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Best Power Failure Night Light – Top Lamp Reviews & Guide in 2022

Frustration and devastation! No words could explain the inconveniences that come with power failure. From disrupting your peace to making you uncomfortable, you will barely want to anticipate it.

But did you know that power failure night lights can come in handy for you? Yet, understandably, not many people know what these lights are. In this regard, here are a few insights about what is the best power failure night light and how to buy the best.

What Is the Best Power Failure Night Light?

best power failure night light reviews

Various aspects go into defining what night light suits you. Usually, it will be right for you to focus on something that provides value for money and an unrivaled experience.

It is through this that you will be confident of getting the ultimate satisfaction in the long run. Here are the elements that make this night light the best.

– Multiple Mode Settings

There is no denying that preset light modes will allow you to adjust the brightness of your lamp. Whether you need a dim, soft, or bright light, it will be easier to accommodate your lighting needs.

Quickly accessing such controls will also assure you of enhanced convenience.

– Enough brightness

You can barely overlook the significance of having enough brightness in your house. That means your focus needs to be on a device that will comfortably give you the level of lighting you need.

For instance, LED lights tend to be much brighter and even durable. You could also consider incandescent and CFL lights.

– Durable

Nothing assures you of value for money more than durability. A night light that boasts robust construction and an impressive design will always be worth your time and money.

Ensure that you consider something with premium quality materials, as this will guarantee you unmatched longevity.

– A highlight of quality

Everyone will always look forward to having quality products in their homes. Emergency lights are no exception.

Now would be the right time to focus on lamps that boast of premium quality, which will play a critical role in longevity. The best way to achieve this would be by focusing on reputable brands.

– Impressive runtime

How much time will the light last? Undoubtedly, it will be preferable to choose something that can last for a relatively long time.

Most units will last for between 10 and 12 hours. The more extended the period is, the better it will be for you.


Reviews of the 6 Best Night Lights for Power Outage

1. Best Value – VAVA Home VA-CL006 Rechargeable Tabletop Night Light with Adjustable Brightness

power failure led light


  • Comes with baby-friendly ABS plastic
  • Its runtime is relatively impressive
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors
  • Eye-friendly light


  • Lacks a remote

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If you are looking for affordability, this is the ultimate choice for you. This product prides itself on an impressive design, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Its robust construction highlights an IP65 waterproof structure and a built-in silicone handle. With this, durability is inevitable.

You will also appreciate its touch control, which is not only accessible but also fun. Usually, all you will have to do is tap on the touchpad twice to set the timer. This timer ensures that the light goes on or off at specific times, conserving energy.

The light produced is relatively friendly to children, as it has no glare or flickers. Thanks to the anti-blue light feature, you will have no reason to worry about hurting your child’s eyes.

As if that is not enough, the light is customizable. That means you will freely switch between dim and bright light, depending on the situation.

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2. Best Sale – Mr. Beams Compact Stick on Night Light for Indoors and Outdoors

led power failure night light with motion sensor


  • It is weather-resistant and with robust construction
  • Impressive motion detection abilities
  • Battery powered


  • You need to stick it on the walls

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Thanks to its unrivaled sensing ability, MB 722 has become a relatively popular power outage night light. The motion sensor automatically turns your device on or off, depending on the existence of the motion.

It also ensures that the light goes on only when it is dark, conserving energy. This product is battery-powered, which means the power consumption will be relatively low.

You will also appreciate the compact design MB 722 features. Its design allows it to be installed wirelessly, assuring you of convenience. Typically, it will be upon you to mount it on any preferred spot using adhesive. Remember, the light beam will always be downward.

It is no secret that this product highlights enhanced sturdiness, thanks to its robust construction. It comes with UV-resistant plastic, which prevents yellowing. Its weatherproof coating implies that it can withstand severe weather too.

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3. Best Versatile – Energizer Handheld Rechargeable Emergency LED Flashlight

best power failure night light for emergency


  • Assures you of enough brightness
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Compact, elegant design for you
  • The radius it can light up is up to 30 meters


  • Only white light

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You cannot beat the affordability highlighted by this product, as it costs less than $15. Usually, you will be free to plug it in any wall outlet safely. This device turns on automatically upon power failure, ensuring that you enjoy unrivaled convenience in the long run.

This product boasts an impressively compact design, assuring you of enhanced portability. Its retractable prongs system means you will transform the wall unit to a handheld one.

Its LED technology assures you of enhanced brightness. That means you will effortlessly navigate your darkroom in case of a power outage. As if that is not enough, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which prides on a runtime of over 3.5 hours.

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4. Best for Mounting – Touch Light LED Rechargeable Lantern with Bright Light

hanging night lantern for power outage


  • 6 lighting modes
  • It is resistant to various elements, including rust and water
  • Comes with a hook
  • A must-have for camping and hiking


  • Relative pricy than the others in this list

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If you are looking for enhanced power, this is your best choice. Thanks to its premium built-in battery, this product assures you of unrivaled brightness. Depending on the brightness level you choose, this light can last for over 200 hours.

Its robust construction will get you smitten. It comes with military-grade plastic and rubber, which can withstand various elements. These premium materials play a critical role in enhancing water and drop resistance too.

This lamp allows you to switch between low and high settings. That means you will comfortably select the right brightness level, depending on the situation. Nothing can assure you of more convenience than this.

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5. Best 4 in 1 – Energizer LED Power Failure Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor and Foldable Plug

4 in 1 power failure led light


  • Assures you of enhanced versatility and portability
  • Its light-sensing abilities are incredible
  • This product is relatively affordable
  • Boasts of dusk to dawn sensor


  • Some people might not like its all-plastic construction

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Sometimes, versatility is your main focus. Usually, you will be free to use this product in different ways.

Whether you want to rely on it as an emergency flashlight, tabletop light, night light, or power failure night light, the results will be the same. You will also be free to place it in any part of the house, whether it is the bathroom or living room.

It comes with some of the most reliable sensors. Its sensing technology ensures that it turns on once darkness sets in.

Usually, this device relies on LED technology, meaning the bulbs will last for a relatively long time. LED bulbs guarantee you enough brightness too.

This product comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. That means you do not require any extra battery to keep it running.

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6. Best Portable – GE 3-In-1 Samll Wireless LED Rechargeable Night Light for Emergency

ge power failure night light


  • Unmatched brightness levels and versatility
  • Easy to control and adjust the lighting
  • Longlasting LED technology
  • Suitable for different parts of the house


  • Narrow coverage

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From its name, you can use this product in three ways. Usually, it can act as an emergency night light, power failure light, and a light sensor night light. You will be free to switch between these three modes, depending on your needs. Changing can be manual or automated.

You will fall in love with the dusk-to-dawn light sensor on this item. This technology ensures that the device goes on or off automatically, depending on the room’s light conditions. This way, it will be much easier to save energy.

Recharging this product is a seamless process. Thanks to its wireless technology, you will readily recharge its non-replaceable yet rechargeable battery once you plug it in an outlet.

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How to Choose the Best Power Failure Night Light?

best price power failure night light

Do you know how challenging finding the right power outage night light can be? Whether you are doing it for the first or the umpteenth time, caution will be imperative.

Unless you understand the various elements to focus on, it will be hard to realize the kind of experience you envision. Here are the aspects you should consider in this pursuit.

  • Check the price

There is no denying that price will always be a defining moment when selecting your power failure night light. Thanks to being cautious about your budget, it will be vital to compare the prices charged for various night lamps.

This way, making a logical decision on your budget will be inevitable. Ensure that it is relatively affordable to avoid financial woes.

  • Sensors

Sensors are critical elements for those who need convenience. Their presence means you do not have to struggle to switch them on when there is a power outage.

The lamp must automatically turn on or off, depending on whether there is a power failure or not. This way, you do not have to remain unsafe in darkness.

You can hardly overlook the significance of the runtime highlighted by your night light. The runtime is the average number of hours your power failure night light will function after the power outage.

Usually, a more extended period will always come in handier for you. The best runtime would be between 10 and 12 hours or more.

  • Ease of Use

It is no secret that you will prefer a device that you can operate without too many hassles. Unless the control knobs on your device are readily accessible, you will barely have an easy time.

For that reason, ensure that the controls are there and they are no headache to use. The assembly of your lamp should also be relatively straightforward too.

  • Brightness

  • Is your lamp bright?
  • Does it have multiple brightness levels?

If the answers to both questions are yes, you are good to go. It will be valuable to aim at a product that allows you to switch between soft and sim lights.

Controlling such levels should be relatively easy too. While at it, ensure that it comes with the right light. Whether you choose LED, CFL, or incandescent, ensure it serves you accordingly.

  • Light modes

There is no denying that lamps can have multiple light modes. Such lamps are likely to assure you of more convenience and flexibility. In most cases, the light mode will depend on your needs.

For instance, if you intend to read, soft light will be suitable for you. In contrast, you might need dimmer light if you want to sleep soon.

Have a look at these top power failure night lights on the market:



1. What Is a Power Failure Night Light?

There is no denying that you will hardly want to stay in the dark for long. A backup will suffice in case of blackouts or brownouts.

Whichever it is, you will find power failure night lights to be the most suitable option. That said, power failure night lights are lights that automatically light up your room whenever there is a power outage.

Typically, these lights tend to sense the condition around the room. As long as darkness engulfs your house, they will automatically turn themselves on.

Most often, these lights are rechargeable, providing you with the convenience you need whenever necessary. It will also ensure that you have enough reserve power to last you throughout the blackout.

2. Which Is Better: Plug-In Power Outage Night Light vs. Emergency Lanterns?

While power outage night lights and emergency lanterns have become relatively common, it is quite hard to distinguish between the two.

Typically, you can use both whenever there is an emergency. You will also appreciate that both lights are rechargeable. But there is a fine line to differentiate between these two.

  • Plug-In Power Outage Night Light

A plug in power failure night light is a lamp used when there is a power outage. Its main objective is to provide you with light during this period, assuring you of enhanced safety.

Usually, the lamp may or may not have a built-in battery. That means it could be battery-backed or not, depending on your choice. This light is suitable for residential spaces.

  • Emergency Lanterns

On the other hand, emergency lanterns are battery-backed lamps that light up once there is a power outage.

These lanterns could also come in handy in outdoor spaces, thanks to the enhanced brightness they produce. In most cases, emergency lanterns are used in high-occupancy buildings.



In conclusion, power failure night lights have proven to be the go-to option whenever there is a power outage. Thanks to the convenience they produce, you are confident of getting value for money from these lamps.

The idea is that you get the most reliable power failure night light. The insights provided above are enough for this.