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Best Star Night Light Projector – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Whether you are young or older, we are all in love and connected to the stars, constellation, and other night sky features. It brings a sense of peace, imagination, and creativity in our mind that deeply keeps us more meditative.

Hence, the star night light is a designed creation that brings the outdoor experience that we miss due to cloudy conditions or seasonal change to an indoor experience.

Therefore, this article will highlight the best star night light projector in detail for you and your kid to have the best star night light projector’s best experience.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Star Night Light Projector?

sunnec star night light projector

Mostly the nightlight projectors are used by parents to help the kid go to sleep, but they have many benefits if it is perceived or if you draw some creativity out of its features. These benefits include:

  • For entertainment

Almost 90% of nightlight projectors can rotate up to 360-degree while reflecting the starry and constellation features on the wall or ceiling, creating a visual stimulant to the kid.

Therefore, it will keep the kid or baby entertained before falling asleep.

  • Decoration purpose

When the nightlight projector is placed in a dull room, it adds an interior décor to your home.

Besides, if the different colors projected from the nightlight is perfectly blended with the wall paint and the ceiling, it makes the room look attractive and spiced without adding a lot of bulky items.

  • Educates the toddlers

The projected starry look and the galaxy features and the natural sounds produced from the nightlight help the kid familiarize with the universe and give them more opportunity to understand it through curiosity and observe them physically outdoor at night.

Therefore, boosting the toddler’s health widens their imagination and encourages creativity.

  • Bedroom spice

Nightlights are not only meant or intended for your kids; in fact, ladies or your new catch would love to see the magic and emotional connection from you.

So, do not fall short of ideas since you can add the starry and constellation feature from the nightlight to spice up the bedroom moods.

  • Assures security for the kid

Some kids have different temperaments or are light sleepers; hence they might feel insecure waking up in the darkroom.

Therefore, when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and finds a dimmed light from the nightlight, it will lure her she has company and automatically soothes her back to sleep.


Reviews of the 7 Best Star Projection Nightlights

1. Best Selling – Luckkid Starry Sky Night Light Projector with Timer and 9 Light Options

led starry night sky projector lamp


  • Rotates 360 degrees projecting night sky mode.
  • Produces a warm and soft light that is friendly to eyes.
  • It has 2-power options; USB cable or 4 3A batteries.
  • 9 night light colors and 8 modes.


  • It lacks adjustable Auto-off light timer.

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Luckkid Moon Star is the ideal star nightlight that brings your home into a beautiful serenity due to the projected sky starlight and moonlight on the ceiling and the wall of your room.

The projector has 4 LED beads with warm yellow, blue, red, and green light that provides 8 unique modes of light operation; thus, making it the best night light for wedding decoration, bedroom, and birthday parties.

It has three control buttons that allow you to control the hard white light, light color conversion, and rotation mode, and you can either use four 3A batteries or a USB connection.

You can turn this night light into a desk lamp by removing the inner plastic cover and put back the outer surface.

It provides a warm and soft glow that is friendly to the eyes that stimulate you and your baby to sleep while reading or telling her bedtime stories.

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2. Best for Adults – BlissLights Sky Lite LED Laser Car Roof Night Light Projector with Rotating Stars

led car roof star night lights projector


  • It is friendly; does not heat up
  • Flexible to fit in any room
  • Provides night light mood
  • It has an inbuilt 6-hour timer


  • Lacks functions as music player, Bluetooth connectivity

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Sky lite nightlight projects an instant a field of an indoor galaxy that creates a soothing aurora effects, aesthetic and relaxing environment in any room you want it to be.

The sky lite star nightlight uses laser diodes, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to project the bold and beautiful colors that are incomparable.

It also features simple buttons that allow you to adjust easily and control the cycle through the light effects, brightness, or start and stop the galaxy’s rotation.

If you need to light up and make a bliss at your party, decorate your room or have a romantic dinner with your new catch, BlissLights sky lite is the best for such occasions.

The sky lite features a built-in 6-hour timer that automatically switches off after the countdown to save on power and is USB rechargeable.

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3. Best for Nursery – Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star and Moon Projector

galaxy star moon projector night light


  • Has two power options.
  • It can be mounted on the wall.
  • Provides 5-rotatable optional films
  • It is multi-functional.


  • It does not have a timer for battery saving.

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Luckkid nightlight star projector has a multifunctional feature that allows you to use it either as a projector by removing the cover or using it as a night light with its cover on.

It can be powered using two different power sources, either through a USB connection or a three 2A size battery. Besides, it comes with six different lighting effects: blue, yellow, white, sequential, slow fade, and combination, which you can select by pressing button A.

The colors offered by the star nightlight projector makes it perfect to fit in the kid’s room.

The Luckkid works by projecting light night mode images on the walls and ceilings to spark your kid’s imagination, thereby making them relax and fall asleep eventually.

The nightlight projector is designed to be mounted on the wall to sufficiently project its 5 rotatable optional films: sea world, planets, starry star, constellation, and happy birthday features on the wall and the ceiling to create a warming atmosphere inside the room. Therefore, making it perfect for indoor decoration.

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4. Best for Baby – Cloud b Twilight Turtle Battery Powered Night Light Star Projector

children's star projector night light


  • Projects starry night and 8 constellations.
  • It has 45 minutes auto-timer.
  • Is a kids-friendly toy.
  • 3 colors will be cycled automatically.


  • It has only one power supply option – battery.

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Twilight turtle classic nightlight star projector is a plush turtle toy designed for the baby from 3 months old and above to comfort children.

The twilight turtle plush toy has a plastic shell that projects a starry night sky with eight constellations and features three colors: soothing blue, green, and amber.

The twilight turtle projects the baby’s room ceilings constellation in three automatic cycle soothing color options.

It has an auto-timer that auto-shuts the nightlight after 45 minutes. This ensures the kid does get engaged starring at the ceiling; thus, it eases the fear of being left alone in the dark without being inconvenienced until she falls asleep and goes off when the baby is asleep.

Furthermore, this toy features an extended battery life and long-lasting LEDs that are friendly even if the baby frequently plays with it because it stays cool.

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5. Best Budget – Emotionlite Plug-in Night Light LED Nightlight for Ceilings and Walls

nursery night light star projector


  • The projector is adjustable.
  • It is reliable and recommendable for hall and stairway nightlight bulb.
  • Features built-in smart dusk to dawn sensor.
  • It is made from fireproof material.


  • It lacks auto-timer.

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Emotionlite is a nightlight designed for safe navigation and multi-application to perfectly suit anywhere in your home because it can be plugged in on an outlet and fits perfectly without interfering with the second outlet.

The features built-in smart dusk to dawn sensor automatically turn on the nightlight when the ambient light starts fading and turns off when the ambient light becomes sufficient.

It offers soft multi-colored ambient lights that rotate while glowing and illuminates gently, calming, and comfortably for your way in darkness.

It also features floral illumination that diffuses with a polygonal prism adjustable projector from a 30-degrees view angle via the plug-in.

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6. Best with Music – Yachance Galaxy Night Light Projector and Sound Machine with Remote

musical star projector baby night light


  • Unlimited auto-timer setting.
  • Remote controlled.
  • In-built memory card for recording unlimited number of lullabies.
  • Quite rotating 360-degree projector.


  • Offers only one power supply option; corded electricity.

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Yachance nightlight projector is mainly designed with comprehensive features that make it the best nightlight projector for a baby, a kid, and a toddler.

Yachance has a high power LED that provides a bright light that can be dimmed or adjusted for 3 levels of its brightness percentage to provide a suitable light that is healthy for your baby.

The projector rotates at an angle of 360 degrees while projecting 8 different color effects with soothing images of dreamy starry on the ceiling and walls to grab your kid’s attention and ease fear to help her fall asleep faster and peacefully.

It is uniquely designed with a built-in white noise sound machine and 128MB Memory Card that allows you to record about 20 lullabies and produce 9 built-in natural sounds.

Thus, when the sound of a lullaby plays as the starry night projects on the ceiling, the baby will fall asleep quickly without fear or anxiety.

Furthermore, you need not worry about waking up in the middle of the night because you can turn on/off the light or music using a powerful remote that has a signal attraction up to 35 feet away, or you can use the unlimited auto-timer (you can set from 5-995 minutes) to either turn on/off the music and turn on/off the light when the baby falls asleep.

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7. Best with Wooden Base – DSTANA Star Projector Night Lamp Projections with Multi Light Options

wooden star night projector lamp


  • Offers two power supply option.
  • It has an unlimited auto-timer setting.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Stylish wooden base.


  • Manually operated.

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DSTANA is a magical wooden grain star night light projector uniquely designed for kids from the age of 1-10 years old; hence, it will make a perfect birthday or baby shower gift.

It will guard your kid throughout the night since it features an unlimited auto-timer of 995 minutes; however, you can also set your auto-timer suitable for your kid.

It features 4 manual buttons for standby mode/shutoff, light color or colorful, rotation, or spinning the galaxy on the ceiling and wall and setting the time up to 995 minutes.

The DSTANA features 8 colors that are warm and friendly to the kid’s eyes and projects the galaxy feature on your baby’s room ceiling and wall to immerse the baby into a beautiful starry sky, inspire their imagination and sweet dream slumber.

Furthermore, it would be best if you had not to worry when you suffer a power outage because the DSTANA night light offers two power options: USB rechargeable for 4 hours, and you may decide to use four 3A batteries for your kid not stay lonely in the dark.

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How to Choose the Best Star Night Light Projector?

night time star projector

There are many brands in the market selling nightlights, but you should be keen when purchasing the best night light that will satisfy your child’s needs and you.

Below are the guides to consider on how to settle on the best night light, these include:

– Power supply option

It is best if you choose a night light that offers another alternative when you suffer a power outage; therefore, the best one should offer you two power supply options (battery or plug-in) to avoid inconveniences at night and to avoid your kid sleeping lonely in the dark after she has grown fond of the nighty light.

– Entertainment features

The best star night light projector should be featured with auto-rotating 360-degree, starry look, constellation, and planets to keep the kid engaged while starring at them to make her familiarize with the universe and to soothe her into sleep.

You should also consider checking if the night light has a built-in natural sound and lullabies to soothe and calm her into falling asleep quickly.

Furthermore, the entertainment features also add an aesthetic value to the room.

– Red or yellow tone/amber

Mostly star night light projectors are featured with all the colors of the rainbow.

Still, it is important to check if it has red tone or yellow tone color because these two colors are friendly to the eyes and play a vital role in boosting melatonin secretion in the eye, which enhances sleepiness.

– Auto-timer

Auto-timer is a crucial and unique feature that will help you switch on/off the night light without creating a disturbance to your kid immediately is asleep because kids are so sensitive whereby a little movement in the room might trigger the baby to wake up.

Hence, it will force to start baby seating her, and you will end up being inconvenienced. Lastly, the auto-timer also helps in preserving the battery life-shelf.

– In-built sensor

It is rare to find night light that has built-in dusk to dawn sensor that automatically turns on the night light whenever it senses the ambient light is fading and turns off when the ambient light becomes bright.

If you find a night light with this feature, you should not gamble because it will automatically entertain your kid/ automatically provide beautiful lighting in your home.

– Mode of operation

Both manual and remote control are good, but it is best to have a manual control night light because as your child or toddler grows, they should familiarize and learn to use it instead of being restricted from using it to expand their intelligence and imagination.

Contrarily, the remote control is also good for parent use because you can control the night light operation while in your bedroom to avoid creating attention and disturbance to the toddler while asleep.


Is a Star Night Light Projector Good for Baby?

starry night ceiling projector

Yes. Only if you have found the best one that will satisfy your baby’s need and yours, but since most of them have been designed with advanced features to satisfy your needs automatically.

However, below are more reasons why a night light projector is good for your baby; these include;

1. It helps to soothe and calm the baby to fall asleep quickly and comfortably.

2. It drives out the separation of fear and insecurities whenever you are not around because when she wakes, the dimmable light will assure her safety and security.

3. The natural sound, lullaby, and galaxy features will help her familiarize herself with the universe and nature. Therefore, expanding creativity and imagination to different stimulus.

4. Some of the star night light projectors have been designed smaller in size and toy-like; hence, it will grow and develop quickly by playing with it.

5. It has a selection of multi-colored colors that are friendly and healthy to the baby’s eyes to make her fall into a deep sleep quickly and easily.



Star night light projector is the best home appliance that proves worthy to invest in because they have signed on a soothing baby and prove more useful during parties and at our homes for auto-motion interior decoration that is charming and irresistible.

Therefore, before you purchase it, you should keenly settle for the one that is multifunctional/multi-applicable for reliability and flexibility in your home.