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Best Plug in Night Lights for Darkness Navigation in 2022

A night light is a compact light fixture that illuminates your home at night hour or in dark areas without interfering with your sleep. Plug-in models of a night light have tested favorite to many homeowners for many years and require an electrical outlet to operate. They not only lit your room but also adds aesthetic value in your décor.

There are many varieties of plug-in night lights in the market, making it a cumbersome task when choosing the best.

Below is a guide on what to look out for when selecting the best plug in night light and reviews of the 11 best in the market

Reviews of the 11 Best Plug-in Nightlights

#1. Best Moon Design – Omeet Modern Night Light with Adjustable Brightness and Remoter

Are you looking for the best wall lamp that produces a moonlight LED light? This Omeet light should be your answer.

This nightlight has a brightness adjustability feature that enables you to control the amount of light in your room using a remote control. It is also usable in the kitchen, bedroom, restroom, kid room, or any other place.

plug in moon night light with remote control


  • Comes with a timer.
  • Has a user-friendly wireless remote control.
  • The dimmable functions give it excellent brightness features.


  • A little bit childish for some adults’ room

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  • Convenient for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding mothers who use this product do not have to wake up to light up their room. All they need is to turn on their Omeet night light with the help of a cordless remote control. As a result of this, mothers cannot get affected by cold night weather.

  • Pocket Friendly

This product uses only 0.5 watts daily with an estimated two to three-kilo watt annually, making it a beneficial and cost-cutting investment.

  • Installed Timer

This product has an installed time set to shut off either after 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

  • Material

This equipment uses quality materials, and its plug-in can work well with most wall sockets in your home.

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#2. Best with Press Switch – Pursalt Himalayan Salt Lamp with 360 Degree Rotatable Plug

Are you looking for a trendy salt lamp? Pursalt Himalayan Salt lamp might be your best choice.

This salt rock lamp is 100% original Himalayan crystal salt. It comes with an inbuilt press switch and a 7 watts light bulb that makes it a convenient design to your house.

modern plug in night light made of himalayan salt rock


  • Rotatable plug
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Ability to purify your indoor
  • Adds it’s beauty to the room


  • Some customers may not like the design

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  • Air Purifier

This salt rock night lamp is hand curved by Pakistan artists to create a wonderful and pleasant glow that releases negative ions to purify and absorb dust.

  • Design

The amber design goes well with the interior decor of your bedroom, baby room, or bathroom.

  • Accessories

The gift box packing comes with an adjustable plug-in that can rotate on a 360 degree, two bulbs 110V to 220v, and a salt night lamp.

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#3. Best with Blue Light – Reminda Plug in Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

For the lovers of a nightlight, who are after style addition to their interior décor, Reminda night light lamp is their answer because it adds a slick and sophisticated look in your décor.

This 4 pack nights light lamp comes with an installed light sensor that can detect dusk and down.

blue plug in night light


  • Makes the room to look presentable
  • Ease toilets, trips, or any other movement at night.
  • A little light in the bedroom makes the children sleep comfortably.
  • Help nursing mothers to see and attend to their babies needs with ease.


  • Some buyers may not like its blue light

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  • Photosensor

This product has a four-pack photosensor that allows you to enjoy peaceful nights, affordable led lights, compact plug, and low electricity.

  • Blue LED Light

This type of light is sleep-friendly and perfect for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and hallway.

  • An Automatic Night Light

This product is equipped well with an automatic lighting system. Thus making it capable of switching off when it’s day time and on when it’s dark.

  • Warranty

This product comes with a two years warranty that guarantees the buyer against any damage or default.

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#4. Best with Shade – GE Coverlite LED Traditional Brushed Nickel Night Light for Home Decor

Are you looking for the best nightshade? Then GE Coverlite is a must-buy item for your home. This product is excellent in producing a soft glow at night using the help of GE coverlite.

The GE coverlite uses a light technology that uses an inbuilt sensor to detect night and day with ease.

plug in night light with shade with warm glow


  • Automatic on and off.
  • It produces excellent light with a perfect ambiance.
  • Perfect design that complements your interior décor.


  • Only warm white glow.

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  • Automatic on and off Function

This product comes with an inbuilt light sensing technology, enabling the GE-coverlite to turn off at daybreak and night.

  • LED light

The LED light produces enough light that makes the room have a relaxed feeling. Its quality is top-notch, guaranteeing the user a long life of use.

  • A Design for Your Interior Décor

Using this Moroccan design gives your room a decorative night Light appearance that goes well with your interior décor.

  • Compact Design

This product comes with a unique design that allows you to position your night light if you leave other outlets free in case you want to use them.

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#5. Best for Nursery – Star Moon Pluggable Night Light with Hollow Shade

Nowadays, there is no need for lighting scented candles as you sleep, for all the lovers of beautiful scent at night.

Using a pluggable fragrance ceramic nightlight comes with a light bulb that’s warm your scented candle to release your desired fragrance during your sleep.

led plug in night light with hollow shade


  • Features a fragrance.
  • 9 designs are available.
  • Compatible with wax and oil.
  • Comes with a hollow shade to add decor.


  • Wax and oil are not included.

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  • Functional Fitting Design

The design replaced the need to burn a candle to release the wax’s scent to a better method that uses a light bulb to warm the wax. It also uses an artist flower pattern that gives it a gentle and cozy design that enriches your interior décor.

  • Rotatable Plug Base

The rotatable plug works well with the wall socket and is available on both horizontal and vertical outlets. This feature makes it ideal when you are looking for a night lamp that is easy to fix on your bedroom or hallway walls.

  • Easy to Clean

Cleaning this ceramic product is an easy task that requires wipes only.

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#6. Best with Automatic Motion Sensor – Mr Beans Stick Battery Operated Plug in Night Light

This battery-operated lighting equipment comes with the best automatic motion sensor built to enable it to turn itself on and off. This product is multipurpose and can work well on both outdoor and indoor assignments.

Mainly the product is usable on stairs, hallways, and bedrooms, and with the help of a motion sensor, it lights up when necessary.

stick night light for hallway


  • 3 pack in the package.
  • Has one of the sensors.
  • Use of rechargeable battery.
  • Detects motion within 9 feet.


  • Without plug

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  • Motion Sensor

Mr Beans uses three motion-sensors for both indoor and outdoor LED night lights.

It has a robust motion sensor that enables you to detect any motion within 9 feet. When you pass, the motion sensor detects no motion and switches off the light after 30 seconds.

  • Use 4AA Rechargeable Batteries

This product can use rechargeable 4AA batteries, giving it the upper hand among the night lights list with a plug-in feature. The battery gives you at least 80 hours light.

  • Long-life LED Bulbs

This product comes with bright LED bulbs that can work for at least 50000 hours of highlighting.

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#7. Best with Red Light – Lohas Small-sized Night Light for Bedroom or Hallway

Lohas red night light is one of the best with a red light. With an inbuilt sensor, it can control dusk to dawn lighting with ease. This product produces red light immediately after you plug in the bulb.

Also, studies have shown that the use of red light when sleeping is beneficial to your health.

bright night light plug in for nursery


  • Faster warm-up time
  • Long-life if you use it properly.
  • Uses low electrical power making it power efficient.


  • Only features red night light.

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  • High Performance

The bulbs light once you plug in the equipment with a cozy red light. As a result, there is no waiting time that is required.

  • Healthy and Recommended

Red light is a good reliever of overstimulation and insomnia. It also aids you to get back to sleep once something interacted and woke you from sleep.

  • Safe

This product has a double insulated bulb that guarantees your kid safety. You can use it in your kid’s room, hallways, laundry room, or kitchen. Also, it does not contain any unhealthy substances like mercury or UV, which can be harmful to your health.

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#8. Best with Timer – Omeet Dimmable Night Light with Remote and Wall Plug

plug in bathroom night light


  • Uses a 360 degrees remote country.
  • Can plug-in to any power supply socket on the wall.
  • Accommodate up to 10 levels of brightness adjustability.


  • The shade is made of plastic.

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Are you looking for a night light with the best timer? Then simple plug-in remote control with a led night light by Omeet should be your answer. This product comes with an inbuilt timer that makes it ideal in your bedroom or kid rooms.

  • Very Convenient

The use of a remote control helps nursing mothers avoid unnecessary trips to light up their lamps during breastfeeding. All that is required is to turn on their night light with wireless remote control.

  • Power-efficient

This product uses an approximate of 0.6 watts per night with a 2 to 3 kWh annual.

  • Inbuilt Timer

This product comes with an inbuilt timer set to 15, 30, 60 minutes for automatic shut off. It is also beneficial in reminding smartphone addicts to put down their phones.

  • Power Control

It is easy to turn on and off the light when you are in the room using your wireless remote.

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#9. Best for Baby – Jasco LED Color Changing Night Light with Oceanic Mode for Kids’ Bedside

Are you looking for the best night light that will light your child’s room? Jasco tropical multicolor night light is the best four baby’s room.

This product brightens your Childs room with the help of tropical fish color-changing that glows and makes your child relax with ease.

plug in decorative night lights for kids


  • It can change its night light color.
  • The use of a tropical fish image that glows makes your baby relax.
  • It uses Light sensing technology that makes it turn off and on automatically effectively.


  • Only one image inside the lamp.

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  • Colour Changing Light

This night Light equipment is a multicolor product that changes its color in phase from blue, red, and green.

  • On/Off Automatic Sensor

The product comes with an inbuilt sensor that uses light-sensing technology to sense when there is light or dark automatically. For example, when there is light, the sensor turns off the light automatically.

  • Long-life LED Bulbs

This product has a design that uses an energy-efficient bulb of high-quality features to serve the customer for a more extended period, even after being extensively used.

  • Safe

These products guarantee your safety; this night light is UL listed; thus, you should relax and have a peace of mind.

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#10. Best for Hallways and Bathroom – EmotionLite Plug-in Night Lamp with Warm Light

This Emotionlite plug-in that uses LED Night light is the best for hallways and bathrooms. With an inbuilt sensor that recognizes with ease dawn and dusk, it makes the night light ideal for Nursery light.

plug in automatic led night light


  • It has long-life LED bulbs.
  • Use of light sensor technology.
  • This product comes with a convenient 360 degree that makes it easy to swivel and adjust the head.


  • 2700K warm white light.

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  • Inbuilt on and off Sensor

When the light is not enough in the room, this product uses an in-built sensor to recognize and turn off and on the light.

  • Multi-purpose

Its plug-in does not affect any other outlet giving it a perfect compact size ideal for your children’s bedroom, halls, ways, and bathroom.

  • Energy Efficient

This product uses a 0.3 w LED bulb with a long life of 50000 hours of use. As a result, it reduces the cost of changing the bulb next to zero.

  • Nighttime Navigation

With a 2700k of light, you can see clearly as the soft and warm light glows.

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#11. Best Plug-in Projector for Boys – Projectable Star Wars Plug-In LED Night Light with Adjustable Base

Are you looking for the best plug-in projector for boys? Star wars 6-image projectable nightlight is the best choice.

This projectable LED night light brings the night to life by brightening your darkroom with six gorgeous and colorful images. It features a light-sensing technology that allows the night light to be on at dusk and off at dawn.

plug in night light projector


  • Light sensors.
  • 6 colorful images.
  • It has long-life LED bulbs that are energy efficient.


  • Girls may not like it that much

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  • Adjustable Globe

This light night features an adjustable globe. The globe rotates for better projection of the image on broad, flat surfaces like the walls, ceiling, and floor.

  • Energy Efficient

It integrates LED Light that is an energy-efficient and long life. LED is cool to the touch and does not require replacement.

  • Dusk to Dawn Sensor

This night light projector features a light sensor that triggers the light on at night and automatically off at daylight, enabling easy operation.

  • Illumination

The rotating globe emits guide light that crosses in your room dark spaces while projecting an approximate 3 feet star wars image on the ceiling, wall, and floor, creating relaxing night lighting.

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Plug-in vs. Non-plug in night lights

Both plug-in and non-plug-in models are available in the market. However, Plug-in models are the most common models nowadays. Wall night light operates on power outlets while batteries power non-plug-in night lights.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and the key to choosing the most ideal for your home will depend on power usage and light location. The following are the distinctive features of these two models.

#1. Power Source

Plug-in night lights require an operating electrical outlet to run and are not feasible without a power outlet.

On the other hand, non-plug-in nightlights are battery-powered.

#2. Portability

Non plug-in night lights, also named cordless lamps, are highly portable, and you can place them in almost any location of your home because they do not need a power outlet to function. This feature makes non-plug-in fixtures to be easily mountable on hallway and basements walls.

On the other hand, you cannot move a plug-in night light since it operates on a power outlet and cannot be useful in spaces without power outlets.

#3. Cost

One of the advantages of the plug-in night light is that it illuminates throughout the night and uses significantly less power. It does not significantly impact the utility bill.

With a non-plug-in night light, you will have to change the batteries depending on the type of battery and how often you use it. Frequently changing the batteries may prove to be costly, making plug-in night light somehow cost-effective.


How to Choose the Best Plug Through Night Light?

There are various types of plug-in nightlights in the market, making it a daunting task when choosing for the best. Below are some of the considerations to look out for when selecting the best plug-in night light.

1. Style

Plug-in nightlights come in a variety of shapes and styles. The style of the nightlight is a crucial element you should look out when shopping for one.

The most common designs of these fixtures are a projector, moon, and regular small. You should select the style that will best suit your illumination needs.

  • The plug-in projector produces light that does not concentrate on the area around the fixture but displays the images on the room’s ceiling and walls.
  • Moon plug-in is a stylish night light that imitates the real moon.
  • Regular small plug-in night light has a compact size and is the most popular in the market.

Choose a plug-in light night with the style that will not only illuminate your space well but also complement your room décor.

Best Design – GE Wall Mount Nightlight with Warm White Glow

plug in night light with shade with warm glow

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2. Light Color

When selecting the best plug-in nightlight, the color is a vital factor that is not worth overlooking. The color of the night light you choose will depend on the location that it will be useful.

The light color makes a lot of difference to your sleep quality. Many people make a mistake by choosing their favorite color, which is not the best idea.

Research shows that red hue and orange are the most calming color for a light night for the bedroom. Fixtures with such shades imitate the natural sunset lighting signaling your body that its night time hence time to sleep.

Lights in the bathroom and hallways should be warm yellow as it is best in illumination.

Avoid using white or blue lights as it stimulates your eyes’ daylight receptor and makes it strenuous to get back to sleep.

Go for a nightlight with color-changing features as it will provide a wide range of light color options.

3. Operation

Another critical factor you should look out for is how the plug through night light operates. Some of these fixtures feature built-in sensors while others have a manual switch.

Built-in sensors automatically trigger the light on and off. There are three main operational ways of these fixtures: normal, dusk to dawn auto sensors, and monitor sensors.

– Dusk to Dawn Auto Sensor

Some plug-in nightlight features an inbuilt light sensor that detects the current ambient light level. Dusk to dawn auto sensors changes brightness in sync with the surrounding light condition for perfect efficiency from dark to dawn.

These sensors work by sensing the amount of natural light; it automatically turns off during the day. When at night, the sensors detect a particular dimness level and trigger the night light and turn it on.

If you would prefer a plug-in nightlight that you won’t have to turn on/off in different day times manually, consider the one with dusk to dawn sensor function.

Best with Dusk to Dawn Sensor – Cheap EmotionLite Plugin Nightlight with Warm White Light

plug in automatic led night light

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– Normal

These plug-in nightlights come with a manual switch that enables you to turn on the light when you need it and off when not in use. This type of operation is energy saving as you turn on when you need the light.

Therefore, if you want a fixture to control it yourself manually, look for a plug-in nightlight with a switch.

– Motion Sensor

Plug-in night light with motion-activated sensors detects motions for it to turn on/off automatically.

When this sensor detects motion across in the field of view, it triggers the light to turn on, and when no motion is detected, the motion sensor automatically turns off the night light.

In case you do not like the night light to run the whole night, consider plug-in models with an inbuilt motion sensor as it will be an ideal choice for you.

Best with Motion Sensor – Mr. Beams Stick Night Lamp for Hallways and Stairways

stick night light for hallway

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4. Brightness

The level of the brightness of the night light is a crucial factor to keep in mind when selecting the best.

The ideal night light should be bright enough to see what you need but not too bright to disrupt your sleep or prevent you from getting back to sleep when you wake up. To test the brightness of a nightlight, close your eyes, and if you can still see the light with your eyes closed, it is probably too bright for you.

Many modern light nights come with a range of settings, including brightness-adjustable function. Consider such a night light when making your selection as you can adjust the level of brightness.

Some offer up to 3 levels of adjustable brightness that change depending on your light needs.

5. For Children or Adults

When selecting the best plug through, you should identify the users of the light. Children and adults’ light nights have different features.

Night light for children comes with additional features from that of adults. Such extra features are phone controlled settings, thermometers, sound machines, and many more. These features ensure the safety of the kids and help them fall asleep more easily.

Best for Boys – Projectables LED Night Light Projector for Walls and Ceilings

plug in night light projector

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6. Integrates LED Light

When you are choosing the best night light, consider what kind of bulb it uses. A light night that integrates LED light is the best to consider. LED bulbs generate low heat, are very safe, and an excellent choice for night lights.

They are ideal for lighting for a more extended period due to their low power consumption and a a long life.

7. Size

The overall size (length, width, and height) is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best plug through night light. Plug-in night light comes in various sizes, but it mainly has a small compact design enabling better fitting in the wall outlet.

Regardless of the type and shape, you should select a light night proportional to your space’s size.

A right plug-in night light should be in a position to illuminate your room adequately. Also, consider its dimensions and compare its size with the socket where it will be plugged-in.


What Are the Types of Wall Plug Night Lights?

There are multiple types of wall plug night lights in the market with different features, shapes, and styles. Below are some of the models.

best plug in night light reviews

#1. Moon Plug in Night Light

The progression in technology has led to the production of incredible artwork in the light field. Today night lights are available in different styles, including moon shape.

Moon plug-in night lights are lights that resemble the form of a moon. They have the same appearance, color, and shape as the moon and are made using satellite data and 3D printing technology.

They are from Polylactic Acid (PLA) material that is non-toxic and odorless, making these night lights safe for use even by kids. When lit, the 3D printed moon plug-in night light looks magical.

Most moon night lights Integrate LED bulbs, making them more energy-efficient. They also feature an adjustable setting that allows you to adjust the light’s color and brightness level.

Moon plug-in night light not only illuminates your room but also serves as an aesthetic fixture of your décor.

#2. Plug in Projector Night Light

This night light is another type of wall night light. It is a compact fixture with a low voltage electric bulb that projects light in dark spaces for comfort and safety.

A plug-in night light projector features various lighting modes that you can choose from to showcase gorgeous patterns on the floor, wall, or ceiling. Some also have inbuilt sound systems or speakers for you to experience vivid lights in a soothing environment.

A plug-in night light projector is exceptionally safe for use as the light emitted is not very high to prevent you from sleeping. It can be used as a room decoration device as it reveals the general room layout and has an appealing shiny finish.

You can also use a night light projector, especially galaxy projectors, as an educational tool. They display stars, constellations, and other heavenly bodies that you can teach children.

Best with Projecting – Praojectables Star War LED Night Light Projector

plug in night light projector

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#3. Normal Small Plug in Light

This wall plug-in light has a compact size and does not block other outlets. They adequately illuminate your room and allow better sleep without causing disruptions.

A regular small plug-in light compatible with an LED bulb is a better choice as it is energy efficient and lasts longer.

However, this size of this plug-in night light is not the best choice for illuminating a large room with more lighting.



1. Where Can You Use Plug-in Night Lights?

These night lights are mounted in dark areas and are very useful during the night hours. You can use a plug-in light night in a kid’s bedroom, adult’s bedroom, corridors, bathrooms, among other locations.

They provide enough light enabling you to navigate during night hours when it is usually dark but not too bright to disturb you while sleeping. They also prevent you from running over objects while moving during the night.

However, you must place these fixtures in locations with electrical outlets as their power source is electricity.

In the bedroom, the electrical outlet you will mount the night light should not be too near or too far from the bed as the light may be dim or too bright.

2. Which Plug-in Night Light Should I Buy, Cool Light Beam or Soft Glow?

plug in nightlight

Some plug-in night lights emit a cold light beam and other soft glows. Different people have different illumination needs. What may be too bright to you might be dim to others and vice-versa.

Therefore, the type you choose will depend on personal illumination preference.

The plug-in night light that emits a cool light beam redirects the heat away from the light beam. These night lights create more waste heat than the soft glow, but their designs enable them to let out the sides’ heat.

The result is a cooler light beam that illuminates your room and still keeps it cool.

Plug-in night light that emits a soft glow is the most popular. The type that illuminates your room with a soft glow is the ideal night light, as it is not too bright to interfere with your sleeping.

Also, you can fall back to sleep quickly, even after waking up. This type is energy efficient as there is less heat waste. It also poses less risk of fire.



Plug-in night light is an essential fixture in your home that provides illumination at night and adds an aesthetic value in your décor. The above guide helps choose the best.