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Best Night Lights for Nighttime Tasks & Movement in 2022

Night times differ markedly from the daytimes with regards to the level of illumination available. The day times mostly experience sufficiently high levels of illumination that subsequently demand limited intervention with regards to the intensity of the brightness of the light you have to supply.

You hence have to choose and make use of special kinds of lighting apparatus for the job. This calls for some guidance along the way.

We prepare and showcase what you may need to know about the best night lights in the discussions that follow hereunder. How about taking the time to scour deeper and know more?

Why Do You Need to Buy a Night Light?

best night light reviews

Several benefits accrue from the use of these best night lights. These are:

– Added Security

When used outdoors, these lighting apparatus serve to add some security to the areas. That way, they go a long way in deterring robbers and others would trespassers.

It hence goes that you shall make your home less likely to be robbed by choosing to implement the night lights.

– Compact and Easier to Handle

Compared to other lighting apparatus, the night light is smaller and subsequently takes limited space to install. On the same breadth, the lamp also enables easier handling and engagement.

Thus, it is a great addition to any room without necessarily inflicting the risks that come along.

– Utmost Comfort

This light delivers the utmost comfort when handled and engaged. It is particularly great at deterring the children from sleepwalking or getting excessively afraid when in the dark.

Moreover, they may also bear the shapes of the most favorite items that children cherish and hence serve to keep them cool.

– Delivers Maximum Safety

Other than the comfort we have already peeked into above, this lighting apparatus also delivers maximum safety.

It prevents you or the occupants of your room from tripping when they happen to walk at night in the middle of their sleep. That also minimizes the likelihood of injuries from arising.

– Effective Eye Protection

Perhaps no other gadgets serve to protect the eyes from possible damages than the night lights. Their light outputs are gentler, safer, and dimmer to the eyes.

They are unlikely to spoil the eyes as their brighter and warmer counterparts ordinarily do. Thus, they serve to protect the eyes considerably well.

– Décor and Aesthetics

Apart from the core business of helping you to see clearly and safely at night, the night lights also serve the tasks of imbuing your interiors with the associated décor and aesthetics.

You may as a matter of fact position them strategically to leverage this awesome end for yourself.


Reviews of the 8 Best Night Lights

We now get to the reviews of the best night lights as of the year 2020:

#1: Best Rated – VAVA Compact Tabletop Night Light for Feeding Baby

As its designation implies, this is pretty suited for small children. It is hence great for the roles of breastfeeding, child care, and the facilitation of the sleep-wake cycles of the small children.

best night light for feeding baby


  • Pretty cool and safe for your baby
  • Controls easily by use of the fun touch
  • Charges conveniently by means of a specially designed base
  • It is battery powered and thus can be used for outdoor travel


  • Takes time to charging before use

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  • Night Light Mode

Its night light mode stands out as the premier trait of the item. This one activates when the ambient illumination dips below a set threshold. It makes this transition automatically and independently of your own input.

  • 1-hour Timer

A one-hour timer comes in next. As you may have already guessed, the role of the timer is to aid with the setting of the operations of the gadget. The timer thus relieves you of the need to expend too much of your input and attention.

  • SOS Mode

Rounding it all up is the SOS mode. You activate this one by pressing the power button four times in a row. The mode serves to conserve your power while at the same time enabling you to accrue maximum lighting benefits.

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#2: Best Plug in – GE Ultrabrite LED Light Bar with Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Living Room and Bathroom

Want to accrue some extreme brightness when in the dark? Choose to work with none other than this set of lighting apparatus. Its light output stands at the amazing 100 lumens and is hence able to play that role well.

baby night light plug in


  • Provides truly bright light output
  • Automated and demanding of limited input on your part
  • Comes about in a compact size


  • Needs to be plugged into sockets

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  • 100 Lumens of Light

Standing out among the many benefits that the gadget has the potential to produce is the 100 lumens light output. This one is pretty bright and truly capable of impacting your interiors with sufficient illumination.

  • Auto/On/Off Switch

Its switch, unlike those of the ordinary lighting apparatus, is automated. As such, it does not demand that you pay too much attention or put too much effort to operationalize it as is the norm always.

  • Long-Life LED

Crowning it all up is the long-life LED lighting bulb. The LED technology takes too long to burn out and is hence quite convenient to make use of in the long run.

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#3: Best with Changing Colors – ZEEFO Touch LED Table Night Lamp with Dimmable Light for Nursery

Love colors? Choose and make good use of this set of best night lights. It has the ability to emit a whopping 7 color options for you to choose and work with. That is over and above being useful in many areas or portions of the home.

best night light for sleeping


  • Pretty attracting and able to imbue some décor to you
  • Generates some warmth to keep you better comfortable
  • Operable simply by use of the easy-to-control touch buttons


  • Some customers may not want a multi color night light

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  • Ultra-Long Standby Time

Of all the lamps, we have under our consideration, this touch control night light has the longest standby time. This comes to around 72 hours without necessarily needing a recharge or the replenishment of the batteries.

  • Touch-sensitive Dimming

In the course of making good use of the item, you will also enjoy the benefit of touch-sensitive dimming. That simply means you touching it and having to control the degree of the brightness that the light emits.

  • Eye-friendly Night Light

Its light output is truly friendly to the eyes. Hardly does it imperil your eyes to the risks of excessive glares and brightness that may damage the pupil in the course of seeing your images.

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#4: Best with Timer – GRDE Ocean Wave Night Light Projector with Speaker for Sound

Wanting to project the light output to a wider area? You have none but this item to set your eyes on. It does have the distinctive capability of scattering the rays of the light to a wider area or angle.

musical night light for toddlers with timer


  • Adjusts its angles appropriately
  • May be used on festive occasions
  • Negates the need for too much attention from you


  • Only ocean wave mode

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  • Remote Control & Touch Senor

Of all the lamps we have around, this is the most convenient to operate thanks to the existence of the remote control and the touch sensor. They even allow for controls from a remote location conveniently.

  • 12 LED & 8 Lighting Mode

Its core comprises a set of 12 LED lighting bulbs and some 8 lighting modes respectively. They jointly confer to you the convenience and the peace of mind you need to enjoy your wholesome lighting outcomes.

  • 6 Natural Sounds & Built-in speaker

Closing it all are six natural sounds together with a built-in speaker. They serve to imbue some sounds to the interiors of the rooms wherein the lighting apparatus is fixed for the enhanced comfort of the targeted occupants.

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#5: Best Sale – Hatch Baby 3 in 1 Sound Machine, Sleeping Night Light and Time-to-Rise Alert

Looking to rest and comfort your baby? Look to no other set of lighting apparatus than this one if you answered this question in the affirmative. That stems from its ability to lull your child thanks to the sweet flowing sound output.

best nursery night light


  • Promotes better sleep for your child
  • Generates some smooth and sweet sounds
  • Grows with your child from scratch onwards


  • A little pricier than the others in this list

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  • Multi-functional Lighting Apparatus

This in a nutshell is a set of multifunctional lighting apparatus in that it can handle and tackle numerous lighting and allied tasks. Count it great and awesome for your wholesome lighting needs and ends.

  • Programmable Gadget

Then it confers the added benefit of being programmable. This simply gives you the leeway to feed it with instructions on what to do when. The end result of this all is that it is quite convenient for your course.

  • Highly-adjustable and Versatile

All its parts are exceptionally adjustable. This combines with the versatile nature of the apparatus to make the same literally ‘grow’ with your child from scratch through to the toddler stage.

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#6: Best Battery Powered – Droiee Portable Night Lamp with Soft Light for Hallway and Travel

Have a nursery to take care of and facilitate? Your best bet lies in this specific set of best night lights apparatus. Its formulation, sheer size, and overall makeup are all geared for the attainment of that end.

best night light for newborn


  • Saves a great deal of energy from you
  • Backed by a premium brand or guarantee
  • Serves as a great gift item


  • Small in size

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  • Smooth Soft Brightness

Its light output stands apart from the rest in the sense of the smooth soft brightness output. That makes the same easier and gentler for your eyes than those existing alternatives.

  • Easy on/off Controls

To manage and operate it, you will make do with some easy on/off controls. These are pretty convenient to operationalize and will not impose too much of a hassle to you at all.

  • Multipurpose Night Light

This apparatus is able to serve you in so many ways and so many places. You may for instance use it in the restroom, bedroom, kitchen and the hallways to name but a few!

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#7: Best Smart – Fisher-Price Deluxe Sound Soother and Star Night Light Projector for Bedroom

Want to add some décor and aesthetics to your rooms? Choose to work with this specific lighting apparatus. Its make and outward appearance are both deluxe and elegant to behold with the natural eyes.

best nightlight for feeding baby


  • Operable simply via a secure control panel
  • Vouches for better visibility throughout the night
  • Requires no batteries to operate


  • Still display

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  • 3 Lighting Options

Its most notable trait is the three lighting options. These are the starlight, soft amber night light, and the soft amber animal projections respectively. They give you the ability also to mix and combine the effects.

Other than merely letting the light output, the gadget can also discharge some sounds for you to relax comfortably. These sound outputs are backed by full volume controls that put you in firm control of the listening exercise.

  • Convenient Smart Connect App

A convenient smart connect app rounds up the sum total benefit that the item has to offer. It simply lets you control and access the services of the gadget from afar off at the convenience of your phone.

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#8: Best for Decor – HYODREAM 3D Moon Night Lamp with Touch and Remote Control for Adults and Seniors

Just in case you want to indoctrinate your children to the matters of nature, you have to attempt this moonlight as a plausible gadget. Its moon-shape appearance is a great way to accrue this stated end for yourself.

best moon night light


  • Takes the shape of the starry skies
  • Lets you adjust the brightness and vital parameters
  • Backed by a lithium-ion battery for the longevity of use


  • Not the ones that can be personalized/can print pictures on it

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  • Easy-using

Though packed with tons of special features, the lamp is easier to make use of. Its controls are easier to locate and subsequently engage. Moreover, the controls are engaged at the simple press of a button.

  • Soft & Dimmable Lighting

As part of its core is the soft and dimmable lighting output. This output is less harmful to the small children and is hence a good one to use in conjunction with them.

  • Night Light and Cool Decorative

You may use the gadget as a night light and a cool decorative gear as well. Its use is hence a great way to leverage the maximum returns on your financial investments and overall engagement.

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What Are the Factors to Buy When Buying a Night Light?

best night light for 6 year old

To choose the best night lights for your use, you have to factor in these issues and many more:

1. Profile and Shape

Your first and foremost consideration should be the profile and shape.

You want a gadget that can fit the limited amount of space and the configuration thereof that you have. That is to minimize any hassles or inconsistencies that may naturally arise in the course of an engagement.

2. Color Output

Next, you have to factor the color output of the lamp versus those of your expectations. Obviously, the lighting apparatus you settle on has to be able to produce the color output of your liking and expectation.

That can only happen if you ascertain the colors you want first and foremost.

3. Desired Level of Brightness

Even though these lamps are intended for the night time usage, you have to consider the desired level of brightness as well.

The best kind of lamp under this consideration has to be adjustable to give you firm control of the brightness process. Needless to say, you have to factor in your expertise as well.

4. Motion Sensor

Apart from imbuing your interiors with the night light output, you also have to see to it that the nightlight you pick for the job be able to detect the motions. That is aid with the matters of security and to save your energy expenses as well.

5. The Type of the Bulb

The kind of bulb also matters a lot. Of all the bulbs we have in place, it is the LED bulb that is the longest-lasting and also brightest.

You have to give it a priority in your search for the most suitable item to make use of. Then again, factor your budget as well when in this step.

6. Timer Functionality

It is also great and awesome for the lighting apparatus to have a timer as well.

The purpose of the timer is to aid with the handling and the care of the lamp overall. This it does by allowing you to program the expectations you want to derive from the light and have it execute them later.

7. Extras

Ideally, your lamp has to possess a series of extra features that exist to expedite your own experiences and overall performances. Some of these are:

  • Thermometers to gauge and showcase the room temperature
  • Music boxes, loudspeakers, and white noise machines
  • Color-changing bulbs
  • Motion and dusk sensors
  • Proper handles and engagement apparatus


Motion Sensor Nightlight vs. Dusk to Dawn Night Light

With regards to the kinds of sensors they have, these lights may possess the motion or the dusk sensors, respectively. The two measure up in the following regards:

  • Intended Purpose

The motion-activated night light is mainly intended to detect motions and aid with the matters of security. It serves mainly the security apparatus to do their work well.

As for the dusk sensor night light, its purpose is mainly to cut down the expenditure of energy and the associated costs of utilities.

  • Mode of Operations

A typical motion sensor night light operates chiefly by the use of the infrared to detect the motions of humans and animals. This way, it alerts the security apparatus to let them take up timely actions.

A dusk sensor night light on the other hand only detects the level of ambient illumination to trigger or shut off the lighting process.

  • Triggers or External Stimuli

For a motion sensor night light to do its job, it has to be triggered by a moving animal or man. The case is however different from the dusk sensor night light. It only requires a dip in the ambient levels of illumination to trigger its activities and the proper working thereof.


What Are the Types of Night Lights?

best bright night light

Night lights are available in many shades and forms. We now take the time to examine the leading types of the best night lights here below:

– Plugin

It is the simplest form of night light. Plug in night light derives its power from the 120-volt/240-volt mains socket outlet.

Additionally, it comes about in a low profile slim design that is devoid of the many complicated parts and components. That is not even to say that the item is cheaper to come by on the whole.

– Projectors

As their designation imply, projection night lighting apparatus are able to scatter the lighting outputs far and wide.

They mainly find applicability in the bedrooms due to their ability to generate some smooth and calming ambiances there. Opt to stretch your hand on them just to relax and lull yourself.

– Tabletop

If the only empty space you have around is the tabletop area, you need not stress yourself using any larger lamp.

Instead, you have to choose and make use of one that bears the slim tabletop stature and overall makes. As a bonus, the lamp you choose for the job has to possess a diversity of extras.

– Moon Night Light

The moonlight is a gadget that not only mimics the moon but also serves to indoctrinate the small children to the matters of space and exploration.

Choose to administer it to your children to pique their interests in these matters. You may have to set aside plenty of space to accommodate them though.

– Candle

From its name, you can straight away bet that this night light bears the shape of the candle.

As such, it is slimmer and hence well able to fit the least amounts of storage space you may have at your disposal. The candle is also cheaper and less of a hassle to maintain.

– Night Lights with Shades

The lamp and shade form of lighting apparatus is a great one for your bedroom and the night time engagements.

Its stature serves to channel the light output to the specific directions where the same might be needed without having to waste any. Its shades also trap some heat to keep you warm.

– Portable Night Light

If you happen to travel and move around every now and then, the portable night light will be a great option to pick and make use of. That stems from its light nature and the fact that you can easily pick, transport, and deploy to a remote locale with absolute ease.

– Soft Night Lights

Have some inherent eyesight issues? You have the soft night lights to check out and subsequently make good use of.

They emit safer and softer lights that are less likely to harm your eyes even when you stare at them for too long. That makes them also great for the tasks of reading and grasping concepts.


Where Can I Use a Night Light?

best night light for bedroom

You may fix these best night lights in just about anywhere. However, these places rank tops among the likely candidates for the same:

– Bathroom/Toilet

A bathroom or a toilet is an area that requires some cool lighting, especially when bathing during a stressful day. You hence have to see to it that you furnish this lighting need whenever and wherever you may so wish. Here, ensure that the light is dimmable.

– Bedroom

The bedroom is perhaps the most important location where the lighting apparatus has to be fixed. It is the bedroom where we spend too much of our evening or night time.

The night lights for the bedroom serve to expedite the process of sleeping while at the same time let us wake without too much struggle.

– Hallway/Corridor

For your added benefits, you need to fix the night lighting gadgets in the hallways or the corridors.

They serve to make these places cooler and better habitable. As an added advantage, the lighting apparatus may also soothe the occupants by means of channeling the soothing music and associated sound outputs.

– Nursery

Small children badly require these lighting apparatus to keep their rooms cooler and properly cared for.

Pick and deploy the night lights in a nursery to aid with their growth, development, and a sense of belonging. When used in such a setting, the apparatus, have to be able to change colors and emit soothing colors.

– On a Trip

Going on a trip? You yet again have this set of lighting apparatus to set your eyes on. It may serve to make your time cool and properly taken good care of while on the road. Then again, it serves to keep you appropriately illuminated while on the go.

– Outdoors for Security

When placed out in the open space at night, these lamps may also serve to enhance the security of your rooms considerably.

This role is also made better by the fact that they can also detect motions and alert the security apparatus of the existence of imminent threats and dangers.

– Garages

The garages are ideally only lit if and when the situation so demands.

For this reason, they require a set of night light apparatus that can detect both motions and the degree of ambient illumination that be. That is the only sure way of warding off the wastes and damages that potentially arise.

– Recreational Rooms

Have a room that is specifically dedicated to matters of entertainment and recreation? Yet again, the night lights will come in handy at such times and places.

When fixed there, the apparatus do serve to enhance the habitability in such a way as to up your overall comfort while in use.

– Living Rooms

Though rare, the living rooms may also serve to host these night lights. While in these rooms, the gadgets may be used to enhance the comfort of the interior and make the same more livable.

That is also handy when attempting to soothe the occupants and keep well-rested.

– Toilets

Lastly, the toilets too may serve to host these lights especially if they are used by babies and elderly persons. You have to choose a color mix and the sound output rating that is truly and especially intended for the same to make the most of it.


What Is the Best Night Light for Reading: Bright Night Light vs. Dim Night Light?

best light for night reading

To enhance your reading, you have the dual options of the bright night light and the dim night light to choose from. We compare and contrast these two forms of the best night lights here below for your insight:

1. Effects on the Eyes

The bright night light is on the whole harmful to your eyes when used at night. It emits too much glare that can damage the eyes when exposed to the same for too long. The dim night light on the other hand uses the blue light filter to weed out excess glare and make your life better.

2. Heat Output

Apart from too much glare, the bright night light also produces a sufficiently high level of heat output. This one may pose some nuisances when it is hot. Its dim night light counterpart does not produce any heat and is hence great for use in areas that are too hot.

3. Overall Comfort

As pertains to the matters of comfort, the bright night light is not really comfortable owing to the mix of excessive glares and the heat. The dim night light scores big on this metric as it hardly emits any heat and is also cool to behold with the naked eyes.

4. Bottom Line

All factors considered, the dim night light ranks at the top of the bright night light. As you may see from the foregoing explanations, it scores big on just about every metric and is hence the better option to choose to work with.

Best for Night Reading – TaoTronics LED Dimmable Table Lamp for Eyes


Frequently Asked Questions

We now round up our conversations with a look at some of the frequently asked questions with regards to these best night lights:

Q1. Is It Good To Use a Night Light for Feeding Baby or Nighttime Diaper Changes?

A. YES, it is! The gadget serves to illuminate your rooms and allow you to easily behold what you are doing at that time. That way, it eliminates any form of ambiguity that may arise in the course of tackling these two ends.

Moreover, the light output is bright enough to let you see what you are doing but dim enough not to awaken the baby.

Q2. What Color Night Light Is Best?

A. BLUE, it is! Other than being too dim to awaken a sleeping person, it is also bright enough to allow you to see what you are doing.

The color also has the added advantage of boosting your attention and the reaction times considerably.

Q3. Is It Safe to Leave a Nightlight on All Night?

A. It is not safe at all to do so. As with any other electronic apparatus, these night lights tend to get too hot at night and even burn out.

The risks are compounded in the event of the existence of flammable materials next to the gadget. Consider triggering the motion and dusk sensors as plausible ways forward.

Best with Motion Sensor – Auvon 4 Pack LED Night Light for Toilets

Q4. Are Night Lights Cheap to Run?

A. YES, they are! They are packed with loads of automated and energy-saving features that work to reduce the consumption of energy. That way, they exert minimal electrical and utility expenses on your part.

Additionally, most bear the 4-7 watt rating and are such not too energy-consuming.

Q5. Is It Worth Buying a Musical Night Light Projector or a Night Light with a Timer?

A. YES, it is! Over and above merely illuminating your interiors, a musical night light projector also serves to soothe and lull your loved young ones.

In the course of doing that, it also yields forth a higher level of return on investment for you. Why would you even want to waste your money elsewhere?



We bring our look into the best night lights there. It is now our hope that you have the preparedness you need to do a great choice and subsequent use.

We caution against you dragging your feet as that may only serve to delay the enjoyment of the benefits that the gadget potentially brings forth. Fare thee well in your choice!