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Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Decor & Security – Reviews in 2022

Are you in a dilemma of deciding on the best outdoor bulb to use? The best outdoor light bulbs are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient. Finding a reliable outdoor bulb may be challenging.

In this review, you will have a look at the best outdoor light bulbs in the market. Therefore, your work has been eased as you just need to determine the bulb that suits you most from this review. Thus, read through and make your choice.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Strings with Waterproof Edison Bulb for Patio/Backyard – Brightech Haning Dimmable Light

Smart Light Bulb with Sensor for Automatically on/off – Vgogfly E26/E27 Bulb

High Output with Bright Light for Security – KOR 70-Watt Bulb

Indoor and Outdoor Compatible, With Natural Light – Sunco Lighting PAR38 Bulb

With Changing Colors and Remote for Garden – Lighting Ever E26 Bulb


Know Before Buying

best light bulbs

1. Do You Need Special Light Bulbs for Outside?

There is a need for using special light bulbs that will end up working appropriately outside. The particular bulb you consider choosing should have the capability of withstanding exposure to direct snow and rain.

2. What Is the Best Wattage for Outdoor Lighting?

The most appropriate wattage for outdoor use is 80 watts or even less to a minimum of 40 watts. Lower than 40 watts is an ideal light for the lighting of garden beds and the pathways.

The 40-80 watts are useful in the process of brightening of areas such as smaller yard and the driveways.


A Review of the 11 Best Outdoor Light Bulbs

#1. Brightech Waterproof LED String Lights for Outdoor Use

waterproof string light bulbs for outdoors
Brightech String Lights for Outdoor Use

They are waterproof lights. Therefore, water will not affect their lighting capacity. It is for this reason that they are in use both outdoor and indoor. The lights will assist in the setting of the patio mood. The Edison strings are bearing exposed filaments that are giving off a reminiscent with a warm glow. The brightness of the light for use in BBQ.

Besides, they will not end up overwhelming perfect for the sake of entertaining romantic and entertaining dinner. There is a high need for usage of decorative and Gazebo lighted for the acquisition of light and beautiful canopy.

The lights are in use at birthday parties and in wedding receptions. You may as well end up stringing them straight. Additionally, you may as well end up wrapping them on the trees for the sake of unique shapes. It is currently increasing its popularity in bars, bedrooms, and restaurants. Furthermore, the lights have the capability of withstanding winds that are blowing at 50 MPH.

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#2. Vgogfly Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulbs for Yard and Garage Security

dusk to dawn led outdoor light bulb 2 pack
E26 and E27 Automotive Light Bulb for Outdoor

A reliable product, for use from dawn to dusk. The built-in sensors are useful in automatic lighting of the bulb. Besides, you will be turning the bulb automatically while it is dusk, and it will end up turning off at dawn. As a result, you will end up removing the necessity of physically turning off the bulb, either on or off.

Additionally, it has the capability of saving energy. You will thus not have the stress of having to pay high bills as a result of the usage of electricity. The dawn of the light bulb is using less power in comparison to the traditional bulbs. As a result, you will end up cutting considerably on the electricity costs.

More also, it is assuring people of a long life. The light bulb has been made of plastic regarding the cooling requirements. As a result, you have a 100% of longevity use of the product. Besides, its security has been improved rapidly. The outdoor and sensing light will be lighting up the home even while away from home as long as it is dark.

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#3. GE Lighting LED 60 Watt Outdoor Post Light Bulb

60 watt replacement led outdoor light bulbs
Soft White LED Light Bulb for Outdoor Fixtures

A great bulb for use in outdoor activities. It has the capability of holding 60 watts and thus will end up providing you with maximum light. Furthermore, it is providing 8000 lumens, which gives the product its more quality.

Additionally, it will end up serving you for 13.7 years while using it for three hours daily. The bulb is mostly used in the provision of outdoor security. As a result, you will rest in peace with surety that your house has maximum protection.

The bulb is highly decorative while lit. It is complimenting the fixture while it is unlit. The GE line is highly aesthetic and is thus adding sparkle and decoration to sconces and chandeliers.

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#4. KOR 70 Watt Halogen Outdoor Flood Light for House

outdoor halogen light bulbs
Halogen Light Bulb for Outdoor Use

A product capable of holding 70 watts at ago. Therefore, you have the surety of the presence of maxim light. It has the ability to withstand flooding. As a result, you may consider using it in the case of places experiencing rainy seasons/. Many of the businesses and homeowners are using this product. They mostly use it for lighting up of fixtures both outdoor and indoor.

The primary usage of this bulb is in tracking lighting and for use in the small recessed cans. Halogen PAR and flood products are providing white and bright light together with the high and color rendering. High-end light is versatile, thus adding to the appeal of the different home furnishings. It may as well result in calling of attention to the appealing of the home furnishings.

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#5. Sunco 100 watts LED Outdoor and Indoor Flood Light Bulb

6 pack led clear outdoor light bulbs
Best Rated Outdoor LED Light Bulbs

A highly known product since it is dimmable. In this case, you have the guarantee of acquiring high and quality amounts of light. The bulb is also known as a bulb light as a result of its capability of operating even underwater conditioned. Therefore, it is reliable in fitting any décor or mood. The LED flicker present in the product is making the item to be more instant.

The bulb is widely in use in cans as floodlights and downlights to assist in the coverage of larger areas. Additionally, you may as well end up using it in dumpy locations which are not exposed to water directly. Such places are including garages, decks/porches, basements, and driveways. It is upholding the highest standards of products through testing of every product for excellent safety and performance.

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#6. Lohas Outdoor LED Sensor Porch Light for Outdoor Security Lights

outdoor light bulbs with motion sensor
Photocell Sensor Outdoor Light Bulb

Auto-off and on product, bearing a built-in light sensor. It will assist in detecting the light intensity. Besides, it has the capability of automatically lighting up at night and will auto off at day time. All you need is installing, and thus there is no need to turn the light off and on physically.

More also, it saves on energy. The LED bulb will be replacing an incandescent light bulb with 40 watts. Therefore, you have the surety of saving up to even 85% of the laid electricity bill. With the bulb, you have surety of high performance.

The lumens are playing a significant role in giving off fresh and cozy illumination. As a result, the item is perfect for use in home lighting.

The bulb is widely in use as the screw base, and the E26 medium base bulb is working as dawn to dusk sensor. Therefore, you will be using it as LED light, which is typical for use in particular purposes with the multifunctional design.

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#7. Philips LED Dusk to Dawn Frosted Light Bulb

Philips 3 pack outdoor light bulbs
Philips Outdoor Lights for House

An energy-efficient product that you will be used from dawn to dusk. With this product, you have the surety of saving up to even 75% of energy in comparison to the other 60 Watt bulbs.

Phillip bulbs are mercury-free and have also been certified by the use of Energy Star. With the item, you have surety that it will end up serving you for a long duration of time. The Phillip bulb with LED usually lasts 10x more time than incandescent. Besides, it is also lasting 4x longer compared to the halogen bulbs.

Every light bulb will end up delivering to even 22 000 hours, which is including a warranty of 10 years. Therefore, you will end up saving on the cost you would encounter in the case of frequent bulb replacement. Furthermore, the item has high compatibility. Phillip LED light bulbs are fitting in the E26 medium-sized and the screw bases. However, it is not compatible with the Phillips HUE products.

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#8. LE 40 Watt Colored Outdoor Light Bulbs with Remote

colored outdoor light bulbs with remote
Colored Outdoor LED Light Bulbs

Unique bulbs that are changing the color. It has 16 different default colors, and the light bulb is both soft and white. You will end up choosing the bright color regarding the mood you are having.

Additionally, you may as well end up consider using it for general illumination since it is white and soft. More also, the remote control is convenient. Therefore, you will end up turning the bulb off and on as a result of the inclusion of remote control. You will be operating it with ease, and thus you will end up relaxing and enjoying your life.

The bulbs are highly ideal for use for outdoor and indoor decoration. Therefore, you may use it on holidays, wedding banquet, birthday party, cafes, restaurants, casinos, and clubs.

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#9. HyKolity Recessed Can Light Bulbs for Outdoors

indoor and outdoor recessed flood light bulb
LED Flood Light for Home Use

A bulb which is containing the capability of saving to even 85% energy. As a result, it is much more effective than the traditional bulb. Its costs are independence with usage and the laid rates.

Additionally, it is dimmable. The bulbs have been designed with a dimming and smooth capacity. Its actual color is playing a significant role in meeting any kind of décor or mood.

Therefore, there is a necessity of bearing a décor. Additionally, the bulb is more friendly to the environment. Many people love it as it has the capability of serving for than 25 000 hours ago.

The LED flood bulb is suitable for use both outdoor and indoor. The ideal places for you to use this bulb is including the offices, lamps, living areas, kitchen and in the bedroom.

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#10. Sunco Outdoor LED Spotlight Bulbs

Sunco 4 pack led dimmable bulbs
Porch Light Bulbs 4 Pack

A highly dimmable bulb is bearing excellent dimming capabilities. The product has a high capacity for fitting the décor and mood. The best place for usage of the product is including offices, lamps, living areas, kitchen, and bedroom.

Additionally, the item is highly waterproof. As a result, it bears the capability of withstanding the various elements. Its dust-tight and durable construction are providing you with brighter light in any given weather.

Furthermore, it is listed as an energy star and is UL certified. As a result, it is assisting in upholding the highest standards for all the different items through testing the various products for optimal safety and performance.

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#11. TomCare Outdoor Solar Powered Lantern Light Bulb

solar powered latern light
Outdoor Lantern Light Bulbs

A metal and solar lantern constructed using high-quality metal with the rustproof finish. It is durable for all the year-round, even while one is using it outdoors. The four sides have been made of poly plastic, which is containing glass effect, implying that it is not the real glass. Therefore, it is more convenient to enjoy the flame and beautiful flickering effects.

The bulb’s bronze finish is making it much more unique as a result of its aesthetic sense. It has been equipped using aesthetic sense and a durable hook. Furthermore, it is solar-powered and waterproof. The hanging lantern has been solar-powered. All you require is placing it in the location bearing direct charging of sunlight.

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1. Are LED Bulbs Good for Outdoor Use?

LED lights are suitable for use in outdoor use. The reason for outdoor usage is because they have been listed by the UL/CE as being ideal for outdoor and indoor usage.

2. What Type of Light Bulb Is the Best for Outside?

The listed bulbs are best for outdoor lighting. They are all energy-efficient, long-lasting, and robust.

3. Is There a Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Light Bulbs?

The outdoor light doors are known for being variable. As a result, you may use them both for outdoor and indoor use. On the contrary, indoor lights do not have the capability of withstanding varying outside temperature changes.

Read on for More Light Options:



You now have the best indoor light bulbs worth purchasing. As a result, there is nothing that will deter you anymore from acquiring quality and reliable services for the best outdoor light bulbs. Ensure you make your order today and receive the excellent facilities of the bulbs listed above.