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Best Night Light with Timer for Energy Saving – Top Picks in 2022

A nightlight is a must-have accessory when you want to wake up refreshed in the morning. It is more important for use in kids’ rooms to help them relax and provide them with comfort if they wake up in the middle of the night. However, as an adult, you do not want to disturb your little one when he/she falls asleep, the reason I would recommend purchasing the best night light with timer.

Such a nightlight stays on for a scheduled amount of time and goes off after the set time depletes. Therefore, you do not have to disturb your little one while going to turn them off.

Since different nightlights are created differently, settling for the perfect nightlight with a timer is not an easy task. To help you out, listed below are the best nightlights with timers.


Benefits of buying the best nightlight with timer settings

best night light with timer reviews

So, you might be wondering why spending the extra amount of money is worth it, while you could save some cash if you opted for a nightlight without a timer. To help you out, here are some of the reasons a nightlight with a timer is worth the extra cash.

1. Cheaper to run than nightlights without timers or ceiling lights

A nightlight is cheaper to run than a ceiling light. Nightlights are more energy-efficient, which means that you must not worry about them resulting in a high energy bill.

A nightlight with a timer is even more energy-saving since it stays in operation as long as it is scheduled. Thus, such nightlights shut off automatically after the scheduled time to protect them from staying on all night.

2. Easy to operate

Unlike nightlights that do not have timers, a nightlight with a timer is easy to operate. It requires that you set the timer so that it can remain on for the set amount of time.

After the depletion of the set amount of time, the nightlight goes off without your intervention. Thus, this makes nightlights with timers one of the best sources of illumination that is easy to operate.

3. Help babies sleep better and without distraction

Come to think about it, a nightlight with a timer is one of the best solutions when you want to ease the kid’s fear of the dark. They can cast a soft illumination that doesn’t disrupt sleep.

Better still, nightlights with timers eliminate the need for you to walk into your kid’s room to switch them off after the baby sleeps. This means that besides creating a relaxed area where kids can sleep, it can minimize the amount of distraction that ought to wake kids.


Reviews of the 5 best night lights with timer

1. Best selling – VAVA Home Night Light with Timer and Changing Colors

From Vava is a safe and durable night light best suited for anyone who needs a nightlight with a timer for traveling. It is compact so that it can fit easily into a diaper bag for traveling.

Moreover, it is lightweight for kids to take it along comfortably. The lamp has a small LED indicator that makes it easy to locate while in the standby mode.


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  • Safe for babies

The VA-CL009 Night Light is an ideal choice for use by babies. It is made of ABS and PC. These are toy-grade materials, which means that the lamp is 100% safe for babies to play with.

Additionally, the lamp integrates a non-slip base that makes it safe to use from different surfaces.

  • Easy to operate

What’s more, this nightlight is easy to operate. It has a smooth touch control. You can touch the control once to set your favorite color or double-tap it to enter into the standby mode.

Still, you can use a long touch to dim the light for a gentle illumination suitable for late-night feeding.

  • Color-changing LEDs

This nightlight incorporates an RGB mode of illumination. It casts eight velvety colors to let you choose a light color that matches the décor or mood. You can touch the smooth touch control once to fix your favorite color.

And because of the memory function, the nightlight can resume to the last setting to eliminate the need for resetting the color and brightness after switching it on.

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2. Best battery powered – Hatch Rest smart nightlight and sound machine combo

This is a versatile nightlight. You can get it when looking for a white noise soother, a kids’ alarm clock, a nightlight, an audio monitor, or a toddler sleep trainer.

The nightlight is suitable for traveling, thanks to the battery power source that doubles as a backup for power outages. Also, it is compact and lightweight, thus a portable nightlight with a timer.

smart night table lamp with timer

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  • 2-way audio monitor

This nightlight integrates a 2-way audio monitor. Using it, you can check on your little one without being present physically. The audio monitor allows you to talk and listen to the baby from another room.

It does this after connecting to your phone so that audio communications can’t leave your home for user privacy.

  • LED clock

What’s more, this nightlight has an LED clock. The clock adopts automatic updates to eliminate the need for resetting the time changes. Also, the clock’s brightness is adjustable, but you can also turn it off completely to suit your needs.

  • Alexa-enabled

The Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine is Alexa enabled. You can connect it to the Wi-Fi and control it from anywhere, even when you are not at home.

Using Alexa, you can customize the light color and brightness as well as the sounds and volume without the need to lift a finger.

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3. Best projection – Moredig night light projector with rotating stars

If you need a nightlight that combines a projector, the Moredig Night Light Projector is one of the best choices. Five of its functions can be controlled on the projector lamp for easy operation.

The nightlight has 12 well-selected light tunes that lull the baby to sleep. It can cast four LED light colors with eight modes. Equipped with a timer, you can customize the time the LED and projector remain on from 5 minutes to 500 minutes.

timer rotating projection light

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  • Projection function

The Moredig Night Light has a projection function. It can enhance your baby’s perception of three dimensions, depth, and height. The nightlight comes with two projection films; a starry sky projection film and an animal world projection film.

While using the star projection film, it casts stars, UFO, moons, rockets, radar, and astronauts to the ceiling and wall so that you can bring the universe at home. With the animal world projection film, the projector displays images of lions, zebras, grass, fox, rabbits, and elephants to entertain and train the little ones.

  • Built-in music

Besides the projection function, this nightlight incorporates twelve soft tunes. The music can soothe toddlers and stimulate the baby’s developing sound senses.

You can set the night light to play a single tune or play sequentially. Also, you can adjust the volume of the tunes via the volume up and volume down buttons.

  • Remote control function

Easy to operate, the nightlight projector comes with a remote control. The remote can control the rotation of the projected images, adjust the volume of the music, customize the functions of the timer, switch through the colorful light modes, and adjust the settings of the songs.

And, since the distance is not an issue when using the remote, you can adjust the functions of the nightlight without getting close to it.

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4. Best plug in – Techbee compact remote controlled night light with timer settings

If you are on the market for a plug-in nightlight, the Techbee Night Light is one of the best choices. Its light output is rated at 10 lumens. The nightlight has an on/off button for easy on and off.

It features a compact size so that the second outlet can remain free to let you plug in other devices. Also, it has a fireproof-housing for user safety.

plug in night light with timer

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  • Durable construction

The Techbee Night Light is constructed of high-quality V0-rated polycarbonate. This material is fireproof for safety and durable for long-lasting performance. The nightlight contains seven LEDs. These bulbs can last for long and cast a calm warm white light.

  • Remote controllable

Also, the nightlight comes with a handy remote control. The infrared remote control has a range of up to 23feet to let you control the nightlight from different positions in the room. You can use the remote to turn the light on or off. Also, you can use it to adjust the brightness or set the sleep timer.

  • Adjustable brightness

The Techbee Night Light can suit a variety of needs. It has a 10-level dimmer to let you set the right amount of brightness, whether you are feeding your baby, changing diapers, or walking to the bathroom at night.

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5. Best for kids – LumiPets animal silicone nightlight with touch sensor

Support your little one throughout the night using the LumiPets Baby Night Light. It is a cute animal silicone nightlight, best suited for use by kids afraid of the dark.

The nightlight features a soft and cuddly design so that children can benefit from safety and comfort at night. It has a built-in battery that recharges using a USB cable.

portable color changing night light with timer

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  • Portable nightlight

If you need a portable nightlight, the LumiPets Baby Night Light is one of the best choices. It is cordless and designed to obtain its power from a battery for on-the-go convenience. The nightlight features a perfect handheld size that makes it easy to carry.

  • Easy to operate

Additionally, this nightlight is easy to operate. It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the timer, light color, and brightness of the light. Moreover, the nightlight has a touch control that allows you to switch it on and alternate between the glowing colors.

  • Safe to use

The LumiPets Nightlight is safe for kids. It can cast a gentle and calming glow that is safe for the eyes. Additionally, the soft colors make it suitable for use in toddlers’ bedrooms and nurseries.

The nightlight is made using a non-toxic and washable silicone material for the safety of the baby. Its material is free of latex, phthalates, BPA, and lead.

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How to Choose the Best Night Light with Timer?

best buy night light with timer

1. Level of brightness

The brightness is a crucial factor when you need the best nightlight with a timer. After all, the purpose of a nightlight is to illuminate the bedroom with a soft ambient light to help you sleep comfortably. That said,it is recommend that you buy a nightlight that offers an adjustable level of brightness.

The reason I state this is that an illumination that is too bright for me could be too dim for you. Still, such a nightlight lets you obtain bright illumination while walking around and dim illumination when you want to check up on your little one.

2. Construction materials

Second, consider the construction materials. The best nightlight with a timer must be made of durable and safe materials. This is even more important if you are getting the nightlight for use by babies.

With this in mind, ensure that the materials are free of latex, lead, phthalates, and BPA. Also, opt for a nightlight that features soft and squishy materials if you are getting it for use by the baby.

Avoid products with sharp edges or ones that feature parts that are likely to break.

3. Ease of operation

A nightlight that features a timer should be easy to operate. After all, you do not want to spend hours trying to set or reset the timer.

Therefore, opt for a nightlight that comes with a handheld remote, and such a remote should be easy to operate. Also, opt for a remote that works from a long-range to let you operate the nightlight from any location in the room.

4. Design and aesthetics

Besides reliable operation, you will need a nightlight that enhances the overall appearance of the room.

There are lots of styles to pick from while purchasing a nightlight with a timer, including contemporary, whimsical, modern, artistic, and traditional. Therefore, look out for a nightlight that suits your décor and lighting needs.

5. Type of the bulb

Also, look into the bulb types of the nightlights. Nightlights use a variety of bulbs, including halogen, LEDs, CFL, and incandescent bulbs. Although LEDs are quite expensive to purchase while compared to the other types, I would recommend them for the best nightlight with a timer.

LED bulbs are more energy-efficient, which means that they are cheaper to run in the long run. Better still, LEDs last longer than these other bulb types to reduce the need for replacement. LEDs stay cool to the touch, thus an excellent option for use in homes with kids and pets.

6. Power requirements

Most nightlights with timers derive their power from batteries. As a result, a nightlight with a timer is an excellent option for a portable nightlight.

  • However, how long do the batteries last?
  • Plus, are the batteries rechargeable?

These are some of the questions you need to answer while buying a nightlight with a timer. Opt for a nightlight with batteries that last for a long time or ones that come with rechargeable batteries.

7. Portability

Finally, consider how portable the nightlight is. After all, most nightlights with timers are battery-operated, therefore the best choice for a portable nightlight.

With this in mind, look into the size and weight of the nightlight. If you want a nightlight for use at home, in outdoor setups, or away from home, ensure that it is manageable in size and weight for effortless use.



A nightlight with a timer can create a peaceful sleeping environment that will help kids sleep comfortably at night. With such a nightlight, you do not have to check if the baby is asleep, given that the light goes off automatically after a set amount of time.

Therefore, buy either of the reviewed products for illumination that will provide a sense of comfort and safety as you drift into the dreamland.