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Best Solar Hanging Lantern Lights – Top Lanterns Reviews in 2022

With the recent discussion of climate change issues, people are adopting natural resources for use. The solar lanterns are among the lighting sources that have been adopted by most people. The best solar hanging lantern provides light that can be used anywhere.

There are solar lanterns that you can use indoors and outdoors. They provide different lighting that will make the place look warm and pleasant. If you have them in the driveway or a walking path while accessing your compound, you will enjoy the cool lighting it is going to create.

These lanterns in this article are cheap and easy to install and maintain as they use solar for charging.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Lightweight That Can Hang on Patio Umbrella – Gigalumi Candle-Like Lantern

Cheap, Moroccan Style Ocean Blue Haning Light – Gifts & Decor Creative Lantern

Weatherproof for Rain and Wind – Pandawill Color Changing Lantern


What Makes a Good Hanging Solar Light?

Lighting color – There are various lanterns with various lighting colors. An excellent solar light should be the one that offers good lighting that does not affect your eyes. A good soft, warm light is good lighting such a lantern can provide. This light perfectly illuminates a certain place to make it beautiful.

Lighting time – Good solar light is the one that can provide the light the whole night. Most solar lanterns cannot provide the light the entire night. You need to get a lantern with strong batteries, which will provide lighting for the whole night.

Weather-resistant – Most solar lights will stay outside for a long period. Sometimes you might forget to get them in hence being rained on. You should have one that no matter how long it is rained on, it can still function normally.


Why Do You Need to Buy a Solar Hanging Lantern?

– Works for Power Outage

If you are living in remote places where there is no electricity, then you need these solar lanterns. They are the cheapest source of lighting you can have as they use the energy from solar, which is a natural resource.

Sometimes there might be an electricity outage, and if you have these lanterns in your home, then you can go on with your daily activities without any problem.

– Appealing

The solar lanterns are artistically designed. Using various concepts, you will get various kinds of lanterns out here. If you are looking for cool items to use in decorating some spaces, then you can get these solar lanterns.

– Cheap

If you are on a budget and you want good lighting sources, then these lamps can be your to-go items.

They are affordable, and in a situation, you don’t want to spend more, then you can get the solar lanterns for gardens, driveways, paths and more.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Powered Hanging Lights

Having solar-powered lights can be good in ensuring it cuts down your bill. The factors to consider include:

Lighting time.

This is the most important aspect to consider in getting the solar hanging lantern. Some lanterns have lighting time of between 3 to 10 hours.

You will need a lantern that can provide the light the whole night. All the listed lanterns run around 8 hours per night.

The material used to make.

The light will stay outside most of the time, being hit by various weather conditions. You will need a strong lantern to withstand the harsh weather and still be able to function properly.

Size and weight.

There are various lanterns out there in the market of different sizes. You need sizeable lanterns that can be hanged well in some spaces but still provide the needed light.


The solar lanterns are installed differently. There are those who are hanged, and others can be placed on any surface. Depending on the space you are setting up the lantern and the surface to install, you need to consider this factor.


Reviews of the 7 Best Solar Hanging Lantern Lights

#1. Best Sale – Pandawill Color Changing Mosaic LED Solar Light

multi colored solar crystal glass globe ball light


  • Lights up whole night
  • Decent crystal material
  • The lantern offers more lighting modes to create a more beautiful atmosphere


  • It is not dimmable

Light from the lantern is not only supposed to enable you to see around. It should create a pleasant ambiance that you can enjoy relaxing in the space where the light is fixed. This lantern is enjoyable because of the ability to change the color of the lights. The ability to change colors creates a wonderful and fantastic environment where you can have all the fun.

The lantern is fitted with a solar panel that will absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. The longer it stays in the sun, then the longer it is going to light. This lantern has a battery that stores the power and will enable the lantern to illuminate at night. This lantern is covered with mosaic glasses that will be responsible for the color-changing light.

This lantern has two lighting modes that are the soft white light and the color-changing light. You will be able to select the cool garden light you need as you wish. The lantern will provide you with eight hours of light during the night. With the automatic on and off feature, the moment the dusk sets in, the lantern will switch on.

It is a perfect lantern for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it in your garden, balcony, and your bedroom. The hollow glass provides you with a space that can be used to keep small scissors and pens. It can be a perfect gift for friends and family during birthdays or any other event.

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#2. Best Cheap – Gifts & Decor Ocean Blue Glass Azul Serenity Hanging Candle Lantern for Indoor and Outdoor

indoor and outdoor solar powered hanging lights


  • Moroccan style
  • For indoor and outdoor decor
  • The light offered creates a pleasant ambiance
  • Attractive looking blending with metal structure with blue glass


  • It is a candle light, not powered by LED sources

When you want a lantern that can create the vintage ambiance in any space, this can be your lantern. It adopted the old Moroccan tradition the create this elegant piece that you can use indoors and outdoors. The lantern feature blend of artistic metal work and blue glass panels that make the light emitted enchanting.

The lantern illuminates the surroundings perfectly. The light from this lantern creates a beautiful atmosphere anywhere you have it places. This lantern will be perfect for use in parties and some festivals.

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#3. For Path – TAKE ME Hanging Solar Lantern Lights

hanging lantern solar lights 2 pack reviews


  • LED powered
  • The lantern is water-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use
  • It uses sunlight to provide lighting, which will significantly reduce your lighting bill


  • Only warm white glow

We all want a cool and warm outdoor environment in the driveway, garden, or patio. This lamp is a good source of lighting both indoors and outdoors. It creates a warm, beautiful environment and lets you have all the fun at night outdoors.

This lamp is equipped with solar panels that will convert sunlight to electricity. The electricity will be stored in a battery, which will also convert it to the lights which can be used at night. When the sun is up for long, the battery will be charged more, and this will ensure you have more lighting hours.

When the darkness starts to kick in, this lamp will automatically switch on to provide the light needed. It is equipped with a white LED bulb, which creates a great warm glow. When it is fully charged, the lamp can provide you with up to 8 hours of lighting. The lamp is made of plastic and glass that make it water-resistant. The materials used to make the lamp make it suitable for outdoor use every time.

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#4. For Garden – Homeimpro Waterproof Hanging Globe Solar Lantern

waterproof hanging solar globe lights for outdoor patio tables


  • Decent light
  • Made of metal, ensuring durability
  • Can withstand any weather condition


  • Switch is under the lamp holder

When looking for an excellent solar lantern, you should look for one that can also act as a decorative ornament. When placed on your tables, pathways, courtyard, or lawn instead of only providing light, it can also add some beauty to your space.

This lantern has an automatic switch on and off feature. You only have to ensure you have it on the ON mode when charging, and it switches OFF alone when the power is over. There is no wiring required to set up this lantern.

The lantern is made of stainless steel that makes the lantern be able to last longer and be resistant to any weather. This enables the lantern to be used, whether indoors or outdoors, adding good decoration effect to where it is placed. It is fitted with a bright LED bulb that illuminates 7 lumens creating fire like lighting. It is equipped with a solar panel and batteries that will store the energy to be used for lighting purposes.

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#5. For Decor – TAKE ME Large Solar Powered Lanterns for Outdoors

decorative hanging solar lights


  • Bright light at night
  • Best for creaing mood lighting
  • Can be on the tabletop or hung at the walls and trees


  • Outdoor use only

It is not always about the lighting when it comes to these kinds of lanterns. You also need something that can create a wonderful and relaxing environment. This lamp can offer good decoration value to your outdoor or indoor spaces.

The lantern is made of metal to ensure durability and ensure it can withstand several weather conditions. This lantern is equipped with a solar panel that absorbs sunlight and converts it to electricity. There is a rechargeable battery on this lantern that stores electricity to provide lighting during the night.

This lantern will automatically turn on and off. It offers you a cool eight hours to enjoy lighting every night. With the 7 lumens provided by the bulb, you get good light that creates a super cool ambiance in the outdoor or indoor space. With such lanterns, you will have a low lighting bill costs as it uses the natural resource for lighting.

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#6. For Patio – Walensee 2 Pack Solar Lantern with Handle for Tables


2 pack outdoor led solar hanging lanterns


  • The outer is made of iron
  • A wide variety of usages for both indoors and outdoors
  • The lantern offers enough brightness for you to see and give a beautiful effect


  • You may need to buy 2 or more to match the decor

We all love to create a perfect atmosphere in the garden, driveway, or the patios to make them beautiful. Lanterns are usually the artifacts that can create the beautiful ambiance we desire at night. This lantern can offer you with what you need outdoors at night.

It is made of iron and well decorated to make it stylish and nice looking. The beautiful lantern can be used in outdoor spaces to create a fantastic beautiful landscape. The designers of the lantern used the ancient designing techniques to make the lantern look cool.

The lantern has a white LED bulb that illuminates to give an excellent ambient environment. The lantern is fitted with a solar panel that is responsible for charging the battery. The battery, when fully charged, can provide lighting for up to eight hours. It has the automatic on and off feature that you must ensure it is on before charging it.

Moreover, this lantern is fitted with an arm that enables it to be hanged on a tree, porch, and other poles. You can easily install them in a place you wish to light up, and it will create a beautiful ambiance for you always. This lamp will, for sure, add beauty and elegance to any living space or the outdoor environment. The material used to make the lantern can last for long and that it can withstand any weather condition.

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#7. For Yard – GIGALUMI 8 Pack Small Solar Hanging Lanterns for Camping or Driveway

solar hanging patio lights reviews


  • Auto on at dusk
  • Creat ambiance
  • Portable and robust
  • Can uses for anywhere including pathway, patio, tent and more


  • Only the soft white light color

Apart from getting the light from this solar lantern, it can also add beauty to your driveway, lawn, or flower bed. The lantern is made of plastic and metal materials. This ensures that the lantern can last for a very long time and that it can withstand any weather conditions. It has a LED bulb that lights up as the candle usually does. This effect creates a decorative effect that makes your patio, driveway, or the lawn look beautiful.

This portable lantern can be set up easily, whether indoors or outdoors. It has a small solar panel that charges the battery fitted in the lantern. The battery, when fully charged, can provide light for up to eight hours. You can hang the lantern anywhere you want to bring the shining effect. This lantern is fitted with an automatic on at dusk feature, but you also have a manual button to use in switching it on and off.

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Where Can I Use These Hanging Lantern Lamps?

The hanging solar lanterns can be used in various spaces which include the outdoors spaces like,

– Driveway and walkway. You can install these lamps in these places to enable you to see well when walking or driving. Apart from improving your vision, these lanterns will create a cool atmosphere for you to enjoy your walks and drives.

– Lawn. Installing these lamps on your lawn will make the space more attractive. The cool, warm light from the solar lantern will make your lawn attractive to relax there and also enabling you to have a vision of the whole space.

– Flower bed. When you have these lanterns along the flower bed, you will be able to see the beauty in the flower bed.

– Indoors. Some solar lanterns are portable that you can take them outside to charge them, and in the evening, you will have to get them inside. This will provide you with lighting in any living space.


How Can I Hang up My Hanging Lantern?

There are different kinds of solar hanging lanterns that you can set up differently. There are solar lanterns with half moon handles that you can hang on poles or trees in a driveway. If you have a hook on the poles outside, you can set them up there. These lamps can also be removed easily to clean them or replace some items.

You can also hang the lanterns using clips. The clips are usually used to be hanged onto another wire or cord.

Other solar lights contain strings. These solar lights are usually hanged in a way like you do with the holiday lights. They are flexible, and you can hang them if you have the materials.

Other solar lamps can stand on their own and do not need anything to be used in hanging.



The solar lanterns can be excellent sources of lighting in your home. The above review gives an insight into the various kinds of solar lanterns that you can get. They are cheap and will utilize a natural resource to light, making your lighting bill go low.