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Best Touch Control Night Lights for Convenience in 2022

Taking long without falling asleep would make you lose comfortability and lack of relaxation. The touch control night lights come in hand in helping you sleep soundly among other uses. They are versatile and easy to operate as they are fitted with touch sensors and adjust them according to your needs.

Acquiring them gives you adequate relaxation due to the soothing and calm environment they provide you and your family. Below are reviews and more detailed information on the get the best touch control night lights.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Touch Control Night Light?

There are numerous reasons why you should buy yourself a touch control night light for your place. Below are the benefits of using a touch control night light.

1. Creation of a soothing environment to help you sleep

When you find that it is hard to frequently fall asleep, the touch control night light comes in hand. It produces some cool sounds that soothe you to sleep in addition to the dim light from your favorite color enabling you to drift to sleep easily.

2. Phone charging

The electric socket might be too far away from your bedside while the light switch is far away. Before you doze off you can light it when in bed and the USB ports feature enables you to charge your phone conveniently without waving up.

3. Easier to sneak in and check on your baby

By acquiring a touch control night light it gives you light with enough brightness to enable you to sneak in your baby’s room without bumping into things consequently disturbing him. Thus, it will be easy to change diapers and breastfeed.

4. Makes your kid feel safe and secure

To kids who get scared at night and might be confused about how to operate a light switch, using a touch control night light can be set near the bed to the kid while it’s portable to carry when making a trip to the bathroom.


Reviews of the 6 Best Touch Activated Nightlights

1. Best for Ambiance – Mydethun Moon Lunar Night Light with Stand

touch control moon night light


  • The lights are super gorgeous.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s rechargeable, thus no need to keep using the batteries.
  • Adjustable warm white and cool white light.


  • You need to charge it for 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged.

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When you are in search of an amazing elegant piece that provides your night lighting needs, Mydethun is the best choice for you.

The night light comes with a dual-color that is white and yellow which are cool for relaxing and soothing you to fall asleep. The device has a lasting life because when you charge the built-in Lithium-ion battery for 2-3 hours, it can give you a service of up to 8 hours.

The moon light is made of 3D technology with PLA materials thus its usage is ecosystem friendly. The special design at the bottom makes it ideal and easy to set up.

The mini touch switch is adequately separated from the charging port, therefore making it easy for touch control. With it, you can adjust the brightness according to your wish while you can enable dim function, ideal for sleeping.

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2. Best Small – HROOME Compact Touch Sensitive Wooden Night Light for Decoration

small touch control night light for decor


  • The items can be used as a decorative ornament.
  • Has a LED chip that helps prevent the eyes from damage.
  • It is easy to assemble and set up.
  • Cute and Affordable.


  • Small in size.

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The HROOME Fun table lamp is not just a night lamp but also has a quirky design that adds up decoration in your house.

The desk lamp has 3 levels of light temperature settings, that is, low, medium, or high, not forgetting the turning on and off. The low setting light is ideal for sleeping, the medium is suitable for daily use while the high can be used when you are reading.

To dim the light levels according to your preference, just tap the dog lamp head. The solid dog-shaped design is movable and can be used as a bedside desk lamp.

The brightness goes up to 2700K with a LED chip that is eye-caring and dimmable. Consequently, the chip helps the family save money due to its energy efficiency, no dazzle to the eyes, no flicker protecting the family eye sights.

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3. Best Dimmable – Kakanuo Touch Control Night Table Lamp for Home and Office

touch sensitive night lamp with dimmable light


  • The modern style decorates your room.
  • Bulb requiring low energy to function saves on energy bills.
  • Ability to charge your phone conveniently, bye to charging socket far from your bed.


  • Non found yet.

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This night light from the Kakanuo Brand is a decorative lamp with a modern style that can be set in various rooms in your home.

The lamp comes with a touch sensor and 3-way dimmable whereby touching any part of the base, you can adjust the brightness as you need while the brightness levels vary from low, medium to high. These levels come in handy when using it in different scenarios like when falling asleep, working, or reading.

Also, the bulb performs under 400lm 2700K warm light which makes you save the cost of electricity bill.

The linen fabric shades that come with it have high quality and durability thus distributing the light evenly with light radiation, ideal for eye protection. With this piece, you can charge your phone conveniently on the bedside whether the lamp is on or off.

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4. Best with USB Port – Aooshine Nightstand Touch Lighting with 2 Phone Holders

nightstand touch lighting with phone holder and usb ports


  • The lamp has a fully dimming function.
  • Convenient for charging two devices at once.
  • It has a phone stand where you can put it while watching a movie.
  • It has a sleek and modern style.


  • Some customers may not like the fabric lamp shade.

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This bedside lamp is elegant, energy-efficient, and easy to use. The touch control night light has a fully dimming function where you can adjust the brightness as you wish and if you want to dim it, just hold your fingers on and off button for a few seconds and you can notice the brightness changing.

The device has 2 charging ports that help you conveniently charge your phone by USB charging. The lamp has been updated to low voltage and equipped with a 5W 2700K LED bulb which enables the saving of electricity bills.

The gray lamp shades have a solid wood base and look compatible to be used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, offices and it has an exquisite phone stand design to hold your devices on.

The night light comes with 2-pin plugs that you can choose to connect your lamp with powder even from your personal computer or power bank to start.

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5. Best Sale – Aukey Table Night Lamp with 360 Degree Touchable Base

hot pick touch control night table lamp with RGB light


  • It is energy efficient.
  • Comes with dimmable light and variable light colors.
  • 360 degree touch base.
  • Non-flicker light.


  • Can’t be used outdoors since it is not rechargeable.

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Looking for a modern style that has a great appearance and versatile lighting features, the AUKEY table lamp is the first option. This upgraded lamp has a modern design and even so smooth touch controls.

With it, you can choose between warm white light and a rich blend of vibrant colors. The lamp is touch-activated thus suitable for relaxing and reading and can be used in a bedroom, living room, hallways, or even modern offices.

The color display could go to the auto cycle of the extensive selection that is red, green, blue, pink and you can pose your favorite among them.

The touch panel is more responsive as it operates on metal surfaces, giving you full control to easily turn it on or off, switch the color modes, brightness, and lights. The touch control base is 360 degrees while the light night is dimmable.

The material made from it is ABS and Aluminum alloy. It is ecofriendly and has no eye-harming glare as it oozes warm light.

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6. Best for Baby – Lumipets LED Rechargeable Touch Sensor Nursery Night Light with Remote

touch and remote control night light for children


  • It is convenient due to remote control use.
  • Portable.
  • Has a sleep timer.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.


  • More suitable for kids.

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The night lights are emitting warm and soothing light for children of all ages that provide a relaxed smooth environment. The night light is made of bunny color and it’s safe and gentle thus a child can rest it in their crib.

Mostly, it’s a battery-operated night lamp but it can also be powered using a Micro USB outlet plugin for charging. It is easy to control this lamp as you can simply tap on the pet shade lamp to change to different colors.

Due to their lightweight and battery power, a child can carry it from the bedroom to hallways even to bathrooms at night, thus providing them with ultimate comfort and security.

The materials made from this shade lamp are soft and safe since it’s made of silicone which is high quality, non-toxic and washable making them cuddly bundles of illumination.

The night light comes with a remote control which enables control of the glow color, brightness, and sleep timer conveniently.

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How to Choose the Best Touch Control Night Light?

best touch control night lights reviews

When deciding to buy a touch control night light there are factors that you need to consider before choosing the best light. For instance, who are you buying it for, what is the purpose of buying it and what are its uses? If you are buying it for yourself there are a variety of tips that need to be considered, they include:

1. Power source

There are some control night lights that require high wattage and emit bright lights adequate for studying but require to be plugged in sockets for continuous functioning.

However, the battery-powered night light can be portable thus able to move with it anywhere giving you dim light for sleeping.

2. Levels of brightness

You may need to acquire the touch control night light not only for sleeping but for other uses like reading or conducting a variety of activities using it.

Therefore, make sure when buying the night light it is complementing your needs, for example, low light for sleeping, medium for carrying out activities, and high for reading.

If among the reasons to acquire it is for reading, buy a big size with high wattage or lumen to provide enough illumination and still have a dimmable function when going to sleep.

3. Safety electrical designs

It is important to check if the night light runs in high voltage or operated in DC low voltage. In case it uses high wattage, ensures that it is isolated where it’s not possible to pose danger to you or your children and if used for a long time, keep it out of reach of children.

4. Made from hazard-free materials

Often, when the night light is bought for usage in the children’s room, the kids tend to use it as toys and bite and throw them around.

The touch control night light should be sturdy and made with food and toy-grade material. Should not contain small gadgets like button batteries that can be easily swallowed by children.


What Are the Common Features of the Touch Activated Night Light?

touch sensitive night light

Touch control night light is versatile and has diversified features, unlike other night light series. Other than the illuminating features the touch control night light gives you more functionality. Below are unique features that you can benefit from.

– Touch sensor

The night light is touch-activated where you do not need to search for a switch and button in the dark to light your lamp. The touch sensor conveniently enables you to dim the light, turn on other different colors even when you are holding the baby in your arms.

– Brightness

There is night light which only requires low voltage as low as 1W. However, they are not bright enough to see more clearly when performing various tasks but suitable for sleeping.

On the other hand, night light devices that require higher wattage are brighter which can be used on activities like reading or changing diapers.

Plus, it features several brightness levels.

– Built-in charging ports

When going to sleep you most likely want to charge your phone but want to operate for a while. The availability of night light with the charging option evades you the hassle of waking to charge on the socket. Using it would eliminate the use of extra chargers and you can still charge even when the night light is off.

– Remote control function

The remote control enables you to conveniently ease the night light without controlling it manually. When you need to turn off the night light from your kid’s room but do not want to sneak in to do it, remote control helps you do that without making it to your sleeping kid.



1. Are touch-sensitive night lights cheap to run?

Yes, they are cheap to run because you do not require switches or buttons to operate for it to turn on or off. Adjusting the light, changing colors only requires your touch.

2. How does touch control night light work?

Touch control night light applies to the principle of capacitance, that is, the night light capacity to hold electrons. The night light already has a capacitance thus when you touch it, your body adds to its capacity.

The more electrons filling you and the touch light detects the difference-making the touch control night light to work.



Touch control night lights has been in high demand recently because of how they come in hand in homes and offices.

The above information gives detailed information above the benefits, how to choose, features of night lights with their reviews. That will make you fully understand what touch night lights are and which you may acquire to suit your needs.