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Best Sun Lamp for Office – Top Lamps with Sunlight in 2022

Sun lamps offer a natural bright light that does not stress your eyes. The sunlight lamps are usually great for reading and crafting purposes and even useful in offices.

You need not worry about the effects the sun lamp may cause in your eyes. The best sun lamp for office is less harmful because they give off natural light of the same amount seen on a typical sunny day.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Best sale and customized – Nature Bright compact sun light lamp for office

With adjustable gooseneck – Lavish Home natural therapy sunlight desk lamp

For face and body – Sperti home and office tanning sun lamp with fully adjustable stand


Factors to consider when buying a office sun lamp

The following are essential factors you should consider when you want to buy an office sun lamp.

  • Consider your condition

If you have a health disorder like Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression, it is essential to consider buying a clinically rated therapy sun lamp. Sun lamps are well designated to give off maximum LUX light amount for maximum results.

If you are well or have minor health issues, consider buying a wellness rated sun lamp. You can as well conduct your doctor for more clarification about the type of sun lamp you should use.

  • The size of the sun lamp

The light therapy lamps come in many varied sizes. Depending on how big your office table is, it will tell you the size of the sun lamp to buy.

Do you need a bigger sun lamp for your office? This guide and help you weigh what you want for your office fit.

  • The positioning of your sun lamp

Each sun lamp offers different proportions and amount of light for different locations. If the area of your sun lamp will be compact, then you should consider buying a small sun lamp.

  • Light sensitivity

Light sensitivity is very crucial for the health of your eyes. If you have high sensitivity to light, then you have to consider buying a sun lamp with various brightness levels. The brightness levels allow you to set the light to smooth dimmer when sleeping or brighter when carrying out tasks.

Otherwise, you can consider buying and struggling with a sun lamp that is switched on and off without the ability to regulate the intensity of light.

  • The light angle

Consider buying an adjustable sun lamp. The adjustable sun lamp will give you an easy time to adjust to any position in your area. If in any case, you are going to place the sun lamp in a crowded place, you can conveniently adjust it to an ideal position.

The lighting adjustments are of different types. The changes are from dimmer, low to high control power switches. Make sure you understand the power control buttons. It will help you adjust the sun lamp to ambient, accent or general lighting.

Want an eye-friendly lamp for free light angles?

>> Buy Lavish Home Desk Sun Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck for Office

  • The LUX

A good sunlight lamp must be able to provide a 10,000 LUX. The maximum LUX ensures you get maximum results from the light. If you buy a lamp with less than 10,000 LUX, it may not work well. Also, a sun lamp with more than 10,000 LUX, does not offer an additional light therapy value.

  • Safety

The safety components incorporated into the sun lamp is essential. These safety components include a proper diffusing screen, an absence of ultraviolet wavelengths and safety certification from the third party.

Ultraviolet wavelengths are not necessary components for a light therapy lamp. The lenses of the sun lamp should be able to filter these ultraviolet wavelengths not to be produced.

The diffusing screen helps to spread the light emitted evenly across the screen. The diffusion makes the light very comfortable for your eyes and also protects them from brighter light.

  • The design

Do you need a sun lamp with a practical design or you to want an excellent looking sun lamp to fit your office design? When you are looking for a sun lamp to buy, carefully consider the design.

How does the stand look like when positioned? Is the sun lamp stand going to fit on the available table space if not wall-mounted? Consider a sun lamp which is going to fit well in your office space.

  • Price and warranty

Consider the kind of budget you have to purchase a sun lamp? Some of the sun lamps are cheaper, while others are expensive because of their unique features.

The sun lamps, which come with higher price tags like Sperti, generally come with all the features to give you maximum results. The unique features and functions include body tanning, brightness control, and even controlling lighting intervals.

Finally, we suggest you also consider the warranty period of the product. The longer the warranty period of the sun lamp, the better.


Reviews of the best office lamps with sun light

Best sale – Nature Bright sun light lamp for office

sun lamp for office to keep you alert


  • There is less eye strain.
  • It is easy to move around with, because of the lightweight.
  • It has a higher lux of 10,000, which helps shorten the therapy period.


  • The sitting angle of the lamp is not adjustable.

Whenever you reach into your office in the morning, you may want to start your day with a quick boost of positive energy or momentum. Nature Bright sunlight lamp offers you some little gentle solution.

The lamp produces a sky blue light, which enhances your moods and general well-being.

The amount of light emitted is lux and UV-free. Therefore, it is a perfect light therapy system that boosts positivity and simulates fresh air in your office.

Convenient and compact make it easier to use. Its design feature of a footprint and uprightness makes it fit comfortably anywhere in the office.

So, you can decide to set it on your office desk or at home in a nightstand.

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With adjustable gooseneck – Lavish Home natural therapy sunlight desk lamp for office use

Lavish Home adjustable sun lamp for office use


  • Has a memory function feature.
  • Mostly resembles natural sunlight.
  • It is of stainless steel finishing material.
  • Has varied brightness levels, which brings lavishness to your office.


  • The internal body is of plastic material.

Navish Home desk lamp characterized by an adjustable gooseneck. The gooseneck adjustability makes it a multidirectional sun lamp. You can quickly move the sun lamp to positions you feel are ideal for your usage.

The lamp gives off natural light that is bright for easy seeing but reduced eye strain.

The amount of light produced is the same as the amount of sunlight. Thus, making it a perfect sun lamp for reading, artworks, and writing.

The lamp has a modern design that makes its light as perfect as sunlight. It is of stainless steel finishing, which makes it have a longer shelf life.

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Perfect for face and body – Sperti home and office tanning sun lamp with fully adjustable stand


Sperti sun lamp for face and body


  • A safety system for peace of mind build-up.
  • It is more significant for more excellent portion coverage.
  • Helps to avoid sunburns and overexposure to UV radiation.
  • It works on your face effectively because results are immediate.


  • Pricey

Sperti tanning sun lamp works best for tanning your face and body without visiting the salon. You can conveniently and correctly achieve a smoother and glowing skin at the comfort of your office.

The lamp will always allow you to maintain a bright body and face year-round regardless of the weather conditions around.

The sun lamp is fully adjustable at any angle. You can adjust it easily to tan your face or even a particular body section without straining. The results of body and face tanning using this unusual lamp are visible in minutes.

It is also capable of preventing sunburns and UVA radiation exposure to your body and face.

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For winter blues – Carex bright sun light lamp for mood

compact home office sun lamps


  • It boosts your mental health and moods.
  • Helps you to recover from stressful tasks.
  • The sunlight lamps tested clinically for efficiency.


  • It has no timer feature.

Carex bright light lamp gives off a recommended maximum glare-free LUX. The maximum LUX of 10000 supports energy reversal and mood-boosting. An thus it can combat your winter blues, low energy, or circadian sleep disorders.

The white light provided has no ultraviolet light effects. The sun lamp meets the strict guidelines of light therapy provided by the Center for Environmental Therapeutics. Lamp lights for mood therapy should project light downwards to offer you maximum comfortability.

Height and angle adjustability give you comfort without straining.

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With 2 brightness settings – Carex glare-free sun lamp for offices

carex bright desk lamp with sun light for large area


  • Provides visual comfort.
  • It is available at a lower price.
  • Ultraviolet light is 100% filtered.
  • It is healthy to use as light therapy to fight fatigue.


  • It cannot be wall-mounted.

Carex glare-free sun lamp offers effective therapy in fighting fatigue, low energy, and shift job adjustments. The glare-free sun lamp is a LED light with maximum LUX light therapy delivery. You can conveniently use it when you feel tired.

The sunlight lamp offers two settings. First, you will get a 10000 LUX white light that is glare-free. Secondly, you will get glare-free sunlight for tasks.

The two settings make the glare-free lamp a perfect lamp for any situation in the office, like writing, reading, typing, and maintaining your office’s wellness.

A glare-free lamp is safe and healthy to use. The ultraviolet light is filtered by its lens, almost 99%.

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With large screen – Carex office desktop adjustable sun light to boost your energy

Carex lightweight sun lamp for office use


  • Glare-free and flickers free.
  • It is safe because of the filtered UV lights.
  • It is clinically recommendable for boosting energy and concentration.
  • Helps in improving concentration at work and keeping the energy high.


  • The light produced impacts a smaller portion of the whole office.

This Carex lamp is flicker-free and glare-free. It has a diffusing lens that emits and distributes light effectively. The lens is of high-efficiency LEDs that avoids the flicker experience and provides bright light.

It will help you improve your moods. You can make the lights on in the office also to energize and improve your concentration during work.

The lamp is flexible for use both at home and in your office. Sometimes you might reach at work when you are so tired after a long journey.

It is a powerful device to maintain your wellness throughout the day.

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Why buy a sun lamp for an office?

best sun lamp for office reviews

1. Boosts the secretion of serotonin and melatonin

The secretion of melatonin and serotonin is the primary benefit of having sun lamps in your office. The two hormones help you in regulating reproductive cycles.

Secondly, they help in facilitating body communication within the nervous system. These hormones will help your body working well throughout the day because of providing normal body functioning.

2. Reduces anxiety

Sun lamps are clinically proven therapeutic. They can be used to calm your body anxiety and maintain mental health. The soft chemicals and beautiful rays emitted by the sun lamp helps in reducing this anxiety while in the office.

3. Stabilizes your daily moods

The sun lamp can maintain your moods within a reasonable limit. The reasonable limits are achievable by the reduction of mood fluctuation from time to time.

4. Helps fight depression

When the serotonin levels are low in the body, you are likely to suffer from depression. When the lamp stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone plays a vital role in the body.

As the functions are valid, the serotonin is also indirectly fighting depression.

5. Helps in boosting energy

Sun lamps in the office help you to keep your energy high. You might have arrived in the office after a tiresome ride, and sun lamps should then be your closest friend.

6. Keeps you awake and alert

The diffused lights help in keeping you alert while on your task. The emitted light is ultraviolet free and flicker-free. Hence your eyes are not affected. Especially for the sun lamp that requires interval settings like Nature Bright sunlight lamp for an office, you will always be alert to set the intervals.


1. Do sun lamps give you vitamin D?

Yes. Since the sun lamps are not 100% effective in preventing UV wavelengths. Some of the UV get into the skin, enhancing the release of vitamin D.

All sun lamps can provide vitamin D, because of their ability to provide the same light as seen during a sunny day. They are simply mimics of sunlight.

2. Do sun lamps work at the office?

Not all sunlamps can work at the office. Some can be more convenient to use at home. Small sun lamps for energy enhancement, jet lags, and mood booster can work effectively at the office to keep you active.

But sun lamps like Sperti Fiji tanning sunlamps are more useful to work at home. You have a better chance to tan your whole body, than, in the office, only the face undergoes tanning.



Office Sun lamps are beautiful types of light therapy lamps. They mimic natural sunlight. You can conveniently receive light from the sun at the comfort of your office or house.

The light therapy lamps have more significant clinical functions in your body. They help to boost your energy after a tiring experience, mood-boosting, sleep-wake controller, and also tanning of your body and face.