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Best Office Floor Lamps for Ambiance & Tasks in 2022

Office floor lamps are the ideal solutions for your lighting needs. These are creatively designed to provide adequate lighting for a wide range of applications. They are not only floor reading lamps, but also a modern decoration for your living room, office, and bedroom.

Best office floor lamps are made of quality materials and a stable base for safe and long-lasting use. They provide a pleasing lighting ambiance for mood and task lighting.

Office floor lamps are versatile in their functions as they can be used in many rooms for many purposes. Also, you can use them to light up an entire room or serve as additional lighting. They come in handy for reading, crafts, hobbies, among other tasks.

Let’s get down to some of the highly reviewed office floor lamps we have available today.



Why buy a floor lamp for office use?

Although table lights are the most lighting fixtures in most offices, floor lights have taken the space. Today, most offices are using office floor lights, and you might ask yourself why. Here are some reasons you need to buy office floor lamps.

best office floor lamps reviews

#1. Attractive styles

It’s neither easy nor is it cheap to match up paisley lampshades with luxurious, checkered wallpaper. Luckily for you, some floor lights, such as the contemporary floor lamps, can give you the right style and décor complements you might be looking for.

Today, room décor themes have become an ‘in thing’ if you’re trying to create décor for your office. What makes things even more intriguing is, you get to choose from the lots of types and styles the floor lights come in for a more contemporary design.

#2. Perfect for use as a reading or a task lamp

Compared to floor lights, table lamps provide a limited range of illumination, and most of the time, they barely offer enough lighting for reading.

A floor lamp will give you a better range of illumination. It’s a good thing if you need a lighting set that illuminates your office table the way you like it.

#3. Adjustable brightness

Imagine getting an office light that you can control the brightness depending on the task at hand? Yes! It’s something convenient for any office user.

Most ceiling lights come with on and off switch and no adjustability. Whether you need more lighting for reading or need more light for other tasks, a floor lamp can provide you with a variety of brightness settings.

#4. Sturdiness

Most don’t realize that the floor lamps come with long stands and a substantial base that makes them stable and sturdy. These lights are built to stay on the floor, and that requires them to be sturdier than their counterpart table lamps.


What to look for when buying a floor light for offices?

Considering the wide variety of the office floor lights available today, you may be confused as to which is the ideal model for you. They all come with promising features and functionality in excellent designs.

Do not wrack your brains trying to figure it out. We are here to help. Below is a list of factors that you may need to consider before you make a decision.

  • Design

There is a wide range of office floor lamps to choose from. Some are designed with a tripod base, while others have round heavyweight plates. Some have a tree-like design with numerous lampshades, whereas others have a single lampshade.

There are those made of metal, while others are of wood construction. Also, there is a variety of lampshade designs and colors. The type of bulbs used vary as well. Furthermore, depending on your style of décor, you can choose from the different forms of designs.

  • Available space

The space you have set aside for your lamp may affect your purchase. For instance, if the floor space is small, you may consider buying the space-saving designs, narrow nightstand designs, or some with bases that can easily fit under recliners, chairs, and beds.

There are even those designed with shelves to offer you additional storage options for your books and display of plants and art. If the space is reasonably ample, you have a wide variety to choose from, such as those with tripod bases.

Choose the one that perfectly fits the available space.

  • User-friendliness

The office floor lamps are designed and well equipped with several features that offer you exceptional user experience. A comfortable touch or switch operation for quick use or compatibility with smart home devices for hands-free operation. Some have a hassle-free assembly.

Some have a dimmable function so that you can conveniently adjust the brightness level to suit your needs. Some are designed with a rotary switch so that you can choose the number of bulbs you want on depending on the task at hand. Choose one that perfectly meets your needs.

  • Construction and durability

You will need an office floor lamp that will offer you extended service use. This is made possible by a sturdily and durably constructed light. The material choice should, therefore, be of high quality, whether wood or metal.

Also, the lampshades should be well made of the best quality materials. The base should be stable and a straight pole for stability. Therefore, you are advised to be keen on the materials used in the construction of the floor lamps and make sure you get a heavyweight base lamp.

  • Brightness

The office lamps should also put into consideration your eye care. Some of these lamps are designed with brightness levels to choose from. A dimmable function is handy for this very purpose.

The type of bulb can determine the color of light as well. Also, some aspects of light, such as color temperature, vary from lamp to lamp.

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  • Additional features

These products are equipped with several features that make them stand out from each other. These include shelves that offer additional storage options. A dimmer function also comes in handy to allow you to select a brightness level suitable for your eyes.

Some have adjustability to allow you to adjust the lamp height or the light intensity wherever you wish. There are those with a rotary switch on each bulb to enable the user to turn on one, two, or all the lamps at the same time.

Others are designed with a memory function to allow you to save your acceptable brightness level. Choose one that meets all your lighting requirements.


Reviews of the 6 best office floor lamps

#1. Best sale – Brightech torchiere floor lamp for office ambiance

bright floor lamp for office


  • 3-way dimmable
  • Super bright lighting
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Convenient memory function


  • Can’t generate downward light

The Brightech LED torchiere floor lamp is sure to meet all your lighting needs with its super bright lighting. Also, the pivoting head allows you to direct light wherever you wish.

This lamp is designed with a three-way dimmable technology for your convenience. The memory function serves to save the brightness setting for the next use.

The LED light source lasts longer than standard bulbs and is also energy efficient. The color temperature is also ideal for eye protection.

This lamp has a modern and stylish design that is sure to complement any décor.

Moreover, the base is weighted, and the straight poles allow for enhanced stability. The metal construction is also sturdy and won’t topple over easily.

It has an easy to control power button. This lamp can light up an entire room or work as an additional light source.

It adopts the latest technology as it is compatible with other smart home devices.

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#2. Runner up – Brightech Maxwell modern office floor lamp with shelf

Brightech floor lamp for large office


  • Sturdy wooden material
  • Smart home compatibility
  • Additional shelves for storage


The bulb is not dimmable but you can change it

Brightech Maxwell’s office floor lamp is the ultimate space-saving option of floor lamps.

This unique lamp features shelves for additional storage options. The sturdy wood material has an excellent black finish for a professional look and long-lasting use. It is sturdily constructed with durable materials and a stable base.

The shelves come in handy for the storage of your books and display of art and plants. You can use it in your office, or bedroom, or any other room for a great look and a beautiful lighting ambiance.

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#3. Best value – Brightech tree spotlight LED floor lamp with adjustable light panels

Brightech floor lamps with 3 lights for office use


  • Dimmable function
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable light panels


  • Integrated LED light bulbs

High style meets functionality with the Brightech tree floor lamp. This lamp provides super bright lighting for all your hobbies, crafts, and reading. It is bright enough to light an entire room.

It has an integrated dimmer function to suit a wide range of applications.

Also, the lights rotate 360 degrees so that you can direct the glow wherever you desire. The three views are adjustable for easy use as well. This lamp is equipped with diffusers that serve to provide the eye-protective soft light.

Another thing is, this lamp has a unique design to complement any style of décor, be it modern, vintage, minimalist, and urban.

This lamp has a sturdy metal construction to last long, and the strong base and straight pole enhance stability.

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#4. With bright light – Brightech Halo split floor lamps for office lighting

office floor lamps with adjustable lamp head


  • Super bright lamp
  • Dimmable function
  • Durable metal construction
  • Smart home devices compatibility


  • None

Brightech Halo split is nothing short of remarkable. It is an excellent product in a great design.

Firstly, this torchiere up light provides high-intensity light to meet your lighting needs. The light’s rings are individually adjustable for a wide range of applications.

The bulbs have a dimmable function for convenient use. You can choose from the three brightness levels the most suitable one for your eyes.

Additionally, this floor lamp is touch operated for easy use. The base is suitably designed with a stable base that can fit under recliners, couches, and chairs. It is ideally sized to fit most spaces as well.

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#5. With 3-light – Simple Designs metal tree floor lamps for office use

metal floor lamp for modern office


  • Brushed nickel finish
  • All-metal construction
  • Lampshades are rotatable
  • 3-lights with a rotary switch


  • Bulbs is not included

You will love the functional Simple Designs Home floor lamp. It is simply designed, yet very practical and reliable to suit a range of lighting needs.

It is designed with three lights; each is controlled with a rotary switch so you can conveniently light one, two, or all the lights. What’s more is, this three-light tree floor lamp has rotating lamp shades so you can easily direct light to wherever you wish.

It has a sturdy metal construction to assure longevity. It makes use of incandescent bulbs.

The straight pole and sturdy base enhance stability making it safe for whole room use.

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#6. Tripod base – Lepower wood standing floor lamp for office and home office

Lepower office floor lamp with rubber wood base


  • Stylish design
  • On/off footswitch
  • Sturdy wooden material


  • No dimmer function

LEPOWER floor lamps exceptionally combine functionality and practicality to give you the best of both worlds.

It has a beautiful appearance and provides exceptional light. Its tripod design enhances stability. What’s more, it is made of natural, high-quality wood for extended durability.

The wood has an elegant finish that adds an aesthetic touch to any room. Also, this functional lamp brightens up your office space with beautiful ambient lighting.

It is equipped with a footswitch for smooth operation.

The flaxen lampshade and the brown tripod base has a great look to complement any décor. This office floor lamp is sure to meet your basic lighting needs.

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What is the best type of floor lamp that gives the brightest light for the office?

A torchiere is among the well-known and distinguishable floor lamp kinds.

Its upright nature and torch-like shape characterize this type of lamp. Its lighting fixture is designed to point upwards and is located at the end of the pole.

These types of lamps have a space-saving design which means they take minimal space. Torchieres have an unobtrusive shape, which contributes to their high popularity.

Another advantage of these lamps is their ability to produce all-purpose light. Their form aims to illuminate the ceiling and diffuses to create a significant lighting effect for the entire room.

The versatility of this style of lamps is enhanced by a dimmer switch function and fitted with dimmer lamps. This allows you to soften the light or turn it up to suit your needs.

The torchieres lamps come in a wide range of styles from modern to traditional.

There is one that can perfectly fit your surroundings. Check Brightech Halo torchiere floor lamp with adjustable ring light.


How many lumens do I need for my small office?

how to choose the best floor lamps for office use

Most times, the problem may come in having too much light rather than low light. For optimal task performance, the number of lumens depends on the type of lamp.

Tasks at hand: Desk lamps that are mostly used for reading and writing purposes, 450 lumens, are highly recommended.

If the light is required for any delicate tasks, such as if you need to perform heavy-duty drafting projects, or a repair-man working with tiny parts, more than 800 lumens are most suitable.

Age: It is worth noting that as you get older, you require more light. You need to consider this age factor when it comes to determining the right number of lumens for a desk lamp.

Anyone below 55 years is advised to use 450 lumens while those above this age need over 800 lumens.


Can I use an office floor lamp in my home office?

Yes, of course!

Office floor lamps are made to make an office light conducive for reading and long-hour use. And even though they have the name office, it doesn’t mean their usage is all centered to office use.

With a well-designed home office, with cool-looking floor and ceiling, nothing shiny, well, you can use the office floor lamp quite well.

However, you will have to make sure that the lights you buy use the normal household wall outlet. The rating might be different and might force you to get a different wired outlet. What’s more, the design needs to be something complementing your home office room décor. You don’t want to invest in something that looks out of place.

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As you can see, office floor lamps are functional and reliable lighting tools. They not only meet your lighting needs but also come in great designs to complement different décor styles. These offer the ideal lighting ambiance for a wide range of applications.

Office floor lamps are a great way to brighten your lifestyle up to your office. Do not hesitate to get yourself one and enjoy their numerous benefits.