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Best Red Night Light for Baby – In-Depth Reviews & Guide in 2022

Are you looking for a nightlight to put in your child’s room? Then search no more. Red night light for baby is a great addition, they not only soothe the baby to sleep, but they also illuminate the room with a soft glow that is enough for you to see.

The light does not distract the child from sleeping, which means they will quickly return to sleep after feeding.

Since there are various red night lights, it may be confusing to choose the best red night light for baby.

That is where this article comes in; with this review, we will discuss the features, pros, and cons of different items so that your decision may be easy to make.

Benefits of Buying a Red Night Light for Your Baby

While there are many types of night lights in the market, research has shown that a red night light is the best for your baby. It helps produce the required melatonin to help soothe your baby.

Below are some of its benefits:

– Easy back to sleep

Even though red lights help babies, they are also very beneficial to the parents. They help the child fall to sleep fast after feeding or a diaper change.

But the easier they fall asleep, the better for the parent because the midnight trips can be overwhelming. The faster they sleep, the faster you can go back to bed and rest.

Turning on bright lights that are not red will make the baby be alert, which will be hard to put them back to sleep.

– Ability to see at night

We all know that the red night light was made to help soothe the baby at night to sleep peacefully.

However, they can also be used to see where you are stepping and what you are doing so that you don’t step on a top by mistake and end up waking up the child.

If you wake up the child, it may take you several hours to put them back to sleep again, and that is why it is essential to buy a red night light for the baby.

– Saves on energy

Red night lights consume very little energy and give out very little heat. Most of them are fitted with LED lights, which are great when it comes to energy saving.

Features like brightness and color adjustments help you set them to the optimal standard that you prefer for your kid. Compared to other types of night lights, this one will be very efficient, which means less cost.

As you can see, it is very beneficial to buy a red night light for your baby. It will be not only excellent for them but also helpful to you.


Reviews of the 7 Best Baby Night Lights with Red Light

#1. Best Overall – Hatch Baby Sound Machine and Night Light for Kids’ Room with Color-Changing Light

Hatch Baby red night light for nursery


  • Alexa-enabled & Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Comes with an alarm clock at the base
  • Listen and communicate with child by phone
  • Customizable sound, volume, and brightness


  • No motion sensors

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The Hatch Baby sound machine is the best overall rated machine making it worth the investment. Choose from the different sounds and noises like the snooze-inducing sound and the white noise.

You can also set it to be like a timer to your child; it can remind them of nap time, time to wake up, or when they are supposed to sleep.

It comes with a variety of colors so that you can choose the one the child likes most. They are also allowed to change to another color if they are bored with the one they choose.

Furthermore, this night light and the sound machine also come with an audio monitor; it helps communicate or know how your child is sleeping without waking up. You can also talk and listen to them through your phone as it is compatible with the light.

The light is very secure and safe for the kid, so you don’t have to worry about anything if they decide to play around with it.

With this night lamp and sound machine, you certainly don’t need any other extra gadgets in your baby’s room as it does all.

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#2. Best Sale – VAVA Rechargeable Bedside Table Lamp with Dimmable Red Night Light

battery powered night light for kids with changing colors


  • 1-hour timer
  • Customizable Light
  • Indoor & outdoor usage
  • Easy to use touch controls


  • No wall plug only USB cord

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With the VAVA home night light for kids, you are sure of a safe, comfortable, and soothing light that will get your baby sleepy when it is sleeping time.

Even when you have to breastfeed at night, the light is not too bright to wake your baby up. The baby sleeps soundly throughout the night with this light; it is an excellent innovation to today’s modern lifestyle.

The light is made with non-toxic substances, so it is safe for the baby to play with, cuddle and even grow.

The LED filters out any type of light that can strain your child’s eyes, living the right color and temperature.

The lamp also features a timer that you can set at night to soothe your baby for about one and a half hours, and they automatically shut off after they sleep.

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#3. Best Rated – Unicorn LED Cute Animal Nursery Night Light with Touch Sensor

portable red night light for baby


  • Safe
  • Soothing light
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No remote control

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The LED nursery is the best-rated light in the market today; it not only provides your child with light at night but also a great playmate.

It is made with washable silicone that does not contain toxic substances; therefore, it is very safe to cuddle and play with. Its soft material is excellent in improving the child’s touch sensitivity.

It comes with rich colors that include yellow, pink, green, red, etc. this can help your kids learn types of colors while using it to play, increasing their interest and knowledge.

The light is also lightweight and portable; if you are traveling, your kids can carry it with them and feel safe and comfortable during the night.

With all these great features, you can be sure that purchasing this light is not only a good investment but very beneficial to your kid. With it, they will feel safe and soothed through the night.

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#4. Best Cheap – Spectra479 Plug in Red LED Night Light for Bedrooms and Bathrooms

childrens plug in red night light


  • No disruptive colors
  • Two-night lights packaged
  • Natural melatonin production
  • Adjustable color and brightness


  • No motion detection

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Do you or your kid wake up at night to use the bathroom? Do you wake up to put the baby to sleep? Then don’t switch on the lights or look for your phone; the blue light is not suitable for you at night.

Ensure you only use red light at night as it will not wake you up or strain your eyes. Red lights enhance melatonin productions, which is excellent for you and the baby.

The red LED night light is easily dimmable to ensure a good night’s rest and still bright enough to see where you are going and what you are doing.

What’s more, you don’t have to wake up the whole house when you are checking on the baby, just use this lamp, and all will be well.

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#5. Best for Nursery – Lumipets LED Portable Animal Silicone Nightlight for Baby with Bright Light

Lumipets touch activated nightlight with changing colors and remote control


  • Sleep timer
  • 9 glowing colors
  • Conveniently cordless
  • Easy to wash silicone material


  • You need to charge it when it runs out

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The LED nursery unicorn night light is great for kids that are scared of the dark. Adjusting to a nighttime routine can be very difficult and can lead to sleep deprivation.

This light gives you and your kid the required sense of security that helps both of you sleep successfully.

The controls are safe and very easy to use, it is designed to help your kid feel safe, and with it, they know that there will be no monsters at night. This light is also a perfect gift for expecting moms, toddlers, and even babies.

The light is exceptionally lightweight and very portable, so your child can bring its comfort and security with them wherever you travel.

The materials used to construct it are high quality and non-toxic; they can play and cuddle with them as long as you want. The silicone material used to make it is also easy to wash so your child will always have a clean toy.

The colors and brightness are adjustable to the child’s setting to make it very convenient and efficient.

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#6. Best with Auto Sensor – Emagine A Plug in LED Night Light with Toggle Switch

2 pack night light for kids scared of the dark


  • 7 built-in LED’s
  • Daylight sensor
  • Promotes sleep
  • Provides adequate visibility


  • Takes up space blocking other electrical outlets due to the plug in design

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The Sleep Aid night light not only gives you light at night but also helps you sleep better by giving you the right amount of wavelength that illuminates the room but still comfortable enough for you to sleep.

The long-wavelength will keep you relaxed and sleepy through the night. With this light, you can enjoy clear visibility that does not interfere with your night vision; your brain will remain asleep throughout the whole period.

Another thing about this light is that it is made to be energy efficient; with this light, you promote sleep, get enough light for the night, and still save on energy.

When you wake up at night, you don’t need to turn on the lights as this night light will give you the illumination you need without affecting your vision.

It has the right amount of light to use it in a bathroom; you can wash your hands and brush your teeth without any problem.

If you wander in the kitchen at night for a midnight snack, then you don’t have to put on the lights, as the light is enough.

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#7. Best Plugin – Lofter Compact Night Lamp for Nusering Mother and Baby

cheap red nightlight for baby room and nursing mother


  • Multiple color options
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Glare-free illumination
  • Automatic shut on and off


  • Need to plug it into the outlet

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The plugin night light is designed to be a dawn to the dusk sensor with an automatic turn on the light when you don’t have ambient lighting. It automatically turns off at night or senses enough illumination, making it convenient and energy-saving.

It comes with various colors that you are free to choose from and change depending on the child’s mood. Your kid’s fear of darkness will go away with this light, leaving them warm and sleeping better.

The built-in LED bulb saves energy compared to the incandescent bulbs, which helps you save on money because the electricity bill won’t be draining.

If you are using it in the bathroom, plug it into the socket and turn on the warm white color. You just have to touch the switch; it can pause or change the color.

The lamp automatically turns off when the sun comes out; you can opt to unplug it from the socket. If the room is not dark enough, then the lamp’s sensor will not work well.

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How to Choose the Best Red Night Light for Baby Room?

With so many red night lights available, it may be challenging to choose one that is perfect for you and your baby; below are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing the best red night light for your baby’s room.

#1. Power outlet location

When choosing red night light for your baby, consider your child’s room layout, know where the sockets are placed, and compare that to where the child’s bed or crib is.

If the sockets are slightly far from the baby’s bed, the red night light may not work as intended.

You can solve this problem by changing the baby’s bed location so that it may be near the socket, or buy a red light that is battery operated.

Highly Rated – Unicorn Rechargeable Battery Powered Night Light Toy for Baby

portable red night light for baby

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#2. Does the red light have a timer?

A timer may not seem that important, but it comes in handy when you don’t want to get up and switch the red light off after the baby has fallen asleep.

The timer works by setting a specific time where the timer goes off when the time lapses and the light shuts off.

Red lights are very soothing to babies, but when they sleep, they don’t have any use; a timer helps shut it off to be used another time. That saves energy and is very convenient.

Saving on energy means that it also saves money as the electricity bill won’t be very high.

Best with Timer – VAVA LED Desk Lamp for Babys’ Bedside Tables with Dimmable Light

battery powered night light for kids with changing colors

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#3. The kind of bulb used.

When choosing a red light for your baby, know the type of bulb used.

Some bulbs can be replaced, but others are permanently fixed, which means if they get defective or dies, you have to purchase a whole new red night light.

The bulb type also how hot the surface will get; LED bulbs to emit little light, which saves on electricity. Incandescent lights emit too much heat and consume a lot of energy.

#4. The light’s brightness

The whole idea of getting a night light is to it to have a night mode. It should illuminate your baby’s room with a soft and warm light.

Ensure that the light is not too bright, and it has a color and brightness adjustment.

All those features are essential in searching for your child’s red night light. A red night light will give your baby a peaceful night with no disruptions.

You can also determine if the amount of brightness is enough by placing your hand where the baby lay their head and close your eyes, put the head toward the light; if your eyelids can see your light, then it is too bright for your kid.

Reduce the brightness, and it will be perfect for your kid. When it comes to parents using it to check on the baby at night, you can increase the brightness.

Best with Adjustable Color and Brightness – Hatch Baby Tabletop Nightlight for Baby Room

Hatch Baby red night light for nursery

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#5. Extra features

Even though a red night light for baby is meant for illumination and soothing warmth, extra features can be handy.

Some of the additional features included in some lights are thermometers; they help determine the room’s temperatures so that you can adjust it according to need.

Another feature is the soothing sound or a built-in music box; the music and sounds help soothe your baby to sleep.

Buying a red light lamp with a variety of colors will be soothing to the baby and help illuminate the best color temperature.

Another feature is the sensor; sensors help turn on the light when someone walks into the room. They also do the opposite when you walk out of the room, which is very convenient.

A light that has handheld is also an added advantage because it will be easier for your child to carry it around.

With all these additional features, you for sure would have bought yourself an excellent red light that will be convenient and effective to your baby during those dark hours.

Best with Dusk to Dawn Sensor – Emagine Plug in LED Red Night Light

2 pack night light for kids scared of the dark

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Does A Red Light Help A Baby Sleep at Night?

You may not know this, but the light color may calm or disturb your baby when they sleep. Different colors have different effects on your baby’s night routine.

Some people think that the blue color helps the baby sleep, but research has proven otherwise.

If you want to boost your reaction or increase your concentration, then a blue light will help you. But when it comes to sleeping, a red light is the baby.

So, to answer the question, yes, red light helps the baby sleep well at night.

Red lights help your baby’s body produce natural melatonin that is great for sleep. It soothes your baby and illuminates the room at the same time without disturbing their sleep.

They are great during the times you need to breastfeed babies at night, and you don’t want to wake them up. If your child soils their diaper at night, change them peacefully without waking their brains and then putting them back to bed.



With all the above information, we believe that you have all that you need to make the right decision on the best red night light for baby.

Ensure you first know your preferences and needs, and you won’t go wrong with your decision.

Most of these lights are very cheap and still efficient, making them a worthy investment.