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Best Nightlight for Sleep – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

A nightlight is a lighting fixture that is beneficial to both kids and adults. One of the benefits is that they give a sense of safety and comfort to kids with the fear of the dark. These fixtures help nursing mothers and illuminate your room to prevent stepping over objects resulting in injury.

Nightlights come in different shapes and designs; hence it can be challenging to choose the best. Select the one that cannot interfere with your sleep cycles.

This article will review the best nightlight for sleep and discuss the factors to look for when choosing the best.

Reviews of the 6 Best Night Lights for Sleeping

Below are the reviews of the 6 best night lights for sleep.

1. Best Battery Powered – Hatch Baby Table Lamp for Nightstand with Phone Control

Hatch Baby dimmable nightlight for sleeping

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It is one of the best baby night lights you can get in the market. Hatch Rest plus has a simple but pretty design and is controllable via your phone. This nightlight emits soft and gentle light that enables your kid to fall asleep quickly.

It is an audio monitor – Hatch Rest+ nightlight is a two-way audio monitor. With your phone, you can listen and talk to your kid in another room without the need for any other extra gadgets. It is secure and guarantees privacy.

You can set programs – With Hatch Rest + nightlight; you can set up a series of schedules to cue your kid on transitions. It is a good toddler sleep trainer and kids alarm clock. With the set programs, the baby knows times to wake up, time for a nap, and bedtime.

It has sounds – This baby night light has a library with sleep-inducing lullabies and sounds that makes your toddlers and babies sleep quickly.

It has a clock – Hatch Rest plus has a led watch that is especially important when your kid gets older to help them understand time concepts.

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2. Best Compact – Hatch Restore Smart Nightlight with a Sunrise Alarm Clock

portable nightlight for sleeping

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Hatch Restore a moon-shaped night light with a simple set up. This nightlight is multi-functional and can be useful as a reading light, alarm clock, sound machine, and help you fall asleep faster with guided mediation. Here are its unique features:

Customized alarm clock – This night light has a gentle alarm that wakes you up naturally. It awakens you using lighting that mimics the sunlight. Before your personalized alarm sound, the light changes from red, to orange then white. That helps in maintaining the cortisol level low at night and spikes up immediately when you start your day.

Guided mediation – Hatch Restore includes soothing content that enables you to calm down and relax your mind. That prepares your body and mind for sleep.

Controllable via touch or App – Hatch restores nightlight can be controlled with its soft-touch buttons. Also, the device is controllable via its free companion app available for Android or iOS. The device is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

Reading light – This nightlight features soft glow lights that are ideal for night reading. The lighting does not give off blue lights that cause eye-straining, which can mess up with your sleeping.

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3. Best Multifunctional – Aisuo 5 in 1 Bedside Night Light and Clock with Speaker

smart night light for sleeping

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Another best night light for sleep is Aisuo Night light 5 in 1. The gadget has many great features that enhance its versatility.

It is a touch control night light that allows you to adjust the sound capacity and brightness levels. The device comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 Hi-Fi Speaker that enables you to enjoy the ultra-level sound quality.

High capacity rechargeable battery – Aisuo night light comes with a rechargeable battery with large storage of 4000mAH. With this device, you can enjoy long-playing without the fear of it shutting down. It is also easily changeable with a USB cable and takes at least 6 hours to charge to the capacity.

Alarm clock function – Aisuo night light 5-in-1 comes with a digital clock alarm that features a snooze option and a 12/24 hour display that support sleep mode. You don’t have to use other devices to set the alarm or check your time when you have this night light.

LED lamp – This bedside lamp features a soft color-changing led light. It has 48 color options it can display with three different levels of brightness adjustment.

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4. Best for Kids – Momcozy Elephant Toy Nightlight Projector and Baby Sleep Soother

best colour night light for baby sleep

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This elephant-shaped night light can be a perfect gift for babies since they enjoy holding it while soothing them to sleep. It has several lullabies that help the baby to sleep. It also has a faint galaxy light projector that displays the moon and star scene.

Fifteen soothing sounds – this baby sleep soother features fifteen different soothing sounds. It includes 11 lullabies, birds singing, mama’s heartbeat, shush, and rain sound. These sounds help both adults and kids to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.

Mesmerizing star projects – Mom Cozy Elephant baby sleep soother has a galaxy light projector that projects three starry light colors and four-light effects. The colorful light helps you fall asleep faster.

Auto-off timer – This device has three timer options running for fifteen, thirty, or sixty minutes. It also features seven levels of volume adjustments that allow you to select the ideal level for your baby to sleep.

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5. Best Cheap – Auvon Plug-in Sensor Nightlight with Adjustable Brightness for Sleep

Auvon plug in nightlight for children sleep

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This night light features both light and motion sensors. It automatically turns on when any motion is detected and off when they do not detect movement within 60 seconds. Also, it features dusk to dawn sensors with On, Off, and Auto modes.

Energy-saving – This plugin led light night is best in terms of saving energy. When you set this device in auto mode, it only switches on when it detects movements and switches off after 60 seconds if no motion is detected. That way, it reduces unnecessary energy consumption when not needed. Research shows that this nightlight can save you up to 84 % of the power.

Guarantees safety – Designed with superior V-0 fire-resistant material that guarantees its safety while on use. Also, the overcurrent protection construction ensures the security of your daily use.

Adjustable brightness – Auvon plug in night light features a soft and warm glow that is adjustable in brightness. The device has two brightness modes; high or medium, which allows you to adjust your comfort level.

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6. Best Sale – BlissLights SKY Lite Laser Star Nightlight Projector

best night light projector to promote sleep

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It is one of the best nightlights for sleep you can get in the market. Bliss light has an excellent and unique design and is perfect for any room.

It is a laser projector night light that changes your room’s atmosphere by projecting drifting stars alongside a moving cloud blue nebula.

Simple to control – Bliss light Sky Lite features simple button controls that enable you to manage its lighting. Using the buttons, you can adjust the brightness level, alter the lighting effects, and start or stop the light night’s rotational motion.

Multiple light effects and brightness settings – this night light features various light effects and brightness settings. That allows you to choose the ideal light effect and brightness level to enable you to sleep easily.

Soothing aurora effects – Bliss light Sky Lite gives off a soothing aurora effect that creates a relaxed environment for you to sleep. It projects a blue laser star alongside a drifting blue nebula cloud on your room’s wall or ceiling, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

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How to Choose the Best Nightlight for Sleep?

best nightlight for sleep reviews

Night lights are available in different designs and sizes and from many brands making it a daunting task when choosing the best night light for sleeping. Here are some of the considerations you should keep in mind when selecting the best for you.

  • Cost

One of the critical factors that you will have to consider when choosing the best night light for sleep is the cost. Night lights are available in a wide range of prices, from cheap to expensive.

The factors that influence prices are such as features and brand. Night lights with more features usually have a higher price tag than those with less, but the quality brings along versatility and convenience of the nightlight.

Select one with features that will best fit your needs but one with a price within your budget. Some night lights are cheaper but can sufficiently meet your needs.

  • Plugin or battery-powered

When looking at the most suitable nightlight for sleep, it is crucial to check the nightlight power.

Night lights are either powered by battery or electricity. Both are effective in illuminating your night while you sleep. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

For the disadvantages, the plugin night light can only be used in a place with an electrical socket hence limiting its portability. The battery-powered, on the other side, can be expensive. The need for frequent replacement of batteries depending on the duration you use the light can be cost-prohibitive.

  • The color

The color of the nightlight is a crucial factor to consider when making your selection. Not all light colors are ideal for sleeping.

Some hues, such as blue and white, hinder you from having a better sleeping cycle. Such color nightlights will interfere with melatonin, a sleeping hormone, and activate your eyes’ daylight receptors making it challenging to have a better sleep.

Dull colors such as orange and red nightlight are the best colors for a nightlight for sleep. They do not disrupt your sleep cycle, and even if you wake up in the middle of the night, you get back to sleep quickly.

  • Sensors

When selecting your nightlight for sleep, it is crucial to go for one with inbuilt sensors. Nowadays, nightlight comes with motion sensors or light sensors (dawn to dusk).

The motion sensor turns on the light when it detects motion and off when the movement is not for more than one minute. That reduces power consumption since light is on when you need it.

A nightlight with dusk sensors adjusts the light, depending on the amount of sunshine that hits it. During the night, when it is usually dark, the nightlight is usually on, but during the day, the lights go off.

Choose a nightlight with the sensor that will best work for you.

  • Adjustability

It would be best if you select a nightlight with an adjustable feature. A nightlight that you can adjust the level of brightness, light effect, or one with an auto timer will help you make the adjustments depending on your needs.

Also, some night light comes with multiple light colors. Select such since you can set the color that is most comfortable for you as you sleep.



1. Is It Healthy to Sleep with a Night Light?

Sleeping with night lights is considered detrimental to your health since some interfere with melatonin production, a sleeping hormone.

Even when you sleep with your eyes closed, your eyes’ daylight receptor detects light that confuses the mind about the time. As a result, the body does not produce the required melatonin; hence you encounter sleeping difficulties.

However, night lights are crucial devices that many people can’t do without them. They help people who fear dark sleep better and mothers with young babies to breastfeed and change diapers with ease.

Also, a night light prevents you from stepping over objects that can cause injuries.

2. Does a Night Light Help You Sleep Better?

Although sleeping in the dark is the most recommended, a nightlight is also a highly important fixture that improves sleep.

A night light is a requisite to some people, especially kids who fear the dark. Such a person tends to be soothed by a nightlight enabling them to sleep better.

Even when such people wake up in the middle of the night with lights on, they can fall asleep again and faster.

However, for the nightlight not to interfere with your sleeping cycle, you have to use one that is dim and one with dull light color.

3. What Color Night Light Is Best for Sleeping?

Although nightlights come in a wide range of colors, not all are best for sleeping.

Research shows that blue and white has a detrimental effect on sleep. Such color lights emit a blue wavelength, which is beneficial during the day but impedes sleep by depressing melatonin levels.

The best color night light for sleeping is red or orange. Such color nightlights do not interfere with melatonin production or circadian rhythm, enabling you to have consistent sleeping routines.

Also, to have a better night’s sleep, even if you use a red or orange night light. It is advisable to avoid viewing bright screens such as phones or television two or three hours before bedtime. Such devices have blue light waves, which can still affect your sleep.



Nightlights are crucial fixtures in our homes. They illuminate your room, making it possible to walk without stepping on objects. They are also essential to mothers with young kids as they provide light when breastfeeding or changing nappies.

Consider the above factors when selecting the best nightlight for sleep. Also, you can choose one from the six-night lights reviewed.