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Best Small Table Lamps for Tight Space & Side Tables in 2022

Unlike other lamps, small table lamps are relatively small and often designed to be placed on tables, desks, side-tables, and bedsides.

Nowadays, due to the change in consumer brands as well as a dynamic environment, table lamps feature several different standards. They feature different designs, with some being very classy while others are intricate, and others have the ability to support more than one bulb.

With different models and brands available in today’s market, choosing the best small table lamps has become relatively challenging. Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing some of the best small table lamps available in today’s market.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Mini Ceramic Lamp with Globe Base – Simple Designs Table Lamp

Perfect for Bedside with Small Footprint – Haitral Nightstand Lamp

Battery Operated Rechargeable Lamp with Warm RGB Lamp – UNIFUN Touch Lamp


Benefits of a Small Desk Light

Small desk lamps are ideal when it comes to improving your home décor as well as office lighting. In addition to that, small desk lights feature some benefits including:

 – Portable. These small table lamps are highly portable, and you can reposition it to best suit your needs.

 – Long life span. Small table lamps that are equipped with LED lights are highly durable when compared to the traditional lights. Using an LED small desk lamp for 10 hours per day, it will last for over 13 years. Furthermore, when using the same LED small desk lamp for 8 hours a day, it will last for over 17 years.

Furthermore, LED small table light is not equipped with filament with anything to alter or change. Thus they will perform for an extended period. The best part is that frequently using the off and on the switch does not have any impact on the light

 – Sleek design. Unlike traditional lamps, the small table lamps are equipped with some unique and elegant designs. Moreover, they come in different colors, styles, and designs that will best suit your interior home décor. With these lamps, you will have freedom in choosing the perfect style that will best suit your needs.

 – Adjustable. Most small table lamps are equipped with adjustable brightness levels. From bright to dim color, there are several levels to choose from. The best part is that using this brightness adjustment feature is good for the eyes. You will be able to adjust the brightness level to the point where your eyes will not have to strain; this is highly essential when reading.

Furthermore, several small table lamps are equipped with flexible and adjustable necks. When compared to other lamps, the small table lamps have a multi-directional base which makes it easy to change the light direction of your lamp, height as well as the light focal point.

 – Highly versatile. Small table lamps are designed to be highly versatile; this means that they can fit perfectly anywhere in your room.


What Are the Different Types of Small Table Lamps?

There are various types of small table lamps available out there including;

#1. Salt Lamp

salt rock lamps and oil diffuser

Salt lamps are lamps designed from pieces of salt crystals. They feature amazing interior decorations, and they often act as a natural source of light. In addition to that, salt lamps have a diverse function, which is far beyond aesthetics.

When combined with a light source inside, the chunk of slat lamp tends to produce negative ions, which aids in yielding a positive effect in indoor air. When you place a salt lamp in every room of your house, you will be able to reap several health benefits as well as environmental benefits.

Furthermore, they are essential in balancing electromagnetic radiation, enhancing overall breathing, cleaning deodorizing, and purifying the air.

They are highly crucial when it comes to calming allergies and reducing asthma significantly.

#2. Bedside Lamp

small sized desk lamp with round base

The bedside table lamp is the one designed to use on a nightstand. Most of the time, bedside lamps come in pairs and are set on each side of the bed. You might consider choosing a lamp that matches with your interior décor; however, this is not obligatory.

When selecting your bedside lamp, you should always keep in mind its height, especially if it is meant for reading. Most individuals prefer bedside lamp that has the same height as their mattress.

#3. Moon Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

When it comes to lighting, the world of technology has advanced substantially, which aids in creating tremendous artwork. There are several sleek lighting designs that include moon shapes as well.

These moon lamps have the same texture, color, appearance as that of the moon; this has been made possible by the 3D technology. The moon lamp lights are ideal for lighting up rooms and are a beautiful piece of décor for your home as well.

#4. Clip-on Lamp

best small table lamps

If you love seeking change constantly, a clip-on lamp will be best for you. Usually, a clip-on lampshade is relatively inexpensive, and it is a beautiful way of updating your interior décor.

Whenever you feel like your lighting is becoming dull and would like to change it, it is relatively easy to achieve if you use a clip-on lamp. You will change it instantly, and it very much affordable when compared to most lamp designs out there.

The best part is that you can use a clip-on lamp to celebrate any occasion. If you are an individual who throws dinner parties frequently, you might consider updating your lampshade in order to create a new setting that your guest will be able to enjoy.


Reviews of the 9 Best Small Desk Lamps

#1. Best Sale – Simple Design Small Ceramic Globe Sofa Table Lamp for Living Room

small table lamp for living room



  • Has a matching fabric shade
  • Comes with a mini globe ceramic base
  • You can customize its looking from 8 choices


  • Rotary switch

Lovely design. LT2008-BLU table lamp features a simple but sleek design and has a 20% fabric shade. Furthermore, it equipped with a ceramic base as well as a matching fabric shade.

Highly versatile. The best part of investing in this table lamp is that it is highly versatile. You can use it in your bedroom, living room, kid’s room, college dorm, or even office.

Globe base and ambient lighting. Want a lamp for a narrow table? Its globe base takes up little space. When you turn it on, the light penetrates the lamp shade which provides you with a mysterious bluish light beam and romantic ambiance.

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#2. Best Cheap – Simple Designs Mini Table Lamp for Kids Bedroom

cheap small table lamps


  • Reasonable price
  • Multi color options
  • Made from excellent materials
  • Highly practical and very affordable at the same time


  • Its bulb is sold sepatately

Perfect design. It is a relatively affordable and highly practical small table that will best meet your lighting bulbs needs. Equipped with a cord, it is relatively easy to use and simple to switch the lights off and on.

Material. This small table lamp has been designed using a sand Nickel, fabric shade as well as a metal base.

Versatile. When it comes to versatility, this small lamp is very versatile. You can set it in your bedroom office, living room, college dorm, or kid’s room.

Incredible shade. It is a charming and highly practical lamp equipped with a sand nickel metal mini base along with a fabric shade.

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#3. Perfect for Round Table – Bieye Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp

Tiffany desktop lamp for beauty addition


  • Bright light
  • Handmade design
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Attractive tiffany style with stained glass shade


  • The bulb is not included

Adjustable design. It has an adjustable light direction design. The 360-degree beam angle bulb is said to be one of the best to use since it fits perfectly in this lamp.

Different colors. You will experience light effects when using different bulbs; this will highly depend on the color temperature.

Matchless design. It features an incredible design that is handmade by skillful craftsmen. The best part is that each lamp has unique artwork.

Highly durable. This is by far, one of the best and highly small table lamps available in today’s market. The lamp features a stained glass that will last for several generations, and it will never lose its beauty and luster.

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#4. Cordless – Wellnest Rechargeable Clip on Lamps for Small Vanity Table

portable clip on desk lamp for tasks


  • Highly portable
  • Features different levels of lighting
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • Highly adjustable; giving you perfect angle


  • Doesn’t build a shade

Adjustable light. This rechargeable small table lamp features a daylight as well as a highly adjustable light brightness levels with three different modes. With a single touch, you will be able to change the brightness levels and choose the one that best suits your need.

Great design. When it comes to design, this small table lamp is equipped with a built-in USB rechargeable battery. Furthermore, there are several ways in which you can charge this table lamp, including a power bank, an adaptor as well as a computer USB port.

Highly portable. If you are looking for a small table lamp that is highly portable, this will be best for you. It features a portable stand, and you can place it either on a desk or clip it on your PC or bed.

Flexible neck. This small table lamp features a 360-degree flexible neck, which allows you to adjust the light freely and seamlessly bend its arm to offer the best angle. It is highly adjustable and relatively easy to operate.

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#5. For Night Table – Haitral Small Table Lamp with Fabric Shade Set of 2

small sized desk lamp with round base



  • Highly versatile
  • 2 pack and fairly cheap
  • Equipped with a beautiful and modern design


  • Does not feature fabric shade but linen shade

Perfect size. The HAITRAL bedside table lamp features the perfect size for any desk and is ideal for any bedside, café, office desk as well as a dresser that saves space. Furthermore, it is perfect for a girl’s room, living room, bedroom, office college dorm, and den as well as a hotel.

Versatile. This small table lamp is highly versatile, and it operates using E26 standard size light bulbs. The best part is that this small lamp features a modern and exquisite design, which aids in adding a touch to your home décor.

Safe. Safety should always be your top priority when it comes to lamps, and this small table lamp offers just that. It features a cord and plug that are UL listed; this means that it is nationally recognized for its safety standards. In addition to that, operating this small table lamp is relatively easy.

Highly compatible. It is highly compatible with several incandescent, LED, halogen bulbs, and CFL light bulbs. With this lamp, you will be able to create a romantic and warm room.

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#6. For End Table – Sottae Modern Ceramic Small Irregular Table Lamp

small white table lamp



  • Perfect dimension
  • Ceramic base helps soften your room
  • White color makes your room larger visually


  • On/off switch is on the power cord

Incredible design. SOTTAE modern ceramic small lamp features a modern style with a simple design ceramic lamp body that is equipped with a fabric lampshade.

Modern room compatibility. The irregular lamp base have a smooth and streamlined design which allows itself to match all the spaces at home including night table, sofa desk, guest table and even act as a buffet lamp on the top of dining tables.

Highly durable. This is a long service life small table lamp engineered with high-quality TC fabric along with a built-in installation to aid in reducing light damage to your eye as well s prolonging its service.

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#7. For Bedside Table – Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp

small table lamps for bedroom


  • Comes with a bulb
  • Has a unique design
  • It cares for your eyes
  • Equipped with a useful touch function


  • One button for all brightness settings

Adorable design. The Boncoo touch-operated small table lamp has a sleek design. With this lamp, you will be able to save a sufficient amount of space. Furthermore, it will provide you with an ample supply of brightness. The small size makes it perfect for use in places with limited space such as low bookshelf, headboard shelf, and cabinet.

Touch function. There is a touch beside the lamp equipped with four settings; off, high, medium, and low. Furthermore, it equipped with incredible safety features which makes it ideal for small kids and elderly relatives.

Unique design. Unlike most small lamps, the Boncoo small lamp features a wine cup shape, which gives it its distinctive feature. The shade is a design from glass, and the base is designed from a black nickel. This lamp has a soothing glow, sweet lighting, which makes it perfect for use as a night light. It blends naturally with the surrounding and ambiance light making it best for your home décor.

Ideal for the eye. The opal glass shade aids in diffusing light uniformly hence pleasing the eyes and reducing eye-straining significantly.

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#8. For Side Table – Rivet Matte Small Tripod Table Lamp

small tripod table lamp



  • Ideal for the eyes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable metal legs
  • Relatively easy to use


  • Uses in indoors

Relatively easy to operate. Operating this small table lamp is relatively easy; moreover, it easy to assemble. Assembling time is approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Material. This small table lamp features a metal body along with a white fabric shade. The white drum shade indicates that the lamp casts a diffuse glow.

Stable. For perfect stability, this small table lamp is equipped with a four legged base, which is structurally appealing. This is a perfect design for improving the interior décor of your home.

Perfect design. Rivet matte black small table lamp features a beautiful design; furthermore, it is proportionally designed to fit perfectly on a bookcase or end table.

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#9. For Narrow Table – Unifun Portable Small Desk Lamp with Touch Base and Color Changing

touch operated small table lamps for bathroom and more



  • Perfect for the eye
  • Has a changeable mode type
  • Equipped with an easy touch control
  • Features several adjustable brightness levels


  • Integrated LED bulbs

Touch control. This small table lamp is equipped with an easy to touch control. Activating the light is relatively easy since it features a touch-activated night light, reading lamp and table lamp. Furthermore, it is equipped with a color-changing LED light. The touch panel offers full control, which makes it relatively easy to switch light modes as well as power.

Brightness level. It features adjustable brightness, including high, medium, low, and dim. It is relatively comfortable and cozy, making it perfect for rest and relaxation. Furthermore, it is essential when it comes to reading when using a bright setting.

Different modes. You can either choose an auto cycle RGB color combination or the fixed color; red, green, and blue to suit your need.

Perfect for the eye. It is equipped with a 360-degree light panel that offers a more uniform and a delicate light making it ideal for the eyes.

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Who Should Buy a Small Desk Lamp?

A small desk lamp is ideal for anyone out there; however, it is most appropriate for individuals who have an eye problem.

This is because; most small desk lamps are equipped with dimmable settings, which aids in regulating the brightness level of the light, thus making it relatively healthy for the eyes.

Furthermore, if you have a visual problem, using a small desk lamp will be best for you since you will be able to set its brightness at the most appropriate level, hence preventing your struggling eyes.

In addition to that, a small desk lamp is ideal for an individual who is reading, braiding, or embroidery, along with other activities that require an ample supply of light.

Using a small desk lamp to achieve this is relatively easy since most of them are equipped with an adjustable neck and multi-directional neck. These features make it easy to change light direction, focal center, and height as well, making it relatively easy to work with.


Where You Should Place a Small Table Lamp?

Finding the right spot for your small table lamp is very essential. You should first start off by determining the place that is most ideal for placing your table lamp and chalking out the exact height on where it will be placed.

Furthermore, you should assess the distance from the couch, bed, or chair next to where you will place it.

When you start by purchasing a table lamp and trying to fit it in your living room or bedroom is never a good idea. Despite the fact that it can work, most of the time, the lamp ends up being very tall, short, or bright for the précised room.

You might as well require a bedside table lamp to be as bright as the one that is one the side table in your living room. You should, therefore, define clearly the primary function of your small table lamp shade before purchasing it and choosing the perfect place to pace it.

Where you will place your small table lamp might be affected by its shape, design, and color. This means that it is highly recommended to purchase a small table lamp with color and design that best suits your interior décor.

It will be best if you choose a multi-colored delight that will allow you to set your lamp at any point in your home.


Does Small Table Lamps Mean Weaker Light in a Space?

Despite the fact that small table lamps are small in size, these do not mean that they have weaker light. In fact, the brightness levels of a lamp are determined by the type of bulb you are using and not the size of your lamp.

Furthermore, most small table lamps are equipped with different brightness levels to aid in choosing the perfect level that will prevent eye-straining.

Usually, the lighting levels are reduced to a level that is appropriate for monitoring viewing, creating a pleasant atmosphere as well as aid in saving energy.

Furthermore, the older you are, the more light you will require – an individual who is over 50 years old will require twice the amount of light that 25 years old will need.

Furthermore, the eye of an older individual is more sensitive to glare; therefore, it becomes more essential to get a desk lamp of high quality to aid in controlling the beam of light.

Most small table lamp manufacturers take the lighting into consideration as they design their products. When reading from a small book, beam spread will be much smaller when compared to reading from the drawing floor.

There are small lamps that aid in regulating the size of the beam of light; this aids in reading from any point in your home without much disturbance and eye-straining.


Final Verdict

Choosing the best small table lamp is relatively challenging since there are various designs, colors, and brands available in today’s market; however, by following the above tips, you will be able to choose the best small table lamp with the utmost ease.

As we come into conclusion, we hope that this article has been of great assistance as you look for a small table lamp that will best suit your needs.