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Best Nursery Light Projector to Soothe Your Babies and Toddlers

From lighting up the nursery and alleviating night fears to boosting your child’s mental health, nursery light projectors are worth embracing.

These devices will come in handy in teaching your child about different heavenly bodies and clusters of stars. However, the catch is on whether you will comfortably pick the right one.

Undoubtedly, choosing the best nursery light projector could be a little daunting. It is in this light that we take a look at some of the best options you get in the market. Here are the insights.

Why use a light projector in the nursery?

You can hardly ignore the impressive benefits that come with having a projector in the nursery. From their comforting roles to how they can help in educating your child, these are devices you will not want to resist.

But why should you have these projectors? Here are a few reasons.

– An education tool for your child

Did you know that this nursery nightlight will help in educating the child about the universe?

Ideally, the projector highlights different clusters of stars and heavenly bodies, which you can teach your children about. This way, the child is likely to end up more creative and imaginative.

– Entertainment and soothing your child

This device will ensure that your child remains entertained at all times, thanks to the incredible music options it has.

With different music and sounds to choose from, getting the right song for your child will be no hassle.

Further to this, the soft rocking and music will help in soothing the baby to sleep. It is through this that you will have more time to do other important things.

– Creating a relaxing atmosphere

These projectors will often highlight a sense of calm and relaxation. The baby is likely to feel at home and less scared, thanks to soft light produced.

While at it, you could rely on this projector to highlight a romantic night too.

– Decoration

Feel free to rely on these projectors whenever you want to highlight the beauty of this nursery. The light and scenic images produced by these projectors will often enhance your interior décor.


Reviews of the 7best projector lights for nursery

#1. Best sale – Moredig nursery light projector with built-in 12 songs and 8 colorful lights

baby nursery light projector with remote


  • Remote control
  • Unparalleled entertainment
  • Relatively friendly to the eyes
  • You can opt for performing either animal word and constellation


  • Required battery isn’t included

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This nursery light projector has emerged as a best seller in the recent past, thanks to the myriad of functions it has.

It features a timer function, which aims at giving parents much more space. With the timer, the nursery light projector will go on or off at the preset time. That means you will not need to leave your bed to switch the projector off.

This nursery light projector comes with baby soother abilities, including slow rotation and music. Typically, it boasts of up to 12 different songs, which help in developing the baby’s sense of sound and even sight.

Further to this, the projector assures you of two distinct, yet baby-friendly films, including the animal world and the starry sky. With this, the baby remains entertained at all times.

Controlling this nursery light will no longer be a hassle, thanks to its remote control feature. This remote control allows you to adjust the volume, change the play sequence, and switch the projector on or off.

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#2. Runner up – Soaiy adjustable nursery ceiling light projector with Bluetooth Speaker

nursery light projector with adjustable brightness and timer


  • 7 aurora light modes
  • Comes with white noise
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Adjustable brightness controls


  • No motion sensor

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You can hardly overlook how sturdy and reliable this ceiling night projector is. It is for this reason that it is among the best sellers too.

It comes with up to 4 timers that you can effortlessly control with a remote controller. The timers allow you to program when the ceiling light projector should go on or off.

While at it, you can use this ceiling light projector in 3 ways. It could be as a night light, an aurora night projector, or with the dome on or off.

It features a built-in Bluetooth speaker that assures you of enhanced entertainment. With this feature, you will readily pair the projector with your tablet or phone for the best music.

This projector boasts of 7 distinct night light modes and 6 soothing sounds. The multiple aurora lights will ensure that your child remains comfortable at all times.

At the same time, the soothing sounds are vital in keeping the baby relaxed.

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#3. Best multifunctional – Luckkid nursery star ceiling light projector for decoration

nursery ceiling light projector with rotating stars


  • Affordable
  • Assures you of a relaxed atmosphere
  • Adjustable brightness levels and change of color
  • Boasts 5 sets of raotable film, including constellation, planet, star, sea world and birthday


  • No remote

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If you are looking for a multifunctional nursery light projector, this light will be the ultimate choice for you.

It boasts of 5 rotatable, yet optional films, which then assure you of projecting light in five different styles.

But besides that, your child will be sure of enough entertainment at all times. Usually, these different lights and styles ensure that the room gets a relaxed atmosphere.

This product is 2-in-1, as you will be free to use it as either a night light or a night projector. All it will take is for you to remove the cover on the device.

There are up to 6 lighting effects that your child will enjoy. From blue, white, and yellow to sequential, combination, and the slow fades, it will be easier for you to choose the ideal one for the baby.

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#4. Best for baby – Infantino 3 in 1 music soother and night light projector

nursery projector and sound system


  • Comes with soothing music
  • The mini-light is removable
  • Incredible white noise settings
  • Adjustable light, brightness, and music settings


  • Single projection theme

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There is no denying that this night light projector is the best for your baby, thanks to the baby-friendly features it has.

It will suffice to mention that this night light projector comes with the shape of a fox. This design is relatively compact, and it will readily appeal to the eyes of a child.

Its moving tail guarantees you layered light projection, which is visually interesting too. Remember, this fox night light is removable, giving you convenience.

This product assures your child of incredible entertainment, which will include up to 5 songs and 3 nature sounds.

You will be free to adjust the light and music settings of this night light. Whether remotely or manually, the process is relatively straightforward.

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#5. Best with music – Exelme nursery projector and sound machine

nursery projector with music for bedroom


  • 7 lighting options
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Comes with 8 nature sounds
  • Builds touch and remote control


  • Only wave theme

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The music produced by this night light projector is outstanding, and resisting it will be hard. Besides featuring a TF card, you will be sure of up to 8 incredible nature sounds. With this, you will be sure of a more relaxed rest.

This product comes with a timer function, which allows you to program when the device should go on or off. You will be free to set the timer in the intervals of 1, 4, and 2 hours, depending on your preferences.

This night light projector boasts of 7 distinct lighting options. It will suffice to highlight that these lighting options are in 3 colors, including green, blue, and red.

What is more, you will readily adjust the brightness provided using a remote control which allows you to adjust the volume, shuffle the sound produced, and also set the time when necessary.

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#6. Best with timer – Neteast night light star projector for kids

nursery star ceiling projector


  • Incredible timer function
  • Best for newborns, kids and adults
  • Relatively straightforward to assemble and use


  • Not include batteries

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Are you looking for a night light projector with the best timer? This option is worth your investment. Its timer allows you to set when the device should shut off or switch on. What is more, you can choose the intervals in minutes.

The design featured by this night light projector cushions the baby from too much brightness. Typically, it comes with a safe distance between it and the baby, ensuring that the baby is safe.

Its soft night light will also help in soothing the baby to sleep.

Besides, you cannot resist its relaxing nature. Remember, this projector will assure you of a romantic dating atmosphere. It is for this reason that you will find it suitable during parties too.

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#7. Best with nightlight base – Munchkin led nursery projector and sound system for baby soothing

nursery projector with nightlight base


  • Adjustable settings
  • Various sound choices
  • Impressive color and light settings and styles
  • 3 theme, soothing seas, sleepy sky and calming rainforest included


  • No remote control

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The LED light produced by this night light projector is irresistible. It assures you of an incredible night light, which you will readily switch on or off with the touch of a button.

The light produced could be either a rainbow spectrum or a perfect combination of your choice.

Its projection system guarantees you of the most scenic images, including those that are dreamy and comforting.

Further, you will be sure of Mozart songs, lullabies, and soothing sounds, each category featuring three options.

This projector boasts an irresistible timer, which assures you of three distinct settings. This way, you will readily program how long the nursery night light projector should play. That you can control it without too much hassle makes things much better.

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What to look for when selecting nursery light projectors?

There is no denying that so much goes into the selection of nursery light projectors. Unless you understand how to select the right one for your child, both of you could end up disappointed or even hurt.

It is for this reason that you will need to consider the following variables.

#1. Ease of use

You can barely ignore the significance that comes with incredible control. It will always be valuable for you to pick a product that is not only easy to assemble but also use.

  • Does it need special skills to use?
  • Will you struggle to access the dials or controls?

The concerns are valid, and the best answer to each of them should be no.

Besides this, you will appreciate light projectors that allow you to enjoy remote control. That is because remote control enhances convenience at all times.

Buy Moredig nursery night light projector with remote control

baby nursery light projector with remote

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#2. Brightness

Nothing could be as imperative as the brightness of this light projector. While enhanced brightness will always be welcome, it will be vital to consider eye-friendly lights.

For this reason, take the time to confirm whether this brightness is adjustable and dimmable. If it meets these two requirements, you will be good to go.

Buy Aurora night light projector with adjustable brightness and timer for nursery

nursery light projector with adjustable brightness and timer

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#3. Cost

There is no harm in comparing the cost of the device, whether it is the acquisition or the maintenance expenses. It would be best if you considered a device that will hardly cost you a fortune both in the short and the long term.

Typically, you will be sure of some of the best nursery light projectors that hardly cost over 30 USD. Do not shy away from them.

#4. Sound and music system

The essence of having a light projector is to enhance the soothing of your baby. Without incredible music, this will remain a mirage.

Take the time to identify how many songs and nature sounds come with the system. Besides being multiple, ensure that they are friendly to the ears of the baby.

A system that assures you of Bluetooth connectivity will even be much better.

Buy Exelme nursery projector and sound machine with 8 nature songs and TF card compatibility

nursery projector with music for bedroom

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#5. Is it multifunctional?

There are times that you might need night lights, while there are those that you will want the light projector. One machine can offer you all these at the same time.

A device that assures you of this versatility will often be better for you, as you will get the convenience and the flexibility you so deserve.

Buy Infantino 3 in 1 nursery projector for baby

nursery projector and sound system

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#1. Are light projectors good for the nursery?

There is hardly a one-dimensional answer to this. However, nursery light projectors have proven to be vital in the development of children.

Whether you want your child to grow mentally or emotionally, these projectors will come in handy.

The inclusion of light projectors serves different purposes. From soothing the baby to sleep and ensuring that they are less scared at night to educating them, light projectors are almost inevitable in the nurseries.

However, it will be best to ensure that you use them properly. Here are a few things you should do.

  • Ensure that your projector is not only dim but also low-wattage
  • The projector should not be too close to the eyes of the baby
  • Ensure that the highlights friendly color tones, including yellow and warm red or white

#2. Do star projectors help babies to sleep?

There is no denying that using nursery light projectors will assure your child of a peaceful night. Its rocking nature and the sweet music will often lull the baby to sleep.

Besides, you cannot ignore how relaxing and calming nature sounds could be to your child. As long as you get the right one, you will have no reason to worry.

Further to this, you could use them regularly, as this will be a signal for the baby that it is time to sleep.



In conclusion, the incredible benefits offered by nursery light projectors make the device irresistible. Whether you want to decorate the nursery or educate your child, this is an option you cannot ignore.

What matters the most is that you should focus on topnotch products, as this assures you of value for money. Today is a good day to get yourself one.