to sleep.

  • 3 brightness and color modes

This nightlight provides a customizable light. It offers three brightness modes, including 100%, 50%, and 10%.

More so, the light offers three color modes comprising white color, soft, warm color, and blue color, all of which are adjustable using buttons A and B.

  • Six sets of projection films

Something else that makes this light a great buy is its six sets of projection films.

These films comprise Unicorn, Happy Birthday, Zodiac, Sea World, Meteor, and Dinosaur, which enables the projector to cast a variety of entertaining images on the ceiling and walls.

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#6. Best with Changing Colors – Cloud B Night Light Starry Projector for Bedroom

Ease your kid’s fear of the dark using the Cloud B Night Light Star Projector. This nightlight doubles to act like a toy, thanks to the turtle, plush toy structure.

The turtle’s shell can illuminate a light that allows kids to fall asleep, while it casts starry stars that help kids to fall asleep.

toddler night light projector with changing colors

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  • Long-lasting LEDs

The nightlight features LED bulbs that last for a long time to eliminate the frequent need for replacing.

Better still, the LEDs can stay cool after hours of use to assure you of having acquired a nightlight that is safe to use.

  • Three Colors

This light can deliver three soothing colors. The colors comprise green, blue, and amber.

This means that you can customize the lighting to suit your baby’s mood and activate his/her senses of identifying the colors.

  • Starry Night Sky Projection

The nightlight can project starry stars on the wall and ceilings. The starry sky offers 8 Constellations for easy customization of the lighting.

Plus, the night light projector has an auto shut off feature. Its 45-minute timer enables it to turn the lights off automatically to save the energy after the kid falls asleep.

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#7. Best with Lullabies – Babyfeel Portable Night Light Projector and Sleep Soother

The SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother is one of the best options when you want to make your baby’s bedtime routine worth it. It features soft-touch buttons for effortless control of the projection and lights.

Moreover, the sleep soother projects images on the walls and ceiling while it provides calming sounds to help kids sleep better.

kawai childrens night light projector with music and white noise

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  • 10 relaxing lullabies

The sleep soother delivers ten relaxing lullabies. These comprise mama’s heartbeat, nature sounds, white noise, and melodies to lull little ones to sleep.

You can play these sounds in a sequence or a repeat mode depending on the mood of the baby. Plus, you can set them to turn off after 3 minutes to save power when the baby falls to sleep.

Sleek design sleeping aid

For a sleeping aid that will match traditional and modern décor styles, this is an excellent choice. It features a sleek design so that it can complement any nursery décor.

Plus, the nightlight provides colorful stars that add color to a little kid’s nursery to help them fall to sleep in no time.

  • Kid’s friendly

Designed for use by toddlers, the SleepyMe is made of BPA-free material to guarantee the safety of kids. Better, this nightlight is portable and cordless so that little hands can carry it easily.

The touch buttons are suitable when used by tiny hands, while the nightlight doesn’t feature sharp edges likely to harm your little one.

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#8. Best Battery Powered – Elmchee Universe Night Light Projector for Children

An excellent way that will help your little ones develop healthy sleeping habits lies in using the Elmcheehe Night Light. It is a globe nightlight designed to cast starry sky images on the walls and ceiling.

The night light is multi-functional, where you can use it as a nightlight when the shade is on or remove the shade to use it as a nightlight.

kids night light projector with universe films

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  • Two power options

This nightlight offers two ways by which you could power it up. You can use a USB and power it using a USB port from a laptop or other USB devices. Besides, you could opt to use three AA batteries, which come alongside the nightlight.

  • 6 lighting effects

Besides that, the nightlight delivers six lighting effects. It can cast a white, yellow, blue, combination, sequential, or slow fade lighting effect.

To set up the color, you could press button A or press the button twice to six times to change light effects.

  • Two functional buttons

This nightlight includes two buttons. The first button can provide up to six lighting modes after pressing it.

The second button provides three degrees of brightness comprising 5%, 50%, and 100%. Plus, you could press this button for a longer time to have the light rotate.

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#9. Best for Girls – MingKids 2 in 1 Desktop and Hanging Night Light Projector

The MingKids is an ideal nightlight for use by kids aged 2-9. This light is suitable for use in a kid’s bedroom and anywhere else where you would love to project starry sky images or sea animals.

Since the light is designed like a hanging light, you could choose to use it in the bedroom or get it as a camping light.

MingKids hanging night light projector

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  • 360° rotating adjustable light

The nightlight incorporates an adjustable base. You can rotate the base quietly when you want to create a colorful space. Plus, the night light provides eight different lighting effects.

As a result, it can cast red, blue, green-yellow, slow fade, sequential, or combination light on the wall.

  • 4 projection films

What’s more, the nightlight incorporates four projection films. The films allow the nightlight to cast various themes on the walls and ceiling.

The projector could cast images relating to the solar system, the undersea world, starry stars, or Carousel, all in bright and vibrant colors.

  • Easy-to-use control buttons

The nightlight integrates three buttons on the front side. Using them, you could power it on or off, change the color of the lights, alter the lighting mode, or change the light rotation.

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#10. Best with Disney Theme – Cheap Projectables Frozen LED Night Light Projectors

Delight your toddler’s senses by incorporating the Projectables Frozen LED night light. This light can cast the Frozen 2 characters’ images on the walls and ceiling to entertain your baby.

The nightlight is a plug-in model that takes up one outlet leaving the other one empty and free to use.

Frozen led night light projector for Disney fans

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  • Projects six images

The Projectables night light can project up to six images. Using it, you can bring your Disney Frozen 2 characters into life, so that you can have Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven guide your way and lull your kid to sleep.

  • Safe lighting source

Besides that, this night light provides a soft and ambient light. Thus, it doesn’t cause harm to the eyes, making it an ideal choice for use by kids. Additionally, the light is UL-listed and cool to the touch to guarantee safety.

  • Energy-efficient LEDs

The Projectables night light integrates energy-efficient LEDs. The light adopts a light-sensing technology. As a result, its LEDs can turn on at dusk and off at dawn, thus an energy-saving lighting solution.

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What to Look for in Buying the Right Child Use Night Light Projector?

1. Size

The first feature to consider when you want to purchase a nightlight projector that is suitable for use by kids is the size.

A nightlight that is suitable for use by kids should be small and lightweight so that toddlers can carry it easily.

However, such a light must not have small pieces that kids can remove easily, given that they could put such pieces into their mouths.

Also, look for a night light projector that includes larger buttons, and such buttons should be easy to press so that kids can use them conveniently.

Best Compact – Bubzi Night Light Projector Toy for Toddlers

toy owl night light projector with ambient light

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2. Power source

A good night light projector should offer at least two methods by which you can charge them. For instance, you can opt for a nightlight that allows you to plug it into a wall outlet and one that comes with a rechargeable battery.

That way, you can rest assured to have a reliable night light projector whether you will be using it indoors or outdoors.

Plus, if you select a nightlight that comes with a rechargeable battery, make sure to get a battery that lasts for long to reduce the chances of charging it frequently.

3. Built-in timer

The best night light projector should include a timer. After all, there is no need to have it on for the whole night after your kid falls to sleep.

To avoid that, opt for a light that incorporates a timer so that the light and music can stay on until the baby falls asleep to save the energy.

Best with Timer – Moredig Night Light Projector with 8 Colorful Lights

remote control night light projector with timer and remote for toddlers

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4. Adjustable brightness and volume

Also, opt for a night light projector that provides room for adjusting the brightness of the light. Moreover, look for a model that allows you to raise or lower the volume of the sounds.

That way, you can rest assured to have a nightlight projector that is easy to customize depending on the mood of your toddlers.

Best with Adjustable Brightness and Volume – Babyfeel Smart Sleep Soother for Baby and Toddler

kawai childrens night light projector with music and white noise

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5. Type of light bulb

Night light projectors can have incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs. While incandescent bulbs are a cheaper option, I would recommend that you get a night light that uses LED bulbs, more importantly, when you are purchasing it for use in a toddler’s room. The reason is that LED bulbs last longer while they remain cool to the touch so that they are safe for use kids.

6. Materials

We can’t fail to think about the materials the night light is made using when you are looking for a night light projector that is suitable for use by kids. Look for a projector that is durable and well designed so that it can resist breakage should your kid drop it. Also, a night light projector that is free of BPA, lead, phthalates, latex, and other harmful chemicals is worth purchasing for the safety of your kids.

7. Ease of operation

In this case, I would recommend a night light that is operable using a remote control or one that pairs to smart devices to allow you to operate it remotely.

So, avoid a night light projector that does not allow you to control it remotely since you could end up disrupting your kid and causing him or her to wake up.

Otherwise, you could opt for a night light projector with an auto-off timer to eliminate the need for being there physically when you need to switch it off.

8. Rotating vs. Still displays

Nightlight projectors are of two types. You could have a model that moves the images across the room or a projector that displays the images to a specific area.

Choosing either of the toddler nightlight projectors depends on your preference and budget. But if you can afford, a nightlight that rotates images is a better choice since it triggers the sight senses while entertaining kids.

Best with Rotating Star – Elmchee Compact Universe Night Light Projector for Kids

kids night light projector with universe films

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#1. Do Night Light Projectors Help Kids Sleep?

Yes, nightlight projectors can put kids to sleep.

Think about it; kids who are afraid of the dark can spend hours trying to sleep, and worse, if a kid wakes up during the night, they might find it even more challenging to sleep, requiring you to calm them so that they can sleep.

With a night light projector, your kids can remain at ease, more importantly, when they are in a new environment.

Thus, it is best to get a nightlight that projects images on the walls and ceiling to calm the baby to sleep. Plus, you could get a projector that includes a sound machine since its sounds can lull your toddlers and babies to sleep.

#2. Is It Possible to Get My Newborn to Sleep Longer at Night by Using a Night Light Projector?

Not really. While nightlights play a role in easing your kid’s fear of the dark, they cannot allow your kids to sleep longer.

However, they could be useful for kids who fail to get enough sleep as a result of the fear of the dark.

Therefore, if your kid is failing to sleep adequately as a result of the fear, you could opt to use a projector nightlight to ease their fear and have them sleep longer.



A nightlight projector is a must-have when you want to calm your baby and remain sane during the night. It can ease your kid’s fear of the dark to eliminate the need for responding to the woes and cries when your little one gets scared.

Therefore, buy either of the reviewed night light projectors for your toddlers to create a peaceful night that will favor you and your little one.