Best Night Table Lamps – Top Rated Bedside Lights in 2021

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Having a beautiful table lamp in your home will tell a lot about your personality. An example of the bedside lamp that is the one thing you touch last before going to bed. You should select the best night table lamps that will set you in the right mood when you enter your room.

Besides the lamp providing the light, you can use to see well in your room and even study it is a beautiful artifact that can make your house look classy. The night table lamps are available in simple designs to the high-end designs you can own.

Reviews of the 6 Best Night Side Table Lamps

#1. Best Cheap – Limelights Brushed Steel Nightstand Lamp

Limelights LT2024-WHT Brushed Steel Lamp for Night Table
Modern Night Table Lamp

The limelight LT2024 is a perfect lamp. It is tall enough and gives excellent light that even if you were to take a picture, it would look like the one taken on natural light. Its size makes it perfect for use in the bedroom, kid’s room, office, college dorm.

There is a pull chain used to switch it on and off. A plug used as a charging unit is provided, making your work easier. It is a fun and fashionable lamp that has a brushed steel base and a fabric shade. The steel base is to ensure that the lamp is stable enough and when using it does not topple over.

The shade is 8.5 inches in diameter and 19.5 inches in height that will protect your eye from the glare of the bulb and distribute your light evenly. It also has a power outlet on the base that you can connect your USB to charge your phone or any device.

  • Power output is available to charge your phone.
  • The simple pull chain is available for powering on and off.
  • It is of considerable size that can perfectly fit to use in your bedroom.
  • A 60 watts type A bulb is used that you purchase separately.

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#2. Best for Reading – Modern Night Table Lamps with 30 Lighting Options

Best Sale Night Table Lamp for Tasks

The Taotronics lamp has a whole metal body that makes it very durable. The various parts are flexible as you can make multi-angle adjustment of the head and arm. Using it is fun as you can decide the angle that perfectly fits you.

The designers made this using advanced technological concept because it offers five colors. The lamp also provides six brightness levels that let you choose the brightness level that will work correctly for you.

It has light guided panels that are designed to transmit light from the lamp sideways, making it easy for your eyes. This feature also removes the glare illumination effect. The 5V/2A USB port for charging your phone and a 60-minute timer is also installed to make your lamp go off if you forget to turn it off.

Fitted also is a button that you press just once to power on and off the lamp and set your preferred light mode.

  • USB Charging makes it cool.
  • Sleek adjustable lamp design.
  • It is a durable lamp made of metal parts.
  • One button control makes powering on and off easy.
  • It can make your room look classy with color changes on the lamp.
  • More brightness levels make it flexible in selecting your preferred brightness levels.
  • With the swivel feature, if you turn more in a clockwise way, the nut may fall off.

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#3. Best Set – Small Night Table Lamps with Small Size

HAITRAL Bedside Night Table Lamps Set Reviews
Bedroom Night Table Lamp Set

The lamp is small in design, making it perfect for any desk or stand. It is 16.5 x 7 x 4.5 inches making it ideal for the small spaces in your home. The size and light offered to make the lamp great to be used in the bedside table, cafe, office desk, and dressers. It can work better for motels and guest cottages.

These lamps are made of the metal body that makes them very durable and a linen fabric shade, which gives it a classy look and furnish to make your home look beautiful. It has a unique design that is eye-catching when set up in any room in your house.

They use a standard E26 60 watts bulb and is compatible with various incandescent, LED, CFL or halogen bulbs. Shades remove the glaring effect and soften the light from the bulb. It is a power cord fitted with an on /off button. It is a high-quality product that will make you feel confident and enjoy the working of the lamp.

  • The lamp can last longer.
  • It is a beautiful looking lamp.
  • It can perfectly fit any small room.
  • The bulbs are sold separately.

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#4. Best with Phone Stands – USB Night Table Lights for Bedroom

cool night table lamps
Night Table Lamp with USB Connection

It is equipped with two useful USB ports that you can use to charge two devices simultaneously. The USB ports can be used to charge your phone, tablets whether light is on or off. The lamp also has an AC outlet on the base that you can connect your laptop’s printer’s charger to charger your device.

There is a switch that you can use to switch on and off the while charging your laptop or connecting your printer. The base is large and sturdy with slots that can hold your device phone or a tablet. There is a pull chain that is used to switch the lamp on and off.

  • It is less costly and multi-functional.
  • The ability to charge multiple devices.
  • Perfect for small spaces in your home.
  • Some customers doesn’t like the pull chain for light on/off.

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#5. Best with Touch Control – LED Table Lamp for Nightstands

AUKEY Night Table Lamp with Touch Sensor
Colored Touchable Night Table Lamp

The Aukey table lamp is a touch-activated lamp that offers versatile lighting. The ability to provide flexible lighting makes it perfect for reading and room lighting. The light lamp can be used in your bedroom, living room, and office.

You can choose between warm white light and other more colors. With a simple touch at the base, you can choose between the three brightness levels offered. The three brightness levels of warm white light are soft, moderate, and bright. With these settings, when you want to read, you can easily use bright light settings.

The lamp offers light in an extensive selection of colours from green, blue, red and many more colours. The lamp comes with an AC adapter used for charging.

  • It is easy to use.
  • The light is very clear.
  • The touch feature makes it very cool.
  • The three brightness settings make it perfect for use.
  • The lamp cannot be used with any smart home system.

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#6. Best Elegant – Crystal Chandelier Nightstand Lamp with USB Ports

Silver Crystal Bedside Table Lamp
Chandelier Nightstand Lamp

The design of the lamb is great, making it great with the shade made of crystals. It is equipped with two USB ports that you can use to charge your devices, either your phone or tablet. The USB charging ports will work whether the lamp, whether it is off or on.

The lamp is designed to fit into small spaces, and it is easy to use. It has a button fixed on the crystal lamp base that is used to switch the bulb on and off. It is decorated with 259 pieces of crystals, and you can easily disassemble the crystal. This lamp can perfectly be used in your bedroom or dining table.

The lamp will create a romantic atmosphere with your partner, friends, and family.

  • It is very bright.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • It makes your room appear classy.
  • The lamp is small.

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What Is a Night Table Lamp?

This lamp is placed on top of a stand or a table in your bedroom, office, kitchen, dining room, or study room. The lamp is used to provide light to these rooms. One should always choose a lamp that will give your room a “vibe” to make it interesting when you step in at night.

What Is the Function of the Night Table Lamp?

A night table lamp can have a lot of functions that include:

  • Reading and writing

These lamps are designed specifically for use in writing and reading. They are simple in design, and light from the lamp is the warm white bright light. In this kind of lamps, you can adjust the height of the lamp in the pole to give you the brightness and illumination for reading and writing.

  • Decoration

Sometimes there are high-end designs of lamps that look beautiful. It is made of beautiful materials and made in different styles that the lamp is made to eye-catching. You can purchase the kind and install in your office, and the beautification effect is essential than the lighting effect.

How Do I Choose a Night Table Lamp?

night table lamps reviewsNothing is sweet and relaxing than switching on the light, and a soft glow comes on. To get a lamp that will offer you the effect of weather for your bedroom or kitchen, try these ideas:

Decide the function of the lamps – Lamps in a house can have different uses as a lighting source or be used for studying. If you need bedroom lamps, you will choose something that will set that bedroom mood before you go to bed. If it is for decoration, be creative to find simple and unique designs.

Where will they be placed – It is essential to have a plan of where the lamps will be placed in a house. If it is for lighting, it has to be in a place where it will illuminate the whole room.

Choose your style – Select a style of the lamps you are going to install. You have to choose something that will match your decoration. Or a lamp that is unusual as sometimes beauty in isolation is excellent.

How Big Should a Lamp Be on a Nightstand?

If you have a more extensive room, the nightstand should be wide and the lamp should be big too. If you are to get a nightstand lamp, then they stand to place the lamp should be between a third and two-thirds of your mattress’s width. The lamp should be a third the width of the stand that is measured with the widest point of the lamp.

What is the Best Height of a Night Table Lamp?

The height of the floor lamp and that of a lamp on a stand should be between 56 inches and 62 inches. This is because your eye can move easily across the room to sweep the room easily. If your stand is the same height as your mattress, then you should look for a lamp that is of the same height as the stand plus two inches. If your stand in the bedroom is 24 inches, your lamp should be 26 inches.


Lamps, as from early 1970, are must-have accessories in your home. Even when you have power consistently, you will need lamps. You should also get a lamp that will give your room a beautiful look. The lamps are available from simple design to high-end ones you can buy. The above review can provide insight into what you need to do.

I believe this buying guide will help you to make the right decision in buying the right lamp for you. Make the right decision.