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Best Remote Control Night Light – Reviews and Guide in 2022

  • Do you want to create a peaceful environment that will help your little ones drift to sleep quickly?
  • Or, do you want to illuminate your hallways, bathroom, or kids’ room to avoid bumping into objects as you walk along?

Whichever the case, I would recommend that you buy a remote control nightlight. Such lamps are operated using a remote control, which means that you can benefit from guaranteed ease of operation.

Not only that, but remote control nightlights deliver a soothing glow that relaxes your little ones for a sense of safety and comfort that enables kids to sleep soundly.

Since there are plenty of nightlights to select from, choosing one isn’t easy, the reason we have reviewed the best remote control night light below. Keep reading so that you can make a choice that will suit your needs and desires.

Benefits of Using a Remote Control Night Light

best remote control night light reviews

  • Ease of operation

If you are looking for a nightlight that is easy to use or operate, a remote control nightlight is one of the best options.

The fact that you can control its functions from a distance means that you do not have to worry about it being difficult to use. Plus, such a nightlight protects you from having to interfere with the sleep of your little ones.

  • Energy efficiency

Second, a remote control nightlight can help you save energy costs in the long run. Most of these nightlights use LED bulbs to help you save electricity.

Better still, some of such nightlights integrate timers that enable them to turn off automatically after some time to save energy.

Besides, a nightlight that can be switched on and off using a remote makes it possible for you to switch it off even when you are lazy to get out of bed so that you can save electricity.

  • Improve safety in your home

Another plus of getting a remote control nightlight lies in the fact that you can rely on it to enhance the safety in the rooms of your kids or the bathroom.

Such lamps emit a glow that is soft on the eyes and one that will let you see all the gadgets along the pathway to help you navigate around the house and fall asleep naturally.


Reviews of the 7 Best Remote Control Night Lights

1. Best Moon Lamp – ZgmdaHome 3D Night Light with 16 Variable Light Colors

If you are looking for a moonlight, or rather a globe light, this is one of the best choices. The moon light can emit 16 different colors. As a result, you can purchase it for use in different settings and to suit various moods.

Better, the colors can fade and flash for easy customization of the lighting. The lamp includes a 4watt LED bulb. Also, it comes with a USB charging cable, stand, remote control, and user instructions for easy set up and operation.

moon night light with remote

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  • 3D printing manufacturing technology

This moon lamp adopts a 3D manufacturing technology during its processing. This technology enables the surface of the lamp to have a realistic moon-like texture that makes it attractive.

Additionally, the moon lamp is made using a biodegradable and renewable material for safety and durability.

  • 16 light color options

Another advantage of the moon lamp is its 16 light color options. The colors can fade, flash, or seamlessly transition from one color to another color for effortless customization depending on the mood.

  • Two control options

Besides a remote control, this nightlight features a touch control. You can use either of the options to control the color of the light and its brightness so that it can suit your mood.

The remote control offers a range of more than 35 feet, and you can also use the touch control to turn the moon lamp on or off.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery

Finally, this is a portable nightlight. It contains a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that delivers 8 to 48 hours of illumination, depending on the light’s brightness. The nightlight can be charged via a USB charging port.

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2. Best Star Wars – Uncle Milton Laightsaber Remote Control Night Light for Bedroom

Responding to the need for a remote control nightlight that will act as an amazing addition to any room is the 3DLightFX Star Wars 3D Deco Light. It is a cordless light source, which means that you can install it anywhere in the room.

The light uses energy-efficient LED bulbs, enabling it to emit a comforting and decorative light. It looks great when on or off, thus an excellent gift for kids or parents.

star wars lightsaber remote controlled night light

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  • Easy to install

This is one of the best options for a remote control nightlight that is easy to install. It comes with a graphic crack wall sticker designed for use as a mounting template so that you can create a uniquely-designed nightlight.

  • Soft lighting

Still, the nightlight includes energy-efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs do not get hot to the touch for guaranteed safety. Better, the bulbs do not consume a lot of power to let you save energy in the long run.

The nightlight doesn’t require an electrical outlet during operation, a measure that allows you to use it with cords and place it anywhere.

  •  Easy to operate

Easy to operate, the 3D deco lights integrate a simple switch. Using it, you can turn the lights on and off effortlessly. Also, the nightlight has a timer option that enables the lights to turn off automatically to save the battery.

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3. Best for Girls – Aloka 12 Color Pattern Decorative Night Light with Remote

The best remote control nightlight for use in kids’ rooms is the Aloka Decorative Night Light. Using it, you can make your kid feel safe, comforted, and relieved from the fear of the dark.

The nightlight is available in friendly designs and whimsical characters, which means that it can provide the desired companionship and encourage a healthy night of sleep.

Also, it delivers a calming light so that kids can feel safe and secure in the dark.

aloka night light with remote review

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  • Dimmable brightness

If you need the best remote control nightlight for use in kids’ rooms, this is one of the best options. It offers five levels of brightness so that you can select one that will suit your child’s needs.

Additionally, the nightlight emits a soft and reassuring glow so that it doesn’t interfere with the sleep quality of your kids.

  • Versatile

Besides using the Aloka Decorative Nightlight for reassuring kids at night, you could use the nightlight as a reading lamp. The lamp offers 12 colors or a rainbow mode of lighting so that you can use it in different settings.

Plus, it works with three AA batteries or a USB to enhance portability.

  • Safe source of lighting

To ensure that it is safe to use around kids and pets, this nightlight integrates low voltage LED lights. The LEDs do not get hot even after long working hours to protect little fingers from getting burnt.

Additionally, the lamp doesn’t shatter if you drop it for durability and safety. The fact that the lamp emits red, orange, and pink light means that it doesn’t interfere with the functioning of melatonin to create a fun bedtime routine for the kids.

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4. Best for Baby – GoLine Remote Control LED Cat Cartoon Night Light Silicone with Changeable Colors

If you are looking for the best remote control nightlight for kids, ladies, or cat lovers, I would recommend the GoLine Remote Control Night Light.

It features an adorable kitty design, which makes it an excellent option for such individuals. Additionally, the nightlight highlights a handheld design. Because of this, kids and adults can be sure to operate it conveniently and take it with them wherever they want.

remote control colorful cat cartoon usb home decor night light

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  • Easy to operate

The GoLine Nightlight is a perfect choice for use by toddlers. It turns off automatically after two hours to save power. Also, the nightlight has a power button that you can easily press to turn on the warm, white light mode.

A silicone surface is another addition that allows you to switch between a 7-color breathing mode, warm white light mode, and standby mode.

Finally, the nightlight comes with a remote control so that you can turn it on or off, adjust the brightness, light colors, or light modes.

  • Safe to use

Suitable for kids aged three years and above, this nightlight is safe for use in a baby’s room. It is made using BPA-free silicone to ensure safety. Better, the nightlight can emit a soft light for a soothing effect without emitting a harsh light that will affect your little one’s eyes.

  • Portable nightlight

If you need a portable remote control nightlight, you will have made the best choice after getting the GoLine Nightlight.

It comes with a built-in 1200mAH battery so that you can use it in outdoor setups. Better, the nightlight highlights a lightweight and compact design for portable usage.

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5. Best Star Projector – Eicaus 2 in 1 LED Night Light and Music Player Combo with Timer

For the best projector nightlight, I would like to recommend the Eicaus Projector with LED Nebula Cloud. It is a 2-in-1 nightlight.

It acts like a star projector and ocean wave projector that not only emits an array of twilight stars, but it can transform your room into a tranquil underwater oasis suitable for relaxing.

The speed at which the ocean wave moves is adjustable for easy customization based on the current mood.

moon projection night light with remote control

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  • 10 color choices and adjustable brightness

Whether you want to create a relaxation, romantic, or cozy ambiance, you can be sure to do so with this 2-in-1 Star Projector. It offers ten color options and adjustable brightness.

Therefore, you can create the desired mood with white, red, green, blue, or multi-colored light and select a brightness that suits the mood.

  • Built-in speaker

Besides providing the desired light, the Eicaus star projector integrates a built-in music speaker. The speaker is Bluetooth activated for easy pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Additionally, you can insert a TF card to play the desired music. The nightlight is sound activated so that the lights can flicker and change the patterns based on the music’s beat for a starry sky projection.

  • Easy to operate

Designed for smooth operation, this nightlight comes with a remote control while it features an auto-off timer. The remote makes it easy for you to choose a starry mode of projection or ocean wave mode depending on the desired setting and mood.

Better, the remote can change the speed, brightness, and colors of the wave light as well as the settings of the timer and volume of the music.

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6. Best for Bedside – SUNY Dimmable Bedroom Nightstand Lamps with 7 Colors

The Suny Nightstand Lamp is one of the best choices when looking for a durable remote control nightlight. It has a long-service life with a lamp that supports use for up to 35000 hours.

The nightlight is best suited for use as a bedside lamp, where you can use it in modern or traditional decors. It delivers a warm white light so that you can use it for reading without the risk of damaging your eyes.

tabletop remote control and touch control night light for bedside

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  • Customizable lighting

If you need a versatile remote control nightlight, this is one of the best options. Besides using it as a bedside lamp, you can use it as a room temperature lamp.

The lamp offers four levels of brightness, six lighting effects, and seven cool colors. These settings are easy to change using a remote control so that you can create different atmospheres suitable for any home.

Still, the lamp offers sixteen custom presets with a memory button for easy setup and quick access.

  • Sleek and sturdy

Designed as one of the best choices for use in modern decors, the lamp highlights a modern circular design that acts as a beautiful addition that will decorate living rooms, bedrooms, workplaces, and offices.

Also, it is durable and designed with a weighted base so that the base can touch the ground first when it falls to avoid damage to the lamp’s body.

  • Easy to install

Finally, this is one of the best remote control nightlights that is easy to set up. It features an anti-mis Interpolation design. This design guarantees easy setup, given that you can align the lamp’s body and base, plug it in for use, and plug it out to switch off.

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7. Best for Office – JOOFO Floor Night Lamp with Tall Standing Pole and Pivot Head

Whether you need the best remote control nightlight for use in the bedroom, living room, or reading room, you can be sure to have made the right purchase after buying the Joofo Floor Lamp.

This lamp can protect your eyes, thanks to the eye protection design and the upward light design that protects the eyes from reflections.

Additionally, the floor lamp includes an adjustable head so that you can light up the desired direction for you to meet different needs and preferences.

remote control tall standing night light for bedroom

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  • Remote and touch control

This lamp provides you with two ways by which you can operate it. You could use a remote control or touch control.

The remote has a range of 10 meters, which means that you can easily control the lamp without leaving the sofa. On the other hand, the touch control allows you to operate the nightlight physically with a simple touch of the buttons.

  • Long-life LEDs

What’s more, the nightlight uses long-life LEDs. These bulbs emit a high-brightness light without emitting a lot of heat. This means that you can be sure of the convenience of using the nightlight without worrying about your safety.

The LEDs have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, resulting in lower maintenance, thus low replacement costs.

  • Adjustable brightness

In addition to the long-life LEDs, this lamp features three color temperatures and a step-less brightness adjustment.

In particular, you can adjust the light’s colors from cold white, warm white, or natural white with a rate of 3000K to 5000K. On the other hand, the lamp delivers a bright light up to 2400lumens so that it is bright enough to illuminate all rooms.

  • Heavy-duty base

Finally, the floor lamp stands on a sturdy and heavy-duty base. The base can provide the desired stability to protect the lamp from tipping over when kids and pets play around with it.

Also, the base rotates to 350 degrees so that you can adjust it to an angle that will allow you to cast the light where it is required.

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What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Remote Control Nightlight?

top rated remote control night light

– Remote control range

The first factor that will help you settle for the best remote control nightlight is the range of the remote control.

Ideally, you do not want to purchase a nightlight that comes with a remote control that has a short-range since this will be requiring you to sacrifice your comfort as you move near it for you to operate it.

Therefore, look for a nightlight with a long-range remote control to ensure easy operation and guarantee user comfort.

– Type of the bulb

Second, consider the nightlight’s bulb type. Ideally, remote control nightlights use different kinds of bulbs. Such bulbs include incandescent bulbs, LEDs, halogen, and CFL bulbs.

For the best choice, experts would recommend getting a nightlight that uses LED types of bulbs. Although LEDs are generally more expensive, such bulbs can help you save a lot of money in the long term, thanks to the energy-saving design and the fact that these bulbs can last up to 40 times while compared to incandescent bulbs.

Still, the LEDs stay cool to the touch, making them safe to use in houses with pets and kids.

– Design and aesthetics

Remote nightlights come in a variety of designs, and this ought to have a significant effect on your décor and the aesthetics of your home. Therefore, consider the style and appearance of the nightlight so that you can settle for an option that will work with your décor.

For instance, if you are getting a nightlight for use in kids’ rooms, consider nightlights with whimsical styles, including balloons and ducks.

If it is for use in the bedroom, you could get one that incorporates a music player, various light settings, an alarm clock, or a sound machine.

On the other hand, you could opt for a plug in nightlight if it is for use in high-traffic areas, including hallways and entryways.

– Child and pet-friendliness

If you are looking for the best remote control nightlight for use in homes with kids and pets, look for nightlights that are kid and pet friendly.

Ideally, such nightlights should integrate bulbs that stay cool to the touch for the safety of the kids.

Additionally, if you are getting a floor lamp, it should integrate a sturdy base to avoid tipping when kids hit it over. Finally, the nightlight should be shatterproof, and it shouldn’t contain small parts that the pet or kid can swallow.

– Smart features

For smart tech fans, you will want to purchase a nightlight that integrates smart features. For instance, a nightlight that is compatible with Alexa or one that allows you to control it via an app in your smartphone might be worth considering.

With such a nightlight, you can control features including the colors of light, brightness, music settings, sounds, and alarms remotely, a feature that makes such nightlights easy to operate.

– Brightness settings

The aim of purchasing a remote control nightlight is to ease the fear of the dark and provide sufficient light that will let you see the surrounding without emitting bright light that will interfere with your sleep. That said, it is advisable to get a nightlight with an adjustable level of brightness.

A nightlight that provides an adjustable brightness setting allows you to set it so that it can emit light that will be bright enough for you to see the surroundings and a light that is sufficiently dim to protect you from a restless and broken kind of sleep.

– Light modes and light color

The reason for purchasing a remote control night light should help you determine the light mode and light color of your nightlight.

For instance, if you plan to use the nightlight to put your kids to sleep only, then get a nightlight that emits a smooth light that will easily help your kids to ease their fear of the dark.

Also, such a nightlight should emit warm light in red, orange, or yellow to avoid disrupting the sleep of your baby.

The reason is that blue and white light act as a stimulant, which means that such colors can boost attention and reaction times, which makes it difficult for you baby to sleep.

– Timer option

As a bonus, look for a remote control nightlight with a timer. This is more important when you want a nightlight that will help you save energy costs in the long run.

The reason is that such a nightlight can automatically turn itself off when the baby is sleeping, eliminating the need for it to stay on all night.

Still, the fact that the nightlight can automatically turn itself off means that you do not have to go to your kid’s room after he/she falls asleep so that you can avoid disrupting their sleep.

– Power requirements

Which one is better? A plug-in nightlight or battery-powered nightlight?

The answer to this question should depend on the place you are planning to use it.

While some people need a remote control nightlight for use at home, others may need a portable option so that you can carry it outside or during camping trips.

With this in mind, determine if a power outlet is available to avoid rendering your plug-in nightlight useless in the long term. If you are planning on getting a battery-powered option, be sure to buy a nightlight with a long-life battery for the best user experience.



There you have it; the best remote control night light.

If you have a baby who has been struggling with night time as a result of the fear of the dark, then you should buy one of the reviewed products to soothe and calm your baby.

With a remote control nightlight, you do not have to interfere with the baby’s sleep, given the ability to operate the nightlight from a distance and without the need for you to get into your kid’s room.