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Best Star Projector Lights for Constellation and Galaxy Display

Sometimes we may run out of options to make our parties or rooms interesting. And when it comes to the demand for kids and some extravagant parties, you need something exceptional. Well, the star projector lights provide the ultimate solution.

They are well designed to light up your backyard, rooms, camping sites, parties, and so on with brilliant lights, beautiful colors, and flawlessly project stars in the desired location.

These products are best suited for any and every occasion; even the children will love it. This outstanding innovation provides a new look to any surrounding and allows you to sleep under a sky full of stars.

Let’s move on to the best star projector lights reviews and the full guide.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Star Projector?

best star projector lights reviews

#1. For Decoration

Star projectors are just the tools to influence and greatly impact one’s imagination. These products mainly target young children and toddlers.

Nowadays, there are many categories, and adults can also enjoy the space and galaxies’ beauty. Some are designed to provide outdoor decoration, while others are for indoor use only.

#2. Multi-Purpose

Moreover, most of the projectors are multipurpose in use. You can install one a star projector outside for special events or holidays, or use them as interior décor pieces. You can count on them to enhance the beauty of your home with the colorful bright lights.

Often, we observe the universe to better understand it and extend the reservoir of our knowledge. Looking upward at the starry night skies can inspire us by the sense of fear and wonder. All this depends on your point of view.

Regardless, just the glance at the sky presents lots of beautiful and exciting things to see. We can easily view it without using a telescope, and now, a star lamp is very useful.

#3. Works as a Night Light

Among the uses of a star projector is a night light. You can use it as a regular night light as they emit the soft light to keep you and the toddlers a relaxing in the bedroom.

They also offer you the possibility to easily drift off to sleep as some come equipped with timers, so they automatically shut off at a specified time.

#4. Educational Tools for Kids

Another use is that the star projectors are educational tools for kids.

What’s more, they are ideal for those interested in outer space, galaxies, and heaven at large. You can clearly distinguish heavenly bodies from clusters of stars, and many more.

These projectors for adults can come in handy to enhance a romantic night. You can use them to decorate the house on Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and other special occasions.


Reviews of the 8 Best Star Projector Lamps

#1. Best for Romantic Mood – PC2EN Astro Battery Powered Star Sky Lamp for Indoors

night star laser projector



  • Painted finish
  • Two small bulbs
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Comes with a manual of 12 constellations


  • The batteries are not included

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The Astro Planetarium Celestial Projector Cosmos Romantic sky lamp is an excellent choice for a night lamp. This product is ideal for use indoors for the magic of starlight effects like never seen before.

Moreover, it creates a perfect romantic mood for lovers, given the lighting ambiance and the starry effects. This product is made of sturdy plastic and is fitted with two small bulbs. For the power source, this item is battery powered.

What’s more is, it has a painted finish type making it double as a décor item in any room.

Furthermore, this sky lamp is an art décor and a perfect addition to any room, be it the bedroom, living room, study room, etc.

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#2. Best for Star War Fans – Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Pro Kit

Uncle Milton astro star laser projector


  • Adjustable projection angle
  • It is a fantastic display piece for the Star Wars fans
  • Features an authentically detailed Death Star design
  • It can project more than 1000 stars with brilliant clarity


  • Lacks of a remote control

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You can never go wrong with the Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium pro kit. This product will give you the ultimate experience of the earth’s night sky and the Star Wars Galaxy.

The brilliant images will come to life right on your ceiling or wall, crystal clear, and high resolution. With this kit, you can project over 1000 stars, and you can count on it for brilliant clarity on the ceiling.

Moreover, if you are a Star Wars Galaxy enthusiast, you can watch your wall transform into a scene from the famous Battle of Yavin as you watch all the planets in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Another thing is, this planetarium pro kit is equipped with an optical projector that is of high resolution and an authentic Death Star design.

Furthermore, it features an ultra-bright LED bulb so it can light up an entire room.

This kit’s impressive features include automatic image rotation, auto shut off, an adjustable projection angle, and the included USB cable that is over 6 feet long for enhanced user experience.

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#3. Best with Stand – Sega Wall and Ceiling Mount Original Black Star Projector Lights

sega star projector


  • Two interchangeable discs
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted
  • Comes with a shooting star function
  • Adjustable focus and projection angle
  • Double-sided poster of the southern and northern hemisphere


  • Some customers may not like the all black body

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Light up your ceiling with the night stars from the night with the Sega Homestar Original Black Home planetarium.

This product enables you to bring up to 60,000 stars to your room by pushing a button. You can now watch the beautiful stars at the comfort of your couch or bed. It can be wall or ceiling mounted.

This product is equipped with premium lenses that work amazingly to project an accurate sky complete with stars onto your wall or ceiling. What’s more, it is well designed to make rotational movement possible for a better user experience.

Additionally, this home planetarium comes with 2 interchangeable projection discs so you can observe the night sky as it is in the northern hemisphere.

There is a shooting star function that takes your dreams beyond! The focus and the projection angle are conveniently adjustable so you can set them to your preferences.

It features a timer function that is convenient for automatically turning it off. This item is a leading brand in the 3-watt white LED technology to give you the best lighting ambiance in the room.

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#4. Best Compact – Can You Imagine Laser Twilight LED Star Projector for Home

laser star projector night sky effect


  • 4-hour timer
  • Fully adjustable
  • Holograph technology
  • Projects crystal-clear animated display of clouds and stars


  • Only blue/ green colors

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Laser Twilight Star Projector is a great value planetarium as it brings the night sky with stars into your home. It is the go-for option for the ultimate beauty and wonder of the universe right into your room.

This product projects an animated display of the clouds and stars crystal clear just for you. Also, it employs the holograph and powerful green laser technology to achieve the brilliant view.

You can now fill any dark space with the super-sharp spectacle of cloud formations and animated stars from the Laser Star projector. It is star-shaped, made of plastic with a laser and electronic components.

Besides that, this star projector is designed to feature an occasional shooting star to take your imaginations beyond. This item is conveniently fully adjustable and requires no set up at all. Furthermore, the powerful lights can fill any room size with a high-resolution animated star display.

It is also designed with a 4-hour timer for better user experience.

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#5. Best for Indoor and Outdoor – Star Shower 2 in 1 Motion Universe Laser Star Projector Light for Exterior House

indoor and outdoor star rain night light projector


  • Weatherproof build
  • Plug and play projector
  • Covers around 3200 square feet
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Does not come with a remote control

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The Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead will exceed your expectations. It is the ideal outdoor and indoor laser light for all your holiday decorations. It has a weatherproof build to withstand tough outdoor conditions.

Also, this item projects still or sparkling green and red laser lights that can cover up to 3200 square feet. Installing this beautiful light show is hassle-free with no tangles and is, therefore, the go-for option for any holiday.

Moreover, the Star shower motion laser light features a plug and play projector for easy use. It is designed with two light choices; green and red, or all green. The two modes projected, still or dancing lights, are perfect for any occasion.

This product is a good value for your money with impressive brightness and wide coverage. You are assured of fun all year round.

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#6. Best Plug in – Projectables Cheap Small-Sized Star Light Projector with Solar System and Dusk to Dawn Sensor

cheap plug in led star projector light


  • Adjustable globe
  • Dusk-to-dawn sensor
  • It is kid-safe and cool to the touch
  • Projects an approximate 3 feet scene of the galaxy


  • Plug in design

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Projectables LED Space Night Light projector is a great addition to any room in your home. It is the ideal space light that provides a soft blue glow as it projects the entire solar system.

Enjoy the exhilarating outer space image that features the immense Milky way galaxy with Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury planets on your wall, floor, or ceiling.

This product is well designed with an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor that works to turn it on at dusk and off at dawn for the ultimate operation.

On top of that, this night light projector makes use of LED technology that is not only kid-safe but also lasts longer. The bulbs are cool to the touch and conveniently energy efficient. You do not have to replace the bulbs continually.

The projector is very efficient and projects the miraculous environments of the galaxy to approximately three feet. You can count on it to provide a relaxing night lighting.

The globe is also conveniently adjustable as you can rotate it for the easy projection of the image on the wall, ceiling, or floor.

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#7. Best with Timer – BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Star Projector with Soothing Aurora Effect for Ambiance

multi colored blue and green star projector light for bedroom


  • Built-in 6-hour timer
  • Adjustable brightness
  • It automatically turns off with the integrated timer
  • Blue Nebula cloud mode and rotating blue star pinpoints
  • Precision glass optics, direct diode laser, and holographic technologies


  • Blue color only

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Experience the entire galaxy in your bedroom with the BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Star Projector. It is well designed to project an LED Nebula Galaxy and is perfect for room décor, bedroom night light to create a mood ambiance or home theater lighting.

This laser star projector is equipped with a 6-hour timer that automatically turns it off. Also, it features a blue Nebula cloud with rotating blue star pinpoints to bring the galaxy indoors.

It is easy to use and control with the simple button controls. Cycle through the light effects, start or stop the motion, or adjust the brightness with ease.

Furthermore, the BlissLights projector offers the perfect way to revitalize your workspace, light up parties, or light romantic dinner.

The projector projects a brilliant otherworldly visual experience thanks to the holographic technology, direct diode laser, and precision glass optics technologies.

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#8. Best with Remote and Touch Control – BRIGHT WORLD 3D Multi-Colored Moon Lamp and Galaxy Light for Nursery or Kids’ Room

3d galaxy theme moon lamp with remote control


  • Wood stand
  • USB rechargeable
  • Has a dimmable function
  • Remote and touch control
  • Creates a great 3D effect of the surface of the moon


  • Indoor use only

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Bring your night to life with the BRIGHT WORLD Moon lamp. This multi-colored lamp is an ideal gift for kids. It is made of high-quality PVC and ABS for long-lasting use and is also kid-friendly.

This product has a modern style, so it is a perfect addition to any modern home. It makes use of energy-efficient LED lights with 16 different color options for a better experience.

The light control type is conveniently touch or remote-controlled. The remote allows you to choose from the 16 color options and controls dimming as well as automatic conversion, while the touch option enables you to switch between seven colors.

Besides, this moon lamp is conveniently USB rechargeable, and you can use it while charging. Thankfully, the battery has a long life of up to 30 hours. You can count on this moon lamp to display the 3D effect of the moon’s surface based on the astronomical data by NASA.

It is designed with a color drawing craft that makes the ball gorgeous and colorful. This cool decorative lamp is versatile in its functions – you can use it as a child lamp, decorative lamp, night light, etc.

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What Are the Star Projector Modes?

Star projectors may feature different projection modes to create various enjoyable atmospheres for children. For instance, some may be able to create an image of fish under the sea.

The common ways are the galaxy star, constellation, planetariums, and even Christmas. High-quality projectors come with multiple interchangeable discs that display different star scenes.

#1. Galaxy Star

Most of the projectors bring a wide range of galaxies into your home. They allow you to enjoy all the different clusters of stars among other heavenly bodies at your bed or couch’s comfort.

#2. Constellation/Nebula

It features a nebula cloud with rotating star pinpoints. And to achieve real star constellations, accuracy and clarity should be the most pivotal points.

#3. Planetarium

Realistic home planetariums also have various images and effects. The home planetariums project real stars on the walls and ceiling and are best suited for adults.

They are mostly used as educational tools and entertaining those interested in the cosmos. Instead of a dome, these emit light from a single hole and illuminate either the wall or ceiling.

#4. Christmas

Some of the projectors project Christmas-themed images to your liking. You can get them during Christmas festivities.


What to Look for When Buying the Star Projector Lights?

Making the right pick is crucial for having a wonderful experience, but this may not be as easy as it seems with the wide selection. Below are some factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

#1. Size

Star projectors come in varying specifications, including shapes and sizes. There are some powerful models, while others are small enough to light small areas such as a tent or a closet. The size of the projector is not a big concern; given the different shapes they come in.

#2. Power Source

This will be based on your desired portability and length of use. Just like the other home electronics, these products have different power options.

  • The battery-powered models are completely portable but are not the best as they cannot run long hours.
  • Other varieties, such as built-in batteries, are USB rechargeable.
  • They can also be very convenient as you do not continually buy extra batteries. Some powered by USB cables can be plugged into the mains using an AC adapter or a portable power bank. These are not as portable as the battery-powered ones.

For the ultimate convenience and freedom, you can get a model with multiple power options.

Best USB Powered – Uncle Milton Star Projector Light for Adults and Kids

Uncle Milton astro star laser projector

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#3. Projector Modes

Star projectors may feature different projection modes to create various enjoyable atmospheres for children. For instance, some may be able to create an image of fish under the sea. The common methods are the galaxy star, constellation, planetariums, and even Christmas. High-quality projectors come with multiple interchangeable discs that display different star scenes.

There are star projectors that act as night lights featuring stylized moon, simple shapes, and stars. These are ideal for luring babies to sleep and project a variety of colors. Most of the models are dome-shaped to illuminate both the walls and the ceilings.

On the other hand, the home planetariums project real stars on the walls and ceiling and are best suited for adults. They are mostly used as educational tools and entertaining those interested in the cosmos. Instead of a dome, these emit light from a single hole and illuminate either the wall or ceiling. They are also ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere with a loved one.

#4. Color Options

When looking for a star projector, especially for children, you are advised to go for those with different colors such as blue, red, green, or a combination. That is essential if you want to create various atmospheres depending on your mood.

#5. Timer Settings

Some projectors feature a timer function for more convenience. That gives you peace of mind as you sleep, knowing that they will automatically turn off at a specified time.

Some even have an auto-off feature that assures you that the projector won’t waste energy if you haven’t set the timer. Star projectors with timer settings are highly recommended to create a healthy sleeping environment as darkness is ideal for sleep.

#6. The Place to Use

Star projectors come in various builds and designs. Most of them are designed for indoor use only. However, you can find others that can be used outdoors with weatherproof qualities and wide square footage coverage.

Star projectors that act as night lights projecting stylized moons, stars, and other shapes are ideal for kids’ bedrooms.

These normally dome-shaped can illuminate both the ceiling and walls. Home planetariums project realistic images of planets and stars and are most suited for adults.

They emit light through a single hole, and so either the wall or ceiling is illuminated. They are ideal for the creation of a romantic atmosphere as well.

Best for Indoor and Outdoor – Star Shower 2 in 1 Star Projector Light for Decoration

indoor and outdoor star rain night light projector

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#7. Price

Any time you buy a star projector, you need to look for a product that is a good value for your money. The price is, therefore, an important factor worth considering.

Higher price tags will not necessarily assure you of great features. You need to get a balance between the features offered and your budget. Look for a durable model that will meet all your needs.

#8. Still vs. Rotating Display

  • Star projectors with a rotating display can move the image across an area and bounce pictures off the ceilings and walls.
  • Those with a still display project only on a specific site.

Whether a rotating or a still display is a matter of personal preference. Some of the models have both these displays allowing you to choose one.

#9. Control

Different models may feature various controls. Some can be touch-controlled, others have buttons, while others come with remote control.

If you do not want to continually get off the bed to turn it off, adjust brightness, or change other settings, you can get one with remote control.

#10. Sound

Some of the star projectors may come with built-in speakers to enhance the experience. Some have radios, and others allow you to plug in your phone and listen to your favorite playlists as you gaze at the cosmos.

For models built for children, they may feature relaxing tunes or a selection of lullabies for the babies to fall asleep easily. Many of the planetariums and lamps naturally make a soft noise as they project the stars, relaxing for kids and adults alike.

Best with Music – Drago Moving Star Projector with Bluetooth Connection

#11. Add-ons

Usually, projectors that use laser light rather than the LEDs are much better. The laser light is much more powerful and has a greater lifespan than the traditional bulbs.

You should look at the build quality of the star projector as well. You need a product that is durable with a solid build. Also, check if there is a warranty provided by the manufacturer for the insurance if it stops working or breaks down.


How to Use a Star Projector?

cosmos star projector

Star projectors are designed to project pictures on ceilings, walls, or any other space with a light source. Some are meant for relaxation, sleep therapy, and some to be used as learning tools.

They also have various features and modes that allow young astronomers to stargaze their beds’ comfort and safety. Some star projectors require some assembly, while others come already set up.

Following the instruction manual, you can set it to your preferred settings and enjoy the scenes. The best spot to place it is in the center of the room.

It requires at least 5-6 feet clearance between the wall or ceiling and the projector. That is to ensure the clarity of the images.



#1. Is There An APP to Project Stars on the Ceiling?

There are several apps that you can use to project stars on the ceiling. Apps like Google Sky, iSky, and Star Chart have free versions available for Android and IOS that allow you to point your phone to the sky and identify your seeing.

You can also learn the mythology, science, and history of all the heavenly bodies. The Night Sky app allows you to pull out stars, constellations, and planets and look at them in augmented reality.

#2. Can I Use A Star Projector on Any Wall or Ceiling?

Yes, you can use the projector on any ceiling or wall.

However, you should keep in mind that it works best if the wall or ceiling is clear and light in color. White walls are the best since they give you a clean background and excellent results.



Star projector lights, or home planetariums, are great for use as night lights to help soothe toddlers and babies to sleep.

They can also be used by adults to project the stars on ceilings or walls for education purposes or create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere with a loved one.

These products bring entire galaxies to your room. Enjoy the brilliant lights, images, and colors with one of these.